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Default Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

I am narrating my experience in selecting a car and taking test drives of the contenders and the performance of different marques.

I currently have two Honda City cars - the iVtec (2009) and the older Gxi(2004). The older one GXi is getting long in the tooth - 11 years. Mechanically the car is very sound and I could drive it to Mumbai without a second thought despite 105000 on the odometer. However, in the rough and tumble of NCR driving the body as seen several assaults (some my fault). As a result I would not like to continue driving without it looking spiffy. I do not have a driver as they are allergic to my prescriptions of safe driving. My wife and I do all the driving. My mechanic, who is quite good and about whom I learnt through a Team-Bhp forum item, informed me that all four doors would have to be replaced owing to corrosion. The sheet metal is too thin to really be repaired to last at least 3-4 years. The iVtec is in good shape and will be in service for many more years.

As a result of the impending retirement of the GXi I need a replacement. My monthly driving is around 1200 km and it made sense to stick to petrol cars. I started looking for a suitable car almost 7-8 months ago in Feb 2016. I decided, as a responsible world citizen (no jokes I'm serious about this) to look at the EV cars and consider only small cars. I gave up the EV option as there was really only one very weak option for both practicality and cost reasons. I was not looking for a CVT or Automatic at this time. Maybe when I get a little older (now 70) and find changing gears a chore I'll swop for an automatic. I think in 3-4 years most cars will be automatics of one kind or another.

I homed in on the three Honda small/medium cars ranging from 5 lacs to 7.5 lacs i.e. Jazz, Amaze and Brio. I took test drives of all 3 from Courtesy Honda. The dealer was very prompt and efficient. My office is only a stone's throw from their showroom. The experience was typically Honda. Smooth almost silent engines somewhat wimpy till around 2000 rpm and then suddenly a surge of power. The sheet metal of the Honda cars has always bothered me. It is too thin for tangling with the macho NCR drivers particularly the politician and businessmen in their SUVs. The suspension of the Honda's is not compliant enough for the Delhi roads. The thump of the suspension as it negotiated the holes in the road was something that was getting irritating and tiresome. I needed a suspension that could soak the bumps and craters and yet give a comfortable feel while driving.

I was keen on the Jazz mainly for its highly practical design but the price of the model with some of the basics that are becoming common in even small cars like ABS, airbags, good music system, electrically adjustable wing mirrors etc was working out to Rs 7 lacs plus. It didn't feel like good value for money specially with the heavy car and the puny 1.2 litre displacement.

I dropped the Honda option and decided to look at the Zest/Bolt and Ford Figo Aspire. Just to get this out of the way. I didn't look at Maruti small cars as I find them good but made out of sheet metal that is too thin. Again if I had to choose a Maruti Suzuki I could as well choose a Honda - which, for me, is a better car. However, I did test drive the Baleno and the test car was already rattling in a few places. I had owned the old Baleno which was quite a car and this did not give the good vibes that the earlier Baleno gave.

I requested Tata Motors through their website to organize a test drive. The car had been released and I had tried out the Diesel model in the Delhi Golf Club one evening towards the end of 2015. Seemed like a good car but given that it was a Tata car I was sceptical about quality, dealers etc. Hence, I dillydallied for several months. Finally a firsthand review of my friend in Bengaluru who had bought the top model Zest and used it for 4 months made me take a test drive. However, the dealers were another kettle of fish. I am now talking about 5 months ago. It took several calls from some call center ladies who fixed appointments at least 3 or 4 times over a month and half and the car never turned up - not even a sorry. Then one day a guy offered to bring the Zest test car. I asked 'When?' He replied 'right now'. Maybe he had already shown it in the area. This entire process took about 2 months. I drove the car and found that it was certainly a revelation as far as brand Tata was concerned. The car looked and felt good. The engine was a bit under powered for the heavy car. However, it looked like a possibility now. The price of the model I wanted XM I think with discounts of around 50000 and exchange of my GXi was around Rs 5 lacs. The three different tuning options in the Revotron was a good idea but I felt they needed more optimisation to be really useful.

