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Thumbs up Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)

After a long,long wait of more than a month and 12 days,I finally took the delivery of Palio 1.3 The Italian hatch back with a multijet heart today.
I had booked the vehicle from Concorde Motors, Bangalore on 27th April and was counting days because of high sales & some delay in shipment.
Concorde Motors where good in their service sales team (Sandeep) was also prompt and very helpful 5 stars to him nothing much to complain as I was updated with all information honestly.The vehicle was clean and looked like shining star and odo was showing 25km, though the vehicle was ready 2 days back was not able to bring it home.

Thanks to TBhp & jasspreet as I had used the checklist for PDI. Went to the yard of Concorde Motors to do a PDI with 3 of my friends. Many thanks to all my friends Especially Ani owner of Palio 1.9 D & brojo ex owner of Palio 1.2 sports now with swift Ldi with their motivation words for going for this beast by Palio only .
I can now say Yes indeed It is a Nice Deal and you guys are correct in your words about the make.

Thanks to Sandeep (sales team Concorde Motors) I had made him go mad, but sorry dear I was frustrated because of the delay.
Concorde Motors gave me the best deal I could even think of very low rate of Interest for 5 years on top of it freebies like :
Lumar "SUN BLOCKER FILMS", Mud flaps ,floor mats, dicky mat, idol and perfume.
Anyways I had negotiated very hard as I have other important things to put in the car.

Now a few words for the Black Beauty.

Looks: Extremely good looking overall the car gives you a big car feeling as said early by someone
I just love the Black Colour with Fiat Red logo in the Front and on all 4 Tyres.

Suspension/handling: Too good car runs on the road with the head high like a Beast on the road.You feel safe and solid which can’t be just said by words.
I find Palio to be stronger than swift. Bad roads of Bangalore will be of no more pain as when you are drive the car you feel that you are flying a carpet in the air it is so smooth for bad roads .The power is amazing with excellent braking & Engine noise is not much felt inside with all windows up & A/c is really good and cools the car quite fast. I would say it is a very nice car for Indian roads at this price. Just to update to you all the price as on today has been increased to 9, 6500 on ex showroom.

Space: Is more especially boot space compared to Swift, Indica, & Indigo CS. Even the seats have come out very good with good support all kind of height and weight.

Planning to go for a blaupunkt car audio (Kingston MP47) currently with 2- GTx 693, 3-way triaxial loud speaker system for the back along with 2-GTc 542 ,2-way component, for the front. Gurus, do you have any suggestion about this. Quoted price after some discount, with 4 speakers & Head-unit is approx 18k.

People I am not able to post the photos today as they are in my friend’s camera we have taken nice photos of the car with its multijet heart will upload them tomorrow.

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Congrats Farhan.I haven't seen Palio in black yet, but anticipate to be a stunning beauty. Enjoy the ride & update on with photographs & your driving experience soon.
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Congrats on the buy! :-)

Drive safe and buckle up.

A few (read:as much as possible - i hope your friends camera has many!) snaps would be great!
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Congrats! Pics please
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Congrats, may god bless you with lots and lots of kilometers with the beast.
Be nice to the beast in the run-in period.

Aur yeh kya?? Blaupunkt, any special reason?
Congrats again, I am happy for you mate!
Post some pics now.

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don't buy the blaipunkt from the dealership. its costs more there. these tata guys have some tieup with blaupunkt.
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Wel Jaspreet, We miss u alot here ,Wish you where here,I was so happy that you called in.Yaar I cant put high end system at this time already ended up payin 8,500 extra....I am sure to go for GTx 693 and GTc 542 component speakers,but not so sure about the head unit ....any idea dost which one to go for in low price.

Thanks a lot for all your warm wishes,I need to make it run here in Bangalore roads before I take it for a long drive of 1,900 Km to Calcutta,

We Miss you so much ... take care of your self and your car drive safe
and yes if I would had not got the car this time I would had gone with your words of going for Swift LDI.
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Farhan Congrats on the Italian Beast ! I saw a black Palio MJD yday must admit it looks awesome! as you mentioned the red logo does give a minor extra touch. How much did it cost you on road? Pics plz!
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Old 8th June 2008, 22:56   #9
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Congrats Farhan on your new Black Beauty Palio MJD!

