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Thumbs up My new Ford Endeavour AT: Initial Report

Dear Friends,

I got the delivery of my Ford Endeavour 3.0 Auto on 18th Dec '09. Color: Morello.

What do I say, It was Love at First Sight!! Absolute Stunner! I'm sure, Hilly Billy would be enjoying his prized possession as much as I'm doing!

I've already clocked 1000 km in last 14 days A quick update on the experience so far:
  1. The car has SOME presence on the road! But, is extremely easy to handle.
  2. I agree with Hilly Billy, the absence of Map lights in front is a BIG problem. I'm kind of used to the front map lights in the corolla and hence it's very difficult getting used to this. Even the lights from the Roof mounted DVD player light up the central area and not the front!
  3. The Roof mounted DVD system starts on its own as soon as you start the car, even while the screen is folded up and the front system is also working. It keeps on trying to read the DVD and makes a strange noise. You then have to press the Power button to make it understand not to work. Everytime you have to do this, it's very irritating. Maybe the guys at the showroom fixed it wrong, and hence will have to get it checked.
  4. There is of course NO Auto Climate Control, and at this price, it really pinches if you have to fiddle around with those Rotary AC Knobs to keep changing the temperature and the Air Circulation Mode:.
That's all for the BAD part! Now everything else is Velly Velly GOOD
  1. The moment you engage it in "D" and press the throttle, there you go "Vroooo......M!" Feels like a sports car! Initially I was very scared and hence was very stingy in pressing the throttle and felt that the auto box is lazy. Was almost repenting my decision of going in for an autobox. Within 3 days, my agony almost turned into ecstacy when I took this beast on the Delhi Gurgaon expressway. Man, this car does not like traffic at all and opens up like a bird ready to fly!! The feeling is difficult to describe! This thing just leaves everybody else to be seen only in the rear view mirror!
  2. Over the next 3 days, the autobox got used to my throttle modulation (that's the technical term that they mentioned in the manual that came along - I actually had to read it as I was getting frustrated in the first 3 days) and started behaving the way I wanted to on the heavy rush roads! Driving this with the Autobox is now as simple as playing a video game. I'm not tired at all even from a daily one way commute of 36 kms from home to office and back! Earlier, I used to shout at my driver when he refused to turn up, now I'm least bothered if he comes or not! Infact, all these days, he's sitting beside me and I'm driving. Infact, guys at the office have been tasing that he's the BOSS as he's the one being driven! But, I don't mind as driving the new endeavour with autobox is an absolute pleasure.
  3. The rear view camera gives a clear view and makes it very comfortable to reverse. Though I still prefer the ORVM's, the camera view is an additional benefit, even at night.
  4. The steering is very responsive. And much lighter than the one i have in my corolla. Maybe its because of the difference in the hydraulic technology of the corolla and the electronic technology of the endy. I had read somewhere that since this is a ball & nut type and not the usual rack an pinion type, it will be difficult at corners. I didn't feel any difference at all. I've done some very tight cornering with this machine, and boy, I'm impressed.
  5. The quality of leather is awesome. The texture, feel and smell all put together give you that feeling of luxury. The plastics, although of the good quality, could have been better to atleast match the one I have in my old corolla (2005 model). Still, no complaints as the color coordination is perfect with the right use of the matte finish faux wooden accents. It would've been better had they given a height adjustment to the driver's seat at least.
  6. Once you get used to keeping the AC rotary knobs at the right positions, the AC (and heater) is very effective indeed.
  7. I had heard at many places that endy's biggest drawback is the rear leaf spring suspension making it hard. Let me tell you my experience, I've driven the new Fortuner as well, and it's coil suspension is no better either. But aren't SUV's supposed to be like that? Slightly hard so that you get the feel at least!! Well, I didn't mind the slight jerks at all, which were only pronounced at smaller potholes. The bigger ones and speed breakers were handled with much better ease! Don't bother, our roads only have big potholes, so the leaf spring suspension for me is no problem so far.
  8. All the rows have ample leg room. The middle row seats get better under thigh support and are quite comfortable. However, I do miss the central armrest of corolla on the middle row seats. A long cushion has anyways done the job and replaced the missing feeling of the central arm rest. The last row is pretty low, but has ample leg room (I don't know if its the right term to use) that is there is enough gap between the middle row and the last row, so if a person can sit in the knee-up position, it'll not be difficult.
  9. With all seats in place, there is virtually no room for any luggage. It's better to get a roof rack installed. The showroom is ripping off with a price tag of Rs. 25K for the roof rack only. It's better to get one installed after market. I however got the Hurricane Graphics, Footwell lights, Door Weather Shields and the Body Care Package(Teflon coating on the underside, body and engine) done through the showroom and managed a 15% discounted on the total quoted package price of Rs. 23,761/-. The Hurricane graphics look really nice.
  10. Now comes the best part - the Kenwood system. Its a nice system with all the features you would want in your ICE system. Quality of sound from the 6 or 8 speakers (haven't figured that out yet!) is good and can be adjusted using the 5-Band Graphic Equilizer. It takes USB, DVD (and MP3 and normal CDs), iphone (through USB again, but somehow, I still haven't been successful using that as it plays the songs on iphone bu there is no sound - maybe a cable mismatch) and 12-station FM tuner + don't know how many on AM. Overall, the package is very nice, menu driven and not very complex to handle. You'll be at ease in a day.
  11. The roof mounted DVD player is a plus. You could play a DVD on this and view it on the roof mounted screen and front screen (when the car is parked), or play a DVD on the front system and watch it on both screens, or play different DVD/CD in the 2 systems. Extremely helpful when you wanna hear your favourite songs and at the same time, your kids can watch their favourite cartoon (without sound of course). I still could not figure out if at all I can listen to the sound of the overhead DVD player using a headphone as I could not see a audio out jack anywhere there!!!
  12. Only thing that sucks in the system is the roof mounted antenna. Its an antique thing, pulling it out everytime you wanna listen to the radio. Instead, there could've been a painted antenna, or a power antenna somewhere atleast.
  13. The Bluetooth HF telephone works very well and needs a good applaud. I've never felt any problem and connects automatically everytime I start the car. I've paired it with Blackberry 8520. I can access the phonebook and dial numbers directly once the car is parked - Autobox in "P" and Handbrakes engaged. Otherwise, if the number I wish to dial is in my missed call list or the outgoing call list or the incoming call list, then I can slecet it from there and call directly. Else just use the keypad on the phone to dial. Once can also use voice prompts, but I've not tried that.The sound is very clear both to me and at the other end. Very useful feature when driving yourself to ensure safety and also to ensure that you don;t end up paying Rs. 1,000/- to the traffic hawaldar.
  14. Another big feature is the inbuilt satellite navigation system, which I must say is quite accurate. Though it has hanged couple of times forcing me to switch off the system and start again (hard reboot), still it's pretty nice with a good database. I can reach the block number in a locality and then have to figure out the house number myself or use the Eicher map which I always carry. Can record GPS logs and replay them to understand the total distance traveled at what speed and specific speed at specific points, etc. etc. Can save destinations as favourites and all you need is to select "navigate to" and the voice prompts navigates the route. Useful, if your wife is confused of the route and your want her to drive to the favourite place when you're away.
  15. Brakes were soft initially but have improved over the days. It's a matter of getting used to it. I does take a distance to stop from high speeds, though there is no skidding at all. I've done till 140 kmph and could always manage to stop at a safe distance.
  16. Driving at night is also easy. There is less glare because of the tall stance. The headlight beam throw is pretty nice and you do not feel that a HID lamp would be required at all, though if they would've been there, then it would've been terrific.
All in all, a very nice package at the price its being offered. Mine was delayed for about a month due to some problems with the color availability and then was delayed again by a week as the transporter off loaded it at the last moment only to be carried on a separate vehicle. However, my dealer compensated me by offering the 3rd Year Extended Warranty for free. So, I'm not complaining.

