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Default Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0

Let me start this thread by first thanking all members of team-BHP for putting out information that no other thread would have about the Indian automotive scene. I have been an avid reader of team BHP since 2008, and managed to join only quite recently (fittingly co-inciding with my first car purchase).

I am honestly in awe of the posts in Team BHP - articulated so well. This review may not be of the highest standard, but I will try my best.

I have been a car maniac ever since I can remember. My parents thought I was a child prodigy because I used to name all the cars on the road (there were not many in the mid-late eighties) when I could barely talk. I spent a majority of my childhood sitting in the driver's seat of my dad's car and pretending to drive it.

After attempting to reverse my dad's car (a Premier 118NE) and almost ramming it on our compound wall, my dad had no choice but to teach me driving properly (by then I had figured out how to drive, but had no practical experience ). I was 14 then, and since then I have been driving.

Since then till now, I have driven these cars. I have test driven many others, but these I have driven for at least 1000 kms.

1. Premier 118 NE
2. Maruti 1000
3. Ford Escort 1.3 Petrol (hideously under powered car & troublesome car)
4. Hyundai Elantra 1.8 Petrol (old gen)
5. Ford Falcon
6. Toyota Camry
7. Toyota Prius
8. Honda City 2nd generation iVTEC
9. Honda City 3rd generation iVTEC
10. Hyundai Eon 1.0

After getting a job and moving out of my home town Coimbatore, I purchased a bike (a lovely Suzuki GS150R) which I still take care of, I lost touch with cars - only occassionaly driving my dad's car. Wasn't until recently that I decided to purchase a car. I am definitely a petrol head, but I prefer to drive sedately rather than trying to hit the redline. My interest was in the A segment, with Alto, Eon and Datsun Go being my main choices.

A big turn off for me is out dated or bad quality interiors in a car. The previous generation Alto had the interiors of an early 2000s car, and all other entry level hatches were no different (Chevy Spark, Datsun Go etc.). I will come to the current gen Alto K10. The only car with quality interiors was the Eon - but there was nothing to compare with the Alto K10's engine.

Cars that were in consideration:

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10
2. Hyundai Eon
3. Datsun Go

Datsun Go was kicked out almost immediately after looking at the build quality and interiors. The front bench seat did not really strike chord with me. Also their after sales service was a gamble. However, for the space it offers - it is very good value for money.

Test Drives:

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10:

- Beautiful engine - didn't feel like a 3 pot at all
- Torquey and a very good power to weight ratio of around 90 PS/Tonne
- Was impressed with the Sales Rep who knew the car well
- Brilliant after sales service

- Interior quality is still not great
- Lack of space, tried setting the drivers seat to for my height (6'3") and tried getting in the back - failed!
- While it has an unquestionable track record in terms of reliability, it didn't ooze quality (personal opinion)

Hyundai Eon 800cc:

As soon as I sat in the driver's seat, I felt at home. There was enough leg space for my height and I got that feeling when you sit in a car that is just right for you - I really cannot explain the feeling. But, the NVH levels were hideous and for a car with such interior design, the noise was a big letdown. It was as if there wasn't any firewall insulation. The sales representative said that the TD car has some issues since it met with an accident, but somehow I refused to believe him.

- Brilliant packaging - compact, but spacious enough
- Interiors that belong to a segment above
- Good looking exterior styling, but not to everyone's taste
- Excellent boot space
- Hyundai's reliable after sales service

- NVH was disappointing, the Alto was miles ahead in this department
- Rear bench isn't the most comfortable
- Driving dynamics were just OK, didn't bring a smile on my face

Now I was in a dilemma and I could not really decide whether I wanted good interiors and bad refinement or compromise on space and go for a gem of an engine. I remember the sales representative of Hyundai seemed to mention about the 1.0 litre Eon. I was so put off by the poor refinement that I almost didn't take it into consideration.

My dad and I had a discussion on whether we could try the i10 since it is only marginally higher than Eon, but then I decided to TD the Eon 1.0.