This only left the Ford Figo Aspire to test. The Ford story is much like the Tata story and it took over a month to get a test drive. Maybe they just don't have enough test drive cars. It was a nice car and drove well but frankly despite what all the reviews say about how nice Ford cars are to drive I cannot remember one thing about the Ford that stood out in my mind a day later. Again the model I was considering was going to cost over Rs 6.5 lacs - nearer 7 lacs. Now I was back to square one. I had no choice clearly in mind. By now I was getting fed up and thought I'll splurge on the Honda Jazz.

Luckily the delay in test drives and my own ambivalence about the cars I had test driven meant that the Tiago was released to a lot of fanfare and rave reviews. Of course I am a car buff from way back - 1969 and have owned at least 15 cars since then so I stick to reading detailed reviews like team-bhp and make up my own mind. I also glance through the user reviews. Unfortunately, in the case of Tiago most of them tend to be either first time owners or those who have owned one or two models of cars only. This gives them a more limited perspective and the information provided by them is not very useful for me. However, if a lot of people say a car is crap then there must be some fire with the smoke. At first the idea did not appeal to me to get such a small car. Remember this was just one step above Nano and being compared with Celerio, i10 etc. I had owned two Santros between 2000 and 2006. My Honda City (the first model released in India) was stolen and there was a lot of problem with the insurance claim so I bought a Santro as stopgap and liked it.

It might be useful to write a few sentences on the insurance claim as it was frustrating but also in the end gave me a good laugh. Problem no.1 was with the policeman who took my FIR. He was to give me the certificate that the car was stolen and they could not locate it for handing over to the insurance company. He said it would take a month. He started delaying and not coming to the phone so I guessed that he had an itch in his hand. I refuse to give any money to these guys and have a long history of facing all kinds of problems by not doing so. I stopped following up. Problem no.2 was the insurance company - New India Assurance etc. They said that I cannot get the full insurance value of Rs 4.5 lacs as their assessor/valuer had found the market price and pegged it at Rs 3.5 lacs. I showed them bills of Rs 75000 from Pandit Bros for fully doing up the car as well as the original details of repairs/servicing from the day it left the showroom. I also went to other second hand car dealers and got quotations for similar 2nd hand cars valued at Rs 4.5 to 5.0 lacs. Still the company was offering Rs 3.6 lacs. Finally, I went to the PRO of New India and told him that the company I was working in a few months earlier was one of the biggest customers of New India Assurance and I would have a word with the Chairman. That did the trick and he was ready to put in a word for Rs 4.5 lacs but begged me to allow Rs 10000 less so he could claim he did a good job! Subsequently, after the affair was settled I got a challan from the Delhi Police that the car was found driving around Delhi with the music too loud and I was fined Rs 100. This was adding insult to injury. I had signed the transfer papers a month earlier but bureaucracy moves at its own pace. I paid up rather than having an arrest warrant issued in my name to appear in court!!

I remembered that as a responsible citizen I should reduce my carbon footprint and I enrolled for the Tiago test drive. My wife is quite comfortable with my doing the evaluation and choosing and knows I won't go for a lemon.

In Jun/Jul I enrolled at the Tata website for a Tiago test drive. I was given a real runaround. I got dozens of phone calls asking me when it would be convenient and where but the test drive never materialized. I think during the intervening period the car started to move in the market and Tata Motors had a new MD. This marked a dramatic change.

I suddenly got a test drive in mid August. It was an orange petrol XZ. I found the car quality quite a revelation. The saleslady and her assistant from Concorde Motors were very knowledgeable about the car and its features as compared to other competitors. The test drive car had a serious problem with the gear lever vibrating, engine being a bit noisy and the vibration being felt on the steering wheel as well. The engine was not well tuned and it was a bit sluggish which is about par for a test drive car. The major surprise was that a test drive car with quite a few km on the odo did not have the small noises and other body rattles that were common in many test drive cars including a Baleno I test drove a few days later.

