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Originally Posted by kaushikz View Post
GT ('Glass Tracing' for the benefit of the non Engineers) has saved many, including yours truly, from the sheer boredom of studying to be an Engineer.
If I go by your logic of ctrl+c and ctrl+v, then I would say look Manza has round wheels they are copied from other vehicles. Manza has two headlamps which are also copied from others.

Jokes apart, I would rate Manza as Best VFM car in India.
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Originally Posted by kaushikz View Post
GT ('Glass Tracing' for the benefit of the non Engineers) has saved many, including yours truly, from the sheer boredom of studying to be an Engineer.

The Indigo Manza smacks of GT and ctrl C + ctrl V all the way Ė right from the lights on the sun-visors to the faux 'Blue & Me' on the steering wheel, to the big *** hurriedly slapped on to the Vista front and down to the illuminated key hole rings.

Quite like Anu Malik's 'inspired' music, the Indigo Manza (or is it just the Manza?) is one hell of an 'inspired' car.

I saw the Manza Aura Plus at the local Concorde showroom.

Despite the Manza's imposing length, the finesse in its body lines is just not there. There is that familiar headlamp peeking out, the bulbous boot overflowing quite like that girl in your neighbourhood who tried to squeeze into a Levis Slim-fit. And to mask all this there is a hell of a lot of chrome on the car Ė front grille, sides and right down to the boot. On a car this size the 15" inch rubbers seem quite puny. Mongoose tyres, if I may call it.

The blue-tooth system, not 'Blue & Me' but imaginatively called 'Blue' is standard issue with the top end. The system has been ergonomically designed for gremlins, with tiny buttons. Push the 'call' button with your thumb and you could very well push the 'disconnect' button as well. If you are the kind who gives missed calls this is a feature made for you.

Switch the engine on (And while you are at it look at the lighted rings around the key hole) and hear the refined purr of the diesel engine. Blimy, this engine sounds jolly good. And then the penny drops, itís the national diesel engine - the Fiat Multijet. (ok, Quadrajet, if you insist on nitpicking).

Step on the pedal and the car lumbers along pretty well. No outright performance here, but am not complaining, can't expect more from a one-three, can you? Shift to the mid range, the engine comes to life, smooth operator she is. Push harder and the Manza struggles. The car held up pretty well on the drive down Worli on the Sunday. Steering is just right for city driving, the right level of feedback at speeds and so un-Tata-like that it had me surprised. This is clearly made for the city slicker in you; race it down the Expressway if you are prepared for the disappointment.

With ABS, dual airbags, the fancy music system with steering control, lumbar support on seat, height adjust on driver seats, electric adjust for ORVMs, keyless entry, at the end of day, you get a lot of car for seven-point-eleven lakh rupees. (ex-showroom Mumbai)

There is no mistaking that with the Manza Tata's R & D (thatís Refer & Duplicate) has come a long way in the build quality, equipment, finish levels etc. But Engineers like me know that GT does take you some distance but nowhere close to the original.

In the fairy tale, 'Beauty and the Beast', the Prince with his heart of gold is cursed to turn into a beast and would get his true form back only when he finds true love despite, well, his beastly appearance. Alas, the Manza is no beast from the fable, even if you fall in love with its Multijet (oops, Quadrajet) heart of gold, it will continue to maintain its beastly appearance.

If you are the kind whose mind can wrestle down the nay saying heart, then trundle along and buy yourself a Manza.
Well written, but I dislike the condencending tone of the entire review. Bit much to ask anyone to "trundle along" based on your own, entirely personal, view of the car.

As said by others, part sharing is what all car manufacturers do - at least with the ones regular people buy. The idea is to keep costs down. And if plain appearance is the deciding factor, then there are a very large number of similar looking cars in India and the world that sell really well, and are very good in their own segments/spaces.

If this is your opinion of the Manza boot, please review the Swift Dzire. I'm also interested in your opinion of how that engine performs. The National Engine in the Manza comes with a VGT, and as mentioned in GTO's review is drivable, and does the job quite well. Expressway scorchers at 90BHP? Not really, but what are we comparing the Manza with, and more importantly what does the compared vehicle cost?

The bluetooth system is "imaginatively" called Blue5. "Blue & Me" is Fiat, so that is just wonderful, isn't it? Not "Blue5" even though the 5 indicates that one can pair up to 5 different devices. How can it be imaginative when it is a Tata creation, I ask!! Not really objective or informed there, are we?

With ABS... This is exactly the point of the Manza. More for less. And this time around we can't blame the engine (Fiat), suspension, space or ergonomics. Plastics are suspect, but not all of them, and the step up from the Indigo is incredible. I hear the Swift rattle, but then that's a Suzuki (with a Fiat engine, though). Not that many long posts on that, though.

Tata's "Refer & Duplicate" team has come up with a totally original car, and used a couple of interior plastic parts from the "bin" to keep costs down. Yes, it is based on the Indica Vista, so it will look like it (Obviously!). Swift and Dzire comparizon anyone? Linea and Punto? It's nice to be witty, but keep things true and in perspective. This is not a Literary club, so your stigmatizing Tata's R&D without real reason is not really called for nor necessary. At the end of the day, it's a great car and way more affordable or VFM than any of the other "original designs".
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Thanks for reminding me of GT! Those were the days

A very interesting take on the Manza. It definitely is the best VFM car, if only you can get over the looks of the "Indica with a boot" and iffy handling.

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Driven by constant opinion flows about the Manza being the best VFM out there, I could not resist Test driving it, & boy, was it a punishing test drive. Accompanied by a colleague from office (who's also an auto buff), we took turns to push the Manza to at least some limits.

On good roads, the ride was pretty good. The car absorbed the small bumps and little uneven undulations that even our good roads present. Back seat space/comfort in one word - Fantastic! The steering isn't light (am comparing here to I10, Ritz), and I like it that way. My friend though said that it felt like a mini truck, so difference of opinion here. On bad roads, and I mean really bad (read almost no road at all), the way Manza gobbled up the mud-stone mix was admirable. Here too, the back seat occupants wouldn't be too bothered. Even some larger puddles couldn't disturb the Manza more than what was required to tide over them.

We drove the petrol variant (top-end) and found out the the cabin was very quiet. Very less, if any, outside noise seeps in. Also, during idling, its difficult to make out if the engine is switched on at all. Apart from the leg room both at the front and the back, one other stand-out feature was the boot space. See it to believe this - the boot is humongous. Would also like to point out here that the behaviour of the sales rep during all this was very positive. He was Mr. Gopi from Concorde Motors. Finally, discussing the pricing, the Manza petrol version (top-end) was coming out to be 7.15L on road here in Bangalore.

A very interesting take on the Manza. It definitely is the best VFM car, if only you can get over the looks of the "Indica with a boot" and iffy handling.
Agree with the point made regarding the looks. There is indeed, something about the ergonomics that doesn't quite let you check all the boxes. But about the VFM part, guess nobody can disagree.

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