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Default Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested

Dubai: I reached Dubai from Muscat at 8.30pm on Thursday October 30th. My uncle came to pick me up at Airport & went to his house. It was an official trip only for two & a half days. On the next day I was fully involved into what I came for. By 6.30pm Thank God that I could complete the job by evening, otherwise the next was Friday, holiday there. So I wanted to relax after a tiring day. My aunty told uncle that we can go for an weekend outing so that Iíll rejoice. They are not aware that my enjoyment is a part away from theirs like dinner, roaming around in shopping malls, sight seeing, etc. But what to do I must adjust for my family, more over my partner & host. So I let the day end-up like that.

The next day is Friday, till noon itís the gloomiest day for middle-east. But I woke much earlier than them at 8.30am & thought that will do some tele-talks. As Iím in Dubai there are lot of relatives & cousins other than friends here, and all of them wanted me to join either for lunch or dinner, etc. Treating me is also a part of their gratitude towards my Dad & uncle, so I canít deny the invitations, so agreed to meet all those I can with in a dayís time. But I set the dinnerís time a part for one my best friends Shabeer, because we share the same passion Ė automobiles.

Mr. Shabeer A Kader, was one of the chief of vehicle keeping department of HH Sheik Zayed, past President of UAE. Now he is doing many businesses in here & in India. His main stream of business is Majestic rent-a-cars having more than 60 premium cars like Mercs, BMWs, Audis, Lambos, Range Rovers, etc. At personally use two real exotics, a 2007 white Mercedes Benz G55 AMG & a 2006 Black BMW M5. Now he has also bought a new black X6 (5.0L twin turbo V8). He had used many vehicles in the past, even another G55, but again bought this one as he find it the best one for both performance & status. His earlier G55 was there in for the last Arab Run along with his Gallardo & Range Rover HSE.

We decided to meet for dinner. I was with my cousin & her hubby at that time who dropped me near Lamcy Plaza from were Shabeer came to pick me in his G55. As I had a tight tummy after a lot of treats we decided to have a very light dinner & share more time on our talk & debates on our passion. His brother Shafeeq who was also in Presidentís vehicle keeping, also joined us along with his friend in his M5. We four went to some quite place to have some Lebanese burgers. We shared a lot on autos & both of the brothers have a sharp knowledge in autos because of their practical knowledge of using many exotic.

After dinner Shabeer came to drop me, that was one hell of a drive. It was around 12am, when we got a clean stretch he just peddled the G55, it was really blasting with power & torque. As the sun-roof was partly open, I could hear the blast from the exhaust. I was thrilled even sitting in the passenger seats, but was very sad for not being in the driverís seat. I didnít ask him to be there too as I was not having the IDL & it was very strict there. Weíve anyway planned to meet next day to take some snap of both the cars & I forgot to take the camera. He dropped me & went.

I want to leave Dubai this afternoon, so done my packing & was a bit sad for not having any exciting drives in this trip, even though driven the BMW 320i convertible & Mazda CX9 from Muscat (will post the test report soon). But Iíve no guess that a some happy moments are hidden in this day. As decided my uncle dropped me at Shabeerís office, but we were late as he changed on lane due to the misshaped traffic due to the upcoming Dubai Metro. When I reached his office Shafeeq has already left with the M5 due to some urgent job. Then I put my bags in the G55 & we left his office. I wanted to go to Al-Qusis as the lunch is at my another cousinís house. So Shabeer told me that we can have a shoot from that area where there are some comparatively vacant roads.

On the way we went to Gargash Enterprises, the dealers of Merc in Dubai. Shabeer has got a good relation with the dealership & his friend whos is from Kerala Raashid was there to assist us. We took the service behind the showroom where the service center is so that weíll get the parking. The first sight entering the showroom was a American Spec GL500 with bigger grille & star. It looks massive with that. Then saw the new GLK, entered in it. It looked like a baby SUV, but very cute & spacious than what it look. I also entered the new SL, R, etc. There was a SLR Roadster on display, but it was locked. There was a lot of AMGs at the back of showroom for delivery, like the S65, S63, SL63, C63, E63, etc.

