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Originally Posted by Murugan View Post
1. The high beam is lower and if the low beam had been any lower the underside of my car would have had seriously bright illumination! Guess it needs to be adjusted later.
Did you check the headlight adjustment knob? Maybe it's set to max load. If you are alone in the car keep it at '0' or '1'.

Congrats! Saw a TD car on the roads today. Looks quite nice!
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Congrats Murugan. I am also looking for a Petrol one. Are there any petrol test drives vehicles in the showroom, when I enquired there were only diesel vehicles.

Please update how the car performs and follow the run-in periods. enjoy driving
One quick question: How is the steering response during cornering ?
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Originally Posted by Murugan View Post
With the delivery of my Dzire scheduled for 7th of April I could not resist the temptation to pull a fast one on my friends today - 1st of April, All Fools day!

Here is the SMS I sent to more than 250 of my friends using the 'send to list' feature:

"Our 3rd one is due shortly. The Expected Date of Delivery is 7th April 2008. Please pray for the safe, swift and speedy delivery of our new desire."

I had entered hints such as "swift," "desire."

However most, except five of them (they knew I was scouting for a new car) fell for it. While many of the replies were 'congrats', 'best wishes,' 'our prayers are with you' etc, some of the replies were downright hilarious! A few:

1. Congrats! Will pray for the well being of the mother and baby.
2. My wife is also pregnant; pray for us too.
3. Since the first two are males, pray that Divine Mahalakshmi is born this time.
4. The blessings of the Almighty should give you a baby girl this time.
5. Best Wishes, keep us updated on the delivery, baby's weight etc.
6. A third one after so many years? Man, you are ACTIVE!
7. Our 4th one is due. In case you are wondering about the 3rd - we are expecting twins! Pray for us too.
8. Are you storing the cord blood to harvest stem cells? (This one was from a very concerned hematologist)
9. At your age, you are really trying to prove a point are'nt you?
10. Please limit your desires or else the Ministry of Public Welfare/ Population Control will be at your doors!
11. Great news, but is it not the wrong day (1st of April) to break the news?
12. Today is 1st of April; so is the news of your 3rd child really true?
13. You keep surprising us. At this rate you will have enough kids for every Surgical Speciality!
14. --- and many more similar to the ones above!

Obviously in our country with its rapidly multiplying population the only thing that people equate with delivery is a child!

So how do I break the news on 7th April/ the day of delivery of my Dzire, if I can hold on till then? Still planning that SMS!
Here are a few more hilarious SMS replies that I got:

15. Which hospital is the delivery planned in?
16. Who is the obstetrician conducting the delivery?
17. Please write a book on 'How to father a child when you are over 40' I am sure it will be a big hit.
18. Where did you find the time and inclination (no pun intended) in your busy schedule and at this age? I am unable to.
19. We met your wife just a month ago and she was not pregnant; are you hiding 'somebody' from us?
20. Your wife had an abdominal ultrasound scan last month and she was definitely not pregnant. Are you having a mistress or what?!

Originally Posted by Mission_Safari View Post
Really good one.. So now you will have many of your friends calling you and inquiring about the new desire's well being
There were many who actually called me up (on 1st April) giving me an opportunity to take several of my friends and relatives on a good ride on Fool's day!

After the regular banter they would finally pop 'the' question and my reply was a rude shock to them!

Friend: So, where is the delivery? (as in which hospital)
Me: Popular Automobiles
Friend: (Unable to type all the expletives he angrily hurled at me!) You Fool! You have'nt changed one bit from college days have you? Grow up man

Friend: What are the first two? (as in boys or girls)
Me: Versa and Santro
Friend: (I thought I heard the phone drop to the floor before she started laughing out loudly!)

Friend: And how old are the first two? (as in sons)
Me: 5 and 4 years
Friend: No way. Are you joking? The elder fellow must be at least 14
Me: He is, but my cars are only 5 and 4 years old and this will be my 3rd car
Friend: (Deathly silence for a few seconds before he cut me off!)

Friend: When is the delivery?
Me: 6PM on 7th April
Friend: Oh, it's a caesarean; you've fixed up an auspicious time or what?
Me: What caesarean, I'm taking delivery of a car
Friend: (After a momentary startled silence she recovered to say) You got me there; touché!

