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Default New Addition - Hyundai i10 Auto Sportz

Hyundai i10 Auto Sportz

Hi everybody and first thanks to all the i10 owners who provide their review/inputs/feedback here which made us more comfortable to choose our car. Also special thanks to mobike08(Avi) and NevGin for responding to my pms/calls.

We are came back from USA and settling down here in Hyderabad… not bought any car as I was using my friends 2006 Santro on emergency basis (which went on for 9 months)… With good times are coming back (out of recession) my wife got a job and looking for a car for her. As she is not comfortable with driving, planned to have a driver and started looking for car …

Started with Santro as we are using this car, we knocked out it from the list as it’s not the same as 2006 (because of reduced provisions and the price its offering for GLS model). Then we thought about wagonR but somehow it was not encouraging us to go for it. Then started looking for i10 and then friends started questioning us about why you guys are not looking for Swift. Then we had a test drive of both Swift and i10… Even I got confirmation for Swift in 3 days with premium amount. Liked the both cars but here the catch was the sales person who got the i10 for test drive came with auto transmission. As there was no idea to go for auto transmission, that drive made us to think about an auto model. Immediately we requested our driver to stop and look for another job… in the mean time we evaluated our options going for auto model. As a courtesy, we called Hyundai and Maruti dealers to inform our decision. But Maruti guy came back to us with Ritz option where we need to wait for it. So we decided to go for i10 auto and its sportz model. And its Ouster grey (I have to push my wife for this color from Electric Red)

Pre Sales Experience

We met the sales person from Talwar Hyundai, Hyderabad who gave us a test drive with all the details and booked the car on 19th November to get a delivery on Nov 26th but the problem started after 2 days, the sales guy calls me and informed that sir your vehicle is arriving but it’s given to someone who is on priority list . We were stunned and clueless what to say. We asked how much time we need to wait. Sir One month…. Immediately I canceled the car booking and went to another dealer in Hyderabad. It’s Lakshmi Hyundai and realized what we were missing with Talwar Hyundai.

The professionalism and support is completely different at Lakshmi Hyundai as compared to Talwar. The problem was I have to wait till Dec 3rd week to get the car. But once I got the car, I waited for a week to take the delivery because of auspicious day.


Printed the PDI list from T-BHP and went to showroom to have the inspection of the vehicle. But we forgot to take the camera along with us . Everything looked good and waiting for d-day to take the delivery. Informed the sales person about the time for taking the delivery.


The vehicle was ready with all the paper work done. Only thing left was DD and other cash payments… completed in 5-10 minutes and heading for the delivery. Here is the dragon comes, my little one comes and wants to use rest/washroom so we waited for her to come and took the delivery. Initial thoughts/observation on the road is awesome…

From show room to hotel for lunch and little scared to give the car for wallet parking but that guy told me sir it should be fine… trusted him and from there to home and had a little break. Evening, went to temple for puja … (contd… in performance section)

Installed auto cop and Added fog lamps from the dealer along with (so called) Teflon coating

Went for semi leather seats and door scuffs
Liked the beige interiors and the way it is

The next day we started early morning to my wife’s native (around 530 kms from Hyderabad) as she wants her car to be taken to Kanipakam (vinayaka temple). Started with good speed and then made sure I will not cross 80 but somehow always the speedometer was near 100. After nearly 40kms decided will limit the speed between 80-90…. drove at 80-90 kmph till 1000 kms...

So far the driving exp is excellent. I liked the way the interiors are and the road noise is also less compared to my previous Santro. Will not say anything but its good bet in this segment.

Had first free service on 31st December 2009 and it cost me Rs.0.

With auto transmission, I am enjoying the driving in city …

Post sales experience

I got so many calls from Hyundai customer care from all over the places (Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai and HYD) for checking my sales experience and exp/comfortableness with car.


After 800kms, there was a sound from the rear side and not sure what was that…. Got down and looked around but no foreign piece or nothing happened to the vehicle. But only thing I was driving on bumpy tar road. It was there intermittent till we came to HYD. Reported at first service and I was (lucky &) able to show it to the service adviser. Later found from service adviser (both from Laksmi and kun Hyundai, HYD) that it’s because of the antenna which is touching the top of the body. Later I was told it’s a common issue with i10 and Getz. The solution they offered is “antenna should be away from the body i.e. Move upwards” but the problem with this is it touches when we go to basements.

And one more thing… what I observed is, after refueling with full tank of petrol, there is shake of liquid sound comes from rear side. Is this common in all vehicles?

Fuel Economy:

Actual part comes here….
After Delivery, at Liberty cross road, had a full tank …. Refilled (22liters) at 377kms mark on the odometer. The next stop was [FONT=&quot]near Tirupathi [/FONT]and refilled (30 liters) at 776kms mark. The first journey was full on NH-7 and the next one was more on state highway. Its top-up and not auto cut off method used here. A/C is always on.

