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Thumbs up Getz CRDi - sheer exhilaration - 33 through 1200kms report

Hello Adrenalists*,

First of all, thanks to T-BHP and all of you who have posted their valuable comments in the forum (esp. KPZEN, Undead and others).
I bought a RED hot Getz CRDi (photos coming soon).

Here is my journey from selection through buying the car.

The journey of TDing and Selecting the right Vehicle
Though I was in no hurry of buying a car, I knew my next car (replacement for Alto LXi which has driven 57K kms in 4 years) would be a diesel (or any car with a good city+higway FE, @ Rs.3/km).

My preferences (budget less than 6.5L OTR):
1. Good Power (wanted to cross 120 mark which was max I could do comfortably on my alto + should be easy to overtake in city and highways) AND the car that I can (with all confidence and joy) take it to the top of all the hills in India (Leh, Shimla, Manali, Ooty, Kodai, ..) to put a flag that reads... "I WAS HERE!"
2. Good space (cabin space to be precise to carry 4 + 1kid with all comfort)
3. Good Looks (Sedan preferred but not must. Note: I was flattened by the looks of Linea but had to ignore because of the price tag + FIAT).
Just like most people in India, I too believed in VFM and hence this was an inherent criteria.

It all started when I first spotted the Getz D 4.99L ad and I went on hurrying for selling my car and TDing other cars so that I can take a timely and good decision.

Here are my TD experiences:

1. Ford IKon TDCi
Heard and Read a lot about it (having a Fiesta engine + Sedan + Spares becoming cheaper + Service standards improving etc). This was the car I definitely wanted to TD before making any decision.
But, I was completely shocked and depressed with my test drive (Lathangi Bannerghatta road TD vehicle which clocked just 12K kms then).
From the very first gear I felt as if I am driving a car that is no different in terms of power in my Alto (though we were in total 5 ppl sitting inside, but did not expect this from a Fiesta engine). The turbo kicks too were not anything realizable to feel glad about, in fact it felt like reclaiming the power car should have delivered. The only benefit of doubt I can give is for the vehicle which was meant for TD exclusively and it could have lost its sheen because of many people driving it nicely (you know what I mean ). But come on, 12K mark is too early for that.
Having driven 1.3L petrol variant many a times, this machine was a complete heartbreak. There was absolutely NO punch, NVH as reported by others was a turn off and the 3 letters in Ford put me completely off.
Had boot space + show off (sedan) + suspensions + mileage were my priority, this car would have lived up to it. It sure is a great VFM in those aspects.

2. Swift VDi and DZire LDi
I contacted BIMAL and SAGAR for a test drive. No one could arrange a vehicle :(
Seeing the popularity of the car + great FE and guranteed resale value, I thought of still considering it w/o a test drive but then WAIT for 45 days was kind of too much to ask for + I read somewhere in the forums about rattling issues and that Getz owners were more satisfied lot than Swift ones.

3. Accent ECO
Wow! what a clutch. Can't forget the butter like driving experience in the car. One of the smoothest car I have ever driven. The ONLY let off was mileage (I was told Rs. 4/km on LPG) + getting LPG in every corner of India is not possible that means avg. fuel cost would be Rs. 5/km which is way above my requirements.
I was otherwise ready to accept an EOL product which good enough on looks.

4. Tata Vista & Indigo Dicor
Even though with the same FIAT engine + bigger space, this car was nowhere in my list because the brand name, the looks (interior + exterior) and ***. In short I don't see myself driving these cars and that's why did not care to even go for a TD . For now, Hasta la vista baby!

5. Grande Punto
Well.. it was too early to decide about this car. For all, at least it was a FIAT car which still has loooong way to go before Indian first timers can start loving and trusting it. Of course *** was an issue and Getz was still in the race because of the great engine. Price was not a great difference, in fact Getz was cheaper by few thousands (vs GP dynamic).

6. i20 CRDi
Seeing the price for petrol variants, I was not even waiting for the diesel one. When I read that Getz @ 6.5L was selling under a loss for the company, I did not expect i20 to come with the same engine + great price. So I was expecting a difference of at least 1.5L (which it truned out to be almost true and that too without the same engine). For that difference, I can fuel + service my Getz for almost 75,000 kms.

5. Getz D
Wooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.. as noted by everyone, it was a Sheer Exhilaration. I had to press hard to believe that I was driving a diesel car. Right from the first Gear and till the end of my TD, I was SURE to go for it. After TDing it, never felt like considering any other vehicle. Excellent refinement + space + suspension + interiors (minus the false wood) + quality in everything (including that switch to pull up/down the windows and that mini "steel" rod to hold the sun visor).

Note: My apologies to the Black CRDi buyer (around June 2nd week). I never knew Trident gives customer cars for TD. I surely smelled something fishy when the ODO was stuck at 12kms and when I asked the service guy he said Hyundai TD cars are like this. After reading through TBhp I realized it could indeed be a customer vehicle. The whole dealership experience thread can be found here http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...diranagar.html (Experience with Trident Hyundai Indiranagar.)

Soon after my decision, I got the confirmation from one of the employees of the company that the car is indeed going out of production (at least for now and the future is uncertain).

Most of the people I spoke to in my office and friends did not even know that Getz in fact had a diesel engine and when I told them it has the same Verna engine, they were sure of one thing, either I am joking or Hyundai is.

If it was not for TBhp, people almost made me buy Swift which was overall a great package.

Because, as my name suggest, I "am" a driving freak. I was ready to take on that hit in the resale value, the lesser than Swift mileage and Non-Maruti level of satisfaction in sales and service. I was also ready to take the small (looking) car owner reputation.

