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Old 22nd November 2009, 11:12   #16
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Originally Posted by reignofchaos View Post
There are two hooks on the floor. You can latch the mats to those hooks and it shouldn't move. I never had the issue as long as the mats were latched to those hooks.
Exactly. The original cedia mats come with a hole at the exact location of the hook, so once hooked, there is no way mats can move. Also, from the bottom, the mats are of a material that gets stick to the carpet and again doesnt let it move. However, if you have plastic mats above these they may move.

Originally Posted by kartho View Post
do you keep the fresh air ciculation open always ? I keep it closed...
It actually depends Sir. When its hot, I switch on the AC and keep the air circulation closed. In cold I switch on the blower and and keep the AC/heater closed most of the times but keep the air circulation open. that makes fresh air at normal temperature come in.

I only prefer keeping air circulation open with AC/heater on when I go to hillstation or some place I know air will be freah. In cities, its not good to keep it open with all the pollution comming in, particularly in traffic hours.

Also, If some one would have noticed, when you keep the air circulation open, it throws less cool air as compared to when we close it. Thats because when we switch it on, the compressor chills the already cool air inside the cabin. However when the vent is open, air is sucked from outside, which is extremely hot in summer and then cooled by the compressor. This in first place makes the compressor work hard and then again sends you with less cool air. Thats same for all systems including climate control.

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Good colour - some new shade
Looks pretty

enjoy- drive safe
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Old 22nd November 2009, 15:00   #18
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Very nice color. I like the clean uncluttered look of the dash.
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Old 22nd November 2009, 15:17   #19
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congratulations.nice colour and clean neat interiors.Wishing you a happy ownership.
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Old 22nd November 2009, 15:39   #20
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Congrats on a lovely driver's car.

I have to ask though, how come oyu got the Spirit? I thought it was phased out and they had only the Cedia Sports....
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Old 22nd November 2009, 19:41   #21
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Congrats! Recently bought a Cedia Sports. Have enjoyed the ownership so far. I find the shifts as such are quite smooth. Sometimes find it a little difficult to slot in the third/fourth. Think I need to get used to it.

I've just started enjoying long drives again.

Originally Posted by kartho View Post
Hey all, Just got the delivery of the car, everytime i ride this car, i am in love with it all over again... :-) The gear shift has been smoothened by the Mitsu guys and its butter smooth now. They also said that after a couple of services, the gears would become so smooth and light that you dont even need the clutch... the synchronizer is advanced enough to respond, if you pushed the shift in the right speeds ! All said, i am just lovin it :-)
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Old 23rd November 2009, 09:15   #22
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Originally Posted by kartho View Post
@Raja - Thank you very much for the tip... i will keep an eye on the mats... also, i am not sure if you / kc also face this issue, sometimes when i reach to the clutch, my shoe hits the part above the clutch or gets stuck there for a second... I am not sure if its the way i sit or the position of my legs or the design of the car ? I am slowly getting used to it, but first day was a little annoying....
It may be because you are upgrading from another smaller car where you used to site closer to the steering and you are still maintaining the same distance. This car, you must set yout sitting position right. The best way to do is, to plant your left foot on the dead pedal flat, push the seat back just as much as possible and that should be your position. Now, sit with your back pushed against the seat and place your right foot on the gas pedal and then move it to the brake pedal. It should not hit anywhere. Try the same with the clutch pedal - push it full back and take your foot completely off it and see it doesn't hit anywhere. That's your driving position.
Then adjust the steering to suit your hand reach and all around movement.
Once done, your feet moves around freely and sponteneously.

@R_o_C, Thanks fot that tip mate. I must look for it this afternoon.
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Old 23rd November 2009, 11:09   #23
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Congrats.That indeed a great choice of color & interiors goes well with the color. The fit & finish is top notch. Hate the wooden finish on the dash.
Its screaming for spoiler & body kit. See if you can source the sports model kit for a price in the showroom. Alloys seems to be little dull.
Love to have the RED Mitsu logo instead of silver one.
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Old 23rd November 2009, 14:02   #24
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Originally Posted by RajaTaurus View Post
To Kartho and KCNetid,
Did you notice the floor mat of driver's seat?
This thing slowly slides forward and before you notice, it gets under the clutch / brake pedals.
My Cedia foot-mat seems to have velcro on the bottom to stick it to the carpet. I don't have the sliding issue.

