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Old 21st April 2008, 14:10   #61
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Originally Posted by GTO - Touring View Post
Please keep us updated on this. If you do need any help from our end, just use the contact us form with your specific request.
Thats a terrific gesture.

@sunson..see everyone is behind you, now get the lawyers & send them the notice for all the attrocities that they have done to you.

Originally Posted by sunson View Post
Guys, if you remember - I had booked an SX4 from Bimal.
My advice to you would be to refuse taking delivery of that vehicle from the same dealer, if possible have it delivered from a different dealer or just refuse to take it or sign anything until this whole thing is resolved.
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Old 21st April 2008, 14:14   #62
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That is really scary. My office is at EGL. I take the Inner Ring road daily. I can understand what you have gone through and wish you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself. Unfortunately some things in India never seems to change.
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Old 21st April 2008, 14:27   #63
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@sunson -

about the blank cheque that you gave to the dealer, did you talk to a lawyer about putting a stop payment on that? And did you file a complaint against the dealer?

Apart from that, sorry to hear about your ordeal. Just another instance that makes me ashamed of our countrymen as these uncivilized things happen in our country only. I hope you get over the ordeal pretty soon.
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Old 21st April 2008, 14:32   #64
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I saw this SX4 in koramangala ring road at around 2:30pm and it was in a horrible condition. I have seen many accident vehicles but never of this kind guys. SX4 had broken alloys, front-side-back with heavy dents, open airbags and we thought that the driver would have been dead by now by seeing the scene even though it had airbags.

You are one of the luckiest guy to be alive.
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Old 21st April 2008, 14:49   #65
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1. did you sign any papers before the TD or after the TD? If not then you are not responsible for the loss of the car. Insured or not.

2. If the car behaved unexpectedly, sue the dealer for not maitaining the TD car in good condition and risking your life with that test drive. Threaten the same to Maruti ppl too.

3. Sue him for man handling you.

4. Sue him for forcing you to sign unauthorized papers and blank cheques.

5. Go to consumer safety cell or whatever it is called. Also contact a news channel and get the story live.

Do not in anyway sign anything or touch the dealership owner. That will weaken your case.

Best of luck and take care.
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Old 21st April 2008, 15:01   #66
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i pray to god this kind of accidents never happen with anyone.
indian public tend to do this kind of beatings. seeing at ur vehicle and the way it went and hit the autowala people landed up concluding that its your fault at the first place. on top of that he saw an IT professional that too in a big car. so everyone took a chance in beating you up. you should have pretended that u have also got a hard hit and u could have lied on the road pretending to be unconscious after having some blows from the public. forget about the nightmare now.
do one thing. go and contact the media and sue the dealer first. appoint a very good lawyer and try to show as if the dealers people misguided you while driving avout the EPS or the EPS was faulty.
secondly put a case on him for beating you and demand for compensation. also call up maruti or ask the media to show up what kind of dealers have maruti appointed. so maruti will fire the dealer themselves.
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Old 21st April 2008, 15:34   #67
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Hi Sunson. by now I am sure you are far relieved and at peace with so many advises and kind remarks of fellow bhpians here. Its really unfortunate thing that happend but worst was the behaviour and action of the dealer. Instead of helping you this guy went ot the extent of being uncivilised.

I would suggest to do what gemithomas has already suggested and netfreak seems to have suggested some edits as well. Rest assured whole of Bangalore TBHPians will be available when you need any assistance or advice.

Please, lodge a complaint ( FIR) with police at least NC mentioning about the cheque and documents you signed. It may not be easy to forget the incident but then, if dealer doesnt do anything further to harm you or trouble you, let it go. NC / FIR is just to shiled you against possible misuse of cheque and cheque bouncing case as well as stop pay instructions to the bank.

read post by Hellstar regarding unfortunate incident that he had been through. Seek solace in the fact that you met "ALI" and no life was lost.
Wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you forget this sad incident very soon.
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Old 21st April 2008, 15:37   #68
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Thats very sad, Indian public will never learn. The way they handle situations is unexplainable! no-one gains!

Mistakes happen and that's always the case! Accidents don't happen on their own!.. Cars don't go hit each other on their own!.. and insurance companies are well aware of that and its their job to cover this!

