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Default My Baby, My Fiat Grande Punto - Red - MJD - Active

It's been almost 2months since I got her, since now I know her better than what she was when she was handed over to me, I'm starting this ownership report. Till date, she has travelled all types of roads, clocked around 3300km, and awaiting her first service this week.

How I chose her -

I always wanted a diesel hatch and was quite impressed with the Swift, the fact that Swift has become quite common made me to lookout for an alternative. I was quite keen on Ritz, since it's from Maruti stable. Ritz dissapointed me with her looks, I can compromise on anything else but not on looks, so I let her go. Next, had a look at Vista, the space inside quite impressed me. I felt that the placement of the central console was purposely done to make it a chauffer-driven car rather than a owner driven car. Also, felt that the style and design doesn't suit my age. Apart from these cars, I really had no other choice. When the Punto was launched, I was impressed with her looks, since I knew that the same engine is doing duty in the Swifts and the Vistas, I wasn't bothered about the performance and more so on that 0-100 figures. No further calculations and booked Red MJD Active on June26th, 2009.

Dealership Choice & Experience -

I don't generally think too much on things that doesn't matter much (I felt the car matters the most and not the dealership, this assumption of mine was later proved wrong). Without any proper inquiries, I decided to buy may baby from Tafe Reach, Chennai. The experience is nothing less than harrowing, now that it's been 2months since I met those guys, I have decided to move on.

What I feel about her-

(I will start with the positives and end the list with negatives.)

- The engine was pretty noisy at higher rpms for the first few weeks until I did a major highway trip. Now she has settled down, very smooth, in fact silky smooth. This transformation is a pleasant surprise for me as I wasn't expecting her to get smoother.

- With very less noise from the engine bay, the driving pleasure has improved manifolds. It's just amazing to know how a little reduction in noise level can do wonders on driving pleasure.

- Handling, I don't want to delve in this, since this is pretty much written. Just one word though - Perfect!

- F.E - I'm a driver who fills the tank when the needle moves near to E, so I don't know what she returns per litre.

- Drivability - She is amazing to drive, she is sporty, she responds well and handles herself well.

- Footwel - I'm still finding it difficult to drive with my shoes on, those who drive with big shoes, be wary of the pedals, they are really closely placed. Fiat you got to do something on this!

- Space - The rear seat is cramped, it's uncomfortable for people who sit behind me. I stand at 6'3" and there is almost no space left behind when I sit. I'm finding it difficult to accompany my family in my car.

- Quality Issues - The rear parcel tray rack was delivered broken, the rubber beading for the rear left door often comes out.

I'm driving to Kodai this weekend, I will keep this thread updated with how she behaves during the course of the trip.
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Congrats Cliff.

Please post the first service and the trip details once you are back.

Also pics pls
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Cliff, congrats! And post some pics soon. For the benefit of others, can you post some details about your experience with Tafe?
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Congrats Cliff, you must be getting impressive FE too!

And some pics please.....
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Default Congrats

Hey Cliffhanger,

Congrats and glad to you you are enjoying your beauty. Even i am very particular on how the car looks and hence even Ritz is out of the equation for me.

Please post pictures too.

The list of negatives mentioned( Like rear parcel tray broken) is common to all puntos and has now become a Punto Trademark.

Hope Fiat resolves these issues at the earliest.
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Congrats!! dude... Punto is the ride to have... there is nothing that beats the MJD package... Do post the pics...
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Congrats Cliffhanger. Four months of ownership and no pics! Bring them on.
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congrats cliffhanger , another member of the punto club
have you added any accessories , ICE, alloys or central locking?
Do update the thread with pictures.
I also own a punto active MJD about a month old.
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Congrats Cliff...GP is a great car to drive and own...enjoy the beauty...do post some pic too...I myself own a GP MJD and am enjoying every moment of it...

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Congrats Cliff. I am sure you made a great choice. except for Vista, I dont think any of the other cars you had in the list has space! we would like to see some pics of your babe!
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Congrats Cliffhanger.

Guys,does Grande Punto Emotion variant come with Tubeless tyres???
How is the Blaupunkt OE set's performance? I had a Blaupunkt Mumbai MP26, but the options and quality of music are not extraordinary.