I was now quite taken by the Tiago especially the value for money, comprehensive appointment of the car and it's good looks. I was still not sold on it owing to the engine vibrations and the somewhat flat performance. I read the latest reviews and learnt that some ECU tuning had largely cured the vibrating gear stick. I took another test drive and found that it was definitely improved. Moreover, the dealer experience was a lot better and every time I called I was listened to and got a sensible and informative response.

I booked a Striker Blue petrol Tiago XZ without alloy wheels for Rs 10000. I find that when ladies drive the car they sometimes get the alloy wheels scuffed against the pavement berms. In any case it is more a looks thing as there is no performance impact owing to unsprung weight etc, etc. On the positive side I saved Rs 15000 and one month quicker delivery. The booking was done through Concorde Motors and everything was over email - I paid and the receipt was scanned and emailed. The hard copy was eventually delivered as well. The waiting time was expected to be 8 weeks.

Around first week of Oct 16 I rang up the dealership and checked on the delivery time. I was told that it would be soon and if I wanted a silver coloured petrol XZ it was available today. I said I'm not in a hurry and would prefer the colour of my choice. I was called up about 10 days later and told my car is being despatched and should be available around 21st. On 21st (Friday) I was called to the South Extension showroom to inspect the car. I had told the company that I would do my own PDI and would buy insurance through my agent.

I was very well received and explained about the various features of the car. I was taken to the car. It was clean and neat and parked in a fairly open space. I was able to check it in good light and satisfy myself that everything was in order. When I say everything I mean everything! I had never done this in so much detail for any other car I purchased. I went through in full detail including checking all the functionality of the media system, reversing system etc. I had not yet made the final payment. After the PDI I was informed by the person handling my case, Gurpreet, that he would take the car back and get the registration done. In the meantime I was to make the full payment and hand over the insurance cover note.

I was emailed the VIN and Engine number, ex showroom price etc by the dealers office. I sent it to the insurance agent. Next morning, 4th Sat, the cover note was delivered to me. For those who want to do your insurance you can save upto Rs 6000 on insurance. I never go for zero depreciation anyway. I also did not take the Extended warranty or the AMC etc. However, I took the floor mats and the splash mudguards. These cost around Rs 2400. Total cost was Rs 4.99 excluding insurance. I couldn't make the payment as it was 4th Sat and banks were closed and so was NEFT/RTGS service.

I made the payment on the following Monday i.e. 24th Oct through NEFT and informed the company. They are more familiar with RTGS and had difficulty in latching on to the payment details in their bank account. It took about 2 hours to sort this out, On Monday evening around 7.30 pm I was told by Gurpreet that the registration has been done. He asked where would I take delivery? I asked him what would be convenient. He said that he would get it ready and deliver it to my house in South Delhi at 1.00 pm. At 1.30 pm he turned up with the car with some flowers made of ribbon tacked on to the bonnet and a box of chocolates. He went through all the features again and explained everything and showed me all the fittings and fixtures. Though I didn't need any help and would have done it from the manuals just as fast I let him go through the whole routine to see the thoroughness of the process. Then, we went through the documents handover. He produced a nice plastic folder with separate pockets made by Concorde Motors for keeping the documents. All in all a very nice experience and one I haven't actually been through even when I bought my various Marutis and Hondas.

The odo showed 83 km on handover and they put 5 litres petrol when bringing the car almost 20 km for delivery. The initial setup is very easy using the HK media system. Pairing and using an android phone is a breeze. I was quickly able to download the North India data for GPS from MapmyIndia for the phone and the Connectnext app for android. They have Pro Guidance which is also free and pops up on your phone to download. I have tried out the turn by turn navigation and it works very well. Similarly, the reverse proximity alarm seems to work satisfactorily. All in all when I went on my first drive in heavy traffic, at Diwali time, there was humongous traffic. It was a breeze with very light clutch and good light but precise steering. Barely any vibration from the engine perceptible at the gearstick. It's not as silent as an ivtech engine but very good for a 3 cylinder petrol head.

