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Default Got the delivery of my Punto EDIT: 30,000 kms update

Hello All,
In continuation of the the thread

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...-mjd-e-pk.html (Finally!!! booked a Punto MJD E Pk)

Yesterday I got the delivery of my Med Grey GP EPK MJD. This is my first new car and believe me the feeling is totally different.

Here are the events and how they unfolded:

Yesterday I got up at seven and saw that it was raining heavily in NCR. I called up the dealer at around 10:00 AM and he told me to come by 1:00 PM.

I went there at 1:15 PM expecting the car to be ready but the dealer told me that my corporate discount of Rs. 6K was not approved from the HQ. I told him that you have given the quotation and how can you go back on your words and infact on your quotation.

The sales person said I tried a lot but I cant really help it because the orders have come from HQ. Ultimately he gave me a hint that maximum we can do is return back your money because we are bound by the HQ rules. I then thought there is no point of spoiling the delivery process as I waited for this car for atleast a month.

I then spoke to their director and after lot or persuation he gave me Rs 2K discount. I then gave them a check of extra Rs. 4K and we then started working on the paper work.

This whole process took 2:30 Hrs. I then asked the sales guy to get the PDI done so that I can the delivery. So at around 3:30 PM the car arrives in the Delivery area. I was happy to see my beauty shining and all set to go.

So far so good. Now I took out the BHP's PDI list and started checking the points one by one. I then started moving bare hand over the car surface and wait.....

To my horror I saw small particles deposited on the top of the car from front to back. I then inspected the window glass closely and saw that they were fine dots of red and white.

Showed it to sales guy and he called his technical team. They said "Sir, it could be beacuse the car was in the yard the dust might have settled on it. We will buff it and it will go"

So they buffed my car with fine grain wet sand paper, buffed with machine and then applied 3M liquid wax coating.

Car looked great after that. I called up ghost_rider and he told me that the protective coating will be gone and you should get the teflon coating.

Based on ghost_rider's recommendation I asked the dealer to provide me complimentary teflon coating. I spoke to their director regarding this and he said the teflon coating is not needed and this just a gimmick going around in workshops and we dont recommend it (actually when I asked for teflon coating during the deal they said it is not needed).

By this time it was already 6:00 PM so I did the other checks and took the delivery of car.

The car is looking great and I am enjoying the drive (more on this in my next post).

Now I need to ask the memebers a few ques:

1. Do I need a teflon coating?
2. Do you think my paint is damaged (after the buffing). To me the car paint looks fine.
3. If teflon is needed then where should I do it from in NCR. I dont want to go to the dealer. Is there any profession DuPont shop?
4. Is under body anti rust required for Punto.

Thanks in advance.

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Congrats pk_del,

Welcome to FIAT Club.
Surely punto will give you enjoyment and nice drivability.
Enjoy and Drive Safe
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congratz pk del!

teflon coating is highly debatable and is generally of no use so its ok even if you skip it.
But do go in for under body coating
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Congrats mate! Waiting for the snaps. drive safe. Enjoy.
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Congrats PK. Every time there is a twist in the tale of a Fiat delivery, it makes me very interested in knowing how Fiat reacts. So far, so good. Do load pics of your beauty ASAP.
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Congrats, on your new buy. Do upload some photos.

As for the Teflon coating, from my experience, if you plan to wax polish your car often then no need for it. If this not going to happen you may go in for Teflon coating may be after 4-5 months of ownership. Personally I have not seen any great benefits of Teflon coating.

Anti rust coating is recommended if you live close to the sea.
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Congrats. Do get a good wax and underbody coating for free.

Teflon coating is debatable. Better to wax the car yourself regularly as seen on the forum
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Congrats PK on your new acquisition !!!

Do remember to have a look at this thread: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/owning...esthetics.html

And, please do post some pics whenever you can .
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Thank you all for your wishes. PS: pics are coming soon...

Here is the second part of the delivery day:

So at 6:00 PM the the workshop guys got the car ready and tied the ribbon to the bonnet. I clicked few snaps (without the ribbon tied) and then the dealer took the customary snap and hannded me the box of sweets.