Enjoy driving!
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Hi All,

Thanks a lot friends for your warm wishes,much appreciated.

@ karanraheja:The price of any car here is Bangalore is very high
because of the RTO,we dont have much option.

Palio 1.3 SDX comes with the following Price List

Ex-showroom: 4,80,807 but now + 9,500 k has been increased

RTO Tax: 52,890 k

Insurance: 15,164 k

Extended Warranty: 4,500 k

Handling Charges : 3,000 k

On Road old Price: 5,56,361 lac , New Price: 5,64,461

These prices are different from city to city so it will be less at your place
Hope this information helps you all.

@ nawabnabeel: I did not understand what you wanted to say

Blaupunkt car audio (Kingston MP47) Costs :14 k here in Bangalore
4 Speakers :2- GTx 693 2-GTc & 542 2-way component costs : 5,450 k
Total price :19,450 k after discount :18,000 k

Guys Help need if this is a Good Idea to go for ???
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How much ? Pics Please !! I love the new Stile's Looks.
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Congratulations Farhaan...! Very ood choice indeed. I have taken the TD of MJD sometime back and it is a fantastic vehicle to drive. If I was not waiting for Grand Punto, I would have been booked MJD by now. Enjoy the lovely drive and drive safe
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I don't want to hijack @jazzys thread but thought better than starting a new thread since it's the same car and colour too! So here goes my experience.
After a enduring a waiting period of 2 months...
I was asked by Concorde to come on Saturday for the delivery but since I had to go elsewhere and also not to hurry things by the late evening, I told them that I would pick up the car on Sunday.
So called up the executive by name syed today and said that I would be there by 11.30. I went around the said time and the showroom was almost deserted with a few staff. I was welcomed by the this guy and he goes off searching for things after I arrive and it took nearly 2 hrs for him to get the keys, manuals and insurance papers- this after having rechecked with them that everything was ready from their side!
Anyway since this being sunday I was ready to wait and he got the car washed and put the ribbons and took me to the car to explain things. Now, I should say that this guy was totally ignorant of the things about a car(This was apparent even during TD when he accompanied me). He is a new recruit but lacked even the common knowledge about cars . This he made up with his patience to listen and test things with me to see how they worked!
I saw three black and a red MJD there, all scheduled for delivery the same day. I was looking to see if I could make out other Palio booked BHPians there but didn't find out much.
Anyways the checkup revealed most things to be OK except that the driver side cabin light was not sensing doors being shut an open, have to get it rectified.
I took the tBHP checklist and he was surprised to see such a comprehensive checklist and requested me to let him make a copy of it for himself! Ofcourse I gladly obliged. He couldn't give the registration plate and 5ltrs fuel coupon as it was locked up somewhere.
With all looking squeaky clean and sound I thanked the dealer and gave a small present of chocolates.
I headed straight for the petrol bunk near forum and filled 10 ltrs of diesel. Well before I forget, I was anxious to get this new first car of mine safe to home because I have not driven a car for the last 3 years and that too my previous experience is with automatics. So, with difficulty and my eyes doing double the job I managed to get it home in the afternoon. I am not used to driving here and have so far used my bike in India, so changing gears with the clutch pedal to be fully pressed requirement was tough.
Here are a the things about the car-
1. Body looks and lines are excellent.
2. Handles very well and the engine is reasonably quiet.
3. The steering and seating is comfortable and brakes are good.
4. There is plenty of leg room and rear passenger space.
5. The A/C works efficiently.
6. The pick up a little sluggish starting from rest but quick once in the late 2nd to 3rd gear.
7. The vehicle appears to be sturdy and compact.

