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i stand corrected as far as price is concerned, it is around 30-50k approx.

yes, i have driven both swift ddis and getz crdi (i was lucky to drive one at hans hyundai, delhi) and both these cars do have the better overall feel good factor which the vista still lacks.
no, i am not a fan of the indica (that was the car i used to hate most) but again i said that this was what I felt during the TD, different people have different point of view.

getz diesel has 110bhp, but where in delhi will yo find roads to use all that power? it is also horribly overpriced.

swift diesel may be a better car, but its body lacks that solid feel which the getz and vista have.

i did test-drive from the Indica's customer point of view, one of a value based middle class avarage indian who buys a diesel car for its all round package, price-to-size ratio keeping in mind.
from this perspective, the vista (at least on paper and initially test-driving it wins hands down.)

this talks about how much Tata motors has burned the midnight oil in IMPROVING and redesigniing the Indica from a company that is run fully indigeniously and just started manufacturing pasenger cars only a decade ago.
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Nice review, Sidindica! Looks like TATA got a lot of things down pat. Good going, TATA!
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Really good writeup , some signs of improvement from TATA , that's just superb to say the least.
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rajneeesh : Phamilyman, the car does not weigh 1270 Kg. Please check the specs .
@Rajneesh, PM is not (entirely) wrong. The Vista's web-site says 1270. But the brochure says 1140.
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Thanks Sid for the review. Please tell me more about the dashboard plastics... are they as good as Swift atleast?
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Sid - great review. Thank you very much. Good to see that TATAs have revved up the quality.

Indica Vista looks like a very reasonable alternative to Swift. The ~40K price difference is an icing on the cake. Not to mention - you don't have to wait 6 months to get one and probably it wont rattle as bad.

Lack of ABS/Airbags may keep some discerning buyers away. If i were a prospective buyer of this car, i would probably wait a few months till they make it available. However i wont say TATA got it wrong - as probably their priority was to launch the car asap - and the sales of ABS/Airbags equipped top end might be relatively small.
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What will be the future of the Palio Diesel?
I am little bit worried now as I have already booked Palio Diesel SDX and now waiting for the delivery.
Experts, Any comments on this situation ?
It could bring down Palio or Palio is still a better buy ?
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Default Saw This in Flesh

Saw the Aura model in flesh yesterday at Prerana when I'd gone to pick up some warranty documents. In fact it just arrived & they soon started cleaning it, sorry couldn't take any pics as I wasn't carrying my cam. So here are the observations.
  1. Fit & finish inside has improved by leaps & bounds. The AC vents etc had a very Swift like feel to it. Not like the usual TATA quality & moved & closed really well.
  2. Center console although has a good spread, with the speedo taking up most of it, wasn't even tilted towards the driver, that I think isn't very comfortable to check it out easily.
  3. Although I didn't sit inside, the Driver seat seemd to be lacking of any under thigh support. To explain this point further, the Driver's seat (both front seats in fact) is exactly like that of the Safari with the base of the seat being totally horizontal & absolutely no incline towards the front part of the legs. Although this arrangement suits perfectly fine for a vehicle like Safari due to the high seating position, in a small car like an Indica or any other hatch, since we sit so low, I'd prefer the seat to be slightly inclined. Thus supporting my legs properly to avoid any fatigue.
  4. Rear seat back rest also seemed too vertical to my liking. I would prefer a rear seat back rest to be a little more inclined for more comfort, especially for long journeys.
  5. Door handles are exactly like those on my Palio SDX, however the door closing has more of a 'Clunk' sound to it than the 'Thud' of my Stile.
Overall the car has improved a lot & TATA should be given credit for that. The engine sounded a bit louder than my Palio's, although it was the exact same engine in there too, However that I think can be excused since it was a very new car & the engine still has to settle in.

Not too sure about the sound insulation either, I could be wrong here but this is what I observed: After we checked out the car the driver from Prerana came over to take the car for a wash, as soon as he started the car, the music system came on (which may have been left on after their drive till the showroom) could be heard real loud & clear even outside the car, this despite all the windows being rolled up.

All in all, I'm happy with my week old SDX (which has now completed 600 Kms on the ODO) & don't repent not waiting for the Indica Vista.

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Very good review. The car looks tempting.

Mods: Can we make the correction in Sids first post about the price difference between the Indica and Swift. There are chances that people might overlook his subsequent mention of the correct figures.
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Default Good review

Good review sidindica. I've been waiting for a long time for changing my car and was sorely disappointed with Maruti because of their waiting periods. Now may be there is a chance to change... Hope Tata's Service improves also as this vista has their build quality....

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Hey Sid, great review.
But I have request for you, Can you elaborate on the point "Feel good factor", that you mentioned about Vista and Swift/Getz. Can you be more specific, is it ergonomics, plastic quality, refinement or even the inside air smell etc.
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Duplicate thread!! We already have a thread for the brochure, and another from someone (actually both the threads are from SidIndica) who has done a TD!!
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Yup ! But did team-bhp know about the website of Tata Indica Vista located at Indica Vista ?
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That was a very good review Sidindica !! Good to see Tata improving its overall quality. I would like to ask the same question as fiat_fan: what will happen to Palio MJD now since price difference between MJD and Vista aint that much.
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. can we expect an indigo cs based on this . that will be terrific sedan.
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