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Default My Innova has arrived!!!

Hi Members,

I had booked a Toyota Innova VX early this month and today I got a call from the dealer that the vehicle has arrived from the factory and is in the stockyard!

As per team-bhps advice, i paid a visit to the stock yard.

Please find the pictures of the car "as is".

I shall be taking delivery of this car on the 1st April.

Is it possible that a bhp-ian could help me with the PDI, as I would be going to the showroom alone, and as of now, dont have any vehicle experts with me.

I made a note of the VIN number, date of manufacture, general condition etc., thanks to the advice written by our members.

The only part I was not happy was the tyres - I got Goodyear tyres.

Somehow, most other innovas seem to have Bridgestone tyres.

Please leave your suggestions/comments.


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Congrats Nitin !!!! Innova, for sure, looks nice
Btw, is there any change in design in 2010 Innova version ? I see a slight changes/updates on its front bumper !

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Great buy Nitin. The UV looks nice and i see chrome mirror cover, is that a 2010 Innova version change.. Update
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Originally Posted by narchennai View Post
Great buy Nitin. The UV looks nice and i see chrome mirror cover, is that a 2010 Innova version change.. Update
I was in Safari mind-set where chrome mirror is DEFAULT
Yeah - I guess, it should be 2010 face-lift since he has taken all these pics in the stock !

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Congrats Nitin!. The innova surely is a great buy. You will experience hassle free ownership.

By the way, does the innova come without the engine cover?
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Thumbs up Congratulations!

Congrats Nitin!

Congrats on your new shining car!
Well, It looks very nice, the minor changes are very much noticeable!
Innova-II Looks better than Innova-I

Even if some expert is unavailable, be sure that friends/family accompany you at the delivery time.
If not family, but Friends are sure to be more speculative and helpful in testing.

<My friend helped me point out, a 2 inch stitch left un-stitched in rear seat, which I somehow missed!!>
Plus sharing joy, adds to it!



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Team-BHP Support
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Congrats NitinBose. Looking forward to your ownership experience

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Default My Experience with the Innova

Hi Team,

I took delivery of the Innova yesterday.

First, let me share with you my experience at the showroom:

I had been in touch with Nandi Toyota for about three months. The sales person is Prasanna Kumar. He is quite industrious and gave me quite some demo for the car, its features, the differences in the variants etc.

Also took two test drives before confirming the order.

I took the test drives of the Innova and the Corolla. Though loved the Corolla and was almost going to purchase the VL, but the thought of petrol costs drove me away.

I was also considering the fortuner, but was told there would be a wait period of about three months. So that was off.

The only choice then was the Innova.

I did browse through various posts regarding the ROI on the Innova variants. I thought of the Innova G initially, but though this is cheaper than the VX version, it did not come with ABS, SRS/Air bags and climate control. I could ignore everything except ABS. After driving sevaral cars (through all these years), I realised that brakes with ABS are of superior construction (quality of materials etc) than normal brakes.

I also wanted alloy wheels. Though I could have gone for after-market alloy wheels, but was not sure of the quality/reliability.

So finalized on the Innova VX version.

I made an inspection before the registration, just to be sure everything is okay. The photos of which are attached above. Once I'm satisfied, I requested Prasanna to proceed with the registration formalities, which were completeted in a couple of days.

I informed Prasanna that 1st April would be my date of delivery.

Following Team-bhp's advice, i decided to take delivery in the morning and was at the showroom at 0930. I was then informed that they would give me Bridgestone tyres instead of the good-year tyres which came with the car. Thanks to Toyota for being so nice!

This meant the car delivery would be done mid-afternoon, as the tyres had to come from the factory and this would take a few hours.

Finally, after the official PDI, the delivery process started at 5PM!

There were about 25 other cars on delivery. The staff of Nandi Toyota were really over stressed.

Prasanna started explaining me the full features of the car and a full inspection. I was surprised to find out he'd read the innova user manual from cover to cover! You can see how detailed his explanations were from the photos below.

I inspected the car from bumper to bumper, made sure all the accessories are fitted and working fine.

Then came the final process - the paper work.

Prasanna presented me a list of PDI. This was as elaborate as the PDI list provided by some of our bhp-ians. This check-list ensured we did not miss anything.

I did not opt for the smiles packages as this does not seem to be of much help. The service process would only include washing etc., and does not involve any oil change. So no point in paying 7K! According to Nandi Toyota, you only need to change the oil if you've driven the Innova for 10,000kms.

Then the photo session! The second-last photo shows the tired me, after the long day - on the LHS of the photo. On the RHS are Prasanna's Manager and himself.

Bidding farewell, I drove out of the showroom for home.

Today, the 2nd April, I went to an accessories shop and got the following done:

Leather seat covers - seats and steering
OVRM chrome with indicators..
Rear spoiler with lights.
side visors.
Sun film - Llumar: Sides, rear and front.
Mufler cutter.
Bumper protectors.

