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Default Got my Sweet machine (Cedia Sports). EDIT : Pics added on Page 2

I have taken delivery of my sweet machine (Cedia Sports) in warm silver color on Wednesday (26th March).

I have done about 800 kilometers in last 4 days, 300 in city and 450 on highways. I have always made sure that I keep below 2000RPM and change gears between 1500 - 2000 RPM.

Why Cedia?
This is the question most of the people asked me before booking the car and after taking delivery. Infact very few in my friends & relatives knew about this car, when I purchased it. I purchased this car mainly because
- My better half liked it flat in one go
- Many Team BHP's think good about this car (See link http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/sedans...ari-2-2-a.html (Advise Cedia Sports/ Safari 2.2))

Dealership Experience
I have purchased the car from Surekha motors in Hyderabad. Over all I would rate them 4/10.

Test Drives: I got a test drive after asking for it 2 times, but they did allow me to test drive twice on two dfferent vehicles. They give new vehicles for test drives. This has made me start the relationship on a rather negative note. I wouldn’t trust a dealer who gives test drives on new vehicles with Speedo disconnected. (4/10).

Show room & Facilities: The show room is very ill placed (location - next to railway station) and the facilities are below bare minimum. The show room do not have air-conditioning and on top of it there are no fans. On a normal day you would be sweating inside the show room. Also there is no parking for visitors vehicles (1/10)

Sales: First time in years I felt I am buying from a government organization. They never call you, to ask what you are thinking about the car. Its always you who call them to get information and check progress. To give an example, I tell the sales person that I will visit the showroom next day morning and give them the cheque for car. I need him to call me and give me number after final discount before end of day. Guess what! he never calls me back and I call him to get the final number after discount and prepare a cheque and go visit the show room. On top of it they do not know much about the CC, BHP etc of the car. Very poor sales experience. (4/10)

The only thing I liked about the whole thing is the sales person honestly suggested me when I am having a dilemma on the color of the car. (I will post that in a separate thread)

Delivery of vehicle
I got the vehicle with 32.5 kilometers on the ODO. They have driven it from where the trucks unload to the show room which is about 22 - 25 kilometers. The documents were proper when I reached the show room. I took the delivery @ 1:30 PM in the afternoon. I have taken the check list from TeamBHP and have taken about 2 hours of time to complete it. Sales were keen to know where I got the list from.

Found two problems:
1. The fuel lid has its spring missing (When u pull the lever next to driver the door doesn’t pop out, instead you have to manually flip it open)
2. Boot door doesn’t close easily (I need to be pushed hard to close)

Both the problems are written down and accepted by the dealer. They have promised to fix them on my first service.

Driving experience
With the fewer kilometers I have driven, I would say that the whole pleasure of owning this car is in its driving pleasure. Its very easy driving this car in City as well as on high way. I particularly liked

1. Lower turning radius
2. Smooth pick up (no jerks)
3. Excellent braking
4. Good view from drivers seat

Modifications so far
Till now I have changed the following
1. Changed the tyres to Yokohama S series 215/55 - 15
2. Changed the front speakers to JBL GTO 637 and rear JBL GTO 937 (I listen to radio 95% of times on low volumes)
3. Will go for Llumar AIR 75 (Windshield + 4 glasses) after getting the vehicle registered
4. Reverse parking sensors. Yet to decide on the brand.

Mileage figures
Till now I have got 3 tank fulls. First one was when I have taken the delivery of the car. All times I have filled from the same petrol station. I have filled Speed from BP and always late in the night (About 11PM). I run the car with AC all the time.
1. Done 260 kilometers of city driving and went for a fill. I have filled 24.5 liters which means that I have got appox 10.6 KMPL
2. Done 456 kilometers on high way and went for a fill. I have filled 30.30 liters which means that I have got appox 15 KMPL