The first few miles

After taking the car out of the showroom and sitting inside, I sure did feel like an upgrade to a bigger car. The color was loved by everyone and I do get some cool looks from the onlookers

The city experience
Aww... don't tie these horses, they want to be set free and fly. On Alto I used to take all the pain to make quick moves in the traffic and I am now struggling the same way though for the opposite reason. To hold this beast from going and kissing the vehicle in front is no less than controlling a mad horse.
But sure I love it when I knock those cabbies off from the very little space between and sure I love to leave the trail of vehicles behind when there is just a small time to overtake.

The highway experience
I drove my car from Bangalore to Mysore. The beginning ODO was at 350+ and I followed all the run-in instructions that I learnt from my childhood days of driving vehicles (not to push the vehicle hard, not to drive very fast etc) and also based on the discussions here on TBhp. Never revved above 2.5 and never crossed 100kmph (uh... well... hit 120 sometimes just not to feel punished and yes, still within 2.5K rpm mark)

It is indeed a punishment when I had to control myself not to cross the 100 mark (with 4 adults and 1 kid + 50kg luggage). With such a load, my Alto used to peak out at 80 and everyone used to feel tired by the time they reached home.

I took proper breaks (30 mins at Kamat, to and fro) and met some guys from? no prize for guessing, Korea!

City - a little over 12 kmpl (with A/C on 50% time)
Highway - around 18kmpl (assuming the absolute highway stretch was 240kms to & fro)

ICE in my car
Sony XPLOD (it does) with USB - 9K
Blaupunkt oval speakers - 4K (people ask me if I have a woofer on the back listening to the sound)
Ultimate component speakers - 3.5K

If I do all the MODs now, what will I do after few years when I am (if at all) get bored with my car?


The only big issue I felt (reported by many in this forum) is the slight rattling sound from front-left when I am on 3rd gear and less than 1500 rpm. That sound is really yukk and you sure dont want to hear any such thing from a brand new car. One of the top things in my service list this time.
I observed this sound comes even when the car is almost stand still and if the A/C is on. This sound is also felt with some kind of bad road driving at lower RPMs (even on lower than 3rd gear).

Its time for the first service now and I am waiting for the mileage to clock faster so that I can push my baby to newer limits (crossing the magic 170 mark is on the agenda ).

*Adrenalists is the word that came to my mind when I thought about fellow BHPians on this forum. As journalists writes for living, adrenalists live for driving. They possess the art of rushing their adrenaline for ultimate pleasure while driving in control.

PS, Mods: sorry for more than 2 smilies, its a long post afterall
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It hardly been an hour since I said we need a rocket-cult in this forum, and here comes another!! Enjoy the ride, drive safe- and change to wider tires immediately, you will need them for braking and handling. Else you are riding an aeroplane with the cockpit doors open You would also get a decent buy-back for your stock tires if you go for wider tires when they are new.

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Congrats on the buy mate. And upload those pictures ASAP to compensate for the extra smileys.
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Congrats on the great buy mate! Have fun!
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Congrats on the buy. So are you joining us with the rocket for a drive we are planning tomorrow? We might have 3 getz crdi's posing for a pic.
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congrats on the pocket rocket !! Keep updating us with ur experience
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Another One. Congrats . Welcome to the Club.
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Awe excellent! Red is the best color for the little rocket. Congrats on your new purchase. OT: Are Hyundai in a mood to discontinue the Getz CRDI ?
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Glad to hear that so many GetZ CRDi owners on the forum. Now, who has clocked the max mileage?

1. iraghava
2. kpzen
3. pho3n!X

or ??
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Originally Posted by headers View Post
Glad to hear that so many GetZ CRDi owners on the forum. Now, who has clocked the max mileage?

1. iraghava
2. kpzen
3. pho3n!X

or ??
kpgetz of course!

drivingfreak; enjoy your car; a great vfm car.

And thats a lot of smilies, stick to two at max.
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Congrats Drivingfreak.

Please change the stock tires and have lots of fun with torque.
Drive Safe.

Originally Posted by headers View Post
Glad to hear that so many GetZ CRDi owners on the forum. Now, who has clocked the max mileage?

1. iraghava
2. kpzen
3. pho3n!X

or ??
Originally Posted by jkdas View Post
kpgetz of course!

drivingfreak; enjoy your car; a great vfm car.

And thats a lot of smilies, stick to two at max.
No jk, there are some ppl who have clocked more than 40k kms.

1. Dins(mumbai) - 45+ k kms - 15+ months
2. trtraj(bangalore) - 41k kms - 19 months
3. Naman (Faridabad) - 35k kms - 11 months
4. kpzen (Faridabad) - 35k kms - 1 yr + 10 days

Off the forum, i know a couple of ppl who have crossed 50k kms. One of them crashed recently in Ahmedabad and the other one is going strong at 75k kms.
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Congrats drivingfreak,

Another Red Beast in Team-Bhp.
The only slimy thing in the car is the Wooden console.
Try to change it with brushed steel color strips like earlier version.
It will give some difference in Interior.but do it after some thime.
So it makes you refresh once you bored with interior.
Enjoy and Drive Safe.
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5. Anarchist (Bangalore) Getz CRDi (Red) - 15K kms - 11 months
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Congrats Drivingfreak and well written. I would second ph03n!x on the tyre upgrade or else you would need a tailhook to stop!

Drive safe!
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Mine is 3k- 1 month Have a long way to go!!
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