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Default A Renault Kwid comes home

Disclaimer: I have been a silent spectator since i joined Teambhp. Partly my fault and party due to paucity of time. To err is human and since this is my first post on Team bhp. i hope you guys can overlook a few minor inconsistencies and errors vis-a-vis the Teambhp posting rules. However, I promise that i will try my best to follow them.


We have 3 cars in our family. A 2013 Skoda Rapid 1.6 Ambition plus , a 2012 Ford Figo 1.4 D Titanium and an 2002 Alto 1.1 Vx. My dad and I are the sole drivers for the three vehicles. My dad was very comfortable driving his old Alto which has covered approximately 70K Kms. He is averse to anything which is wider or longer than his alto. I on the other hand have the other two cars to myself. Needless to say that i get to drive them just over the weekend and i usually take a metro to work (Gurgaon). I wanted dad to have a better car but not a bigger car since he is very skeptical about dimensions and his first criteria while selecting a car has always been convenience and maneuverability. The reasons why I wanted to get him a new car were as follows:
* Needed a safer car for him. An old alto which has crossed 70K Km is not the ideal vehicle to travel on the highway. (Primarily because it is not well maintained).
* Times have changed and it was time for him to get an upgrade as well.

The search for options

The criteria:
* Has to be a compact car
* Needs to have at least one airbag
* Sufficient pep to lug along 3 people with A/C
* Supple ride quality
* Good legroom
* Budget - 4 - 5 Lakhs

All the research and selection procedures had to be done in a very CBI style/ undercover manner as this was supposed to be a surprise gift for my dad from me.

The contenders and why they were eliminated:

1. Alto Vxi with airbag - The defacto choice for many was ruled out because I somehow felt that the car was no longer a VFM product , especially in the top end guise. Also, my Alto felt slightly more sturdier and better put together (Don't ask me why) than the new alto. The final nail in the coffin was the attitude of the dealership (Rana Motors). The said dealer never had a car available for test drive and I felt like i was chasing them every weekend and they were obliging me by offering me a test drive. Swore not to buy a Maruti after this .

2. Datsun Go - The car was surprisingly fast to drive and comfortable as well, but was too barebones to be considered. Blatant cost cutting and a sparse dealer network made me look at other options.

3. Used Honda brio - I saw a few Honda Brios as well before taking a final call to not get one. The brio offered excellent visibility, a very nice engine & gearbox combination and sufficient space as well. However, mom was strictly against a used car. Also, we figured that the Brio was almost as wide as my Figo and could be problematic for my dad to drive.

By this time i had pretty much exhausted all my options and was back to the drawing board again.

Things changed when i started seeing some action on Renault's website and scoops published by Team Bhp. The more i looked , the more I fell in love with the car.By the time it was September, I was almost sure that I wanted this car. The dimensions seemed perfect , the 800cc engine seemed adequately powered for the mass it had to haul and the entire package looked drool worthy.


07 September 2015 - Went to Avia Motors in East Delhi and made a booking for the Kwid by paying 10K. Was informed by the dealer that since I was booking before the actual "Bookings open" date , i was entitled to get all the 10K refunded if i did not like the car. Seemed perfect. The sales personnel indicated that the price will be approximately 4-5 Lakhs for the top end version.

14 September 2015 - No news from the showroom guys at all for a week. Noticed on the website that the official bookings for the Kwid have begun. Rang the dealer and they confirmed this. Still no indication of the prices or variants. The only conformation i had was that the top model will have one airbag.

24 September 2015 - These 10 days were very hard for me. I work in research and i used so many permutations and combinations of search engine operatives and keywords to extract any news on the prices for the Kwid. No Luck !. Thankfully, the prices were revealed on Thursday and we all know what happened after. I was shocked and happy at the same time. Immediately called my dealer (Must point out that they did not bother calling at all ).

The time between the delivery date and 24 September: A true test of patience

Delivery date: 30 October 2015
Time in between : >1 month

Since I pre booked the Kwid , I was the lucky few who were going to get their Kwid in the first batch. But, as luck would have it we can always count on the dealers and unaware sales staff to mess things up.

