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Old 7th January 2008, 12:25   #61
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I also managed to de-code my VIN and it appears the model was a 2006 model.

My VIN is TMBFGJ1U56A012208

This was decoded in VIN View /// AnalogX

Does this mean that my vehicle was manufactured in 2006?

Warm regards
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
Why don't you approach AutoCar India and Overdrive with this? Give Skoda bad publicity and I am sure they will wake up from their deep sleep.
Agree, but there may be a chance (however small) that this may be an oversight from their side - I thought I will give them appropriate time to express their views before going ahead.

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Old 7th January 2008, 19:18   #63
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Does this mean that my vehicle was manufactured in 2006?
Yes, IMO its a 2006 model. Take them to task, dont wait, dont give them time.
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Old 9th January 2008, 12:50   #64
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diffsoft - I would suggest you bring this whole episode to Skoda Czech notice. Don't bang Skoda in your narrative, rather bang the dealer for forgery.

I had to resort to this tactic with Whirlpool whose India arm did not respond to a repair request of my wasshing machne (wm) for 2 weeks. I just narrated the whole sequence of excuses, datewise, with names to Whirlpool USA (they have a section on their site for feedback). Imagine the attention that I got from Whirlpool India thereafter. Right from the GM downwards, every guy called me up and the WM was fixed in 24 hrs.
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Old 19th January 2008, 07:37   #65
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Default Finally settled after a bit of drama


My L&K Combi was finally settled yesterday.

After my notices to both dealer and to Skoda evoked no response, I asked my lawyer to speak with the dealer's lawyer. The dealer's lawyer said they were unable to make any headway with the dealer who kept insisting that the signature was mine.

Immediately on Jan 14 we drafted a Police Complaint and went to Cubbon Park Police Station. The Police Inspector looked at the forged Form 20 and my sign on my passport asked me if I wanted to file a case or if he can send a few constables along with the Sub Inspector and talk to him. He then said let's try the latter and then if that does not work he was willing to register the case.

I was pleasantly surprised by the honesty and the willingness of the Inspector to take up my cause.

Immediately a police jeep was arranged and 5 constables and 1 Sub Inspector landed up along with 3 of us at the dealer's showroom in broad daylight on St Mark's Road.

The whole showroom guys were shocked - my sales guy scooted from the scene. The Sub Inspector (a lady) asked the GM what happened. The GM was taken aback - a 55 year old gent being grilled in front of 5 people by a 25 year old lady!

He said he would need some time upon which the SI asked him to come to the police station. He said he would come in 15 mins.

After about 1 hr, he landed up with a criminal lawyer along with all my papers. All of us sat in front of the SI. The SI and the lawyers saw the papers. The lawyer compared my signatures in the order form and the one in Form 20 and concluded along with the SI that it was forged.

The SI asked us to settle the matter or that she will have to register the case leading to maybe an arrest!

We disbanded from the police station whereupon their lawyer said we need to settle this ASAP - he said he saw the papers and his conscience did not allow him to say this was not forged.

From then on things moved very fast - The dealer and the lawyer said they will call me before 5. They called, we spoke and then we settled - I wanted my money back. I saw the GM had almost broken down and could not speak properly.

I then heaved a sigh of relief and went ahead to the police station to thank the police for their prompt action.

Anyway no more Skoda for me for the rest of my life (they are yet to respond to my notices). I am going ahead and buying a Verna - I know it is not as good as Octavia /' Laura in build quality but I will have peace of mind

Thanks to everyone in Team BHP for their support and guidance!.

Warm regards
I have my money
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Old 19th January 2008, 10:38   #66
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Congrats bro! Glad to know you got your money back!!! Enjoy your verna!!!
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Old 19th January 2008, 10:52   #67
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Hi, Good that you have managed to get this monkey off your back. I think you should give this in papers. Skoda and TAFE need to be taught a lesson which they will never forget
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Old 19th January 2008, 11:36   #68
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I am so happy for you diffsoft. For my part , I have cautioned all my colleagues at work about TOFFEE dealership and skoda's intransigence.

Are you getting a diesel verna or a petrol one?


And by providence the TAFE guy called me just now to ask about if I was going to book the car( I had TD ed it before ) . I told him that the public is aware of the forgery accusations and they had to be taken to the police station and it has created a bad name for the company . Therefore I do not want to transact with TAFE.

Good bless TBHP

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Old 19th January 2008, 12:45   #69
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This HAS to go to the Press. Not everyone is a member of Team-BHP and hence be aware of what has happened. They have actually committed a criminal offense. One for forging the signature and two for being an accessory after the fact. They have got away scot free. Maybe the GM didn't know what was happening in his own company !!

They should have given you a car free of cost as damages.

I know how big the relief would be on getting your hard earned money back. Congratulations on your perseverance and your patience.

If you are very happy with the help from the police and if they have not demanded anything from you, you can give them some gift as a token of appreciation. If they don't accept it, you can write a letter to the Commissioner complementing the fine work done by the concerned police.
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Old 19th January 2008, 12:50   #70
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Thats great news diffsoft....Congrats.
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Old 19th January 2008, 13:02   #71
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Congratulations on getting your money back. It's no mean feat getting anything out of TAFE Access, and you certainly played your cards right.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the police helped you out. Perhaps it's a sign of good things to come. I agree with csentil. At the very least, some sweets should be distributed around the police station for a job well done. And definitely a letter to the Commissioner regarding the good job they did.

Regarding getting a response from Skoda, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to hear from them. Especially since this issue has now been settled.
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Old 19th January 2008, 13:15   #72
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diffsoft i am really surprised to see how logically and with a cool and calm head you took decisions. Never in one of your posts i saw 'extreme hatred' . . . but i am so shocked at skodas approch towards you. I understand a dealership trying hard to sell by whatever means (this does not mean i am taking the dealerships sides) but Skoda auto should realise its their name and reputation at stake. .. utterly disappointing and disgusting. i mean if the MD of the company does not respond to his customer who is crying and screaming. . . then i really hope that skoda bites dust at the earliest. I feel so sad to write this that one of my fav brands and car companies is behaving like abosolute 'cocks'. They deserve to fail.
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Old 19th January 2008, 13:44   #73
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Fantastic!! Nice to know that justice was finally done Diffsoft! Best of luck with the Verna purchase!
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Old 19th January 2008, 15:59   #74
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good end to the loong episode of tension and grief.welcome to the verna club and hope you have a good time with her.hey did you get any interest for the refund.
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Old 19th January 2008, 16:17   #75
Team-BHP Support
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Congrats on an excellent result. Am glad we could help !
I think you should close the loop and inform Skoda of the means needed to achieve the result. Would be a great story for the press.
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