I have been driving the car for 13 days now with 512 km on the odo. The fuel consumption is approx 16.1 km/l. I will give my first impressions on various aspects that are of interest to those who might be wanting to buy the Tiago.

Obviously, I like the styling of the car. No car is perfect but I am quite happy with the front, side and rear views. It looks like a fairly modern car design. The Celerio and I10, which are apparently the competition, look somewhat dated. The interior, all in black, is of good quality and most of the components look very solid and reliable. Mind you the problem of shiny black plastic in a car is the same as for a brand new shiny black smartphone. Finger prints are visible all over and need to be wiped daily. The upholstery has a premium feel and the front seats are comfortable especially the driver's seat with its rake and height adjustment. The boot has a nice clean look and the tools, jack, emergency triangle are nicely out of the way. The cover on the spare wheel feels a bit flimsy but this should not be a problem since one can hardly put heavier than a 15-20 kg suitcase in the boot.

The only area that causes concern is the control knobs of the air conditioning system. They feel and look underwhelming. They work perfectly well but feel cheap. The overall build quality particularly the paint quality and general fit and finish are in line with the best in the market in this range of cars. The panel gaps are by and large okay except in one or two places. However, even in these cases the deviations are small.

Much has been written in reviews about the internal space and legroom etc. I have a partner who has a Honda Amaze which he bought recently. I find that the inside space in both cars in front is almost the same. The Tiago is narrower and this is apparent in the rear seat. I cannot comment on the seat comfort for long drives as it is too early. However, I do not expect to be taking this car on long drives. In the city the maximum time one would spend at a stretch in the car is 45 mins and certainly under an hour.

The wheels in my car are steel as I decided to forgo the alloys in favour of getting the car a month earlier. There appears to be a shortage of alloys. The wheel covers look very good and I hope they will continue to look good even after a couple of years. The tyres look adequate for the weight and size of the car and I felt the car was very planted while driving it around some steep curves on the expressway. A point for inspection is the inflation of the tyres. In the car as delivered to me the front and rear tyres were inflated to 33/33 psi. This gave the car a very jumpy rear. Once I got this corrected the car was more sedate going over bumps. Check the inflation in the car once it is delivered to you.

The air conditioner worked well but this is already end October so the maximum temperature is only 33 deg C. One problem I noted was the thermostat. The normal position should have been at 12 o'clock as in my Honda City but it was at around 9 o'clock. This gives it a very smaller range of adjustment and makes it more difficult to adjust the temperature you desire. I also feel that the hysteresis of the thermostat is more - it cuts off and then the car gets quite warm before it cuts in again. It means that I have to set it much colder than I really need - waste of energy. Not sure if anything can be done to rectify this.

I must give a couple of paragraphs to the Music and Control System. This is really the piece de resistance of the car. The Harmon Kardon system does double duty. It is a music system which provides connectivity to the phone through bluetooth and your media through an aux connection as well as a USB connection. Additionally, it provides access to all the user adjustable parameters in the car - like the amount of time the follow me lights will be on or whether the doors will lock once the car starts moving at more than 10 km/hr. This is just a small set to give an example. It is quite easy to use and one does not need much time to learn. The reversing alarm and screen works quite well giving visible warning and an audio alarm when an object is too near while reversing. This is a feature which one does not normally find in a car at this price level. I will do some trials with objects and see how much I can trust it with solid objects of different materials.

