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Default Oyster Blue SX4- ZXI-MT-VVT

I finally took delivery of my SX4-ZXI - MT from Bimal Auto Bangalore on 27-Mar-2010.

I had an Indica DLE Diesel (2000) model which was showing its age and my maintenance cost was heading the roof. I have been contemplating a change of car since 2005 but for some or the other reason kept postponing it. Finally my mechanic told me that a rebore to the engine would be required. With 82k on the odo didnt make much sense for me to invest more on this car. Already this car was guzzling a lot of engine oil and coolant. For every 4 to 5 lts of engine oil it used to burn 2lts of it in a few months.

Cars I considered

Indica Vista Quadrajet:
A logical upgrade considering I owned the first gen Indica. When i test drove the Quadrajet, it was miles ahead of what I was driving. Ultra smooth and phenomenal power, the Fiat engine was a dream to drive. I still think Indica has the best in class interior space compared to any other car in its segment.

Hyundai i20:
I loved the looks and the interiors of the i20. Was class apart especially the silver color. Very spacious inside. However was very disappointed with 1.2 litre engine. Felt it too underpowered for my liking and with a cost price of 6.6 OTR found a tad bit expensive.

Honda City:
Being the segment leader in its class I wanted very much to test drive this beauty. I think the current city looks very very good compared all the previous gen City models. Anyways took a testdrive and was very impressed by the interiors. I was disappointed though with the sitting position. I am 6ft 3 and get in and out and driving in a low seated position was finding it a bit stressful to an otherwise smooth and responsive petrol engine. Apart from that I took the car with 4 people sitting on our very famous Bangalore speedbreakers. I must have been at a speed of abt 2-5kmph and yet to my sheer disappointed heard a heatbreaking thud. These two reason were enough for me to not consider the City.

I was always smitten with the SX4 since its launch but knew I couldnt go for it. Infact I remember writing in "My Next Car" thread that I would go in for a Indica Vista Quadrajet. Well that was then. I test drove the SX4. Getting in and out of this beauty was cakewalk even for an incredible tall guy like me (6ft 3in). Since I was used to a truck like sound for my Indica I guess any modern car that I sat into would be evidently smooth. Anyways loved the smooth engine and handling of the SX4. Didnt have to worry about those speedbreakers, bumps due to its high GC. I thought turning it would be quite an ordeal for this huge monster. But then thanks to its EPS it was without any effort and ironically it had the same turning radius as the honda City. Loved all other features such as ABS, EPS, ACC... Found it to be an excellent VFM.

After zeroing on the SX4 I was confused on the color. Silver has been a favourite and have seen many team-bhpians own the Silver, I was considering Oyster Blue. Unfortunately couldnt find any owner reviews of the SX4 with this color. I read somewhere in this forum about the color being dull. But once I had a look at the color in flesh and blood, was completely floored by it. It was enough to change my decision to from Silky Silver to Oyster Blue.

So booked the Oyster Blue ZXI MT on 15th. Took sometime for the company to process with formalities. Bimal processed the entire thing in 2 days and got the delivery of this beauty on 27-Mar-2010. Clocked in about 150kms in two days and I still cant get enough of this machine.

Total discount I got in was about 54K --> 25k cash discount + 25k exchange bonus + 4k Corporate discount. Got under chassis coating and car cover free.. Didnt go for free Film as he was giving Garware. Got a 3M film done. Chose the RE 70 for Windshield and RE35 for rest of the windows. Its gives a nice metallic sheen to the windows.. very suttle and not too loud. Cost me about 8.5K and comes with 3yr warranty. Plan to get the art leather Europa series seat covers done from G-Sport this week.

Will post pictures of the SX4 soon.
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Congratulations on your new car. I was curious to see this thread as I havent seen a Oyster blue SX4 yet, hope the pics will be uploaded to soon.

SX4 is a very good choice without doubt and the discounts sound awesome !
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Congratulations askicode for the SX4. Nice choice of car and color. Waiting eagerly for the snaps of the oyster blue.
Happy mile crunching with the car.
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Thanks everyone for your wishes. Tried to click a couple of quick snaps from mobile. Will upload some more pics over the weekend. Till then enjoy these couple of pics. By this weekend I intend to also have the seat covers done too. Reverse Parking sensors.. still in two minds about it. Getting a quote of 15.5k for four sensors, camera, day and night display and 1 year warranty. Still thinking on it.
Attached Thumbnails
Oyster Blue SX4- ZXI-MT-VVT-sx41.jpg  

Oyster Blue SX4- ZXI-MT-VVT-sx42.jpg  

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The sx4 is sure a macho looking car and looks great in oyster blue.
Do keep updating this thread regularly.
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Congrats....and that's a nice color too
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Congratulations! The SX4 with it's high stance is ideal for Indian roads and the combination of space, power and quality make it an excellent VFM product.