Mess up 1 : "Sir, yes you can definitely get a loan arranged from an external vendor". Turns out I could not. Once i got the loan approved from my own source, got all the paperwork done - the sales manager Mr. Neeraj called me to tell me that they won't be able to release the vehicle if the loan amount is not disbursed to them before hand. The person handling my loan wanted the insurance papers , Engine and chassis number before he could disburse the loan. Obviously, the two things could not happen simultaneously and neither of the two parties was willing to budge or cooperate. I decided to cancel my pre approved loan and get it through the dealer (at the same rate of interest). This caused a delay of approximately 8 days. Frustration level : High

Mess up 2 : Misspelled my name on the Insurance papers and the Invoice. Promised to get it fixed and reassured me that the papers sent to RTO have the correct spelling.

Mess up 3 : This was more of an inconvenience. The sales personnel and the manager never followed up with me. They were always pre occupied and made me run from pillar to post to get all the approvals and in fact even forgot to get a set of documents signed for which they asked me to come to the dealership , (just a day ago i'd visited them to hand over the loan documents- 20 km away from my house; Zero presence of mind). This was my breaking point and I put my foot down and told them that they need to come and get it signed and I will not come and deal with this. Their incompetency to handle basic things like paperwork amazed me and was a clue that they are just not ready to handle huge volumes

Finally test drove the car during the first week on October and was happy that I made the right decision. Took it out for a long test drive and carefully examined the car , it positives and shortcomings.

D Day : 30 October 2015

Upon the sales person's request i decided to take the delivery of my car at 7 Pm on Friday. I made it very clear that I will take my sweet time to check the car and will not appreciate being pushed around or asked to hurry up. Also, i asked them to park the car where the spot lights are located so that i can thoroughly inspect the car before I take the delivery. Made it very clear that there should not be any stickers on the vehicle as well.

I left work early and reached the dealership at 7 pm. Was greeted by another sales person and i whipped out my Team bhp checklist. This brings me to mess up 4 : The cabin light was not operational. Made them write on the delivery papers so that this can be rectified later.The whole process took approximately 1.25 hours and i was on my way home at 8:15 pm after the customary picture session.

Filled with excitement and nervousness I drove the car home. I was constantly drawing mental comparisons with my figo and the rapid while driving the Kwid. I must mention that the car does turn heads and people in other cars can get uncomfortably close to it in an effort to see it up close. The turmoil and the running around paid off when i surprised dad with the car- he was literally taken aback and took at least a good 10-15 seconds to stop staring and start smiling. This made my night.

Now i will let the pictures do the talking before i share my initial driving impressions.The pics were clicked the following day using a cell phone camera.

A Renault Kwid comes home-img_20151108_164250470_hdr.jpg

A Renault Kwid comes home-front-3.jpg

A Renault Kwid comes home-front-1.jpg

A Renault Kwid comes home-front-2.jpg

Name:  interiors 2.jpg
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Size:  256.2 KB

Name:  interiors1.jpg
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Name:  IMG_20151031_073014484_HDR.jpg
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Name:  Engine.jpg
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A Renault Kwid comes home-top.jpg

A Renault Kwid comes home-rear.jpg


What i like:
* The silhouette of the car. The creases and the optical illusion of it being bigger than it actually is
* Mini duster looks. The wheels though small, work well with the overall design
* The touch screen media interface with navigation. Super smooth to operate.
* Light controls
* Storage space inside the cabin
* The space on offer. The rear bench feels particularly wide and well executed
* You feel like you're getting your money's worth and then some
* Ground clearance of 180mm for those towering speed/car breakers
* OEM customization options for those who like to jazz up their ride
* Option to procure extended warranty for just 4.6K - additional 2 years
* Responsive engine
* Amazing ride quality
* Huge boot : Bigger than my figo. Wow.
* The digital speedometer looks straight out of a Sci-fi movie
* 97 percent localization = spares should be cheap.
* Fells better put together than the competition despite the 660Kgs weight
* Accommodating front and rear seats.

