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Smile Honda City VMT...it is !!!

This is my first post on Team BHP. I have been passively following all the initial ownership reports and test drive reviews since last couple of years. Finally purchased my first car. And decided to share my experience with everyone. So here it goes.


I had been thinking of buying a car since 2007. Funds was never an issue. It was just about timing. I was in Bangalore then, staying with friends in a rented apartment. My Pulsar 150cc DTSi was doing the job very well for me. After spending close to 4 years in Bangalore, I eventually got a job in my native place, Delhi in March 2008. The plan was to settle down into my new job and then buy a car. Started taking test drives in May 2008. Laid my hands on Hyundai Accent, Honda City Zxi and Maruti SX4. Boy, I loved SX4. The high stance, the muscular body, excellent ground clearance...it was a man on the road. All was set to purchase my new machine, when I received an unexpected call from SP Jain for a one year full time MBA program. It made no sense to buy a car when I was going for higher education. My Dad's Santro was performing the job in the meanwhile for him. I decided to finish my education first, but was determined to buy my baby the moment I finish.

I did complete successfully in 2009 December and joined my new company in Jan 2010. And while I was expecting it to be all set to finish my long cherished dream, the entire world was conspiring against me buying a car. I got a job in Mumbai - the most expensive city to buy a car. My colleagues and flat-mates weren't very encouraging either, what with traffic jam in Mumbai reaching peak levels. There were suggestions to buy a second hand car and sell it before I leave Mumbai. Or may buy a new hatchback coz it'll be easier to drive and park in congested roads of Mumbai.

But this time, I was very clear what I wanted.
Car: C segment sedan
Budget: 6.5-7 lacs (2 L down payment, rest loan with EMI cap of 10-11K per month)
Daily commute: 30Km up down 5 days a week
Avg monthly run: 1000 Km

The plan was to buy a car in Delhi and drive it down to Mumbai.
Didn't even wait for my first salary after MBA and the hunt began:
Test Drive Report
  1. SX4: The moment I heard the price of SX4 Vxi in Delhi, 7.02 lacs on road after all discounts; I was very clear this is what I wanted. I took the test drive for name sake. I knew I just loved the car. I felt like I king the moment I took the steering wheel in my hands. All was set for the new SX4 to be bought in Delhi and driven down to Mumbai. However, the feedback was negative everywhere else. My flat-mates didn't like it. My friends didn't have a high opinion of it either. My brother in law was totally against me spending 7L for a Maruti tag. And finally , when my Dad told me he didn't enjoy the drive, I was dejected. I loved the car, but at the same time, I also wanted people around me to love it. Thought of trying other options.
  2. Linea: My friend who owns a Linea kept ranting about how great the car is. I decided to take a test drive just to make her happy. Great styling, must say. I just loved the Blue n Me feature. The classic Italian design was sexy. However, it was way too underpowered. I love to zoom ahead of others after a green signal. With 1.3L engine and 90 bhp, the car was definitely not meant for that. I'd definitely love to buy this car for my Dad though.
  3. Fiesta: I have never had a high opinion of Fiesta. No offence to Fiesta owners, I just feel it does not belong to the same class as others in the C segment. Full page ads in the newspapers everyday of the limited edition at 5.63 lac(ex showroom in Delhi) prompted me to go and take a test drive. I even tried the top end, Sxi. The drive was good, but I never felt like spending 6L on that car. Somehow, the poor quality of interiors had just put me off.
  4. Verna: Nice interiors but absolutely no road presence. Moreover petrol version is not garnering great reviews and I dint need a diesel anyways.
  5. Dzire: My relatives bought a new Dzire for 5.5 lacs and were happy with it. Parents being parents, didnt want me to blow up my money. For them, if a car with boot is available at 5.5L, whats the point in spending 7L? But after working in the industry for 6 years and a car which will be keeping for at least 7-8 years, I knew Dzire is not what I want. Didn't even take a test drive
  6. Aveo, Optra: Not even considered
  7. Honda City: Way too expensive. Moreover, I had taken a test drive of City Zxi in 2008 before my MBA. Didnt find it worth 8.5 lacs then, Heard the price had increased after that.
Feb 15, 2010
After all the test drives and reviews, I decided to go with my gut feel and book an SX4. I told myself, its okay if others don't like it that much. I am the one spending money and I love it. Told my Dad of the decision and he was happy.

