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Autocar India is coming out with Vista review in next edition. Hope they review all variants rather than just the quadrajet.

Giving out Quadrajet only for TD is only to kill Swift sales and lock-in on current waiting/prospective buyers by showcasing the best product from the folio.
Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
seems so, but they claim the gearbox has had some improvements
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Just booked Aura quadrajet. expected delivery time 3 weeks

On road with extended warranty 5.74

No freebies at all. not even mats and mudflaps.

Concorde claimed that they have booked 80 quadrajets since 23 rd to 31 st Aug.
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I am waiting for a buy Back scheme for Tata Indica to buy a new one . Which should come in 6 months
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I had a look at the Indica Vista quadrajet, though I didn't take a test drive. I don't want to discuss the good points since they have already been discussed.

The sheet metal thickness is less compared to the Indica. The fenders are as good as the older Indica and can take some abuse.

If you look at Vista's wiring inside the engine bay, it is surprisingly similar to that of Indica. I thought that they would have revamped this. I sold my Indica after 5 years due to severe electrical issues.

For a car nearly 4 m in length, the boot space behind is nothing great to write about, though the rear seats have decent leg space.

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Old 1st September 2008, 11:37   #290
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Originally Posted by 5kmiles View Post
Nopes. But it is new gearbox from Tata. Hope, they would have picked up some tech from their tech JVs.

Indica Vista

This is really getting confusing for me now. Cannot lay my hands on Petrol one for TD, and w/o TD one can never be sure of how lagging this one will be for power.

specs shown for TDi in CnB on NDTV says that it has C510 fiat gearbox .
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Hi CtrlAltDel,

> no one can accuse Indica and its cousins of bad ride, .

Slightly off topic here, but still:

The 13 inch tyred Indicas are better off than the bigger tyred Indigos and Marinas in the slow speed ride part of it.
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Old 1st September 2008, 12:39   #292
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I am an indica user for the last 3 years and done more than 65K in all sorts of roads and this is my take on the new vista.

1. Engine - the common rail Quadra-jet is a big improvement, something that you wanted but was did not want to buy a fiat or a Maruthi.
2. Plastics - improved, but still not best in class
3. Headlights - (not talking about the looks) there is now more side reach for the headlights and cornering in the dark is more confident, especially now in the rainy season
4. lumbar support (only in the top end) but you still can get it if you can afford.
5. Gearbox - big improvement.
6. Grip type handle

No change:
1. Boot space: A mere 20 lts is no change at all!
2. Driving position: even though height can be adjusted there is still lack of support for the thigh that makes city driving a pain after about half an hour
3. Road view and side view: the same
4. mirrors - slightly different in shape but still does the job well
5. lag space - not much improvement here
6. Interior spacing - no noticeable difference
7. Steering wheel - feels the same (slightly lighter than the old one, but this is a natural improvement and not a differentiating one)

The downside: (Major no-gos)
1. If you are 6 feet tall then you have a very tough time in the rear seat. Due to the new design of the rear side of the car you will hit the roof even on a small road hump. You can feel the top if you stretch and sit in the rear seat. (this is not the case in my old car)
2. No thigh support - Again for a tall (6 feet is not very tall, but quite tall comparatively) person when you adjust the reach of the steering for a comfortable grip the leg reach is too short and you will have to bend you keens to a such a extend that the tight is no longer supported. This is a painful in the stop-and-go traffic when all the three pedals need you attention. The height adjustment does not help, as the reach adjustment is not available (this is beautifully solved in the Fabia)
3. The music system looks fragile and the sound is not soo good. Needs a replacement (more cost)
4. No ABS for a car that sprints at the touch of the pedal.
5. No improvements in the wiper, hard on rainy days
6. Lack of support of the arms (atleast for the driver)
7. Internal defogger vents do not cover the complete windshield area and hence it takes longer to clear the mist, again bad on rainy days (its better in my old car).

The downside: (minor)
1. Maps lamps not good
2. rear seat comfort of the 5th person in the middle not good
3. Lack of cup holder/arm rest in the rear seat
4. Front map pocket does not have bottler holder, available in most cars and very useful

More reviews after a couple of test drives.

Till next time, keep the faith!
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I have used three different Indica's in the last 5 years (First and Third one still in the family) and have logged about 100k kms on these. I was very eager to get my hands on the vista (quadrajet) and managed to TD the car for a short drive on Sunday.

