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Old 11th June 2009, 01:15   #151
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GTO, good and comprehensive review, as always.

Honda is certainly commanding premium for Jazz.
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Nice Review GTO. Very well documented with loads of pictures to explain everything. Though the car is well over-priced considering the competition and the features you get, but on the other hand its a Honda. Re-sale would be great as compared to what maybe an i20 might be, So maybe I am paying a premium for it, that amount might come back while selling the car.

Have to get a TD of this as soon as possible, so that I can judge the performance factor.
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Originally Posted by m4ugr8 View Post
Re-sale would be great as compared to what maybe an i20 might be,
i20 will never have a bad resale value. Reason being Santro and i10 are successful models and have a decent resale value almost on par with any competing Maruti brands. So the value of i20 will always be higher than that of i10 over all the depreciation years. So the owner of an i20 will never be at a big loss like a Palio, Cedia owner selling the car within 2-3 years time frame.

Also remember, the Jazz costs at least about 1.5-2 laks more than the i20. So, even if the depreciation percentage per year on the i20 is within 10% more than the Jazz, the original owner still wouldn't lose more than the Jazz in terms of net depreciation loss.
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Originally Posted by Gagan.js View Post
God dammit here in Mumbai its touching like 8.6 and then add the price of alloys and ice and it touches 9!

The worst part...why so serious, it's like a slap in the face

Now lets talk competition:

1) GP

2) i20 CRDi, add say 1L to the current price tag, heck even add 1.5L and it makes a lot more sense than the jazz. Even the current i20 petrol makes sense with all the features.

3) Polo, surely VW > Honda

GP is getting launched for a very long time now, methinks

Hyundai somehow will never command Honda's brand name in india ( going purely by sales)
VW > Honda in India ????? Long way to go

Originally Posted by autocarcr View Post
Don't feel bad that I am criticizing Honda but I think they have gone too far with the Jazz! They have shear atrocity to price the Jazz close to sedans from other manufacturers like Fiat Linea and Ford Fiesta (so what if it is 80,000 cheaper than a City which is also ridiculously over priced). They are running on only one thing which is called brand name! I think the Indian consumers have a big blog of wool over their eyes if they go for such cars. I mean the i20@6 lacs has 6 airbags and all the other features of the Jazz and more (except those magic seats which are at any rate similar to split folding seats in other sedans). Also I dont think people have noticed but the spare parts of any Honda Car is very costly- and I don't think that there is anything in this car which will make consumers pay close to 8.5 lakh on road when one could get a Fiat Linea (with twice as many features and improved Fiat serviceor even a Ford Fiesta for that matter!) Wake up Honda buyers you are giving them numbers which they dont deserve (the City still is preventing better VFM cars like Linea from getting a good market share- I mean common the City does not have Climate control nor fog lamps nor a CD player for that ridiculous price! and nor does the JAzz so dont buy this car as it has virtually nothing that its more cheaper, VFM competitors like he i20 and the soon to be launched Grande Punto) If you ask me by a Grande Punto instead or for that matter, a Fiat Linea!!!! DOWN with JAZZ!
Honda City cannot be compared to the Ford Fiesta / Fiat Linea by any terms except category classification. All three have their own loyal fans. No one is stopping anyone from buying fiat or ford, its just that honda have mastered the technique of selling to indian buyers. which is why city is still outselling linea and ford is still having extended anniversary discounts on the Fiesta. i am still waiting for a test drive of the linea and the fiesta after having registered online.
make no mistake, ford and fiat are high pedigree car manufacturers, but having said that their strategy for india somehow has always flopped.
so dear friend, instead of saying down with jazz, lets tell ford, fiat to wake up so that honda's pricing becomes realistic in india.
afterall competition is the best leveller
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Great review GTO,

I have no hesitation in saying after owing CIVIC "I am Honda Fan", But after seeing Jazz in Flesh yesterday, I must say I am disappointed with Honda's Stripped Down on Features "JAZZ"

Jazz, is a Stunning Hatch!

At least to my eyes as all Honda Cars be it Accord, CR-V, ANHC, NHC, and Civic are all head-turners in their respective segments.

JAZZ also lives up to the family name, in terms of looks, shape, styling both exterior & interior. You will feel the Honda Quality & Style everywhere, its Aero-Dynamic Shape, Strong Built, Angular Headlamps, Its Dashboard, ah that is a beauty. I think Honda makes one of the Best Looking Stylish Dashboards, be it Accord, Civic, CR-V, NHC though some how I am not impressed with ANHC's Dashboard.

Whats most disappointing about Jazz is that, it is stripped down in features that come as Standard Equipment or some as Optional in other countries.

Honda positioning its 1st Hatch in India as Premium Hatch. Well they are seriously going in the wrong direction.

Listed below are some very important features missing in this Premium JAZZ, that should have been otherwise Standard Equipment.

Mentioned in the Brackets ( ) are only some Hatchbacks who offer that particular feature, others like U-VA, S-RV, Ritz, i10 I haven't mentioned as I have no idea what features they offer.

