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Default Alto - My Dream Comes True

Maruti Suzuki Alto LXi Artic White

I am starting a new thread because I am buying my own car which has been my dream for a long long time. I have spent considerable amount of time, energy and money for this moment. Tomorrow I am going to Spectra Motors (Borivali) with my family to collect my car.

I thank you all for giving me so much of guidance and suggestions on all the decisions that I have taken.

Actually I want to script everything I do with my car right from Day -1 (The day before buying the car) to the subsequent events that take place with it. I am very excited about it and I thought it would be nice if I share my experience with all of you. Do share what you feel about it.

Some of you might feel bored to go through the long post; hence I have given it topic wise.

Dreamz Unlimited:
My dream started off when I first sat in the school bus. It caught my fascination and I would always insist on sitting with the driver right in the front. Even though it would be hot but still the action of the driver with the steering wheel and the gear would enthrall me to extreme heights.

Everyday I would go home after school, turn the centre table(made of wood) onto its side, put some pillows in it(to sit), stash my bat(for the gear) and a couple of rulers (glued to each other at 90 degrees) and rubber-band joining them at the ends to resemble a steering (looked square, but felt like leather).Hehehe

Used to discuss cars with my friends, but never understood when they uttered Porsche or Lamborghini. I though they were just showing off and mentioning names of some space shuttles.
My dream car at that time was the Ambassador since when I used to go to Kolkata, the whole family (somewhere near about 7 members) used to fit in one Taxi, never spent a paisa on another Taxi.

Fast forward to the present (October 2008)

I started my research somewhere in the first week of October 2008. I had an initial budget of 4 lacs. My obvious choices at that time were
  • WagonR
  • Zen Estillo
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Hyundai Santro
  • A Star (Although not launched at that time)
  • Tata Indica
  • Fiat Palio Stille
Note that I had even though about the Alto since I thought it would be a small car for me.

I started with the elimination strategy, eliminating cars as per my dislikes and others opinion. Some of the reasons might be irrational or illogical but I like to go with my instincts.
The first car to go was the Hyundai Santro, since I did not like the interiors. Hyundai has not changed its interiors from the time of its launch.
Next to go was the Chevrolet Spark. The reason being there was news at time of GM going bankrupt, and I was afraid that the Spark might have the same fate as the Matiz.
Next on the line was Tata Indica. The major deterrent factor was the Taxi image.
I have heard of the bad A.S.S of the Fiat cars, infact a close colleague of mine has a Palio and he struggles with the A.S.S, so I wrote it off from my list.
Zen Estillo gave me a girly feeling, so even that was eliminated.
By this time the A-Star was launched, I had a look at it and felt the rear seats were really bad; it looked very small as compared to the WagonR.

So.the only car left on my list was the WagonR. Now the choice was between the different versions of the WagonR. In fact I had posted a query here asking for opinions. One person suggested that I should go for the Lxi and fit accessories as per my requirements. I though it was a good Idea.

Then my brother comes into the picture and he says as to why I am not looking at the Alto. He suggested that since Alto was a good car, I should not have eliminated it so early. I started research on the Alto and found out that not only it is 40000 cheaper that the WagonR Lxi but also more fuel efficient. In a matter of 2 days I fixed Alto as my choice. By this time, I had already completed 2 months of research (Dec 08)

In Mumbai there were quite a lot of options. I first went to Spectra Motors Borivali since it is the closest to my residence. I was not impressed with the Sales Person but nevertheless I was happy with the experience. The other dealers I went to were
  • Vitesse (Worli)
  • Sai Service (Andheri)
  • Fort Point (Thane)
Final Deal
A friend of mine was also buying a car (He bought a WagonR). So we were having an upper hand in bargaining.
I made a deal with Vitesse. I had bargained a good number of accessories from them. But most of the accessories shown were of NMGA. Next approached Spectra Motors. They agreed to all the accessories and also confirmed that all would be MGA.

