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Originally Posted by Harmansingh09 View Post
Hi. I am harman, a fellow owner of creta petrol automatic.

Must say your ownership report was a goldmine for me. It covered all my aspects and answered mostly all my questions, even i did my fare share in mods and try to individualise my creta from others.

Great mods mate! The car does look unique. What make/model alloys are those?

Thank you so much.
The Alloys are LS forged, they were sourced by Dawn Auto in Chattarpur,New Delhi.
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Hi BNM. You've got a great looking car there. Loved the black roof and those rims.
I took delivery of my Creta SX+ D MT a few weeks ago and it's been sheer pleasure driving it around. The one area I'm not particularly happy with is lighting and that is where I need some help from you. A few questions for you:
1. What are the bulb types used in the headlights (main beam) and fog lights in the Creta? I couldn't find this from the owners manual.
2. What wattage are your HIDs?
3. After upgrading to Osram HIDs, have you noticed any of the internal lights flickerring/ dimming when the headlamps are switched on? I had this issue after upgrading to HIDs (Retrofit Source) on my Verna
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta SX+ Automatic - Initial Ownership Report

Great review! Just test drove the top of the line Diesel Auto and came away impressed enough to immediately book the car.

My only gripes were the lack of good seat covers for the car. Any suggestions on where I can procure the most OEM looking set?
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Default Re: Hyundai Creta SX+ Automatic - Initial Ownership Report

Hi Fellow BHPians!

I got my new Creta Petrol AT Auto about a week back. A choice I made after reading all the reviews on TeamBHP as well as doing extensive test drives across a range of Auto and AMT cars/SUVs.

To set the context, I have been longing for an AT Car to keep me sane in the terrible office going traffic of Sarjapur Marathahalli ORR, Bangalore. My Beat Petrol was seven years old and due for a replacement and my Vento TDI is five years old and great for highways. I love that car, but driving around with the family in Bangalore is a pain because of its tendency to rub its bottom against uneven roads and mountainous road humps. Also three healthy people in the back seat is not possible.

I had two options - replace my Vento and go in for a 7-seater MUV/SUV AT (Diesel) or replace the Beat with a 5-Seater Petrol AT mainly for the City. I was going through Company Lease and that had its own restrictions of engine capacity and it ruled out a 4x4. So I dropped the idea of a Diesel 7-Seater and focused on the 5-seater Petrol AT.

After checking out various options, I had zeroed in on the new Jazz. I didn't want to go anywhere near a Suzuki. I do not believe that their cars have anything close to acceptable build quality. Apologies for a blanket statement, but I have not seen an exception so far. So Ertiga was not even part of the list. I ruled out Polo GT TSI (although I loved the driving dynamics of that car) because you don't get anything much in terms of bells and whistles for the price you pay and more importantly, the service experience with my Vento has been terrible. Renault/Nissan Frog was also ruled out because...well, it looks like a frog. Practically, it was also lowest on boot space. The i20 AT comes only in the Magna variant which is a shame as I liked the i20 overall.

So having decided on the Jazz, I landed up at the showroom on a Saturday with the family in tow. It was extremely crowded as the 2017 City had been recently launched. Despite that the Sales Guy managed to find a space to park my Vento and gave us enough time and attention. While he went off the arrange for the test drive, I saw the BR-V Petrol AT. It looked good, had decent amount of bells and whistles, and was a 7-seater. I was not impressed b its looks but was impressed by its practicality. What also interested me was the fact that the same 1.5 petrol CVT does service on the City and BR-V and I had always been impressed by Honda's petrol engines.

So I ended up test driving the Jazz and the BR-V. Jazz was amazing - responded well in open stretches and was quite easy in crawling bumper to bumper traffic. The only challenge was its ground clearance.

The BR-V on the other hand had better ground clearance, taller seating position and though longer, still felt like driving a smaller car. The Engine and CVT box was a big let-down. I don't know why, but I was sorely disappointed. Hardly any response and a decidedly sluggish feeling. So we came home and debated whether we should compromise on driveability for more space and ground clearance or stick to driveability as the prime factor.