In this case, I'd definitely not blame the accident on the EPS!... EPS is not like an electronic steering we use for video games!... where there is no direct connection between the wheels and the steering. In an actual car the steering in actually connected to the wheels!!!!... so there is no way you can turn the wheels more than you turn the steering. The EPS system is just an assist, it will help you turn the steering with less effort but can't turn the steering on its own!.

I haven't driven much of SX4, but i can remember it have a quick steering (which turns the tyres more with same turns of the steering when compared to other cars). All cars are different in that respect, and one should be really careful while drive a car he's not used to.

Since everyone came out of the accident without serious injuries, it should be just fine!
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Old 21st April 2008, 15:47   #69
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Originally Posted by sunson View Post
Zoom! The damn car took an oblique turn and hit the Divider! I guess it hit and breached the bonnet that the airbags popped out. Panic and further panic. My mind just stopped working - instead of pressing the brake my instincts made me stiffen up and one of the unfortunate side-effects was that my right foot stiffened up too. I'm now not only hit but further accelerating the car with no visibility (due to the air bags) and a highly confused / startled mind.
I was under the impression that as soon as the airbag activates, the car is suppose to be stopped automatically. The airbag is activated because there was a terific impact by hitting an object. So, i would assume that it makes more sense to stop or cut the fuel to the engine or activate brake.. or anything tht would help in reducing the acceleration.
May be it is available in high end cars, not sure. If not, I think his would be more helpful right?
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Old 21st April 2008, 15:52   #70
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Take care about the legal aspects. Thank God that you are safe.
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Old 21st April 2008, 16:08   #71
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Hey Sunson, Sorry to hear about your accident. I guess you and the others involved are lucky to be alive after such a horrific crash.

About bimal, well if he has insurance from Sundaram, why does he need a blank chq from you? Why dont you engage a lawyer who will speak with Bimal to clarify the issues. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding of some sort. That said, its really unfortunate that Bimal beat you up! That is so not done.

Hope you get over this sordid episode soon. Also, this episode should serve as a wake up call for all folks testing new cars. Dont push the car, unless you know it. Also clarify with the dealer regarding the liability before the TD. Check insurance status.
Choose a location with light traffic and thoroughly check brakes, indicators, seat belts etc... prior to the TD. Lastly, take care of the car b'cos its still someone else's vehicle, not yours.
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Old 21st April 2008, 16:24   #72
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A lot of things you have said could happen to anybody. If I hit an auto I am likely to get beaten up. And there is a probability that there will be a good samaritan passing by. Some people may or may not survive the accident. All of these are natural course for events during an accident. Some legal, some illegal but most are expected when an accident happens. I appreciate your concern for the auto driver whose auto you hit inspite of all the beatings you got.

What is neither unexpected nor moral is the beating you got from the dealers. That is absolutely illegal and immoral. It is not a crime of passion, where the hitting is on the spur. It is premeditated and planned since it happened not on the scene of the accident but in the hospital.

For others: Do you people think its worthwhile for the TBHPians to will try and convince everyone we know to stay away from Bimal?

PS: I have a SX4 for about an year now and this time I drove a Pontiac for sometime in the US. Had no problems switching either ways. It could have been a specific car issue than a design issue.

Last edited by VBV : 21st April 2008 at 16:25. Reason: added a PS
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Old 21st April 2008, 16:33   #73
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Dude,go with some heavy duty bunch of friends and threaten the hell out of the dealer.
File a case against the dealer,complain to maruti.Physically he cant touch u.Get all of them arrested who even touched u with their fingers.
Stop payment on your check.
See them in the court.
If i was in your place i would make sure that all the people responsible for touching me see stars in the day and u should think this way as well.
Mob fury is uncontrolable and u cant really do anythin about it except scoot but a maruti dealer planning all this out and hitting a customer is way out of limits.
I would be and so would many of us be disappointed in you if u let this pass.
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Old 21st April 2008, 16:36   #74
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Why not Bangalore tbhp's meet Sunson and decide on future course of action? I know we all are busy with our work, but what if it happens to you tomorrow. If not for anything else lets try find a lawyer (A friend, a relative or anyone who knows a good lawyer in Bangalore). Are there no lawyers on the forum to guide Sunson?

I would be ready for helping out Sunson, whatever way its needed.
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Old 21st April 2008, 16:46   #75
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I strongly suggest you write to Maruti. They take this sort of thing very seriously, normally.
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