On the way back home from office one day, I saw Linkway Honda in Andheri East. Just decided to go have a look. The receptionist asked me to wait. And I casually opened the door of a City VMT model in the showroom. And rest as they say is history. I was completely blown apart by the dual tone beige interiors and the silver finish inside. The chrome handles were sexy, the steering wheel was a class apart (read later the new steering wheel is the same as Civic), the audio controls on the steering wheel were superb, the seats were plush, the driver's seat armrest very comfortable and the music system panel was a beauty. The rear seats had huge leg space and re-defined the meaning of luxury for me. Mr. Pamminder Singh (Sales agent, Linkway Honda – highly recommended) explained all the features patiently. Took a test drive immediately and the car on the road was as smooth as spreading butter on a bread toast. (sorry for a stupid analogy, but this is what I felt). Came back, booked a test drive for my Dad from Ring Road Honda in Delhi. He told me he loved the car, but a price tag of 9.5 lac for a car was way too much for me to even try and convince him. He again asked me to consider Dzire.

I took a test drive again the next day, this time on a crowded SV Road near Santacruz. The handling was brilliant, the maneuverability excellent. The maroon ANHC with chrome handles looked sexy in the night. The more I looked at the car, the more I was convinced that this is what I want. Came back home. Did some calculation and arrived at a figure of 14.5K as EMI if I buy it. Thats a good 4K extra than my original budget. But then you don't buy a car every day. Called up the sales guy at Ring Road Honda (Mr. Chandresh Kumar - again highly recommended) the next day and negotiated for the price. With corporate discount and further negotiations, he agreed to waive off 20K from on road price. Booked a Bold Beige color for City VMT.

Final on road price in Delhi: Rs. 9.35 L
Free Accessories: Car cover, seat cushions and gear lock
Paid accessories: Reverse parking sensors (Rs. 5500/-)

Got the delivery on March 7. I have already done a Delhi Mumbai road trip and the drive was lovely. Will update soon with initial ownership report.

Thanks to Team BHP for all the reviews and discussions. Great forum. The quality of posts and discussions really made it an easy choice for me in the end. Thanks a lot.


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Congrats carnomad,

Great car with nice engine.
Enjoy and Drive Safe
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Hey, congratulations on your new drive. Though it may seem pricey, i will keep you happy for years to come. I can feel your excitement.

The ANHC has a good amount of glass area. Any plans for sun control films?

Enjoy your drive and drive safely.

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yeh Congratulations Carnomad,

Welcome to the ANHC club.

Wow looking the price in Delhi make me envy. Post some snaps of your ride.

Even I felt it's way too expensive, but can bet every feature and drive pleasure it provides, you would feel worth for every penny,

Enjoy the ride and drive safe.

Paid accessories: Reverse parking sensors (Rs. 5500/-)
Is with lense or just the sensor?

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Congratulations carnomad!
You have got yourself a great car there.
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Congratulations carnomad.
Don't even worry about the extra $ you paid for the car. You will realize the benifits just like some of us.
Please post some pics. Once again welcome to the proud ANHC club.

Drive safe and happy honeymoon with ur car.
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Nice!!! Congrats on your new car. The ANHC is really a stunner, and Honda engines were always known for their reliability. Do post some pics.

Drive safe.
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congrats dude. nice write up there. ride safe!

where are mandatory pics

Could you please provide breakup of the OTR 9.35L

Thank You,
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Congrats man for the city. Honda is always a no-nonsense car. The snaps would be so welcome. You must be well acquainted with it now after travelling from Delhi to Mumbai.
PS: I am surprised that the Mods approved your post without even a note regarding excessive smiley use.
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I am surprised you found Fiesta's interiors poor quality. In my opinion they are one of the best if not the best in the class.
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Many Congrats!!!

You got discount of 20K with many free accessories, that's a steal.

Though the parking sensors at 5500/- costly.

You have already done delhi-mumbai trip, was it one way or both way? If both way you must be completing your 2nd service within 1 month :-)
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Post Deleted by the Team-BHP Support : SMS / Slang is STRICTLY prohibited on this community. We would much appreciate your using full & proper English in posts, for the benefit of other forum users.

Please view our board rules carefully before proceeding any further.

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Where are the pics man?? Upload the exterior as well as interior pics !
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Many congratulations on your purchase. Welcome to the ANHC club.

I am sure the extra money you paid for this car would prove its worth in a long run.
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Default ANHC Pics...

Thanks everyone. As per popular request, please find the pictures attached.
Your comments, feedback is most appreciated. :-)
Attached Thumbnails
Honda City VMT...it is !!!-dscn9096.jpg  

Honda City VMT...it is !!!-dscn9150.jpg  

Honda City VMT...it is !!!-dscn9151.jpg  

Honda City VMT...it is !!!-dscn9170.jpg  

Attached Images
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