Areas of improvement for Cedia
Following are few areas I would like to see improvement in Cedia
1. Placement of horn is ridiculous. Indian driving conditions need horn very frequently and on Cedia it is very oddly placed at the center of a big steering wheel
2. Foot rest near clutch: This is a bit big and at times I get my shoe edge along its length being obstructed by this one
3. Reverse parking sensors: Cedia has very few blind spots, but I find it difficult to judge the gap in tight spots due to its extended bumper in sports model. A simple sensor would be very handy.
4. Quite key less entry system: I have no problem with the system not making beeps each time the car is locked or unlocked. Added to this the fact that it does not have car finder option, it worries me if it makes any noise if there is any tampering with the car lock.
5. Engine immobilizer: This is a much needed system in many parts of the world and very much in India.
6. Rear seat folding: I am surprised to learn that the rear seat cannot be folded. I know it has a big boot, but a folding seat is welcome.
7. Tweeter grill: On the A pillar inside the car, place for tweeter is provided. But the panel on top of it completely closed with out any holes. So it if place a tweeter inside it I cannot hear any sound. Absolutely ridiculous.
8. Seat belt warning: There is no seat belt warning. Something I expected and missing
9. Climate control: This would be a nice to have feature in a car of D segment
10. HU controls on steering wheel

I would like to thank all my friends at TBHP who have helped me to wisely decide on the car and for sharing all their time & knowledge which has helped me in choosing the right accessories.

I will post the pictures tomorrow. Thanks for reading such a long post.

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I think warm silver Sports version is a first at TBHP .

The Cedia is loaded with features for the price we get. Automatic climatic control would/should have been OE. Which HU did you get with it?


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Congrats on ur Cedia ...... post some pics of ur new ride
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Congrats man.The Cedia is the most underrated car around. Seeing the increasing number of owners looks like it might be a sleeper hit after all. Enjoy your ride and please post some pics
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Great write up.Getting more confused between Corolla and Cedia!!!
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congrats mate! u've got ur hands on one of the best machines available in the C/D segment . have a safe drive and pics please
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Congrats man. Its a nice vehicle. Drive safe. Nice account of the dealership too.
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Wonderfull explanation of the buying expierience.I always loved the red cedia.Havent seen a silver one till date.Post the pictures buddie.We expect an initial review also.
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Congratulations on your new ride, Visu.

Regarding your comments on the engine immobilizer feature in the Cedia, I guess the feature already exists. This was told to me by my dealer in Bangalore. Though, I cannot bet on it.
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good- the Cedia finally- congratulations on the new buy!
the horn - i felt that it was a little inappropriatly placed- but the airbag is available there.
About the dealers- have had the same experience! so i think that is consistent throughout
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HI Vish,

Congrates man for the new ride. Enjoy ur car. I didnt knew that cedia sports come in warm silver. Do post few pictures here. Hmm dont think even civic/corolla comes with parking sensors as standard fitments. But at the same time i never had any trouble parking my cedia. The visibility is great all round.
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Congrats Visu
My experience with Mitsubishi dealer was almost the same in Bangalore.
I will join this club in a week with a my red cedia sports.
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I did a pre-registration inspection of my car yesterday and everything looked good including the electrical stuff. Will do it once again before the delivery. Thanks to TeamBHP for a nice writeup on the same.

By the way I did not check the fuel lid and trunk. Good points Visu.

Any of you have suggestion on the head lamp upgrade for cedia? I just need a brighter one. What rating fits well? Do I need to purchase additional relay?

I am going for Sunfilm with Llumar medium tint. (Getting it free from dealer)
Also tyre upgrade to Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 - 205/60 R15

I have taken few snaps during my visit. Here is one of them cheers:
Will post a detailed write up once I have the car in hand.
Attached Images
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I took a test drive yesterday and they got a new Cedia sports with the speedo turned off! Something common with Hindustan Morons!
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@SJ_Koova, I recently upgraded the stock headlights on my Cedia with more powerful philips Rally 100/90W bulbs. I had to upgrade the headlamp kit with a relay and it cost me a total of Rs 1800/- in total. I got the job done at the dealer during my 10,000 KM service.
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