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Old 19th September 2009, 21:23   #16
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Originally Posted by oops View Post
I expected you to go for Punto Emotion+ or City V (as you spent around 7.33L).
I think he already has a ANHC S ( i rem his thread) . Congrats Sid, i was expecting a White Punto Abarth . Anyways congrats on another Honda .
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Originally Posted by karanraheja View Post
I think he already has a ANHC S ( i rem his thread) . Congrats Sid, i was expecting a White Punto Abarth . Anyways congrats on another Honda .
ANHC S white is with my dad's elder brother. Sometimes my dad also uses it. One car, 2 users.
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Old 19th September 2009, 21:43   #18
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Congrats on your new ride.
I would really appreciate if you could elaborate a bit why u selected jazz over i20 ?

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Old 20th September 2009, 08:26   #19
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Hi Sid,

I always appreciated your mysterious presentation before disclosing scoop or starting new thread, but this is big one.

Why you want to convience your purchase, IMO this is best hatchback in terms of space, quality and reliability.

Looking scenario of your family, your parents at the age of 56 and 65 should get best car in its segment, why to compromise on space, comfort, quality and reliability, about premium, who cares, if you and your parents love one of the best car (one life why so serious).

'Hearty congrats' and wish you many many happy miles.

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Old 20th September 2009, 08:43   #20
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Congrats on getting the hottest & the most expensive hatch available in India(correct me if I am wrong). Most people/reviewers tend to put off the jazz just because it is much expensive than the second best hatch. But hey its a Honda! brings a smile to everyone
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Old 20th September 2009, 09:23   #21
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@ sidindica: Congrats on new set of wheels.
Are you going to paint 'black strip' on rear door (below rear glass containing Honda logo & rear wiper) in body colour similar to your Santro?
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Old 20th September 2009, 09:28   #22
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Very very interesting. Gwan man.

Congrats on the new car all the same. I'm frankly surprised since your signature never said anything about the Honda.

And the santro was doing pretty well! But all the same ... its one life ... why so serious!
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Old 20th September 2009, 09:40   #23
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One thing I know for sure, this is going to be the benchmark thread on ownership reports, the final word on the JAZZ, can't wait for the next post from Sid
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Old 20th September 2009, 10:09   #24
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Part 4:

the navratna happened. Over a period of a week and after driving all the 9 cars, the ritz and i20 were declared as joint winners followed by swift and again, the punto. This time, the point of view was from optimality of all parameters and what the average Indian car buyer looks for on a car.

Jazz lost due to its biggest drawback: price to specs to features ratio. Nothing else. But again, the hidden talents that this hatch has cannot be underestimated, as my mother said when we looked at it.

Meanwhile, that comparison had its pros and cons and again, it played a major role in our decision making process. there were bouquets and brickbats, all of which was accepted. Many asked about including the car called I10 kappa on that comparo but I did not include it due to its dimensions and its a victim of identity crisis, clearly a class below the getz and i20.

Based on many requests, another controversial comparision was conducted between i10 kappa asta and ritz zxi in which the ritz clearly was a better product, part attributed to its superior dimensions, intelligent use of limited footprint in interior packaging, small features absent on i10 and the overall value it provides coupled with fabulous engine and low cost of ownership, as compared to the i10 which will cost double in terms of every routine services as compared to maruti.

Same happened with my santro. Spending an amount of over 3000 from authorised Hyundai workshop which partly attributes to exorbitant labour rates that Hyundai charges was becoming a norm and I was simply fed up of Hyundai's policy. Want proof? go to any "A class" town Hyundai workshop, see the labour rates and judge for yourself.

Fact is that a PMS of jazz is even cheaper than that of Santro! (Rs.625 for the jazz VS Rs. 750 for the Santro and Rs. 900 for the i20).

Besides, the quality of services provided by many Hyundai workshops started to drop,and after that sunrise fiasco, another reason the i20 was struck off our purchase list.

To be continued soon....

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Firstly congratulations on your new car. Since you have posed with a silver Jazz, I am assuming it's your car. Why didn't you choose the blue or maroon, I feel the Jazz looks better in those colours. All the best and have lots of fun with your new car .