The most exciting moment I had at Gargash was the opportunity to start the S65 AMG. A white S65 with cashmiere beige interior, 20Ē alloys, etc. was ordered by Raashid for his client. He gave me the key & I started it, I kept the engine ideal for a while & when the engine is felt calm I gassed it, oh my God, wow, what a throttle. I could feel its power just by paddling it. I would have got a chance to drive it, but it was kept behind two S63s & it was lunch break, so the showroom drivers went for lunch. More over for me the count-down begin for the flight. So we left there with a hope to have some drives next time & collect a bunch of latest brochures.

When we reached Al-Qusis, Shabeer told me that we can go a little a head from my cousinís area to get a clean stretch. When I reached there he asked me a question ĎDonít you want to drive?í I was really thrilled & jumped into the driverís seats. Then I realized about not having IDL, but when I asked him about it, he answered Ďas long as I trust U that you wonít make any mistake, donít worry about the licenseí. And it was a service road.

I selected the drive mode & immediately pedaled it so that I wanted to have the first experience a memorable one. Massive 700NM toque from the AMG tuned 5.5L V8 was so high that I felt I was grasping from behind by some one. It reached to a speed of 120kph as immediately as I felt it in between 6-7 seconds. At the end of the stretch I took a U-turn & again powered it & it had slight skidding, but the ESP worked so fast that it cut of my enjoyment of burning the rubber. Again I had a turn from a point where there was desert sand on the road & really enjoyed that wheels. I also enjoyed the 500hp power too on a clean straight stretch. I didnít exceed the speed above 120kph as I didnít want a Shabeer to spend some Dirham on his RC renewal. The AMG V8 was really roaring & I enjoyed it a lot.

Itís the latest avatar of my regular drive, but the G55 & my 300GD was in two worlds on performance & interiors. But both of them had the feel that itís build to last. We also get a same feedback from both the car that ĎIíll take you safely at any were I caní. Till day I driven the G55 I called the G-class as the best off-roader in the world rather than a SUV. But soon after I put my leg on the gas I re-verdict it as one of the best ĎSports Utility Vehicleí in the world. [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Till day I tested the G55, it was GL420 CDI & Porsche Cayenne which stuck-up in my mind to be the best full-size SUVs. But I give the G55 one more place a head to place it just above both of these. It is very powerful, safe, even though hard suspension its comfortable too. While I drive the G it feel as if Iím ruling the road, no matter itís the latest tuned version or pure mechanical version.

The essence of any G is the capability to go anywhere & Merc has always maintained that even if they have upgraded the G with any sought of electronics. Unlike my 300GD, there is no separate gear lever for the 4WD, but three switches on above the a/c vent in the central console. The steering wheels & the equipments are just like in the W211 E-class. And G-class is always upgraded with the latest E-class trims.

One thing for sure, after trying several SUVs, Shabeer has finalized that he will always keep a G-class as his personal vehicle. He also has got a million worth regn no for it Ď5555í.

So after a few snaps, he dropped me at my cousinís flat. I actually didnít wanted the biryani for my satisfaction as my heart is already filled with joy. But I had to have it for my stomach! I caught my return flight with a lot of gladness Ė driven the G55, started the S65 and done all job entrusted by Dad.

I donít have to thank Shabeer for it as very a very good friend who each other very well, but I wanted to spread my gladness hence Iím posting one his photo, forgive me buddy if you didnít like it. I thank Almighty for all the gladness.

Attach: Photos of the G55 & a video clipping of my drive to hear the roaring sound of that AMG V8.
3000km in 300GD: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...s-g-wagen.html (Delhi to Calicut - 3000km in Mercedes G-wagen)

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Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8686.jpg  

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Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8693.jpg  

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Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8696.jpg  

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8634.jpg  

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8639.jpg  

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8645.jpg  

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8655.jpg  

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG - Tested-img_8699.jpg  

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Thanks for sharing hanmust, very nice review and pictures. The g55 amg is one of my dream suvs along with the TLC and x5. The dual exhausts on the side are beautiful.
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