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This is what must have gone in Honda Jazz price fixxing meet. A smart alec must have said "Sir, what we have here is better then ANHC, other then the boot". Boss -- "How much for the boot?". Smart alec -"Boss 80,000". Boss -- "Done".
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Originally Posted by Surprise View Post
I know Iam wrong, but would love to learn-WHY?

Let me take RITZ here, for me both are 1.2L with almost similar power and torque, both has similar safety features- For Honda it has been mentioned "i-vTEC", but how does that going to benefit me.... both were reported to give similar FE figures - Why should not I compare RITZ with JAZZ.
Fair point, from an engine standpoint. The ZXi's from Maruti offer unmatched value at the price-point, but it ends there.

Positioning, status/image, re-sale, hassle-free ownership, etc - too many factors contribute here.. Offcourse, Snob value continues to be a major factor in India and Honda know it too well!
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anyone on t-bhp who's booked the Jazz or is willing to book one in near future?
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Had a look at Jazz in Deccan Honda today. Looks really good and interiors are beautiful. The boot is unbelievably large -- but doesn't look like a proper 5 seater. I am impressed but would have booked it if it was around 7L with alloys and ACC.

BTW, while returning I visited Hyundai showroom as i20 is now appears to be well-priced, but they didn't have a single i20 available on display and the test drive car was being used by some salesperson who had gone for an hour or so. The salesman there mentioned i20 1.4 diesel might be due in the next month, if that's true; then we have game on! I don't mind paying 7L OTR for i20 Asta!

I think if GP comes with a good package, it's going to be the winner. I am sure Fat will price it fine, but I am little disappointed with interiors from the pics that I have seen here. I don't know why Fiat is aiming Swift price point - if they come up with better package they can well price it around 6.5 L. I just hope GP E+ comes with more upmarket interiors, Jazz console looks awesome. Don't know why GP put black speedo and all instead of just using Linea's awesome whitish console. Eagerly waiting for 17th June now.
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Originally Posted by theragingbull View Post
anyone on t-bhp who's booked the Jazz or is willing to book one in near future?
With the amount of Jazz bashing going on here, i doubt if anyone would mention about their intention to book
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Could anyone make sense of the 'bubble breaker' ad from Honda?

I'm totally flummoxed.
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I'm coming in 18 pages late, so pretty much everything to say would already have been said. But GTO, great to see this trend of T-BHP "OEM" reviews upon launches, if you know what I mean.

I logged on to T-BHP today after a few weeks' exam gap solely because I saw the price point of the Jazz in the newspaper and instantly knew what would be being said on the forum! It'll be interesting to see which view the market eventually supports.

While looking at the pictures in your first post I caught the MPV profile and air intake selection lever instantly.

Imagine a Jazz Diesel selling at 9.7 lakhs on-road
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Good review GTO, surely you must be giving some of our auto journos a complex. Seems like Honda has engineered a perfect city car, you must hand it to the Japs, they are really good at engineering for a specific application.

Its overpriced for sure but IMHO will meet its sales target. Why do I think so? Let me narrate a small story. A couple of years ago, I had advised a good friend of mine, a telecom exective, to go in for an SX4. He test drove that and the NHC and bought the NHC, his reasoning? "Man this Honda gives you the feeling that you have finally arrived" Ditto for a few more friends. Honda surely knows this "finally arrived" crowd too well. As for me, I have stopped recommending the SX4

OT: GTO, you have a high opinion of the Vista, which gives me the confidence to go in for one, the day Tata put ABS and airbags in there.
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Originally Posted by Equus View Post
IMO, the right competition for the Jazz would be the VW Polo and Hyundai I30. Not Ritz or Swift or even i20. Fabia doesnt even get a mention in my thoughts!
If you knew anything about i30, you wouldn't be comparing it with Jazz. Jazz can be compared only with i20. I would even pay more than a Verna for an i30 1.6L CRDI with those huge tyres.
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Originally Posted by d3mon View Post
Could anyone make sense of the 'bubble breaker' ad from Honda?

I'm totally flummoxed.
If the reaction here on the forum is anything to go by, I think the ad makes sense the other way around. i.e. Honda's bubble (Honda can sell anything at any cost) getting burst!

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It is no use cribbing about price. Life just goes on. Choose some other car and dump the jazz hence forth..........
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I read in today's news paper that Honda has sold 2.8Million (28 Lacs)
Jazz cars across 130 countries over 8 years.
it means average 350000 cars per year, 30000 cars per month

Honda is targeting to sell 2000-2500 cars per month in India which means approx 6-8% of total volumes across the world for Jazz.
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Default Premium car or Cheap Stakes

I believe honda has messed up on the positioning. They wanted to position it as premium hatch, well they have done it price wise but the equipment level is not up to the mark. The variants offered have nothing more than cosmetic changes such as foot garnish etc.
What irks me the most is the same wheel cups as the Honda City, so much for cost cutting.
Honda seems to be wanting to recover all the losses suffered globally from India itself, what else can explain the exhorbitant price inspite of having a smaller engine than the city, same wheel cups and steering wheel, excise duty benefits.

Lets see how there targets of 2000 cars per month are met and if so whether they will be at the expense of the city.
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[quote=Baburajs;1342231]As all of us had told earlier, its a fabulous review. I have stopped buying auto magazines now .

But looking at the price i am happy that I didnt wait for the Jazz and bought my Indica Vista quadrajet Anniversary edition. Call me whatever you want but I am more than happy with the it. For me its downright stupid to spend so much for a car just for the 'H' brand . The rear seat of my vista takes me back to the Amby times. Its so comfortable though I dont sit there at all as I am almost always at the steering wheel.

Niether i20, Nor Jazz come close to Rear Sear Comfort of Indica Vista.

Honestly, I am now repenting for keeping Vista Quadrajet Anniversary Edition on hold, just for Jazz, since I have great experience owning Civic, I thought even Jazz will be a VFM Hatch from Honda. But, here its not VFM but instead (LVFMM) Less Value For More Money.

What is sad to me is that Vista Anniversary Edition is no more available, since I wanted only WHITE Color for my Hatch and Vista's IVORY WHITE is much beautiful & attractive than usual WHITE Color avaiable across other Hatchbacks, SWIFT WHITE Color is still the BEST I have seen, as it has Metallic Ting to it, which I have seen only in CR-V.

Some consolation for me since Grande Punto is expected in a weeks time, I hope FIAT doesnt disappoint me.

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I checked out the car today (didn't even bother for a TD) - the boot is a good size, the rear seats were nothing great - the availability of space was no better than the U-VA. I can't believe Honda's audacity in pricing it the way it is.

Came home very sad - I had waited for this car forever - and its a dream now - even if I had a budget of 7 lacs, I wouldn't have bought this car.
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