Some quick observations:
  1. It definitely feels bigger than the current car - the 70mm wheelbase increase goes a long way in achieving this feeling.
  2. Plastics and interior fit & finish are much better than the current car but could have been better.
  3. The boot is still tiny (thank god for the 60/40 split fold option)
  4. Engine and NVH - super job
  5. Doors don't feel as solid as a Palio - but much better thunk than the current model.
  6. Fuel gauge is too large - this has been done to achieve symmetry with the tacho - but ends up looking a bit awkward.
  7. Ride comfort is awesome - it beats the solid feeling that I have been enjoying in my Palio currently. Gas-filed shocks and 70mm increase in wheelbase alongwith the use of sub-frames has made a world of difference.
  8. Rear seat comfort is fantastic - even for tall blokes (I'm 6'2" and sat behind for half the test drive)
  9. The height adjustment on the seat and the rake adjust on the steering have a fair bit of travel - thus making it easier to find the right driving position.
  10. Personally - I did not like the blue in the console. I think blue irritates during night drives - personal experience of the HVAC switch light on my Indica DLG!
  11. Music system felt barely adequate - audiophiles definitely need an upgrade.
  12. The brakes feel more confidence inspiring than the current car - ABS should have been an option from day one considering the much improved pick-up and top speed.
I have requested a long TD and will update my views after this.
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Originally Posted by rkg View Post
Just booked Aura quadrajet. expected delivery time 3 weeks

On road with extended warranty 5.74

No freebies at all. not even mats and mudflaps.

Concorde claimed that they have booked 80 quadrajets since 23 rd to 31 st Aug.
Congrats dear, hope you get it at the earliest.
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errr....i had posted this query recently in the "Ask the Guru" (ICE) forum...can anyone come up with suggestions?

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I'd suggest comps in front, but for the rear, get an MDF tray and 6x9's - way more thump

you are getting comps for the front right , then i suppose you can fit the tweeters in the dash location if you want.

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Default Autocar's Quadrajet Aura Verdict

Everything below is straight from Aitocar. All reviewers stand vindicated on this forum. Do send me specific questions but this is a WINNER all the way.

Just happened to skip to next page and there was scorpio Automatic review. FRONT and REAR space exceeds SCORPIO except for height, of course.

Following is from magazine: (i am tempted to buy Petrol)
Comfort: 9/10
Safety: 6/10 (for no ABS/Airbags)
Performance: 7/10
Ride: 9/10
Refinement: 8/10
Handling: 7/10
Value: 9/10
Build Quality: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

0-60 - 7.48sec
0-100-16.36 secs (one place it says 18)
beats Swift in in-gear acc numbers

13.6kpl/16.7kpl (penalised by short gearin that aids in city driving). Close to swift, considering the weight and short gearing ratio/higher torque at low RPMs.
80-0 stopping time- 3 seconds, distance: 33.93m

0-100: 18.36 (slower than Getz 1.1 but plenty of performance in-gear due to VVT). Not as anaemic as Stile 1.1
40-100: 24.48
65bhp is just about enough for car this weight
(note that this review was done before pricing was announced and it put price of Safire at 4.4L and Quadra at 5.1L, that makes Petrol even better VFM)

Overall Comments from Autocar
Takes a big leap forward to challenge the class best.
A TATA hatch you'll want rather than settle for
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Exterior: First look and it looks big but not unpropotionate from any angle. Palio standing next to Vista looked smaller, actually seemed a car from a segment below. Overall build is good, shut lines are at par with competion. Door opening/closing gives you a premium feel. Door opens with a very less effort, hence someone felt that they are light, but they are not, they close with thud and assurance.
When i opened the door...
I just opened the lock from inside and automatically it slided out.
It's actually helping me in opening the door :-)

I was trying to hear the thud sound while closing the doors. I heard that sound but i have to close it hard (not in a gentle manner as we do in premium cars)

And it the doors really felt weight less even the dicky door felt weight less.
When asked to a saleseman he replied back with Indica Vista body is of 1.1 MM metal and for Palio its 1.9/1.8 MM Metal.
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Posting this Review on behalf of my bro as he cant post yet (newbie) his id is tarunmadhok

" I had also been to the SR today and had got a chance to TD a Quadra. 1st looks were excellent. It looked so big from out side (from front, looked much bigger then the old indica) I think due to its head lights design and shape. I agree with others who had written about vista in the past that the center metering is not that bad. It was clear from the driver’s seat. Before taking off, I wanted to hear the sound of the engine, so i started the engine. it was very much smooth. Even when all 4 windows (glasses) were down the engine sound was very minimal (good work Fiat).

Gear shift was smooth. it was soooo big and roomy inside also. Nice quality of plastic (could be improved a bit more). I asked the sales guy ( just to test him) "why has the metering been brought to the center" now this is funny. he replied so the persons who are sitting in the back seats could also see at what speed the car is moving. Next thing i asked was the gear box is from fiat and he replied that the gear box has not been made by fiat and was made by Tata's itself (anyone can put some more light on this?).

I asked about Safire engine and gear box and he replied that safire Petrol engine was not from fiat but was a Tata produced and so was the gear box (can anyone share his views on this ?).

Well over all the car handling and feel was too good. at one time i did not feel that i was driving a Tata product. I would rate it 8 out of 10."

Ps.This TD was taken in Chandigarh

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To answer a few of your questions:
1) The gear box in the Quadrajet and the Safire is from Fiat.
2) The Safire engine is again from Fiat.

Most dealer sales person have very limited knowledge and are semi- literate as far as automobiles are concerned. They mostly do not drive cars themselves and they are not well trained by the dealerships or the companies either. Very few join dealerships because they are car buffs ( dealerships do not pay very well).
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