Spending an amount of over 3000 from authorised Hyundai workshop which partly attributes to exorbitant labour rates that Hyundai charges was becoming a norm and I was simply fed up of Hyundai's policy. Want proof? go to any "A class" town Hyundai workshop, see the labour rates and judge for yourself.
the quality of services provided by many Hyundai workshops started to drop
That's interesting. The popular perception is that Hyundai's are cheaper to maintain then most cars avaliable today. If we go through the What car section, most people that recommend i20 over other hatchbacks cite lower maintainence costs as one of the reasons for buying it. Similar arguements are given for Verna.

Having said that, I hope you know that Honda dealer's aren't the best around either.
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Old 20th September 2009, 14:45   #26
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WOW ! Congrats sidindica ! That sure is a beauty ! Wish you many happy years of motoring ! For a 3 ppl family, I think this car will be just perfect !
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Part 5:

Now comes the most important part: an ideal replacement for our Santro which, though quite a competent product, was not appealing to us anymore. My legs pained everytime I drove it, My mom hated its high rear seat and bumpy ride which became worse, and my dad often felt that the car is way too much common here, there and everywhere. So time came to finally sell it off, hurdles and that accidents followed by sunrise fiasco aside, all went well.

But it was clear that the person whom we will sell has to be from within our family. Actually my dad's elder sister (bua) wanted it for her daughter (she drives less, is often scared of driving in the open and still drives a 2003 M800, maybe looking for the upgrade). yes, it had to be a used one.

Second, my cousin (mom's sister's son working in wipro BPO, living in GZBD) who also wanted but had his own ifs and buts and wasn't really sure that if ever he needs a car.

The former (bua's daughter, my cousin sister) came to drive the car, but on driving she immediately knew that santro was not a car for her. High seating and the factor of "bonnet" not visible meant that anytime the car will be banged. She said she is happy with an M800 and she will not upgrade. After all, the 2003 m800 has only done 17,500 kms in 6 years, so less its used.

Now came the turn of my brother, the latter. He said "OK, kum se kum ek choti gaadi he sahi wohi mere liye bahut hai. Mujhe aur kuch nahi chaiye, I have seen your car, tell me when you want to sell it and I will buy it". Even though he can afford to purchase a C segment sedan, it seemed that our santro was the perfect car for him, after he drove and impressed by the level of maintenance it went through, feels as good as new.

Market value was done at 2 L and then the deal was done for about the same amount by last week, all paperwork went smoothly and he became the new owner after paying about the same amount (cannot disclose exactly how much). So the car is now with him.

On the other side, discussion was heating up about the replacement for the Santro in our family.

What were the requirements and how we arrived at this decision?

find out soon....

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After reading so many of your post about your buying of Jazz, it seems like you are writing Daily Drama, ending with some hint of next episodes (like coming up next...)
DOn't mind ...........Please
I like your way of writing story
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The car strictly had to be a hatchback, a premium supermini as Delhi traffic means bumper to bumper with no space to park, even at well known markets.
It had to be a car which offers all what we needed in a sedan but at a compact size. So keeping the following parameters in mind like:
  • exterior design
  • interior space, packaging and comfort
  • build, fit and finish
  • after sales service
  • engine, gearbox, performance and decent mileage
  • reliability, quality and durability and above all
  • keeping the product for a minimum of 5 years, how well will it hold up to normal wear and tear etc and most important, long term maintenance costs.
  • price was given the least weightage as we could afford till the 7.5 lakh price band.
the choices were narrowed down to only 3:
  • Fiat Punto 1.3 emotion pack
  • Hyundai I20 1.4 crdi
  • honda jazz 1.2 petrol i-vtec
Marutis were not even considered since they fall short of space and comfort factor and body durability.

Tata Indica Vista, though a good product, was hated by my dad due to less than steller fit and finish and clunky gearbox. He loved the rear seat comfort though.

We could have waited for the VW polo. But, how much in terms of cost of repairs and maintenance? Electrical reliability that is lacking in VWs? Gearbox issues? Service network that is way too small.

Immediately it was struck off.

Time comes for i20 crdi 1.4. Called up Hyundai Motor Plaza for TD at our house. Dealer said that car is somewhere else and booked for a day. Told them we will give a call back later.