List of accessories:
  • Rubber Matting - MGA
  • Mud Flaps - NMGA
  • Steering Cover - MGA
  • Engine Light - NMGA
  • CD Visor - MGA
  • Sun Film FilmPro Carbon 35
  • Wheel Caps - MGA
  • Neck Rest - MGA
  • Mobile Charger - NMGA
  • Cigarette Lighter - MGA
  • Spot Light - MGA
  • Side Strip - MGA
  • Bumper Moulding - MGA
  • Air Filter - MGA
  • Door Scratch Protector - NMGA
  • Body Cover - MGA
  • Teflon Coating
  • Under Body Anti Rust 3M
Paid Accessories

I also went for some additional accessories.
1.Body Colored Bumpers, Door handle
+ Internally adjustable mirrors (Both Sides) [FONT=Wingdings][/FONT] 5000
2.Nippon Security System + Front Power Windows [FONT=Wingdings][/FONT] 11000
TOTAL [FONT=Wingdings][/FONT] 16000

I thought that these accessories are better bought at the dealers it self. Both the Security System and the Front Power Windows are from the MGA stable.

Final Price:

The details of the cost of the car are

Price (On Road) ----- 304407
Discount (Dec) ----- 15000
Corporate Discount ----- 4500
TOTAL -----284907

Accessories ----- 16000

GRAND TOTAL ----- 300907

There were not many arguments or confusion here. Everyone in my house loves the color white, so white it was

Dreamz come true:
The time had come where I can actually buy my own car with my own money (and some loan). The time has come in Dec 08, after getting approvals from Mom & Dad, finally booked the car on Dec 15 2008.

I was in no hurry to get my car so requested my dealer not to hurry the process but rather take it leisurely. Fixed a date of 27th Jan 09 for the delivery.

Pre D-day

My friend took his car on the 22nd of Jan, so I had gone with him to collect his car. To my utter disbelief I saw all NMGA accessories added to the car. I complained to the head of sales. After which all the accessories were promptly replaced. I was upset with it since we had to make a fuss on such an auspicious day.

I then decided that I will first check the car on a day before my delivery so that I dont have to be fussy on the D-Day.

I went a couple of days early and thoroughly checked the car for all the accessories also had a PDI checklist (Thanks to Team-Bhp). Although I did have some problem with my mirrors. They gave me feather touch mirrors on both the sides, but not internally adjustable. Had a nice argument with them ultimately they said that we do not get int adj mirror for Alto and they challenged me to get a motor and they will fix it for free. I though of not taking the mirrors at all but then decided to accept what they had given me.


On the 27th, went to the showroom with my parent and my younger brother (the inspiration behind the Alto). I paid the balance amount, signed in all the documents, gave sweets to everyone Took the delivery and went straight to Bombay Tyres to replace my tyres and add alloys.

Got Plati Alloys and Bridgestone Turanza S322 for 13000 in exchange for my MRFs

In the evening went to church and got my car blessed.

Also did my first Tank Fill from HP Petrol on the WE At Goregaon. (Had received 5 liters of petrol from the dealer)

The Excitement & Experience
It is now almost 10 days and the Odometer reads 363. So far, so good. I am enjoying every bit of my experience driving it.

ICE added:
I had gone to Sound Factor (Ramie) to do the ICE setup. Follow the link to see the details and installation

Initial Feedback:
1.Complete Value for money
2.Comfortable riding
3.Easy to drive (as compared to the Baleno I already have)

1.No Head Light on warning buzzer (Got used to it in the Baleno)
2.A little stiff ride (maybe due to the Tubeless Tyre)
3.Cranking (Feels like a diesel when I start the car)
4.Car vibrates when stationary

I will post pictures shortly.