What could have been better:
* Optional passenger airbag and ABS sorely missed. I guess we can blame model heirarchy for this ( Pulse/Micra )
* Plasticky door pads and general cost cutting
* Build quality of the rear hatch is very iffy.
* Damn, if you're gonna make a beautiful car why spoil the whole look by providing ORVMs which look like they belong in a car of the 70s.
* Non retractable seat belts in the rear- I mean come on. Seriously?
* Engine runs out of breath after 85/90 Kmph
* A/C has a sizable effect on the engine performance. Drivability goes for a toss.
* Quirky details like power window switches and central locking button on the dashboard
* Band aid sized rear windows limit rearward visibility while reversing.
* Wooden brakes
* No rear wash & wipe available

* 4.02L excluding the extended warranty for RXT(o) variant which comes equipped with a driver's side airbag. The non metallic shade can be had for approximately 3k less (White)
* No discounts provided
* OTR includes "Essential Kit" - Mud flaps , mats , Car perfume , iPOP branded door guards and a small God idol stuck on top of the center console. The perfume , door guard and the small idol are prices approximately 2.5 times the market rate and not sure why this is part of the "ESSENTIAL"kit.

Looks can be very subjective but i'd rate it a solid 9/10. The bold design camouflages the small dimensions and one can be forgiven for thinking that this car is actually just a tad bit bigger than an alto. My friend from work mentioned that it looks as big if not bigger than a Grand i10 parked right next to it . Visual drama at its very best. The straight forward side profile and the bland rear don't really do justice to the very technical looking front though. The rear lights looks a bit like the ones on the Grand i10 and come across as plain Jane. Although in isolation they look pretty smart. There is still a sense of cohesiveness in the design and the way various elements like, the kink in the roof , the window line which extends to the C pillar and the wheel arches all come together to make it an attractive little hatchback.

Front design elements
A Renault Kwid comes home-front-design-elements.jpg

Rear design
A Renault Kwid comes home-rear-design.jpg

Badging on the rear doors looks unique = Neat looking rear hatch
A Renault Kwid comes home-badging-rear-doors.jpg

Somewhat plain but smart looking tail lights
A Renault Kwid comes home-smart-looking-tail-lamps.jpg

Extra long antenna looks old school
A Renault Kwid comes home-extra-long-antenna-looks-old-school.jpg

3 lug nuts instead of 4
A Renault Kwid comes home-3-lug-nutes-instead-4-.jpg

No pull type door handles
A Renault Kwid comes home-pull-type-door-handles.jpg

Notice : Water has seeped in between the headlamp unit and the bumper. After a pressure wash. Discussed mostly on all reviews
A Renault Kwid comes home-gap-between-bumper-headlamp-water-seeps-below-headlight-unit-after-pressure-wash.jpg

Turn indicators on cladding look really cool
A Renault Kwid comes home-indicators-cladding-look-great.jpg

The dashboard is pretty simple to look at. Grey plastic with glossy black finished center console to break the monotony. The touchscreen infotainment system takes pride in the center console and is one of the first things you notice when you step inside the car. The hooded dials for the speedometer which protrude out slightly looks nice and so does the chrome lined A/C vents

IMHO , the interiors are one of the best bits of the car. The digital readout for the speedometer, good quality switchgear and a segment first touchscreen system which allows bluetooth connectivity are all features than one cannot expect at this price point. In fact when I first saw the Kwid, I was pretty certain that the Kwid in its top spec avatar will cost approximately 4.75L. All is hunky dory with the exception of the extremely plasticky door pads and the non retractable rear seat belts. I also noticed that the door pads squeak and move a little bit when the power windows are rolled up. This is a little give away to cost cutting which is not as blatantly visible as on the Datsun Go. The controls for the A/C feel nice and the vents seem to be of reasonable quality as well.
The storage space inside the cabin is pretty good as well, bottle holders for the doors are sufficient and the click open type storage (which replaces the slot of the passenger airbag) is quite handy as well.