I got the car at the booking price itself and didn't get anything extra other than mudflaps, mats and perfume.
I am so forgetful that I stalled it thrice today only to notice that the handbrake is on. The sales guy didn't tell me much about the various fluids and battery since he didn't know but I just check them visually anyway and thought of going through the manual for that info.
I bought insurance from TATA-AIG and that was 15k. I am yet to get those papers.

Here are some pics of my car-
Attached Thumbnails
Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2455_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2456_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2457_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2458_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2459_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2460_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2461_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2462_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2463_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2465_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2464_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2466_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2467_1.jpg  

Finally Got The Black Beast Home (Palio1.3 MJD)-img_2468_1.jpg  

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@ Zak,

Congratulations mate for the car, I am so unhappy to see that you havehijack my thread .......haa haa ha wel just a joke no issues yaar.Now I am thinking should i post the pic or not,because you have already done the needful ???

Ok Now Lets Get Things Done .

1st: You are in a much better postion than I am........
Reason ,I ended up paying 8.5k extra....which you did not .

2nd: You on the other hand must had been too sweet with this
sales guy,should had done your homework before....
I did ended up paying extra but I got a very very nice deal from Tata
My loan interest is 10 % only which is good in the long run of paying EMI.

3rd: I did Got the Best of sales and the sale person(Sandeep)who's number I had given your early, he is smart and has full knowledge about the car from A-Z.

4th: I was also given Registration plate with the number and 5ltrs fuel coupon .

5th: I am happy ....hehe eheh

Now as to why these things were not given is because, the guy is too smart to play with his tricks,and why did you allow them to use water in a new car???? Zak I made them put 3mm on the car + car was well polished .

Now If u dont mind I think i did see you but not sure .......
The looks of the person was so pissed off with the service which we all could make out the car which he was taking was full of dusts on it
and was being cleaned by water,not sure if It was your car. When I had a word with the sandeep he said that sunday being a non working day we do not do delivery untill we are forced to.....he also said when asked why is that car so dirty (about the car which was being washed) he said the cars were in the parking yard where some renovation work was going on last night because of which the cars are dirty....but he also said IF the customer wants we can re-polish the car.......

Now We all are here in team BHP to help each other !!!

1st : You call up sandeep and tell him this is what has happened and the car was dirty....also tell him You want the 3mm paint to be done,he ll send some1 to pick up the car and do all the needful,because I head him talking to the 3rd customer whos car was there ,may be he did not took the car.

2nd: Demand for the Registration plate with the Number written and 5ltrs fuel coupon ....this is what every one gets so why should be left out dear.

3rd:Get all your paper works ,because I got them all

4th: You will be getting 2 calls 1 from Fiat-India and the other
from Tata :give them a poor rating and show them how unhappy you are

I am 100 % sure if you have a word with sandeep he will take care
of these issues.Trust me ,ooh by the way my car ll be picked up tomorrow to get the Lumar "SUN BLOCKER FILMS",back to the show room & also I am fitting an Palio sports antena......
Rs 350 extra

Now can I see a smile on your face because the best part is that
the Beast is in your home.....enjoy the ride and play safe....


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@jazzy_2cool, thanks man yes this machine looks quite handsome.

As I said my delivery executive was a little dumb about cars.

Well I don't think the car was that dusty and he was cleaning the other cars too with water. what's wrong with cleaning with water?

Yeah, I would like to get that 3M polish done if they can do it . Were you wearing a blue jacket of some sort? because I saw there were a group of three people checking out their black MJD, maybe I should have stopped and said hi.
Yeah you still have got a nice deal on finance as I got it at 11.5%.
That Sandeep is a really helpful person, I had talked to him the other day and mentioned that you gave me his ref. Well, I am going to take that free 5ltr coupon and registration plates sometime this week.
I had thought of going for alloys immediately but the tyres look good to ride on and since it's buyback price is very cheap I have decided to run the car with the stock tyres for some time and go for alloys later. That way I can also make out the difference with alloys.
There was one MJD fitted with 13" fiat alloys which I found cost 24k/5pcs, but, I didn't like its design much.
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