The navigation system works well and there is no problem setting it up at least with the Nexus 5x I use. I am not yet sure about the accuracy of the Navimaps to give reliable estimates of travel time and to reroute on the fly in traffic as compared to Google Maps. However, it certainly is a help as the directions are clearly audible from the system. The battery level of the phone is also visible once it is paired and connected on bluetooth. As far as dialling out is concerned there is one problem which I have not yet solved. I have 1500 contact on my phone and all of them were downloaded to the HK system. It is not practical to find and dial a number through the system unless there are 40 or 50 numbers only. It is easier through the call list. The dialling out by entering the phone number through the system manually is more for emergency use. When the call comes on the phone there is a ring from the system and one can accept the call from the phone button on the right side of the steering wheel. I still haven't worked out how to get the text messages read out!

I connected my nano iPod (4th generation) and with my phone connected on bluetooth the music could easily be selected from either source. Once can also setup the starting volume of the output for the source so it is not too loud at startup. The sound is of course excellent and is the highlight of this car's music system. My only complaint is that one ends up fiddling with it a lot and wasting time!!

I was using my Honda City for carrying my golf clubs and hand trolley. I decided to try out fitting them into the Tiago. The golf bag fits between the rear and front seats if you move the front seats a little forward. There is enough gap so that the door fabric does not get spoiled through rubbing. The trolley fitted comfortably in the boot with enough space to put a medium size suitcase. I can take only one passenger in the front when I go golfing.

The engine is new and so I have been going easy running it in by not exceeding 2500 rpm in any gear. This corresponds to 20-40-60-80 km/hr in first, second, third and fourth gears. The car is reasonably responsive to the throttle for a new car. Once the engine is around 2000 rpm or over there is reasonable responsiveness from the engine. I am used to this as the Honda ivtech is quite similar in third and fourth gears. In second gear in particular there is a feeling of sluggishness which comes in one or two waves. This might be a problem with the ECU tuning but needs to be observed further. Let's be clear it is a 1200 cc engine in a heavier than normal car and does I understand 1-100km in 16 seconds so it would be silly to expect it to blast away the competition in acceleration. Once it has done around 1000 km I will do a thorough test and update this report.

The steering is light at low speed and there is good feedback at higher speeds. The steering is comfortable to hold. The position of the feet is also decent while driving especially the left foot. I have not faced much problem with the pedals being over more to the right. It's a question of getting used to it. The turning circle at 4.9 m is more than the Honda City at less than 4.5 m. However, it is not really a constraint once one is aware of it while making U turns. The gear lever is very conveniently placed and most of the controls are quite easy to reach and use especially the steering mounted ones. It takes a bit of practice to change channels and source using the raised centre knob.

There is a tendency to jerk when changing up gears if one doesn't allow the engine speed to reduce sufficiently when slotting the required gear. I have taken it upto 70 km/hr in 4th gear and it shows around 2250 rpm which reduces to below 2000 in 5th gear. I got the car with about 3 litres of petrol in the tank and added 15.5 litres. I have so far got a mileage of 14 km/lt on the MID. I have since filled the tank till the filling pump cut off. The MID will have to be calibrated based on a few tank fills. In my Honda's there is an error of 1.5 to 2.0 in excess of the actual km/litre.

The gear readout on the MID is useless for experienced drivers but could be a boon to new drivers. The ECO switch works. The km/l reading goes to 30 when I switch on the ECO setting. This is useful when driving in less traffic to conserve fuel. The car feels very sluggish so one should use ECO while cruising.

The inside of the car is well insulated from external and wind sound with the windows rolled up. The engine sound at least upto 2500 rpm is not irritating and quite well damped. The wind sound on cracking open the front windows by 2 inches is quite a lot so it is best driven with the windows up. The HK music system is there so you listen to the good sound of your favourite singer and don't hear any other noise!!

The doors shut with a satisfactory thud giving a feeling that there is substantial steel in the doors. However, needs a firm hand to shut the doors. This has been commented on by several people who have sat in the car. I informed them that one of the reasons for buying the Tiago was its substantial sheet metal. The windows go up and down very silently and the switch quality seems to be good. My only worry is the ORVMs which can fold but not move in the opposite direction towards the engine. This makes them very vulnerable to any object banging against them. I have seen the same problem in the Swift where so many of them go around with the ORVMs dangling after they are knocked off their mount.