Steering wheel is nice and meaty to hold. Digital speedometer looks great with a good contrast and legible numbers.
A Renault Kwid comes home-steering-wheel-great-hold.-digital-speedometer-no-tacho.jpg

Chrome ringed dials logo good and feel good to operate as well
A Renault Kwid comes home-chrome-ringed-dials-feel-good-operate.jpg

Unusual placement of the power window and door lock switch
A Renault Kwid comes home-unsual-placement-power-window-lock-button.jpg

Ergonomic placement of ABC pedals. Clutch is super light
A Renault Kwid comes home-ergonomic-placement-abc-pedals.-clutch-super-light.jpg

Exposed screws throughout the cabin
A Renault Kwid comes home-exposed-screws-throughout-cabin.jpg

The front seats are well suited to my frame ( i'm 5feet 8 ) and should easily be able to accommodate bigger people as well. The rear seat is pretty wide and sitting 3 abreast should not be a challenge for most. Since most of the components in the car have been put on a strict diet, I was not surprised to find the seats slim and not really as well bolstered as other cars. This compromises comfort but just a little. The boot is really roomy for an entry level hatchback and infact comparable to most B+ segment hatchbacks.

The 250 Kms that I have driven the Kwid pretty much covers all the conditions that it is likely to be driven in. Highway run on relatively smooth tarmac from Delhi to Greater Noida, a bumper to bumper crawl while traveling from Gurgaon To Delhi and some really bad roads in the interiors of Gurgaon. I am happy to report that like all other Renault models , the car came out with flying colors. The ride is very absorbent and one does not get tossed around. (Something that you would expect in an entry level hatch). The handling is pretty neutral and the car has impressive straight line stability- but the steering wheel is completely devoid of any feel. I drive a Figo which has one of the best steerings on any small car and I actually found it really funny that there was absolutely no feel to the Kwid's steering. Felt like I was using a playstation steering wheel. The only positive consequence of this setup was that I was able to maneuver the car through the city at low speeds with extreme ease. A very important point that i would like to highlight is the sub standard quality of the brakes. The brake pedal has a very inconsistent feel to it and the way it engages can sometimes be very difficult to modulate. It either engages so slowly that you're forced to depress it further and when you do that , it literally stops right away. So it is either Zero or maximum braking. I have since then adapted to the brakes and am able to modulate them better but this can be quite unnerving for new drivers. I will get the brakes checked out once I visit the workshop to get the cabin light fixed.

Contrary to common perception, the 155 section tires hold on pretty good and it is only when you try and corner the car in a track racer mode that they feel inadequate. The tires don't give up the plot that easily and neither do they squeal or rumble. For most folks who drive below 100 Kmph mark, the tyres should be just fine. I was initially considering an upgrade but the last 250Km have made me revisit my decision.

These are just the first impressions. The car has been driven for barely 250 Kms and the engine obviously has not been run in yet. First impressions are OK. The engine pulls cleanly from low RPMs and it feels relaxed till the time you don't ask much of it. Bottom end responses are good and the car is quick off the line. However, like its competitors - the power tapers off once you hit the 85/90 km/h mark and progress after that seems slow (although not glacial). At the end of the day , it is a 800cc mill and it shows when you load it up with passengers and switch on the AC. In isolation though, it feels pretty ok and gets the work done. The engine's forte is its claimed efficiency and the on board MID is showing 21.9 Kmpl in the mixed run ( 65 percent Highway driving and 35 percent city driving ). These are very impressive numbers as far as fuel efficiency is concerned. The clutch actions is really light , this coupled with the light steering makes city driving a breeze. This is definitely a great small city car and feels at home in its natural habitat.

A Renault Kwid comes home-mileage.jpg

NVH Levels

Something that i find kind of disturbing is the atrociously high levels of NVH and a good part of it trickles into the cabin as well. This explains the lavish use of the sound deadening material used on the hood. However, the tyres don't really squeal in protest if the car is cornered and there isn't much wind noise either. The suspension goes about its business in a silent manner with only really sharp potholes resulting in a thud from the suspension.