Here are the details so far….

Filled at| Diff | Fuel | FE | Drive on
377 | 377 | 22 | 17.14 | NH-7 HWY
776 | 399 | 30 | 13.30 | State HWY & Ghat Road
1127 | 351 | 22 | 15.95 | State & NH-7 Hwy
1495 | 368 | 30 | 12.27 | NH-7 HWY & City
1780 | 285 | 28 | 10.18 | City
2065 | 285 | 32 | 8.91 | City (vehicle was on with AC in idle)
2382 | 317 | 31 | 10.23 | City
2688 | 306 | 30 | 10.20 | City (latest 02/02)

My typical daily drive is from Home (S.R.nagar) to NASR school and back home ... later from home to Office (Gachibowli) and back to home...

The Gas station I use us Full Moon serv station, Begumpet (next to Kalaniketan)

EXCELLENT, AWESOME and TERRIFIC … (and goes on ...)
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MVN, I am glad some of my inputs were helpful in your car buying decision.

Its a wonderful car and since i own a i10 Kappa as well i have recently discovering its beautiful engine since i was so self immersed with my Pete'd Viva CRDi that i ignored the i10 completely and now confirm that its indeed a joy to drive.

About that liquid sound, i never faced any such issue. Sometimes when doing a tight turn at slow speed, i hear a strange sound but nothing that i should be bothered about.

From your FE figures looks like you too are a heavy pedaller. However, i get figures now between 13kmpl to 14kmpl as my wife drives the i10 most of the times.

Look forward to some pictures of your car and keep this thread alive with your experiences as you move forward.

Btw, you can check my i10 ownership thread here :-



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Congrats mvnr for the car. Thats a wonderful car to drive in city with b2b traffic.

Post some pics of your car.

I always fill full tank in my getz D and never heard any sound from fuel tank. Just talk to service advisor. He may be able to help you.
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Congrats dude on the new buy. Nice choice for your usage mentioned above.pics please.

How do you find the A/T transmission overall?
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Congrats on the Car and your FE figures are excellent

Please post some pictures along with the interiors.

Ideally, when the tank is full, you should not have the sound. I do not hear any such noise in my i10.

On the sound from the rear, can you describe the sound if possible ? Is it like a metal ringing sould (Tang Tang) ?

When you hear it from the rear, it cannot be b'cos of the antenna. The antenna sound should come from top.
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That's some great mileage figures for the highway from the i10 AT.
Congrats on the new car.
Drive Safe and Pictures please!
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Thank you all and firstly sorry for being late to reply...

A/T in city driving is really good and preferable ... somehow I feel it will help you to be calm for some extent and move on with traffic ...Taken the car for my wife but somehow I am driving it as she is new to driving & we come together to work ...

The liquid shake sound is coming when fuel indicator comes near 3/4th and after that.. I observe this only on keen observation but not continuously.

The sound from the rear side was "cut cut like knocking... initially I looked every where on the rear side of the vehicle but as service adviser told me its becausue of antenna ... after that I never faced this issue...(or the roads are became better now)

Hate (sad) to tell you that I am planning to take my i10 garage on Saturday as it was hit by a old man who was driving his brand new A-Star ... He came from extreme left to right and he banged on the rear door on left hand side of the car. Looked like big impact but it got some bruises on fiber and above wheel so little work to do... hopefully the photos are early next week. He blames me that you were in front of me that is overtaking .. should not understood his logic and left him there after little argument I moved on as my kids were waiting for us at home (felt like which is better thing than arguing with old man)
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congrats mvnr06 - slowly the number of i10 AT owners are swelling in TBHP.

I have been driving mine for the last 6 months, and its a beauty to drive.

Post a few pics of your car soon.

Don't mind the the small nicks and bruises - they are a part and parcel of city driving. Patch up you car once a year and you should feel good!

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Could you mind sharing your OTR cost , are you considering tyre upgrade.

We purchased an i10 Auto sportz on 21st of last month and use it primarily in city only. its a boon in bumper to bumper traffic of mumbai city.

I have however not managed good mileage like you . For me its between 7.3-8 kmpl always ( No highway running )

My first service would be due next month . Did you mileage improve substantially after the oil change in the 1st service ?
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Your mileage seems a tad low - is it b-2-b all the time?
Also, Hyundai does not change oil at first service (its not in the service book either), but you can coerce the SA if you like to change you engine oil+filter.
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Default Seriously researching

OK, Now started looking for the next member to bring home, i10 Auto is the first choice - this time its for my wife.
As a first step, I'd started researching team-bhp.com, Guys.. thanks for all the posts. I will be bothering you with questions. Thanks in Advance.

Second step, TDed Nissan Micra, why, I didn't want to gift her something that I like, so, I've decided to show her atleast 5 cars in this segment.

Will keep you posted.
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