I also had put in synthetic mats after some searching to ensure that the aesthetics of black carpet and original foot-mats is not lost.
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Old 24th November 2009, 11:38   #25
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Hey’all, thanks again for all your best wishes and compliments. The color is Ashton Grey and in person it definitely looks much more elegant than in my pics.

@Gaurav / KC / Raja

Like Gaurav mentioned there is a hole in the mat and a hook to hold it, so no issues.


Apparently they have not phased it out, they have just stopped marketing looks like. There are multiple versions, so I am not sure which is the right one, but the fact is, you can still buy the Cedia Spirit and its still selling

@ Raja Tauras

I was owning a OHC before the Cedia, but still, will try the technique suggested by you… I am 6 foot tall, so not sure, how behind I will be moving my seat though !

@ Ram

I would have loved the logo in red too, but actually the chrome one does fit well in the scheme… especially this is meant to be an executive car.
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Old 24th November 2009, 13:27   #26
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Hey congratulation for the car!
What is the F.E? Do write a detailed report

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Old 26th November 2009, 10:19   #27
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Looks beautiful I say, lucky fellow. I'm happy for you, enjoy the spin with care!!!
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Old 21st December 2009, 15:05   #28
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Default Update: 1000 KM report

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing well and all geared up and up beat for this holiday season's celebrations !! Sorry if you guys find this report really long and boring, but i really hope there will be intersting bits for everyone !

Last week I got the first service done and I have a story to tell... I will try to keep this chronological as much as possible, but if my excitement switches seat with me, i hope you will understand

Ever since the day i got delivery of my Cedia, a part of my mind has been always been secretly thinking about the next excuse i will get to take the car out... no wonder my wife has been feeling that years of undivided attention she has been enjoying is now becoming questionable

Now to the car, with each passing day, i am just really getting more and more attached to my car, its a very lovely lovable car... the leather seats are so comfortable and the beige gives a fresh appeal each time i enter the car... the seating position is so good that its not just the commanding view that i am enjoying, its much more.. i have had years of back pain history, i never thought it could have been because of my car - I had an OHC and the seating is quite low and awkward - but once in the seat i used to enjoy my drive - but now with my back pain gone, I am having questions on the OHC seating position ! The other thing i love it in the driver seat, is the dead pedal, this is a luxury for me that i love. Those who know pune traffic can understand how painful it is to drive a manual gear box in peak city traffic, i used to always get mad at the traffic and lose my cool as my ankles and feet would hurt all the time with the excessive clutch... but now, this car really does well in this department... i have sufficient place to rest my feet when i am not on the clutch and the clutch is so good that even when i totally take the right feet off the accelerator and the RPMs fall sharply i dont need clutch support - no jerks (unless i am above 3rd gear - which anyways out of scope in peak traffic)

Talking of 3rd gear - this is like an automatic option - the moment i am in an unpredictable moving traffic - i come to 3rd and drive... this helps me drive smoothly in any speed - be it 20 or 60 without having to bother my left feet thats napping in the luxury of the dead pedal... no more harrassment in city traffic !

ABS - when the car had done just about 400 kms, an unsound M800 driver applied sudden breaks in free flow traffic totally unexpected when i was in a speed of 35 - 40, to my despair i was driving almost bumper to bumper when this happened and i just pounced on the break, no time to even clutch... i was stunned by the way the car just stopped within one feet from such speed but was very worried because of the noise from the car and the wierd hardness i felt in the brakes, the pedal had become so hard like the break was being resisted from the other side... thought the break had jammed and was lucky to have avoided the accident... came home and read through the owner's manual and found to my delight that this is how exactly the break should feel when the ABS activates - the manual suggests not to break multiple times in such cases and continue depressing the pedal as much as possible - this was awesome --- all those sales men who tried to sell me cars without ABS claiming that ABS is not required in Indian speed conditions deserve a rap ! as it was purely ABS to my rescue the other day otherwise first scratches/dents would have already found their place in my car !