Called up Hans Hyundai which luckily had a TD car and they promptly arrived at 3 pm, date was sometime in beginning of september.

This time I let my dad drive all the cars and after only he is convinced along with my mom, will the car be purchased. When the car came, the sales executive started tom toming about his product that Sir, it is a reliable car with exceptional pickup, mileage, comfortable durable interiors with nice fit and finish etc.

We sat in the car, dad liked the simple user friendly dashboard with easy access to all controls and the level of standard features simply mesmerized him. He was tempted. But I wasn't. I kept telling my dad-drive it and then if you like it, only then make a right decision. Don't just jump into conclusions without even experimenting and observing it. For me, its the product that counts, not the features or equipment levels this time.

It had everything-ABS, dual airbags with rear disc brakes in safety package, torquey CRDi motor with decent gearshift and good build, fit and finish. Was also impressed by the audio sound quality from stock system with steering mounted contols.

But what the car made up with all equipment levels eventually lacked what was most important to me-soul. Moreover, my mom was not impressed by the flat rear seat comfort and since she has some body pains often, the low rear seats not impressed either. All praises for the motor and gearbox though and dad couldn't believe he was driving the diesel.

But again, he asked me- why is the car not behaving as it is supposed to? The salesman tried to intervene but I told him to keep his mouth shut and let my dad feel the car. We took to NH 24 for some high speed tests and the steering was not at all confidence inspiring. I could see my dad trying to control the car which was not easy for him on the first place. Remember, he is a senior citizen and he is generally a sedate driver but also loves to drive. But the feel of the car did not impress him.

After driving the car for about 30 odd kms through Mayur Vihar phase 1,2, NH 24 and adjoining patparganj Industrial area (to check the handling since there are many turns there, was driven by me in a rough manner), we came back, the person was quite impressed by my dad's level of awareness and after we served some courtesy drinks he offered the quotation and claimed that the car will be ready within one week, that too for silver.

(Silver was the only colour choice by my parents for I20/ jazz/ punto with a red as a second option, only for punto.)

He took my dad's blessings and went back, expecting a call from us. But in his mind he knew that it would never happen, as we did not intend to hurt him. Still, he called us after 2 days, and my mom answered "sorry son." (the executive was about 23-24 years old). I know how he felt, and how emotional I was that time. But i spoke nothing, even though my mom called my to answer him in a manner that he does not feel bad.

Yes, for us customer is still the king but still, my mom respects any person who works hard even though he may be an arrogant car dealer sales executive, which in this case it wasn't.

When we sat together and went through our history of santro service bills of routine services (normal wear and tear repair bill often exceeded 2500-300 rupees depending upon the work done) and I took my dad to many Hyundai workshops, I told him, check out the expensive labor rates of Hyundai cars, especially that of i20. Increased by 20-25 percent since May 1, 2009.

It meant that I20 will be very expensive to maintain in a period of 5 years, if our assumptions are correct. Some CRDi parts are also expensive (they are imported) and though my dad was ready to shell out the initial cost, he did not want the maintenance costs to burn a hole in the pocket.

My mom wasn't convinced about the product as a whole, though she liked the Hyundai's after sales network and the car's overall quality, it actually lacked some "feel" which she expects from a car after spending 7,50,000.

Since ocassional highway runs are also part of my dad's driving, decent pickup and stability also matters. So the 1.2 kappa was out of question. Besides, pickup is good, but optimum level is OK, excessive is a no-no for my dad, which the i20 had, along with poor control at high speeds also meant that I20 had to be struck off from the list.
(no offence to any I20 crdi owners, its their choice, and I respect them.)

So, the choice is now between the Fiat punto and the Honda jazz.
One petrol, one diesel. One car that appeals more to head and the heart and other that equally appeals both to heart and head. Remember, space and practicality is also a requirement.

To be continued.....

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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
But, as a responsible member of this forum, I do have a right to get out the real truth and help car buyers in buying decisions in a country where less than a percent of total car buying public really know what they are buying. Again, requirements may differ, but a small contribution always helps, doesn't it?

Congrats sid. I have read many of your posts. The thing you have mentioned is absolutely right. Jazz is a very good option. I am also planning to get one. I own ANHC. But i am thinking of going for Jazz AT once its launched. Planning for any alloy upgrades?
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