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Default Re: Got my *pre-worshipped* Honda Civic

Originally Posted by manim View Post
9.5 years old with 1,55,000+ kms on the odo, it is still 'silky-smooth' as it was when new, with only routine services done, so far. On 4-lane highways, it is still unbeatable
Good to know. I have one from 2007, now at 68 kms. The bad roads of Goa interiors seem to be doing a job on the suspension. Service center just told me there is a bit of play in suspension which is expected. Said may have some replacements by 1 lakh km. But otherwise everything is fine. Small niggles have started creeping up. The armrest lock has loosened and tends to open on its own, driver sun visor is slowly shaking itself loose... But nothing major.
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Default Re: Got my *pre-worshipped* Honda Civic

Edit: Make sure the service details are acquired by yourself and not provided by the dealer. Call up or goto the dealer from where the car was bought when new and ask for the details like ODO reading when the last service was done etc.[/quote]

How to get the service details from a HASS?
I am planning to get one 2010 CivicV MT.
Thanks in advance for help.
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Question Eight year old Preowned Honda Civic as a second car. Makes Sense?

Hello friends,

I have had the pleasure of owning a Honda City 1.5 MT for six years from 2011 – 2017.

But, as we are a family of six and with the kids growing up fast, we needed a larger car. So, in August this year I sold off my City and bought home a Honda BR-V CVT. I love the new car. It’s smooth, spacious, comfortable, glides over broken roads and the CVT is a boon is the chaotic traffic. It’s clearly better than the City in many aspects and fulfills all the requirements as a family car.

But, the City has left behind a void called ‘Driving Pleasure’ that the BR-V is simply unable to fill. There are times when I badly miss the surge of the VTEC that I used to get when working that slick MT box! And this bought about the idea of getting a pre-owned MT Civic to fulfill that void!

So, I’ve been looking around and came to know that one of my uncles' is keen on selling off his April 2009, Taffeta White, Honda Civic 1.8 S MT. The car has a low mileage of just 39k kms as that have two other cars in the family. Tthe car is in reasonably good condition, no accidents, clean papers, always parked in a covered garage and has very low mileage for its age. It has however, been mostly sitting since the last 6-7months when they had picked up a Mercedes GLC.

The local Honda SA has offered them around 3L for the Civic and I could have it for a similar amount if I was interested.

So, I'm looking for advice from TBHP members in general and from current Civic owners in particular on below points:

What are the maintenance / overhaul expenses that I need to be looking at in the short term if I go for this car?

• Battery
• All Filter & all Lubes
• Tyres (she's wearing original 2009 tires)
• Paint touch up around the bumper corners
• Suspension?
• Underbody Anti rust treatment?
• Brake Discs & Pads?
• Drain radiator & replace Coolant?
• Anything else?

How is the overall reliability of the Civic and availability of OEM parts in the ASCs? Are these difficult to maintain?

As this will be my second car, it will see very little mileage, probably 3-4k kms per year and I intend to keep it for at least 3-4years. I also plan to go for some performance mods as well as small but tasteful customizations to make her more appealing.

Is this a sensible buy? Should I go for her or look for something newer?
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Default Re: Eight year old Preowned Honda Civic as a second car. Makes Sense?

For 3 lakhs, it's totally worth it. If you're confident that it hasnt been sitting idle for too long, go ahead and pick it up. Even during the 39k kms, was it run regularly? Or was it parked for months together?

The parts for the Civic are expensive but they are very high quality parts. Many of them come from Japan.

Immediately, if I were you, I would get the follwoing things done:

1. Change battery
2. Change filter and all fluids. Gearbox oil, brake and clutch fluid, engine oil and coolant(after flushing the radiator).
3. Suspension: No need to do anything. Just drive it and see if it's fine. If it requires work, then get something done. If everything is fine, get RogerAB to reduce the sagging of the rear suspension.
4. Underbody Anti Rust treatment isnt really needed I feel. My car was based in Bangalore but made multiple trips to coastal areas and after 7.5 years, I never saw any sign of rust on the under body.

5. Brake Rotors and Pads: Replace if the pads are worn. Rotors can be skimmed. Saves a lot of money. Rotors can easily last 1.0 lakh kms.

6. Change tyres immediately. Upsize to 205/65-15 for better ride comfort and ground clearance.

Apart from this, get the pwoer steering pump checked. A Power Steering leak is a common problem in the Civic.

Engine mounts also wear out fast in the Civic. Get the Engine Mounts changed if required. If they are worn or cut, the ride comfort will be very poor and a lot of engine vibrations will also make their way into the passenger cabin.

Clutch can also easily last 60k kms at the minimum.

The Civic is built to last. There should be minimal rattles and squeaks. The Civic's cabin is pretty well built. There may be some rattles from the doorpads which can be solved easily with some damping material.

Your Civic may also have an airbag inflator recall, so get it checked at the Honda service centre.
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Default Re: Eight year old Preowned Honda Civic as a second car. Makes Sense?

I think a 2009 SMT, known seller for 3L is a very good buy as this is an excellent car even in today's world. It looks much more beautiful and performs wonderfully than some cars even today. I recently bought a 2007 VAT for 2.65L in Chennai and it works perfectly as of today. As Nikhil has mentioned, check the service history thoroughly for few things as sometimes, the ASS will make a note, but the owners will not replace stating that they do not use it much. In your case, it would become very valid as it is a low usage car.

Before i bought this, i saw a MT and the car was fantastic, but the service history clearly reminded the owner for a complete Power Steering pump, hose & rack change which he did not do and hence i dropped that car.

Similarly driver side engine mount is crucial and check that. Also check whether the underside of the Doors are good/rusted as I think Civic is prone to rusting at that point due to water clogging inside the door panels. As mentioned, mine is now 10 years and there is absolutely NO RUST in the underbody or on the door, so i should consider myself lucky.

Tires, batteries and other check points as suggested above which needs to be done. For me again, my tires can survive for another 15K and the battery was new. They had also replaced the Powersteering and all front end tie rod joints, CV etc., 20K kms previously and so I hope I can drive it for another 20 odd before I get to that repair.

Hope this gives you some more thoughts before buying that apart from all the other suggestions provided by earliers posters.

To add, after buying i took my car to Honda ASS for a general check and they did recall and replace both my Airbags as the system was alerting them (they cannot close the job or let the car outside after this alert without replacing- nice !)


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Default Re: Eight year old Preowned Honda Civic as a second car. Makes Sense?

My credentials ->
  • Current owner of 3rd gen City 1.5
  • Current owner of BRV CVT and
  • Ex-owner of Civic V MT

1) Expect the maintenance costs of Civic to be approximately 50% more than your old City.

2) Set aside a budget of Rs. 1 Lakh to fix this car you are looking at. Other than basics like tyres, batteries, part replacements if any & servicing, spend some money on converting the S variant into a V variant (artificial or orignal leather seat covers, door pad covers etc). The S Variant's cloth interiors look bad when old. You will need a modern music player HU too.

3) Moving from City to Civic, you might notice that the latter is quite terrible in moderate to heavy traffic. You also sit a bit too low when compared to the City (bad for your back).

4) As pointed out by Nikhil, check if this particular Civic's airbag inflators have been replaced - both drivers and passengers side. Enter the chassis number here: https://www.hondacarindia.com/forms/customerinfo.aspx

5) Finally, bookmark and subscribe to this thread
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...-must-dos.html (Honda Civic : Maintenance, Service Costs and Must dos)

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