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Default Why Do I Love my Fiat Linea !!!

They say that after Mom and Dad, one of the first words that kids learn to speak is ‘CAR’.I guess it’s from that time, that I am enthused and enthralled with the 4 wheeled kinds with a fire spewing engine tucked beneath their hood. The latest toy which I’ve bought back in October 2009 has been discussed on team bhp ranging from ownership reviews to trouble shooting and talking about it's features.I don’t want to start another thread on my car buying decision and performance – but just simply to say WHY DO I LOVE MY LINEA SO MUCH!!!

I used to drive a Skoda Octavia earlier. In July of 2009, I went with my friend to the Fiat Showroom to see the Linea as he was contemplating buying that. I guess I can say that it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! for the beauty.
We know that there’s quite some calculation for the cost of buying a car and the cost of replacement with actors such as depreciation, the opportunity cost of the additional money spent, higher insurance etc…

I am quite nerdy with managing my personal financials keeping a plan on when to make the next big purchase, investment planning and all.The Italian beauty had mesmerized all my financial planning senses. All that my mind would think was to make the beauty mine and get her home.

We associate different traits with cars from different parts of the world.
Japanese – High Quality
Korean – Practical and cost effective
American – Power and Muscle Cars

But it’s only European cars which I feel have a SOUL to fall in Love with. No wonder I connect to this car a lot more emotionally than any of my earlier ones.I got my Flamenco Red Emotion + petrol engine Linea on October 15th. Almost like a radiant Indian bride dressed in red. I am late in starting this thread on team bhp. This is not an ownership review but just simply to state why we all Linea owners are so infatuated with our darling new cars. I hope the moderators don’t lock this thread as I couldn’t find the right category on team bhp to start it.

As mentioned, I don’t want to discuss technical problems and positives and negatives of the car. That ground has already been touched by many other linea owners.This thread is share thoughts by us on what makes our heart tick in a different beat everytime we see our love and ride her.Others are welcome to share their experiences of the emotional kind with their cars.

I Love my Linea ..
I can’t stop thinking of her when….

I am not with her.

I am out of town and have dreams in the hotel bed of driving the car

I live in an apartment on the 6th floor of a building and I park my car at a spot which is visible from my window.
At home, even after 5 months, I can’t stop myself going to the window every now and then just to see the gleaming beauty parked. This is perhaps one of the first things I do in the morning even before brushing my teeth.

When I am out driving the car, my heart jumps to see another Linea on the road driving alongside. I do strain my neck to peek at the other fellow linea owner. I feel disappointed if I figure out that the car is not being driven by the owner but he/she is using the linea to get a chauffeur driven ride. (No offence to any one who uses the services of a driver). I love cars and love driving and the Linea, it’s much much more than going from point A to B.
Close to home there’s a building with a glass façade which gives a clear reflection. I love driving the linea in front of that building as it’s the only time I can see myself in the mirror driving the car. I have bought a miniature fiat icon which sits on my office desk next to my computer. It’s a red fiat 500 L (1968) Scale Model. The classic fiat 500 reminds me of the modern offspring (If I can say that) it has in India and Brazil.I have forgotten to drive fast. I love the Linea so much that I won’t jeopardize her by driving at insane speeds anywhere.There’s more that I have to say and I’ll keep updating the thread with my Emotions.

I need to take some good pictures of the car to post them here. For now, I am using some taken with my friend and me. I'll share more after taking new ones.
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Why Do I Love my Fiat Linea !!!-picture-1855.jpg  

Why Do I Love my Fiat Linea !!!-picture-1857.jpg  

Why Do I Love my Fiat Linea !!!-picture-1877.jpg  

Why Do I Love my Fiat Linea !!!-picture-1872.jpg  

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Raj... it seems like my condition is gonna be same as yours down the line...
I am always thinking about something or the other related to my New car, the Manza, probably step-sister of Linea with similar colors:


Keep your Linea-Emotions flowing
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Congratulations, Fiat never disappoint in terms of ride and look.

How do you compare it with the Skoda which you used to drive.
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Wow!! What a love story!! I see almost all Linea owners being madly in love with their cars. Is it just the beauty or something else that gets you all so much attracted to her? Linea owners please shed some light :o). I'm really surprised by the affection you all show to your cars.
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Congrats mate on the Superb looking Linea. I love the Flamingo Red colored Linea.