Incidentally, a few days before, I had also test driven the Tucson. It is truly impressive, but not value for money even at that segment. So I had told the sales guy it is not worth spending money on for me. On Saturday evening, after I had done the Honda visit, The Hyundai Sales guy called me and asked if I wanted to check out the Creta Petrol AT and offered to bring it home for a test drive.

So Sunday morning saw us on the Creta Petrol AT. Within 5 minutes, all my previous deliberations and decisions went out the window. The engine was quite responsive as compared to Honda's CVTs. It looked like an SUV and behaved more like a Sedan. And the family said it was more comfortable that what ever we had tried before. So, although it was more expensive than the BR-V, I was OK to give up two additional seats and better fuel efficiency in the BR-V to gain great driveability and better comfort. Looks much better too.

So two weeks later (The car arrived in three days and took a day to get registered, but the Company Lease process took 10 days), I was the proud recipient of a Sleek Silver Creta!

I am running out of time, so will continue the story later - covering the experience at the Dealer and later on the driving experience after I have driven it around for a while.

Hyundai Creta SX+ Automatic - Initial Ownership Report-creta1.jpg

Hyundai Creta SX+ Automatic - Initial Ownership Report-creta2.jpg

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta SX+ Automatic - Initial Ownership Report

Sound Byte

I had got used to a constant "Whining" sound while driving for the last 1.5 years and assumed that it came with the car's engine/AT box. It was a variable audio frequency which increased/decreased with acceleration. It was irritating at first but I got used to it. I realised as recently as this week that it is called "Alternator Whining" noise which comes out of the music system if you have not installed the proper components when you have fitted after market amplifiers and speakers.

I had an unlucky break (actually lucky) when I started hearing some intermittent static noise from the speakers even when the Head unit was off. I took it to the technician who had fitted my system originally and spent a lot of money and time figuring it out - changing the amp, replacing the RCA cables, changing the earth points, changing the Hi-Lo converter etc. I even got a ground loop insulator from the US after seeing a couple of videos on YouTube. After 3 wasteful Saturdays I was at my wits end because I could still hear the crackling sound in the speakers even after removing the RCA cables from the Head Unit to the Amplifier.

Finally after getting some leads, I went to meet Mr. Venkatesh who owns Electro Mind (Double Road, Bangalore) and showed him my problem. He quickly realised that it was the AMP problem and he traced the problem to some some faulty transistors in the driver circuit which created the static crackling sound. While installing the AMP back, he also recommended me to install his own brand of Hi-Lo Converter to the system. Since I had come this far, I had nothing to lose and asked him to go ahead with blind faith. The kit came with its own harness which would easily connect to the original harness which came with the head unit. Unfortunately the wires in my system was cut at the time of the first installation and we just had to join the wires with insulation tape. The installation was done in 30 minutes with the new wiring to the Amp. Mr. Venkatesh did the final tuning which also came with the option of controlling Bass through an external control.

My God - what a difference! The cracking sound was gone. The alternator whining sound was gone and the music sounded totally different. The 3,000 odd Rupees I spent was well worth it. My vehicle sounds totally different when I drive it now. I am really glad I went to him.

Moral of the Story: Get the right components installed the first time especially when you fitting external components and get it done by the right people !

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Default Re: Hyundai Creta SX+ Automatic - Initial Ownership Report

Originally Posted by naveen.raju View Post
Thanks for the update. Can you share the performance of the osram hids? Also, it would be great if you post some pictures of the low, high beam and cut off. Also, how was the installation? There seems to be some a small drilling that's required on the dust cover to run the wires. Can you share some pictures of that as well and how was the entire installation (the drilling part is what am concerned of). Sorry for too many questions. I need to install this next month.
Can you give me details on where did you buy this in bangalore and who would be the best bet to get this fixed
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