Hyundai Eon 1.0:

Surrounded by the familiar tasteful interiors, I cranked the engine to life - and it was a different experience altogether. I could feel vibrations, but it felt more sports car like than poor refinement. I revved the engine, and I could feel the extra 13 horses ready to run. I drove the car within Mysore city and could definitely feel the difference. This car behaved very much like the Alto K10, but with the torque more at a low range - which made it an excellent car in city traffic. Positives and negatives of this model are covered later in the post.

Now comes the dilemma - the i10 is more spacious, has a 4 cylinder engine and seems like a more complete car than the entry level Eon. After driving the Eon 1.0, it's the decision that every car buyer has to take - head or heart? In my head, the i10 is the more complete car, more spacious and upmarket. I had driven the i10 and I felt Eon drove way better even though it was the smaller car. It couldn't be any clearer.

Right after the test drive, I called my dad and told him my decision.

Purchase experience:

We purchased the car in Coimbatore rather than Mysore (not for road tax, but loans were easier in Coimbatore for me). The dealer offered a Rs. 15,000 discount on the Eon 1.0. The total on-road cost was 4.90 lacs including extended warranty. Got some floor mats and other minor accessories as well.

The car was ready in 4 weeks and I travelled to Coimbatore with controlled excitement. Me and my missus decided that red would be the best color, so it took a few weeks for the car to arrive. My dad and I went to the showroom and saw my car parked outside ready to be driven out.

While Hyundai sales executives are good otherwise, they didn't bother to even hand over the key in a proper manner. They put the key in the pouch which has the owners manual and gave it to me. After that, they gave me a complimentary 5 litre petrol coupon and asked me to drive away. It was a little disappointing, but I was too excited to be put off by that.

One thing I regret is not doing a Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) which team BHP recommends very strongly. I read about it after I took delivery of the car and thankfully I did not find any glitches or scratches anywhere. My advise to all is to do a thorough PDI because you may not be as lucky as I was.

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Default re: Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0

Ownership Experience:

What I get:
  • Compact car with a peppy 1.0 litre engine
  • Remote locking with buttons integrated with the key
  • Power windows in front only
  • Music system with speakers front speakers only. Rear speaker grille provided, but looks like only 4" speakers can fit in

What I liked:
  • Brilliant Interiors, beautifully packaged
  • Comparatively better space than the Alto K10
  • Big boot (though can't hold a candle to Kwid)!
  • Excellent engine, likes to rev
  • Good for expressways, quite steady upto 120 kmph
  • Compact and sleek looking exterior
  • Hyundai's after sales service

What I disliked:
  • EPS is good, but doesn't have the feedback of a hydraulic - although it doesn't feel too light at high speeds
  • Rear bench leg space could've been more, it would've been of higher value than the big boot
  • NVH is good in mid-range, but when I rev it high in 1st or 2nd gear, I hear that fruity sound of the engine and it's a bit too loud
  • The 1.0 litre engine is available only in one variant - the Magna+ - and that means no air bags :(
  • Music quality below average - a speaker upgrade is recommended
  • Transmission, although sure slotting, isn't perfect

City driving:

The car is a delight to drive within the city, and it's low range torque is a boon. The small dimensions mean you can zip around and parking is a breeze. I particularly enjoy zipping the car around in my office underground parking lot and it responds quite well. I honestly felt that the EPS could've been a bit better since the feedback is minimal - but it does weigh up as you go faster and doesn't feel unusually light at 70+ kmph.

Highway driving:

I took the car from Coimbatore to Mysore 1 day after delivery and unfortunately had no choice but to do a highway run before I could properly run in the car. I didn't exceed 60 kmph. But post that, I drove the car for about 1500 kms in Mysore and it was time for the first service. He suggested not to change the oil and the cost was minimal.

And then we planned a trip to Cuddalore. It was an up and down trip of almost exactly 1000 kms and the car did not disappoint. We travelled through 4 lane roads for the most part and there was absolutely no fuss.

Fuel Efficiency:

Ah, the big question. Did I compromise on FE with the 1.0 litre engine?