I distributed the sweets and took the blessings of the old man, guard at the dealer, and gave him tip and drove of my beauty to the nearest Petrol Pump...oops..I should be careful here diesel pump .

The guy at the pump said "yeh diesel mein bhi hai..bahut acha"...I distributed sweets to him too and filled up diesel of Rs. 1000/= and drove off to Sai temple in Rohini, N.Delhi.

The pujari performed pooja I took Baba's blessing and then drove off to my house. Took my wifey and my daughter out for a treat and then came back home.

The Drive part and the gadgets part...

I would just say wow...coming from Old Honda city I have to say that I will need to do lot of adjustments in my driving style to get good mileage...

The drive is just excellent the car eats potholes like they are just some cracks on the road. I was not able to concentrate on driving because I was trying to get my BT connectedd to my Nokia 6681 phone...And was trying to get myself acustomed to vast features of GP EPK.

Neways it started working automatically (the salesguy had paired it before) and I was able to receive and make calls. It was just awesome.

So on Sunday I was getting FE of around 10.4 KMPL...

Forgot to mention the compliments:

1. A small kid tells his father at a red light "Papa dekho Punto"
2. A guy on his bike tells his gal "Yehi whoh Punto hai jiske bare mein maine tumhe bola tha"...
3. Auto person "Arrey Punto wale Bhaiya"...
4. And numerous gazes...


I woke up early and started for office at 7:30 AM heading from N.Delhi to Noida. At the office ppl started gazing my car and I had numerous visitors investigating my car during lunch...

The drive was awesome, I didnt push the car hard and was between 70 KMPH and 80 KMPH max....Now the FE part...I resetted the trip A meter to zero and then saw my average FE. It was around 15.4 KMPL....so I guess I am learning how to drive a diesel car....

I came to house and my wifey told me that she is in the market and will be home in 15 mins. This gave some time to figure out the BT part. I am happy to say that I was able to figure it out and see my PH book on the Blue & Me of the car...And was able to make the call from B&M...

I am not sure if I can say the name in B&M and it will dial for me...I am currently using the buttons on the steering to dial the numbers...If you know how to do this then please guide me...


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Congratulations PK, Punto is for sure a head turner.
Get the underbody done for sure.
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Thanks Bubby.

Further update:

I posted the query to Fiat Service professionals at FIAPL regarding the foriegn particles deposited on my car and asked if Teflon treatment is required or not.

And they mentioned that:

"the final coat on the painted portion is defined as clear coat, if any foreign particles are deposited on the surface they will not penetrate inside the clear coat & are lying on the surface that can be eliminated by buffing & it dose not affect the paint surface ,also there is no need of any treatment"

Please PM me for complete email which I had sent to FIAPL and their complete response.

I feel much relaxed and comfortable now after reading FIAPL's email.

More on FE: Its too early to say but today I averaged around 20.9 KMPL on my 1:03 Mins trip from N.Delhi to Noida. Unfortunately I forgot to check the distance on the trip meter (I will do it during lunch or in the evening) but it should be between 37-40 KM.

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Congrats, you have a nice colour This being your first diesel, you'll fall in love with the torque. I think the first upgrade you will need to do it get fatter tires !
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In your case I think Teflon not required.

Also if you will get your car polished every 6 months then too teflon not recommended. Teflon is protective but somehow does not give a glossy feel that the Polish would.

I think your paint would not be damaged, but yes it has possibly lost one layer of protection in the first buffing.

Frankly dont recommend any type of coating except a polish every 6 months and a diesel wash on the underside, before and after monsoons.
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Originally Posted by NIP View Post
I think the first upgrade you will need to do it get fatter tires !
Are you serious NIP?

The GP E-pack already comes shod with 195/60/15's. It is already bordering on overkill with the current engine options. I can't imagine what it would be like with fatter rubber.
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Congrats bro, enjoy the ride.

I agree that the tire specs are perfect, the car does not need an upgrade here.
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