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Old 10th June 2009, 15:53   #31
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Brilliant GTO, absolutely fantastic review and good pics.
I am actually starting to like the MPV'ish shape, Honda's mini Innova
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:00   #32
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Excellent review report. very neat and practical approach. Thanks GTO! Nice to see another good quality product in the market but the way they have priced it , it makes the taste sour. I will prefer to enjoy this car from distance.. not worth the pain!

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Old 10th June 2009, 16:05   #33
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Excellent review GTO.

But nothing can justify the 7.33L (x-Delhi) price tag. GP come on!
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:09   #34
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With the Polo and Fiat GP coming premium hatch if can call it that. Things are on the up and up , so buyers are going have great options. I think polo/GP are superior options to Honda and they have diesel options as well.
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:15   #35
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Well written - on a well made car, that too. If only the price... Lets see how this one takes off
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:15   #36
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GTO, Fantastic review & pics as usual!
Hope Fiat invites you for G Punto TD.

As expected Honda is asking sedan price for its hatch!
The 'magic' seats and dash is impressive, pedals look puny, rear windscreen appears smallish, alloys are missing too.
Not sure if the Indian market is matured enough to buy such premium 'overpriced' hatches!

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Old 10th June 2009, 16:15   #37
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While i don't think the review is sweetened, it is pretty factual, neutral and unbiased. This is how a review should be- not judgemental of the positives or negatives. This leaves the reader to decide based on stated facts.
The review itself can't be a rant on how stupid this honda jazz is, but the rest of the thread is for that purpose !

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Old 10th June 2009, 16:25   #38
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great review GTO, its great reading your reviews over the none so noteworthy auto journos.
well all i can say about this car is that, for most of the indians, it will remain true to its name.
jazz - a music form from foreign land, that almost 90% of indians do not understand, but at the same time a lot of them would listen to it in front of a huge crowd just to show that they are happening and cool.
i would say that a typical indian mentality of big fat weddings, of being a bappi lehri style jewellery showcase, of changing cars like rolls of toilet paper, of bragging about wads of black money and of being proud at showing of items got in dowry, would certainly see this car being a huge success.
maybe honda just feeds upon this hypocritical fetish of indians.
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:26   #39
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Amazing review GTO. Only the pricing in the car looks bad. Would love to see the 1.4 L i-VTEC in the future with the i-Shift 6 speed AT.
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:29   #40
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Thumbs down

One more indepth genuine review of a new car from Team BHP. Hats of to GTO who has covered all the points.

Personally I don't like the styling, its looks a tad too simple for a Premium hatch. The Grande Punto has better styling and looks like a better VFM if Fiat prices the car between 4.5 and 5.5 lacs.

I am eagerly looking forward to GP review from Team BHP
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:31   #41
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The review is neutral. Here is how it is:

1) GC issue. We know what happens when even a car ( lets consider stiffness of suspension is moderate ) with 170mm GC + 4 adults can occassionally scrap the undulations and bumps.
In the review, GTO has clearly mentioned that GC was not an issue during his test drive, but then also added that this might be an issue.

2) Clearly he mentioned that the bottom was as good or as bad as I20/Ritz. Even I have asked for further details on engine performance, but this is quite honest.

3) Acceleartion : GTO clearly mentioned that above 130 the car was not accelearting very fast. Also he added this a good city car rather than a highway car.

PS : No offense meant to anybody, but I would love to see this thead about "much speculated car" free of any distractions and unhealthy posts.

Sorry if I have offended anybody's feeling.

Last edited by GTO : 20th July 2009 at 09:38. Reason: Quoted post has been deleted
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Old 10th June 2009, 16:32   #42
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Well, I found the review quite well balanced, detailed and factual. Apart from the (retarded) pricing by Honda, the Jazz seems to be very well packaged. I do think though that it will do well, unlike other premium hatches, simply because it is a Honda, bulletproof Honda. Guess Honda India is banking on that. I, though, am sticking with the doors closing with a "thud" as opposed to going with the "thunk".

EDIT: @gagan, a little request dude. Don't generalize. One takes the good with the bad, same is case with India. The comments you made are quite irrelevant to this thread anyhow. No offense meant, awrite..

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Old 10th June 2009, 16:34   #43
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GTO has put up his views which includes positives and negatives. i am sure you would have your own list of pros and cons of the jazz once you test drive it.

If am sure all will appreciate if you drive the jazz and with facts you contest what GTO has put.

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Old 10th June 2009, 16:39   #44
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Would be great to compare the trio -
1) i20
2) Jazz
3) Punto
in a weeks time from now

Am waiting with bated breath to see what's in store.

A nice and detailed writeup

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Yet .. no dead pedal ..
Butttt, this image does seem to indicate there's a dead pedal. Or is it something else?

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