There are a very large number of spaces to keep things including card holder on the windscreen on the driver's side. The glove compartment is very capacious and the idea of having a small shelf on top for the manuals and documents is very sensible. I haven't tried the cooling in the glove compartment as I don't think there is much practical use unless you want to keep chocolates or some temperature sensitive medicines.

The gear shifting is very easy and trouble free and the clutch is very light. There is no notchiness that I have noticed so far.

The suspension is very silent and seems to work without much fuss and smoothens out the road imperfections very well. The sound from it is also well damped. Normally in my Honda City the tyre going over 'cats eyes' gives very audible feedback. In the Tiago I was surprised that I hardly noticed it - either physical signs from the suspension or the audible sounds. Despite this when going at speed through corners there is no feeling of roll. Going over even badly designed speed breakers in Noida didn't faze the car at all. At no time did I feel that there will be any bottoming. The car ground clearance is adequate in my opinion.

So far I have been going very easy on the brakes so they are run in properly. Once I have done about 500 km I will progressively test them out harder particularly the ABS. The handbrake has a very nice and smooth operation and is a pleasure to use. This has often been a problem and dissatisfaction on many of my earlier cars.

The headlights and side lights work well. I have to check the headlight adjustment as it seems to be a bit high on the RHS on dip mode. I'll get it done during the 1st service. As mentioned in the reviews and by many users the ignition key is a little hard to push in but is not a bother as it should ease out over use. The remote levers for opening the boot and the petrol filler work well though the position might be a little too forward. Would have preferred it at least 4-6 inches further towards the rear. I have read about the problem of dust accumulation at the filler cap and will keep a watch on it to report later.

My wife is happy with the car as a passenger. I am running it in before she drives it around. Given our earlier experience I am confident she will be happy with the performance. However, I will get a proper feedback from her after the first service is over and she has had time to assess it so I can report it in the thread.

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_160607.jpg
Front View

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_160629.jpg
Rear View

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_160700.jpg
Boot with Luggage (Golf hand trolley)

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_160848.jpg
Steering & Instrument Panel

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_160950.jpg
Instruments & MID showing current stats

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_160956.jpg
Display with Phone Connected

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_161016.jpg
Display with IPod Media

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_161040.jpg
Front Interior seating

Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol-img_20161106_161138.jpg
Engine Compartment - neat and classy

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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Congratulations for your new vehicle . It is indeed a great product from the house of Tata. It is absolute value for money. I myself caught hold of a diesel variant and truly like the drive. Regarding gear vibrations, it is reduced but not completely eliminated, one can feel the slight gear rod vibration during gear change, but manageable. Hope you share many more happy miles with her.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Congratulations on the new addition to your stable.

The process of elimination and the Tiago suddenly springing up on the scene as quite a little surprise in itself was a feeling of a Deja vu.

I was helping a colleague while scouting for a vehicle and then suddenly, we had the Tiago being displayed within our TCS premises. The Concorde folks were good and prompt.

He too bought the same variant albeit the Orange color.
Wishing you lots of happy and safe miles and drives.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Congratulations on your new car! Enjoyed reading the first hand experiences. More than anything else I am surprised by the efficiency of the engine even during running in. This is a 1 tonne plus car with a 1.2 litre 80 odd bhp engine and yet it can churn out mileage which would do a smaller engined lighter car proud. And the fact that this engine has been designed and developed by Tata in India gives them even more props and makes me believe in their capabilities as a car maker. On the whole this one is a much better overall engine than the 1.2 from Mahindra stable. Good going Tata.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

I'm seriously impressed the huge step up in quality, kit and performance of the Tiago.

I visited a Tata showroom last year to check out the Bolt and Zest, and needless to say, I was quite disappointed. Rather, the lack of quality came shouting out. But when I saw the Tiago, I was extremely impressed.