Many more happy munching miles with your Linea.
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Man! You are quite a Lineatic!
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Hey Raj,

Italian beauty ! is what i must say is making you fall in love with her again and again. I have seen many Lineas on the highway here in Bangalore and in different angles though. She is infact a damsel i must say. No doubts about it whatsoever. Of all the colours, i like the white and the colour you have . These two really give the car the presence on the road.

All cars do have the pros & cons. There is nothing called a perfect car though.

Keep posting your experiences.

Good luck!
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a great thread buddy & very very well written. i can connect to your emotions as i also share the same feelings with my scorpio as you do with your linea.

and i do agree that some cars have "soul" which makes us fall in love with it which others lack. sadly, cars are judged these days simply by its practicality, usability or brand value. and i am often mocked at for loving my car as if she is my gf! some dont understand that there is more to a car than just the badge on the bonnet/grille or the fuel efficiency.
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It happens with every FIAT owner. You and your car feels like a single unit. It happened to me in 2005 when I bought Palio and then again last month when I got myself Punto.
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"But it’s only European cars which I feel have a SOUL to fall in Love with" That's a very very apt statement raj. I have been thinking why, and you hit the nail on the head. Congrats on your Linea. I too had bought my Vocal White on 15 Oct. Take care of her as she is looking after you. Some more drool pics please
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I like your post.

I have got a hard day in front of me, but this will keep me smiling for the whole day.

The Linea definitvely has got something to fall in love with.

Unfortunately they don't sell it in the UK.
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That's a brilliantly maintained car, Raj. Congrats. Your question to me is like asking why do I love my wife! I have no other option, do I? Just kidding . I think all of us will fall in love with our long cherished and prized possessions and always will try to justify the risk taken, be it marriage, car or home or anything else.
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congrats dude. very nice write up! car looks simply superb.
wish you a happy miles ahead!

Any PP done on photos. The fleminco red color is looking simply awesome in the pics! which camera was used?
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Hi Amit,
The Manza is quite a value for money car with all the bells and whistles that the linea has. Do enjoy her and I can imagine any car lover to be in the same state of mind as I am in.

Thanks Pawan.
I used to drive a Skoda Octavia - 2002. 2 Liter 4 cyclinder inline Petrol. My dad had bought it from the company he works for.
Since it was not bought brand new and was not maintained well by the company, I really didn't get to experience first hand the optimum performance of the car. However I also feel that it's not a fair comparison to compare the Linea and the Skoda Octavia. The Skoda is a D Segment car in a different price bracket. After driving the Octavia, I must admit that the Linea doesn't have that punch. But mind you we are comparing a car with 1400 CC engine to a 2000 CC one. But that slight loss of driving pleasure is more than compensated by the fuel efficiency that I get with the Linea. I have been getting a mileage of around 12 kmpl in city driving with AC always on. The octy was a fuel guzzler. I used to get around 6.5 - 7 Kms to a liter.
Plus I always had the constant fear of some major expense coming up. I was not at all happy with the Skoda. Maybe because it was a second hand car where the first owner didn't care for it enough.

As I mentioned the car has a soul. That explains all us Linea owners being so madly in love with our cars.
My wife often complains (jokingly) to friends and family that I've got a
mistress in the form of the linea and she is jealous as it seems that I love
the car more than her. (I think there are mostly guys here on team bhp and we know the secret of what to tell and what not to our wives or girlfriends)

Thanks Krishna. I haven't clocked much miles on the linea and I am going slow with that. BTW, my ownership thread is with a difference. I am only going to talk about our Emotional Connect.

Yes, Quite an Italian beauty she is. I must share here that after buying the car, my wife and I had taken a vacation across western Europe. When in Italy, I was taking a lot of pictures of any Fiat that I would see. My wife thinks I am crazy for cars. This act only reaffirmed my craziness

Raj 5004,
For us car afficiandos, we can categorize two kinds of persons in the world. One who whom cars are passion and the second who think it's just a machine to carry you places. I believe most of us on team bhp are in the first category. Happy motoring!

Nuts& Bolts/Kapil,
I remember you. We had a chat on Geash's thread. I remember that you too got the Linea on the same date in Kochi.

I had been in London in October. I saw some Grande Puntos over there. Hopefully they'll get the bigger version there soon. (I am attaching the picture of the Punto which I saw in london)

Thanks Vasoo.

Thanks recshenoy.
No Photoshop work done. The shine is maybe thanks to regular wax polishing and the 3M pain protection treatment. I used a Sony Cybershot W130.
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Why Do I Love my Fiat Linea !!!-imgp1095.jpg  

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congrats man. I think FIAT owners are the ones who loves their car the most
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