1. Digital Auto Climate Control AC (i20, Swift, Fabia)
2. Air Cooled Glove Box (i20)
3. Rear AC Vents (Fabia)
4. Electrically Foldable/Retractable ORVM (i20)
5. Telecopic Steering Adjustment (i20)
6. Side Curtain Air Bags (i20)
7. Fog Lamps (i20, Swift, Fabia, Indica Vista)
8. Alloy Wheels (i20, Swift, Fabia)
9. Panoramic Glass Sunroof (i10, Fabia)
10. Leather Steering & Gear Knob (i20)
11. Front Arm Rest (Fabia)
12. Parcel Tray (i20, Fabia, Indica Vista)
13. Reverse Parking Sensors (Fabia)
14. Reading/Maps Lights at Rear View Mirror (Almost every car has)
15. Height Adjustable Driver Seat (i20, Fabia, Indica Vista)
16. Dead Pedal (usually seen only in Automatic Cars)
17. Front Arm Rests (Fabia)
18. Lumbar support (Fabia, i20, Indica Vista)
19. Cruise Control (asking for too much not even Civic, Accord, Altis has that)
20. Touch Screen Satellite Navigation cum Music System

Features mentioned in BOLD are actually available in Jazz across other countries. 1 or 2 features could be optional like Touch Screen Sat-Nav or Cruise Control. But 95% of the features listed above are in JAZZ as Standard Fittings on various Trims/Variants.

Please correct me if I have gone wrong anywhere in listing the Missing Features in JAZZ, also if I have missed any other feature that is on JAZZ abroad or India

Apart from the above missing features, what shocked me was Rear Seat Comfort.

as also Mentioned by GTO, only 2 average size adults can sit comfortably on Rear Seat and the 3rd person will have to be Ultra Slim to squeeze into. Persons sitting at door sides will feel the discomfort while placing their hands on the Door Handle-cum-Armrest.

Leg-Room in good enough, Head-Room is Excellent, its only the Shoulder-Room that lacks in JAZZ since it is not as Wide Inside as its looks from outside. I found Indica Vista more comfortable on the rear bench with 3 persons.

Great comfort for 3 adults on rear seat is in CIVIC, though seats are low, but I haven't seen such comfort in Width & Legroom in any other Car below Rs. 13 lacs. Discounting Indigo XL

Front Seats are the best place to be in Jazz. No doubt on that.

Price Tag OTR going well over Rs 8 Lac, with all those missing features. Honda JAZZ is not a sensible buy. atleast compared to i20.

Wait for Punto to add fuel to the segment.
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My review about this fabulous review by GTO : Uve done it again..! Good stuff GTO.
My review about the Jazz :
This certainly isnt a jazzy performance by Honda. There isnt anything magical about its folding seats.
The approx 10 bottle holders for 4-5 occupants that to in a city car. Thats 2 per person. Who drinks so much water on a city drive? Most of these will be unused by most customers.
Only 2 airbags. Shudnt I expect more safety features for the price ? For this price I would expect rake & reach adjust steering too! Huh!!
No USB port. Shudnt I expect one for the price- rather a top of the line music system thats fully compatible?
No height adjustable seats, what the **** ?
This Honda looks really old to me. Its completely uninspiring and boring. Looks like a fat slab of kulfi with honey, but not half as tasty and certainly not worth the price.
Honda expects Indian customers to pay 8 lakhs for this? Atleast provide equipment levels comparable to the i20 first. Honda looks to be heading on the Skoda pricing trajectory. Public ko Loot-o!
I hope Fiat prices the Grand Punto well and offers good features and value.
This Honda has raised my disgust bar. Snobbish pricing for so less, just because its a Honda ?

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nice review once again GTO!

honda seem to have a decent all round package ..butt at a fuge cost
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oh i am certainly going to be laughing hard when i see any honda jazz on our streets - i think someone said in this very thread that when we see a honda jazz, we will envy the owners and secretly desire to have the moolah to buy the jazz - i think all i am going to think is there goes another one of those people who have no clue what a dumb car decision they have made

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Originally Posted by rkbharat View Post
I hope it will not inherit the fate of fabia
Actually, I hope all cars -whose manufacturers make the Indian buyer pay well above its actual value, dont sell at all.
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Good Review GTO, but for sure I wouldnt buy this car at that price.
Let see whats GP comes out with.
AS of now i20 is the ideal hatch.
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Its launched now, But I couldn't see that in Coimbatore TVS.
Anybody had a chance to make a close look or TD? I know its too early, and I do not think if the booking is opened.

According to the Hindu, Jazz will cost from Rs 6.98 lakh to 7.33 lakh for the top end model. (The base model of the City costs Rs 7.81 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.), also, Honda will launch a cheaper and smaller model than Jazz on a completely new platform in 2-3 years.

I hope these premium hatch cars are simple rob on Indian customers with a high price tag, just with their brand capacity.

Is the production cost so high? or they expect a poor volume of sales? or They provide the highest quality for cheap price? I really don't understand.

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the wipers on the new city are normal ones:( were as these seem to be like civic...how odd is that?
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Its completely ridiculous... first you spend 8 lakhs of your hard earned money on a supposedly spacious hatch but what you dont get is room at rear for three and what you do get is 8-10 cupholders and magic seats.... utter non sense this!

I can get fully loaded sedans for much less... give me one good reason why anyone should go for this. why oh why! disgusted!
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Originally Posted by myavu View Post
Excellent review GTO.

But nothing can justify the 7.33L (x-Delhi) price tag. GP come on!
Indeed very well written report. 7.33L (x-Delhi)-and we used to call i20 overpriced
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Excellent review GTO, but is there a vtec kicking in kind of a feeling with this 1.2 l motor?

It makes better sense to buy a ritz + vista safire and the total price will still be more or less the same
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