Tata has taken a lot of pain to make sure that this product is built right but more importantly priced right. And the hardwork and sensible thinking is paying off.

@ashokabs: Congrats on the Tiago and many more happy KMs ahead! Keep us updated!
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Hearty congratulations sir. That was a very well written ownership review. Your experience shows that the Tata's have come a long way in every department. It is nice to know that they are now comparable to the best. I too prefer a heavy car. Whatever may be the theory about the crumple zones, I never feel safe and secure in a light car.
Congratulations once again and wish you many miles of merry motoring.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Tiago looks very much like a much better built Celerio.

Maruti should be very concerned about it's future for economy models should Tiago catch on.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Congratulations on your new Tiago. It's a wonderful car. Hope you have many happy miles on it.

In the past couple of months, I have been seeing many Tiagos on the road. And after so many days and so many cars, I still can't stop ogling at the car. Personally, I love the blue and the brown shades. And two cars in these shades have joined my office car park. So I never miss an opportunity to stare at it if it's park somewhere in the vicinity of my car. I must say, the car doesn't feel look or feel like an entry level hatchback. In fact it looks more premium than the new Figo (my colleague got one early this year, hence the comparison).
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

First of all RESPECT!
What an astute review to say the least. Your experience shows the way to rookies like us on how to review a car.
Happy miles ahead sir.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Great review ashokabs! Did you also try out the revotorq before buying the revotron? How do you compare the two? Also, do you like the front seat comfort? And you did mention the rear is narrow, but how would you rate the underthigh support and legroom for two at the rear? Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Congratulations Ashokabs on you're Blue Beauty. Wish you happy miles ahead.

A very well composed Review .

Originally Posted by Ruchitya View Post
How do you compare the two? Also, do you like the front seat comfort? And you did mention the rear is narrow, but how would you rate the underthigh support and legroom for two at the rear?

Both Engines are good, but the Diesel feels slightly better due to that extra torque. The Tiago is a heavy car & that extra torque helps greatly. This is the lone reason why I favoured Diesel version despite my low running.

Rear seat is narrow, but it's better then some of the other cars like Beat, Celerio, Grand i10. Seat Squab is long & this helps in improving Under thigh support. And the seat itself is nicely angled. This helps in providing decent Comfort.

Legroom is good, par with segment and you have space to stretch your legs if you want to. My previous car was WagonR, if I compare the Tiago with it, I will definitely be better in Tiago.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Congratulations for Tiago. Just let me know does your gear vibrates? Mine used to do then I got in touch with autovikas now its better
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

In answer to some questions:
1. I did not consider the diesel partly from the environmental aspect in Delhi and also my mileage is not sufficient to justify the extra cost. Lastly, I enjoy changing gears and keeping the engine around 2000 to 2500 rpm. Car is quite flexible in 3rd gear for city driving.
2. There is a slight vibration if you lightly hold the gear lever but is not irritating. I remember the first test drive was horrible with the gear lever jumping around.
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Default Re: Ownership Review - Tata Tiago XZ Petrol

Originally Posted by ashokabs View Post
In answer to some questions:
1. I did not consider the diesel partly from the environmental aspect in Delhi and also my mileage is not sufficient to justify the extra cost. Lastly, I enjoy changing gears and keeping the engine around 2000 to 2500 rpm. Car is quite flexible in 3rd gear for city driving.
2. There is a slight vibration if you lightly hold the gear lever but is not irritating. I remember the first test drive was horrible with the gear lever jumping around.
Congratulations on your new car ashokabs

I test drove a Tiago the other day. Here are few of my observations
1. I felt the car to be underpowered compared to the competitive cars(Hyundai-grand i10, Suzuki- celerio)
2. The feature list is on par with the price tag of the vehicle
3. The audio system and quality of sound is very good
4. I found the NVH levels and sealing not upto the mark
5. The ride quality is smooth and takes up pot holes very well
6. I feel the brakes lack bite (may be due to the test drive car)
Are these issues observed by other too?
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