I shall post the photos tomorrow as I'd returned home at 7pm and was too dark to take pictures.

My Driving Experience:

Most people mention the Innova to be a large vehicle and would be cumbersome for city drives. I found it the opposite. Owing to its large size, most vehicles give you the way.

The Interiors:

Innova is quite spacious and feature rich! You can comfortable seat seven normal sized people and travel at ease.

The climate control lets you set the temperature and the air conditioner cools the car in minutes. There are vents and speed-adjustable blowers for the second and third rows, ensuring all passengers are at comfort.

The seats are also quite comfortable and adjustable. All seats have head-rests. Though the seats are fabric, they're still quite comforatable and soft. The stitching is also of quite a good quality - meant for rough wear and tear.

There are cup holders for all rows.

Three sets of reading lamps exist for the front, middle and last seat rows.

I'm unhappy that there's only one glove compartment, unlike the Corolla which comes with two. I find it funny that the space is left vacant.

The stock music seems quite okay! It has a radio, CD/MP3/WMA single disc player. I find the sound quality to be better than expected.
I had a look at the interiors of the stock player, which was available at the showroom. I find the constuction to be quite okay.

It also has a Bass/Treble and SRS effects.

Indeed, if you compare with Pioneer, JVC or some other superior brands, it may not be as good.

The steering controls are quire useful when driving.

The multi-information display also gives you a variety of information related to the car and driving.

Driving Experience:

When starting the Innova, the gear lever shakes and moves to-and-fro, which is not found in petrol vehicles. I find this funny.

The engine is quite powerful and the vehicle accelerates quickly. You may not be aware of the speed until you glance at the consoles.
The gear shifting seems a bit hard - Other Innova users may share their views.
The clutch and brake are quite responsive.

Two areas I found good are the adjustable driver seat and the large OVRMs. These two ease my driving a lot.

The turning radius is quite small, easing city driving.

The Innova is quite maneouverable withing the city, though this is once area which shys off most people. The vehicle is quite responsive for quick moves for overtaking etc.

The noise level during driving is quite low, as if it were a petrol engine, which does not give you the conventional diesel vehicle feeling.

I do miss the EPS on my honda city which I found to be much smoother than the HPS of the Innova, especially at slow speeds, when the Innova steering becomes harder.

The ground clearance and the suspensions are the exact type for Bangalore, whose roads are full of bumps. I should say, they should rename the city to Bumpalore from Bangalore!

I came to find the climate control system even works without starting the vehicle! Though this places a huge drain in the battery.

I replaced the stock headlamps with 100/90W philips H4 lamps. I had initially planned on installing an HID conversion kit with projector lamps. However, there are aftermarket kits whose reliability does not seem to be confirmed by anyone. Just image driving at night and both the headlamps fail suddenly. There could be risks to the electrical system.

Nandi Toyota told me not to fuel from Shell, which I found to be interesting. According to them, fuelling from Shell (Diesel) results in black smoke from the exhaust.

Innova users, please throw some light. I'm used to fuelling from Shell as their quality and quantity seems more accurate than other fuel stations.

I'm quite tired now... I've been at the accessories shop since morning.

Let me post some pictures of the delivery process.

As mentioned earlier, I shall post the pictures after the accessory fitments tomorrow.

More driving/usage experience shall also follow. In the meantime, let me read the user manual thouroughly and get acquainted.

Moderator's Note: Not more than two smilies per post allowed. Thanks.
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Fantastic review and photos It was really detailed and I enjoyed reading it!

Congrats on the innova, she looks really pretty in this colour!

Looking forward to regular updates and pics!
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hey congrats, innova is a very powerful and well built machine. I had the pleasure once of driving it from Ratnagiri to Mumbai and I just loved it. Like you say the acceleration is amazing and I was also surprised that its turning radius was so short for a vehicle so big. I am sure you'll have a wonderful ownership experience.
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Thanks for the feedback and responses.

Could you please comment on the Shell diesel fuel part?

Nandi Toyota told me not to fuel from Shell, which I found to be interesting. According to them, fuelling from Shell (Diesel) results in black smoke from the exhaust. They were suggesting Indian Oil!

I trust Shell as their fuel is clean (without dirt, impurities???) and the quantity is always correct. I've heard complaints on other fuel stations where the agents cheat customers in the quantity.


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^^^Nitin, my manager has an Innova bought in 2008 & has been fuelling at Shell (Pallikaranai to precise) & occasionally elsewhere during out of station. He doesn't have any complaints using shell fuel.
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I always wanted this car, unfortunately i'm not rich enough to own this..
Congrats on your new buy, Truly a big family car.
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congratz buddy..!
Great car and great pics too!
The innova is surely hard to beat in this segment and will remain the leader for a few years more atleast.
enjoy and do keep updating your thread regularly.
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Congrats mate! Great car and easily the pick of its segment. Don't worry about the Shell fuel bit. I think its weird because my neighbour has an Innova and always used to tank up on Shell.
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