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Old 25th December 2007, 23:48   #1
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Default Bmw India A Rip Off

It all started by us buying a new BMW 320d form BIRD AUTOMOTIVE, Gurgaon, Haryana car for 2990000 INR plus taxes and the invoice states year of manufacturing as April 2007 where as the price of this car brand new today is 2940000 INR and we found out that the year of mfr of our car is oct-2006.

Well overlooking this issue let me go further to say that 2 months after the purchase front suspension assy came off the body resulting in the front left wheel detaching from the car. This could have resulted in a fatal crash. Well after the dealer refused to tow the vehicle we somehow managed to get it into the dealer. Our driver recived minor injuries.After initial blaming game the car was inspected by some british guy heading BMW in gurgaon. After one of their demo vehicle faced the same problem with both front and rear suspension they decided to replace the complete front end. The front left tyre was also gone due to the accident yet they refused to replace asking us to buy the tyre for Rs 22000 each. We refused to pay and bought Yokohama tyres for 16000 for set of 4 tyres (same profile).

Subsiquently BMW decided to counter blame us to save their reputation and said we had changed the front head lights from regular to xenon (aftermarket).And now cancelled the warranty because we have changed the tyres on the car. Thereafter this incident the A/C compressor failed and the front passanger electric seat stopped. Airbag malfunction started resulting in total breakdown of the car. We decided to take the car through our insurance company and oddly enough they decided to bud inn and told them not to replace any part as there is a dispute.

This british guy heading BMW India in gurgaon thinks of Indians as puppets and thinks they can still dictate us as they please. I am so so fuerious with guy and the tone he took as if i had stolen this vehicle from them. Incidently many people started calling BIRD AUTOMOTIVE in gurgaon, haryana to know the story and they are told that the suspension malfunction happened because we changed the tyres. The car comes with Bridgestone 225/50 R16 RFT and we replaced them with the exact same profile but Yokohama due to the reason mentioned above.

The reason they give for cancelling warranty is that we have put in Xenon headlamps. Spending close to 93000 US$ on a car and treated like **** can only happen in India. The car is now standing at Deauch Moter in New Delhi and i have decided to abandon the car, as it is worthless piece of ****.

Mod's Note: While we empathize with your piquant situation please dont use words which not only are against the board rules but may also ruin your case in case if you intend to follow the legal route.

Also, please format your post and give proper breaks and punctuations in your sentences/paragraphs. We have formatted your post this once.
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This is getting fishier by the day. I dont understand his motive on going over all the forums typing the samething.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...on-320d-4.html (Paid 32 lakh and got a lemon (320d))
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Note from mod: Continue discussion in this thread, as the poster is the person who had to go through the experience
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invoice states year of manufacturing as April 2007 where as the price of this car brand new today is 2940000 INR and we found out that the year of mfr of our car is oct-2006.
how is this possible. BMW was not present in India in Oct 2006- unless you got an import that was being used as a demo/TD car.

if that is the case, and if you can prove it, BMW will be in serious trouble since they would be violating excise laws and import control laws as well.

but why would BMW do that.......??
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Old 28th December 2007, 12:41   #5
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And the 3-series is being assembled in India itself, so the chances should be low of that happening but you never know.
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if you found it it was a 2006 manufactured car why did you take it?
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IIRC, there was a complaint in TOI recently, by a guy who had bought a Maruti Alto in Jul 07 (i think), and he says the mfg date is mentioned as oct-2006!! Now I hear this story about the BMW, something is is fishy!!
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Dont lose hope,

Refer to these threads and Im sure you will be able to find a solution to your problem.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/owning...ctive-car.html (ARTICLE: What to do if you are stuck with a lemon (Defective car))

Keep us posted with the case and Im sure tbhp will be able to help and guide you with whatever you need.
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Can a dealer/company actually void the warranty on the basis of just changing the tyres? Also, if BMW is cancelled the warranty on the basis of playing with the electricals aren't they fully justified? Any manufacturer would do the same if you play with the electricals.

On the other hand, isn't the dealer also at fault by showing the car as Apr 2007 Made and selling an Old model? What would be the scenario if he's sued for fraud? Also, is it possible that the car was replaced at the dealer's end to an unsuspecting customer? Are the Chassis nos and other details the same?

Whoever's fault it is, someone's hard earned 29,00,000 INR are at stake even if the owner is bothered or not! I feel sorry for the way Money is treated....I am sure many of us on the forum and in this world, have not seen so much of money till date (including me).

Ah, the value of money...Ask the person who needs it...!
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Originally Posted by Sahil View Post
This is getting fishier by the day. I dont understand his motive on going over all the forums typing the samething.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...on-320d-4.html (Paid 32 lakh and got a lemon (320d))
sahil, this new thread is opened by the owner of the car.
The other older thread is already closed by mods. hope this clears.
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Caveat emptor.

I read this story or something similar in the papers some weeks back. No matter what, if what the owner claims is true, then this paints BMW in a poor light. On a positive note, if BMW is evasive, consumer courts are an option as various threads here will testify. I recently read a guy getting 3 lakhs for a corroded Santro.
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Old 28th December 2007, 14:08   #12
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ok, now we have the owner who has created this thread. this will atleast stop the assumptions that were being made in the other thread (which has been closed now).

Nick, can you please post some photos of the damaged vehicle?

Of what was understood earlier (based on the posts available earlier), the lights were changed, which caused the electrical problem (DUH!) and also the tires were changed to something which were not of the right specs and this caused the detachment of tire.
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Thats sad state of affiars, what does BMW think they can do what they like? And changing tires voiding warranty?

Its about time Lexus/Infinity step in then the Germans will be in serious trouble.

Last edited by BUSA : 28th December 2007 at 14:34.
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Old 28th December 2007, 14:47   #14
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go to mercedes-benz India with this case and see what they can do to help you out.

Also It's as easy as 1-2-3 to prove that suspension has nothing to do with electricals.

Also them refusing to give you a replacement for tyres strengthens your case as the crash has been registered by the insurance company showing the tyre was damaged.

Sue them for the price of the car and additional 10-20 lacs for losses of time and money and mental harassment and frustration.

Also take the case with some big publication like Times of India or Hindustan Times.

Contact BMW Germany.

Leave no stone unturned and you shall be granted justice.

were the xenon units you replaced branded?
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Old 28th December 2007, 16:26   #15
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If BMW can behave like this - there HAS to be a reason. They have too much at stake (reputation) to spoil their party in the very first year of their operations here. Having said that - the owner of the car would also not just raise a hue & cry for nothing. After having spent almost 30 Lacs on a fancy car - NO ONE - would like to just let it sit disused.

IMHO this tangle certainly merits intervention from the principals of BMW India or even the Indian Press.
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