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Old 28th September 2009, 18:48   #1
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Default Linea 1.4 Emotion Pack - Delivered with a Horrendous Experience

Hey fellows

Got the Linea 1.4 Petrol Emotion Pack delivered today. Apparently the first Fox Trot Azure in Bombay. I took the PDI list with me and cut through the list like a hot knife through butter. The salesman who had been helping me so far is currently locked away in hospital with malaria which is a real shame. The new guy who helped me came across as the consummate professional. I ran through the PDI list and had completed the pre-PDI inspection as well. Everything seemed to be in order although the tires looks like they had just come off a mud rally. I got them to clean it - filled in the n number of forms. I was assured by new salesman that there was 5 liters of fuel in the tank. As soon as popped in the key and turned on the ignition - the "Low Fuel" message was displayed. I assumed that it was because 5 liters must be the "Reserve" fuel. 2 kms away from the showroom the car stalled for lack of fuel. The BEST driver behind me rediscovered his love for the horn and went a bit ballistic. I on the other hand was more postal than ballistic. I flipped him the finger and he started laughing. Two guys on a motorcycle stopped to help - i let one of them take the wheel and pushed the car to the other side. My folks were following me and they stopped too. I called the showroom and gave them a piece of my mind. They assured me that they will send the fuel right away. My parents went back to the dealer and gave them hell - my dad asked for the feedback forms. They claimed they had filled 5 liters then said they were not sure. On the phone they kept mentioning a fuel voucher. They give him a new feedback form - and he told them to give back the earlier ones. They hesitated but eventually did. He put in "NOT SATISFIED AT ALL" in bold and wrote what happened. 30 mins of waiting later one of guys came with 2 bottles of - i kid you not - Pepsi bottles filled with fuel. Talk about a fire hazard. Forget the funnel - another broken bottle served as a funnel with a screw driver completing the bizarre contraption. Spilling some fuel on to the road - I hope no one throws a cigarette butt there - we were all set. I tried laughing it off initially as I was quite happy with the car. But the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get.
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Let it go. Maybe they really slipped on that, and not skipped.

OTOH, looks like everything else has been good. No problems in the car, as checked against PDI Check List. Hopefully that'll be the only thing that was not right, and you'll start enjoying the car.

Now let's have some pics. And hope to see a different title soon. :-)

All the best with your new car. & Congrats !
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Old 28th September 2009, 21:32   #3
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Congrats on your new buy... Enjoy the ride.
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Hope worst is behind you and start enjoying the new car

congratulations on your new car.
keep posting your ownership experience.
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congrats on the purchase dude. Welcome to the club.
Time for pics, eh?

That's really a horrendous experience ... spoils your special day.
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Old 28th September 2009, 21:51   #6
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Congrats on your new car and forget some bozzos trying to spoil your fun.

You can always send fiat an email on the dealer experience that you had.
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Old 28th September 2009, 21:59   #7
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Congrats on your new car.

Hope that remains the only bad experience with your new car.
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Old 28th September 2009, 22:10   #8
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Not a good start but guess what; it cannot go worse and there should be an upswing to things. So cool down and get riding and report your pics / experiences and all.

Congratulations and enjoy the beaut.

Cheers, Sam
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Old 28th September 2009, 22:26   #9
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Congrats, enjoy the new ride & Admiration!

The experience was not so 'horrendous' to speak, but was avoidable!
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Invidious, please put up the pics asap. I have never seen Foxtrot Azure before. As for the petrol, it sounds like a screw up and not something deliberate. Time to enjoy the car now.
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Old 28th September 2009, 23:19   #11
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Well, congrats on the car. I had expected much worse after reading your thread title. Would you tell us which special dealer was it?
These dealers sell a car worth 8 lacs but refuse to even put in fuel worth 300 rs.

show us the car now, worst is behind you definitely. Car will make you forget such an experience.
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Old 29th September 2009, 00:43   #12
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@ Invidious - was this at Concorde, Prabhadevi?
I had a horrendous experience myself there today where the Punto alloted to me was delivered to someone else. All this while, my case was being handled by one sales guy who was excellent. His name is Ashish and he is down with Malaria too...

Sounds too much of a co-incidence!!!

Mid you - my experience of the test drive, pre-sales, sales, finance etc all has been good and there was decent followups by them.

But they have messed up big time on the D day

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Congrats on your new car buddy !!.. I would request you to forget about those few bad hours and enjoy the car !!..After all, now you own a new beautiful Linea !!
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Look over it and have a pleasant drive

Btw, you didnt mention the dealer- or did I miss it?

And congrats on the new home-on-roads!!!
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Old 29th September 2009, 01:17   #15
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I had the very same experience with Pandit Auto in Pune when I took my cousin's Punto's delivery.
Thankfully I insisted on a test drive before taking the final delivery and the car chose to stall not 50 mts from the showroom gates with the sales rep in the passenger seat.

It was a bad experience, but I got over it real fast.

There's no point ruining the memory now. Me and my brother took pics at that time just so that we could laugh at it later.

I hope you have many lovely miles with your Linea! Congratulations!

PS: Pics awaited!
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