Friend: So, the delivery is tomorrow?
Me: It was planned that way but tomorrow is a holiday because of Telugu New Year's day
Friend: What nonsense? Since when have hospitals shut down for holidays?
Me: What hospital? I'm talking about RTO registration to get delivery of my new car
Friend: Good one on Fool's day; I gotta go (he was obviously irritated at having been taken for a ride)

...and many more on these lines!

Originally Posted by condor View Post
@Murugan, that was good practical joke, on the right day. Hope you have saved these messages some where - they're enough to bring a smile any day.

So what's the announcement plan ? Take delivery & send a sms to all that "Baby arrived home today. Please come home & join us for this happy occasion"
Still there were several friends and relatives who were in the dark till the 'delivery' yesterday since they had not spoken to me. Finally yesterday after the 'delivery' I sent them the SMS below and got more than my share of abuses -

Our 3rd one was delivered today at 5.59PM! Thanks for your prayers. She is lanky, 5.2 (several mistook this as the weight in pounds - in reality, the on road cost of my car!), silky silver (mistaken for complexion obviously), energetic and a bundle of joy. Her name...(here they had to use the 'scroll down' button several times before they saw -> ) Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire Vxi!

Hope all of you had great fun on Fool's day too! cheers:

Here are a few pics!
Attached Thumbnails
Maruti Swift DZire - delivery on 7th April 2008 - some observations-3-days-govt-holidays-dzire-showroom.jpg  

Maruti Swift DZire - delivery on 7th April 2008 - some observations-dziredelivery-8th-mandatory-pooja.jpg  

Maruti Swift DZire - delivery on 7th April 2008 - some observations-numberplatesondzire-9th.jpg  

Maruti Swift DZire - delivery on 7th April 2008 - some observations-numberplatesondzirezoom-9th.jpg  

Maruti Swift DZire - delivery on 7th April 2008 - some observations-dzirepaint.jpg  

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hahaha looks like you really had fun congrats on the successful prank and delivery
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murugan congrats buddy ... the car in flesh doesnt look that bad !! post some side view (rear end) pics
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Congrats on your new DeZire. Post some pictures from the back, want to see how different it is compared to Swift!
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I cant stop saying this comment buddie.Have never read such an initial ownership report.very nice well written and humorous too.Nice pictures and nice choice of color.Hope you come out with a detailed report on drivablity,BRAKING-as many are anxious here on the same,handling etc.Take care of your 3rd one buddie,
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Congratulation, do share your experiences with the new car & pls post some pics of the side/rear.

Nice to read car's petrol engine feel.
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Latest news - Maruti dealers have stopped taking bookings on Swift Dzire diesel models.
Has also made a mandatory rule to buy accessories worth 40K.
Waiting period has been changed to 6 months for the guys who booked recently.
Dealers getting only 1 ZDI and ZXI per month.
No interest will be paid for 50K booking amount.

I was planning to book a Dzire ZDI and now getting angry over Maruti.

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Congrats, Murugan! Nice one you played there on your friends. Enjoy your new car, settle down nicely and give us a report.
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Congratz Murugan nice car and color.

The rough bit on the running board is to make it wash friendly, ie stubborn stains can be removed without worrying about scratches. Most of the new age cars have this, its a kind of plastic mix coating which does some sound deadening as well as running board protection.
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dont fall for the "Purchase accessories worth XX" ploy. Its ridiculous. I feel the best deals you get are when you walk away a few times as we tend to get caught up emotionally!. For example i'm buying an Optra Diesel LT shortly and you wont believe how long its taken me to get my mind around it...that too when i'm an employee of GM!(being very transparent here!)...so take your time. I"m sure maruti has thought the Dzire through and its agood car...but i think the waiting periods are ridiculous..also the boot could have been better designed.!!
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Originally Posted by PatienceWins View Post
I think they were trying to hide the car from you until the time it gets registered. Once it is registered in your name, you would not raise objections for small issues and ask for a replacement.
Well, I took the advice on this forum and requested a pre-registration drive around and the dealer offered it on the day of registration before sending the papers to the RTO. My untrained eyes and ears did not find any problem; I'd also taken along an 'expert' in cars and he also did not find anything wrong. May be they needed the time to rectify something?!? Really not sure about that because the car was in the showroom in Annanagar (atleast in the day time) during those 3 days and their service center is in another part of the city - saligramam -several kilometers away!
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Congrats Murugan !!

what is the scene in NCR regarding waiting period ?
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They probably were afraid that you might insist on a speedy delivery and they would not have any car left to display.

@DJAY: Whats that 40k man ? If true, its pure blackmail and should be reported to Maruti
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