The dealership experience has been less than satisfactory. They goofed up many times and i contemplated canceling my booking at one point in time. I believe that the Renault dealer in Motinagar (west Delhi) is a much better choice. Even though i did not purchase my car through them, they called me and kept me updated. This was in sharp contrast to Avia motors (patparganj industrial area) where I made a booking and got my car from. The manager is usually busy and does not call back even if he promises to. The sales staff seems very new and inexperienced. Anyone buying a Renault should approach their dealership in west Delhi or the one located near Kailash colony metro. More recently , they called me to install the number plates, i was almost ready to leave when i decided to give them a quick call and make sure that everything was in place and as expected - their drilling machine was broken and they asked me to visit them some other day. They did not proactively inform me about this and i would have wasted 2 hours of my day had i not called them. All these little things are making me very skeptical about my choice of dealership.

* The tires though 155mm in width provide sufficient grip
* The headlamps and fog lamp combo seems adequate for most occasions
* The touchscreen infotainment system is great to use but is let down by just two speakers up front. Although I don't really care much about the sound quality but i can see a lot of people installing additional speakers to get a decent output.
* The rear hatch in particular feels low rent and extremely fragile.
* Many people who are not really aware of the car and it's specifications find it hard to believe that this costs just 4L.
* It is easy to stall the engine in first gear if you don't dial in a few revs while lifting your foot off the clutch
* The fuel efficiency seems almost unreal. I easily manage 20 Kmpl ( as per the MID) even after driving through some congested stretches.
* The 5th gear is not as weak as I thought it would be. Unless compared to bigger hearted hatches, it picks up after 60 quite decently.
* Seating 5 in the car is not a problem at all. A refreshing change from my dad's old Alto.
* Recently crossed the 400 KM mark. The brakes have become slightly better (or maybe i have adapted to the way the pedal responds).
*The horn sounds meek with the windows rolled up but is sufficient for most occasions.
* Ingress and egress is very easy courtesy the high seating position. Better than my old alto and my cousin's Civic. The nice and high seating feels very SUV-ish and provides a sense of openness lacking in small/budget cars.

In summary: Every car has its share of pros and cons. Kwid comes across as a very desirable product especially when you factor in the price and various USPs that it offers. My colleagues , friends and family members - whosoever has seen the Kwid so far has been overly impressed by it and the price has been a shocker for many. Fingers crossed as far as Renault service is concerned. I hope they roll up their sleeves and bring their A game forward.

I will try and update this thread as and when possible and once i cross the 1000Km threshold. After the busy Diwali season ends, dad will happily take over charge and be driving it more often than I would.

Happy motoring guys.

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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Hearty Congratulations and wish you miles of happiness. Renault has hit the jackpot with this one. They seem to have got everything right up to the launch. But the average dealership experience (like what you experienced) and long waiting periods have lessened the impact a little.

Being one among the initial customers, they should have taken care to treat you better.

Hope these minor niggles are taken care of by Renault and the dealers.

Good to hear about the mileage, there were some posts and also some online user reviews indicating single digit mileage figures. Glad to know that was wrong info.

Once again, all the best and please keep updating your experiences.
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Heartiest Congratulations on bringing home the Kwid
Kudos for going with the Airbag equipped variant
I must admit that the stance of the car is great looking and great color choice as well.
Wish you & your dad many happy miles with this!
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

I get so hung up abut Renault's naming. They ask people to drive an old rag, then come out with a Quid (British pound)! But I saw one recently and was so impressed that my dislike of the name faded away. Then, yesterday, I chanced upon the T-BHP review and realised what excellent value for money this car is.

There is lot to be said for driving a small car, especially if it will be a mostly-city vehicle, with usually one or two persons and seldom if ever really loaded up.

I find only one thing in the lines that is not quite right: the wheel wells make the wheels look small (or should that be the other way around?) but apart from this, it is a lovely, balanced design and very practical. The only thing that, in the looks, gives away the price, is those small wheels, oh, and the OVRMs: everything else looks much more expensive than the car really is.