To give you a straight answer, no! The following are the average figures I have got:

Within the first 2000 kms:
City Driving (Mysore): 13.5 kmpl
Highway Driving: 16.5 kmpl

After 2000 kms, there was a drastic improvement. My mileage figures as of today:
City Driving (Mysore): 16.7 kmpl
Highway Driving: 19 kmpl

In city A/C is on 25% of the time, while on highways it is on 100% of the time.

On highways, if I maintain a speed of 100 - 120 kmph, then I get 17 kmpl. However, when i tried to maintain the speed at 70-80 kmph there was a noticable improvement - the car returned 19 kmpl. FE of a car is so much dependent on how you drive it. If you're very particular about FE, I suggest you alter your driving style (if not already) - it won't only help FE, but also keeps the car in good shape (where else would I learn all this stuff from? Thanks to the BHPians).

Today, my car has completed 10,124 kms in a span of 9 months. My commute involves a 21 km (to and fro) drive on the Mysore ring road and I drive the car mostly at 60-70 kmph at a steady pace.

Exterior Design:

I would agree with many that Hyundai have over-done the fluidic theme with the Eon, but I still find it good looking. It looks sleek and compact. I don't side with any particular design philosophy. I find the Polo's understated design very attractive while Eon has it's creases and lines which make it look a bit more upmarket.

Driving experience & Handling:

As mentioned before, my driving style is quite sedate and I don't tackle curves with aggression. With my driving style in mind, I find the Eon to be quite stable and handles pretty well. The car is equipped with 155/70 R13 tyres which is just about adequate. I would recommend 165 if you are an aggressive driver.

The transmission is a bit of a disappointment. It is quite notchy, and especially when engaging the 3rd gear or reverse. It does make a little bit of a noise compared to the other cars that I have driven.

I'm not sure whether this is due to a 3 pot engine, but I cannot drive this car below 40 kmph with 4th gear. The engine vibrations go up and it does not sound good. This is where a mature engine like the MSIL K10 makes a difference. Expect to change gears in city traffic in spite of the low end torque.

The turning radius is pretty good, but it is slightly more than the 800cc version.

Again, I do not need to again repeat that Hyundai has taught the rest of the industry on how to provide a quality car at a low price. Once inside the car, you first notice the width which is quite less - so you end up elbowing the passenger when changing gears. However, the quality of plastics is just a class apart from the likes of Alto K10, Datsun Go etc. Even the gear knob gets full covering without the stalk exposed.

For me, the ergonomics are perfect. The power window switches are easily reachable. The ICE controls are easily accessible with a big volume knob in the center. The rotary A/C controls feel like they are of high quality and I particularly like the design as opposed to the normal knob for adjusting the fan speed. Steering wheel is nice to grip, wouldn't recommend going for a cover.

Front and Back seat comfort
The front seats lack proper under thigh support, but otherwise they are quite comfortable. The fore & aft range of the front seats are quite good, me being 6'3" tall, I had no problems adjusting the seat for my height.

Back seat comfort is a different story. If I adjust the driver's seat for my height, then I can barely squeeze into the back seat, but maybe for a short ride. Long rides with two 6 footers behind each other will be an effort. However, the space is definitely more than the Alto K10, which is one of the main reasons I chose this car. The rear door window arches up, so it does feel claustrophobic in the back and the under thigh support is minimal. At most two people can be seated in the back, a third child can be seated at best.

Also, ingress and egress is quite difficult because the distance between the B pillar and the front seat is quite less.

Driving Ergonomics
The rear view mirror offers decent visibility while the side view mirrors are also perfect. The ABC pedals are kind of close together, but nevertheless are comfortable enough. There is very little space to the left of the clutch to rest the foot but no dead pedal. The space is not enough for a foot of my size.

While seated and the seat adjusted to my comfort (around 50% to the back), I find the driving position to be perfect for me. It does not feel like a small car at all. Even my colleagues and relatives felt the same way looking at my driving position. The car is compact, but by no means too small.