(I know it is a long post, but could not help, In fact this is a part of a 14 page write-up. Took me 1 hour to shorten it)
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Congrats on the Car heman, A very well written report. Enjoy your dream.
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Some Pictures of the car.
Attached Thumbnails
Alto - My Dream Comes True-dsc01250.jpg  

Alto - My Dream Comes True-dsc01251.jpg  

Alto - My Dream Comes True-dsc01337.jpg  

Alto - My Dream Comes True-dsc01247.jpg  

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This is the car with which you will have emotional attachment as its your first car.

Very very detailed explanation about experience before buying the car and at the dealer.

Please post more about FE also.
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Congrats dude! Alto is a fantastic VFM car for the city.

And all those non-owners in the forum who shout about its lack of space, power, are just being jealous, because they just can't digest the fact that an Alto costs almost half and gives double the fuel efficiency compared to their cars. ;-)

Last edited by Rehaan : 8th February 2009 at 13:25. Reason: Post edited. Lets not give this thread fuel to go off-topic please.
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Congratulations Heman on your 1st car! Even I went through the same emotions when I bought my 1st car around a month back.

Wish you many many miles of happy driving
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congrats heman , alto is a great car .
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Congrats Heman, Now when do i get to see it in person
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Originally Posted by Heman View Post
Maruti Suzuki Alto LXi Artic White

(I know it is a long post, but could not help, In fact this is a part of a 14 page write-up. Took me 1 hour to shorten it)
Congrats Heman. A very nice write up and a lovely car. Reminded me of the time when I bought my 1st car. Very happy for you. Congrats once again.

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Congrats Heman I noticed White Alto looks bugger than Blue Santro.

1. About still ride: with Apollo stock tyres I was feeling I am travelling in Auto, once I changed to Michellins my Alto rides better than Innova! Try 29psi tyre pressure for better ride. Double Check Balancing of wheels and make sure wheels are mounted correct on alloys. With tubeless tyres ride should improve. I assume tyre is stock one. If you have upsized your tyre ride quality would go down for sure although handling will improve.

2. Alto engine is not refined like Spark/Santro other premium hatchbacks. So first 5000km you would feel more vibration. Once engine covers 5000km vibration would be less and pickup improves. Thats what I noticed in my Alto.

3. This is small engine so slight Cranking is enough. Its new car so it will settle after 2 services.

You will feel much better once it clocks 5000km. In coming weeks post your FE figures. In 5000km FE figures of my Alto.

Worst driving: 10.2kmpl with AC.
Worst driving: 11kmpl without AC.

Decent driving in Bumper to bumper heavy traffic jam for 10km and 1 hour: 13kmpl with AC on.
Decent driving in normal Bangalore city traffic: 16kmpl without AC.

Highway driving with decent speeds of 70-80kmph: 22kmpl without AC

Highway cruise with speeds like 100kmph: 20kmpl without AC.
Highway cruise with speeds like 100kmph: 18 with AC on.

In my next highway travelling, FE target is 24kmpl!


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congratulations Heman!

you have got best deal.

regarding drawback no3 and no4, check spark plugs.

@ RAVIBHAT---Worst driving: 10.2kmpl with AC.
Worst driving: 11kmpl without AC.
i think these are the worst fe figs for alto i ever read.
best luck for 24 km fe.
once,i achieved 22km at long drive. 20km is normal fe.

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Congrats on the car. She looks really nice!
I'm waiting for the day I get to buy my own car with my own money.
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Congrats Heman. The Alto looks lovely in white. You got a pretty good deal too! Nice alloys too. Enjoy her buddy!
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congrats Heman. Alto is a fantastic first car (I also drive one ) and you'll enjoy owing one. The alloys on your white car look amazing. I'm jealous (am still running on stock tires/rims).
However did you also consider i10 1.1 ? The only grouse with Alto that I have is it becomes an apple cart with A/C ON and 3-4 people on board. Although most of time (95%) I am the lone person in the car so still serves my purpose well.
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Congrats buddy! Alto is one of the best small cars.

Enjoy your ride.
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