Congratulations, Abhinav R, and welcome to active membership of the site. It is a great first post!
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congrats on the smart Kwid. I think Renault has shown the path that many others need to take; the path of value for money cars for the common man, engineered as per local requirement.
This car should and will go on to become a trend.

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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congratulations and a good decision at the end to choose a KWID over an established ALTO or EON.
This pretty much reflects the current mindset of the next gen we Indians.
Now how this car fares will pretty much depend on the dealership and its staff while Renault India needs to be on their toes to ensure better customer experience.

Being a Renault customer as you can see from my Signature i can vouch that some dealers are way better than the rest.
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congratulations on the new Kwid and thanks for the amazing write-up. I have been on the fence about picking up the Kwid as our second car but was waiting for some reviews and for Renault to sort out the niggles that crop up in the initial batches.

I think I have made up my mind now. Booking one in Jan.
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congratulations on the new Kwid. This car is making all in the news primarily because of its looks, pricing and mileage. My neighbor has recently booked this car in Delhi, however he got a 2 months waiting period.

I was able to convince him to go for the top model, primarily because of the Airbag. Since safety comes first and I am glad that lot of customers like him are now thinking seriously about it.

Happy driving.
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Originally Posted by Abhinav R View Post
Happy motoring guys.
Congrats Abhinav on the car and it looks brilliant in this shade.

The review was comprehensive and if I am not wrong your first post is the first Kwid ownership report in our forum

Kudos for your patience amidst the dealership experiences.

Happy revving
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congrats!! What better way to have your first post.

For me this is the best looking entry level car and I am a big of Kwid headlamps.
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congrats on bringing home the Kwid. I should say it's a marvellous piece from Renault in this segment ruled by the age old Altos & Eons.
I have been all over this from the time it was Launched on the media.

However I got few questions for You
  • Is the car stable at the maximum speeds of 90s, as You said? Any issues of body roll?
  • The tyres do look puny, do we get much options for a higher size? Same with the 3 nut wheels, can we get Alloys in this spec?
  • How's the touch screen ICE and does the KWID come with only 2 Speakers in the front and none on the Rear?

I would have indeed booked one straight away if they had offered a atleast 1litre engine equipped with a passenger airbag.
Happy KWIDing by the way..
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congrats Abhinav. If Renault can do some aggressive marketing by highlighting the 'pros' and also to take care of 'customer handling', then this car can potentially bring Renault to limelight here.
Even the name 'kwid' is eyecatching for me.
This car does have some basic flaws, but there are so many good things to pull the potential buyers towards it.
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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Congrats Abhinav! There's hardly any better way to come up with the first post. Welcome to TBHP.

Your waiting period is milder compared to 3+ months over here, but it seems worth the wait from what you feel about the car. The rear hatch is indeed featherweight but it's finished well enough, and there should be a load rated cross member inside it.

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Default Re: A Renault Kwid comes home

Originally Posted by unni246 View Post
Congrats on bringing home the Kwid.
I would have indeed booked one straight away if they had offered a atleast 1litre engine equipped with a passenger airbag.
Happy KWIDing by the way..

Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome !

1. Straight line stability is very good. Body roll exists since the car is much higher up than others but it is well contained. At 90 kmph the car feels stable. I have not taken it beyond 95 kmph yet.

2. I have not explored any options yet as far as a tyre upgrade or alloys is concerned but fatter and wider spec tires can easily be accommodated in the huge wheel wells. Please refer to this page http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/offici...review-12.html (Renault Kwid : Official Review)

3. The touchscreen system is very intuitive to use (My dad was able to use it the first time around without any guidance) . And yes, there are just two speakers up front. Music lovers will definitely have to upgrade to a 4 speaker set up for better sound.

Hope this helps.
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Renault's Kwid entry level hatchback unveiled EDIT: Now launched at Rs. 2.57 lakhs! S2!!! The Indian Car Scene 781 13th October 2015 22:24
Renault XBA: Now unveiled as the Kwid rajeev k The Indian Car Scene 36 21st May 2015 16:34

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