Engine noise - Initially i used to think once the car has been driven a few hundred kms the smoothness and silence would not be there anymore and i would easily be able to hear the engine on ! but i am wrong, the engine is still silent and if i dont honk sufficient i end up surprising pedestrians/bikers and the surprised/shocked look in their face when they suddenly turn back and see the car gives me a wicked sense of pride.. many times i have also gotten fooled in judging whether the engine stopped or is still on ignition, so, i now have started checking the RPM meter to see if the car is still on
The car is almost as though its sound proof you literally cant hear anything inside... its like you are in a noise free pune for a change !

Looks - the Cedia Spirit with its different grill and chrome handles does have a very executive look almost every time i go to a petrol pump or park in a busy area, i immediately have people walking around the car trying to understand whats the touch screen all about or trying to find the name of the car... some people even engage a conversation to understand the performance of the car and all the details ! so, i am beyond doubt and words, glad to have made this choice ! surprisingly most people feel the spirit looks a lot Merc-y... i am more than glad to beleive so :@)

Fuel Efficiency - This is not very important for me as i dont drive much and would rather have the fun to drive factor than the fuel efficiency... but still to my surprise, the car gave about 12+ FE in the first 600km run that was within city limits with regular unleaded fuel (HP), but as mentioned by a few people i was keen on testing the FE with Shell super for my long drive to Kashid beach - while the FE seemed to be 14 or more while going the overall FE for the trip after i returned seemed about 12 - 13 only - this could have been because of the heavy traffic while we were returning from Kashid - but will keep you guys updated on the FE moving forward, now that my first service is also done.

Maintenance - has been easy and simple, thanks to RajaTaurus - a simple mixture of water and surf keeps the leather clean and neat no matter how heavy the stain is...

Modifications - have only got the sun film done as of now - though expensive i found the HuperOptik option to be the best in the market and i wanted only the best ! I used to drive with the ACC on 18 - 19deg before i got this high performance ceramic sun film (apparently others are metal based), now, anything below 23 is painfully cold... so 25 - 26 is where i set my ACC these days... i knew that adding sunfilm to the wind shield would be useful, but i am surely surprised with the difference in the cooling, apparently, because of the quick cooling of the car, the compressor is not running most of the times and beleive me this makes more TORQUE available when i am in a mood to push the pedal a little hard and have some fun ! So, everyone who has not gotten sun film done for their windshield should surely give it a try, beleive you will be surprised with the results.. and for all you know, the FE would be a lot better too !

I have not yet laid my hands on the music system and I plan to do so in Jan '10, I am thinking of JBL front speakers (9k), Hertz Oval Rear speakers(5k) and Blaupunkt or Pioneer subwoofers with amp... the total package is coming about 25 -30k, I need your expert advice on which speakers to opt and if there is any kind of threat in doing such work in the car as i do not know exactly how much tampering would be there and would it affect the kenwood music system ?

Lastly, the performance of the car after the first service is unbeleivable... just one word the car has now become my personal rocket ! Its not that i am not used to high pick up before... the OHC was also a fun to drive car with a lot of peppiness and energy, but this feels like a rocket... i am not a very technical guy, but surely 117 BHP does not seem right, this feels like a lot more or probably the other cars i drove had their BHP over rated, whatever said, the feeling of take off when you are ready to push the pedal is AWESOME... just one word !! donno what was done in the first service... although i was told that only the alignment was corrected as the car was earlier dragging to the right !

Now, i am finally done and eagerly waiting to hear your comments and answer any questions you may have...
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Great - straight-from-the-heart review mate. Wasn't surprised, though.
Yes. That dead pedal is so convenient.
You are right again, from 20-60, third gear effortlessly pulls as if it is an automatic car. I've felt this all along.
I've experienced and got saved at least 20 times, by the ABS, as I used to ram the brakes so instinctively upon detecting danger in front.
The braking gives you so much confidence in driving.
Yes, this is a mini rocket, as Top Gear says, Evo is the Rocket on Land.
So much for Cedia Spirit.
Enjoy the ride man. Two years down the line, I bet you would pretty much write the same.

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what was the ex-showrrom cost of car and how much discount did you manage? Does music system has navigation, ipod and USB connectivity also? Thanks.
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