Please let me know if you have any specific queries and I'll be most willing to answer as I owe a lot to this forum, which actually helped me in my research to choose between the Endy and the Fortuner. And I know, I've made the right choice by all standards


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weee Neeed pics.........
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Originally Posted by ThE Godfather View Post
weee Neeed pics.........
Seconded! Congrats on the monster though! You'll have a great time with this beast.
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Congrats Mate:

I am not sure of the latest version but the DVD player for the Thunder + is a dealer installed accessory. I suspect they may have botched up the installation. Have them check it.

The 3.0 TDCi is a beast of an engine. I love the pick up.
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Congrats on your endy - post some nice pics to go along with your review.
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Congrats on your buy ! Endeavour , infact has a great presence on the road, but yours is not Present here !

So pictures are needed !
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Dear Brother,
please try to add Pictures including interiors.
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Congratulations!!! The new Endeavour is a very good alternative to Fortuner and it comes with an Auto option too. I test drove one some time back, i found it really capable.

Originally Posted by Fore_Runner View Post
[*]The steering is very responsive. And much lighter than the one i have in my corolla. Maybe its because of the difference in the hydraulic technology of the corolla and the electronic technology of the endy.:.[/b]
AFAIK The Corolla Altis comes with a Electronic power steering and Endeavour comes with Hydraulic power steering.
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congrats on the new buy hope you make good use of your new suv. its good to see more automatics in the market
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Ford has not yet given the Automatic Climate Control provision in any of their cars manufactured and sold in India. I think they will soon come with this option.
The DVD provision seems good in endy. How about giving some phtographs of these
features including the full car ? Congratulations becoming a proud owner of Endy !
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Congrats on your new car. We all are waiting for its pics.
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Congrats for the new tamed beast and enjoy it.
Its very well written and has made my decision easier for now.
Offcource we demand few nice pics.
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Congrats on your new ride. Is this a 4x4 Auto box..?
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Thumbs up

Congrats on the SUV, and great observation in 14 days!!!
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Have been a bit lazy in the Delhi's chilliest winter this season. Promise to put up the pics within 2-3 days as soon as I see some Sun coming out!

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