The clutch has a short throw, so it takes some time adjusting. However, once you are used to it, it is a breeze to drive in traffic since I can make the car crawl in first gear without lifting my foot up too much. The gear shift isn't the smoothest, but it is sure slotting.

The MID is basic with two trip meters. There's also this gear indicator which suggests which gear I should be driving in. The recommendations are mainly with FE in mind. Although it is a nice to have feature and doesn't intrude with your driving, I trained myself not to look at it since I found it irritating.

Air Conditioner
The air conditioner is quite effective in normal circumstances. When the car has been parked in baking sun, it does take a while to cool the cabin, but does its job quite well.

Audio System
The ICE provided by Hyundai looks really nice, but the audio is below average. Would recommend upgrading to better speakers. I haven't done it yet, but planning to upgrade along with rear speakers as well.

I found the 1.0 engine to be more refined than the 800cc. However, the engine does make its presence felt inside the cabin. There are vibrations at idle, which feels a little sports car like, but as you rev you will associcate the engine note to be similar to Maruti/Suzuki 3 pot engines, but with a little throaty sound. It sounds excellent to me, but may not appeal to everyone.

Ride Quality
The ride quality is strictly average. Being a entry level hatch, you cannot expect it to swallow pot holes. The suspension is fairly well behaved on bumpy roads, but on roads with pot holes, the occupants will definitely feel the shock of the impact go through their backs. Although, Renault is setting the benchmark for ride quality in entry level hatches with the Kwid.

Other Aspects

Braking & Ground Clearance
Braking is really good, with the car stopping in a straight line even when braking from 80 kmph. They don't have that sudden bite that I have experienced in some other cars and they are definitely way better than the Alto K10's brakes.

Ground clearance is at 170mm and for a car with such a short wheel base, I have not experienced any underbelly scraping.

Although I got a remote key, the car doesn't seem to have any security system installed. This is one query I would like to put forward to our members on how to proceed with this. I figured it doesn't have any security because I locked the car through the remote and opened it with the key and there was nothing. Normally the alarm would've sounded. If I go for Auto cop or any other security system, would I have to replace the existing remote lock? It is neatly integrated with the key itself, so I would prefer not to.


For prospective buyers - I chose the Eon over the Alto K10 primarily due to my comfort constraints (my height!). The Alto's engine is slightly more mature, but the Eon offers much better interiors and space than the K10. There's not much to choose between Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki with After Sales Service, but it depends on your choice. I do not regret this choice and I am enjoying driving every minute of this car. And I honestly felt the Eon's interiors were a notch better than the i10's interiors - although the i10 Grande is in a different league altogether.

Now, coming to the pictures - really sorry for the poor quality. This was taken with my phone.

Exterior pictures:

Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150315_085213740.jpg

Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150315_085224945.jpg

Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150315_085235242.jpg

Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150315_085240090.jpg

Some Interior Pictures:

Premium looking interior - best viewed in a dark environment with the cabin light on:
Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150807_121527745.jpg

Center Console:
Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150807_122226004_hdr.jpg

Passenger seat view. Observe the cracked "Disp" button. This was done by a leaking Godrej air freshner, which I had attached to the vent. Was heart broken:
Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0-img_20150807_122238529_hdr.jpg

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Default Re: Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Hyundai Eon 1.0

Awesome ownership review.

Originally Posted by sidzzone View Post
Although I got a remote key, the car doesn't seem to have any security system installed. This is one query I would like to put forward to our members on how to proceed with this. I figured it doesn't have any security because I locked the car through the remote and opened it with the key and there was nothing. Normally the alarm would've sounded. If I go for Auto cop or any other security system, would I have to replace the existing remote lock? It is neatly integrated with the key itself, so I would prefer not to.
Even i was hunting for a system like this, which would integrate with the OEM remote. After lots of research, I got Autocop Plip 40 installed. This one is Hyundai approved (as the HASS says) and gets integrated with the OEM remote.

I got it installed in my Grand i10. Works like charm.

You can PM me if you need more details.
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