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congratz cliff...

How abt some pics maan
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Hey @Cliffhanger. Nice report. Congrats on the car buddy. Drive safe.
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I'm back after a 3 day long exhilirating trip to Kodaikanal and my love for my baby has just gotten strengthened further. This is her second major highway trip and a completely different one.

Let me jolt down how she performed.

Friday night, after a long hectic day at office decided to start the journey at 12.30 am. The driving intention was just to be cautious and defensive as I know there would be a huge vehicular traffic since this was the start of a long weekend and everybody would want to get back to their hometown. As expected, as soon as I reached the Grand South Trunk Road, I was welcomed by a heavy vehicular traffic. I was tired and couldn't concentrate much but also did not want to be get stuck in between those huge containers, I decided to overtake them swiftly, 4th gear wasn't of much help as the speed build up in between overtakes took some time ( the lorries generally drove at 60-70 kmph), so had to resort to 3rd gear most of the time, since I drove at higher rpms in 3rd gear, she showed some strain, but I had no other options. Most part of the highway till Trichy was covered by this fashion. Reached Trichy at around 5.30. A total of 5hrs from Chennai - Trichy, people generally cover this distance at just over 4hrs, but here I have nobody to blame except myself for chosing an odd hr for travel.

The travel to Kodai from Trichy was nothing less than bad as the roads were miserable at most stretches, though she soaked most post holes she couldn't eat them all. The ghat drive of around 45km was really pleasant though, the roads were smooth and she handled herself as expected.

** Spent the weekend in Kodai Woody's Resort, the weather was chill and I treated myself with a much deserved break **

Wokeup early yesterday, Oct 4th and decided to start at 8am. Started as per plan, now the driving intentions were different since I felt energetic and revamped after the break, I decided to test her, push her to her limits, she squealed and howled throughout the downhill drive, but she didn't lack composure, the JK Tornado did a reasonable job, it managed to keep my baby grounded. With the same enthusiasm drove till Trichy,reached Trichy at 11.30am. A total of 3.5hrs from Kodai to Trichy. An impressive time record, I feel.

At 12pm, started from Trichy, I knew that the Golden Quadrilateral is the right place to test her highway capabilities. The initial few kms, had to drive in cross roads. Once I left Trichy suburbs, the speed was increased drastically, pushed her to 140, 150, 160. The max I did was just a little over 160kmph, and I touched that around 4 or 5 times. Except near the Toll Roads, the speeds driven were between 140-160kmps, she was steady and composed at 160. The breaking though was just decent if not top notch, she quickly comes from 150 or 140 to 70 at no time, but she takes a considerable amount of time to reach 30 or 40 from there, she judders too at that speed. She smoked all vehicles that came in her way(She could easily handle speeds upto 200kmph, hope Fiat brings her future siblings with that heart). Reached Chennai Infosys, Shollinganalur at exactly 3pm, a total of 3hrs from Trichy to Chennai and 7hrs from Kodai to Chennai including an half hr break.The time taken was quite impressive.

To put it shortly, she is a queen in Highways, she impresses you with her performance in highways.

Let me add further how she performed in the hills.

In steep roads, where I could easily do in 2nd gear I had to use 1st gear since the turbo lag in 2nd gear is more pronounced. As you climb the steep, when you shift from 1st to 2nd, the turbo lag in 2nd gear brings down the rpm to below 1k, as a result she refuses to climb up, had to shift back to 1st gear to push the rpm above 1k. I felt this as quite a hindrance as you would be constantly honked when you shift back. She felt a bit underpowered and the mismatch in power to weight ratio showed up in steep hills.

Well,she doesnt impresses you with her performance alone, she does it with her looks as well. While I was parking my vehicle in HillTop Restaurant, a middle aged man requested me to let him to sit in the cock pit. He said he was bowled over by the looks and color of the car. Wherever I go, my baby doesn't fail to seek attention.

Hope we treat each other well in future as well!!

P.S: Will post pics soon.

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Hi cliffhanger,
Can you Please post the pictures of your Punto
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