As an owner of a SX4 myself, I would recommend the rear parking sensors. Its a boon in this car because of the high boot. And you don't need the camera and bells and whistles for 15K. Get a MGA one for 3K. Gets the job done plus it gets neatly integrated between the left side front and rear passenger doors.

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Team-BHP Support
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Congratulations on the car! Please note that Team-BHP does not permit booking / buying experience threads in the Test-Drives section anymore. For the benefit of members & guests alike, it is now imperative to include a complete ownership report on the car, and its driving experience / comfort / features etc..

This thread is temporarily closed. Please PM me or report this post once you are ready to update this thread with a complete driving report; that's when it shall be re-opened. Thanks for your support.
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Delivery Experience
Took delivery of the car on 27th March 2010. Armed with T-BHP PDI checklist got the car inspected. The salesperson at Bimal Auto was extremely courtesy and friendly, very patiently and methodically explaining me every feature of the car. Going through every document that he was handing over to me.. in short a thorough professional. I had read about some horror stories about BIMAL. But till date have found them very professional and thorough. Have to wait and see how my first service experience is going to be like with them. In fact got a call from them today on submitting the feedback form and they also took a feedback on the phone. Either Maruti has put in the stick to the dealers on customer first initiative or its Bimal's initiative.

I went in for additional 2 yrs of extended warranty. The odometer showed 30kms which I guess is pretty decent as per checklist. They filled in 5 litres of complimentary fuel. The sales guy walked me through the essential parts of the manual and extended warranty and meticulously tick marking his checklist as he was handing me the documents. We had a look at the bonnet, dickey, exteriors and interiors checking every feature was working, oils were topped up or not etc. as mentioned in the checklist. By the time we were through it was a good 1hr. We signed all the documents including Bimal's very own Pre-Delivery checklist. With all these we just didnít have time for the customary photo snap. We left Bimal at 7:30pm and headed straight to the temple.

Initial Ownership Experience
Filled up full tank at Shell and by the time the day was through we had clocked about 100kms on the odo. I always loved the exterior of the SX4 and now with the 10 spoke alloy and the honeycomb grill it gives the SX4 a much more matured and executive look to the car.

I was so used to waiting for the ignition coil to go off before I cranked the Indica that I ended up doing the same only to realize this is a petrol car and this doesnt have a coil. I found it very amusing that as you crank the SX4 the engine automatically raises for a brief moment and then settles down to a gentle hum. I found the illuminated key to be a nice feature especially at night where you donít need to hunt for the key slot. The engine is so silent that you donít realize its running when in idling position. The controls are very well laid out and didnít have any difficulty getting accustomed to it. I was actually expecting a lot of noise, rattle as I read about it in this forum. But to my surprise there was no rattle, engine was ultra smooth and the car just hums away into the traffic. Didnít feel any rattles or any sound for that matter. I remember in my Indica as soon as I switch the AC you can see a phenomenally dip in power. But to my surprise in the SX4 it appeared as though the engine didnít feel any load of the AC whatsoever. I guess most of the 1.6ltr and above donít have this issue of dipping of power when AC is switched on. The Automatic climate control is an awesome feature to have. There was one goof up on Bimal with respect to the under chassis coating. Some brush strokes got sprinkled on to one of the mud flaps. I am not too sure what to do to remove those black marks.

It took me some time to get used to the clutch as I was used to the very torque nature of a diesel car as soon as you release the clutch. Have been changing gears keeping the rpm within 1.5 to 2.5 so far and havenít strained the engine yet. I think the max speed I must have touched is 80km. Bimal was telling me that I donít need to maintain any speed limit for the run-in period and can very well go till 140 kmph if I want to. There is no speed limit requirement. I have my doubts on that. I thought run-in period had some definite speed limits to maintain. I could be wrong on my assumption. The other very interesting statement he made was he explicitly told me to avoid sudden breaking during running period. It was the first time I was hearing something like this. Still racking my head as to what the logic could be and how it is linked to running in period. Experts please comment and also suggest what the ideal run-in method needs to be followed. I searched through the manual but couldnít find any reference to it.

Didnít find any difficult making U turns or going over speed breakers. Come to think of it I have still to find a speed breaker big enough to scrape the under body of the SX4. Though it was quite a challenge doing a reverse as all these year I have been used to driving a hatch. Judgment of the boot is taking me time. The other issue I found was with the headlamps. I felt they were kind off underpowered. Not too sure if I can upgrade them without messing with the warranty. One cool feature I liked though was the headlight adjustment based on the load in your car you can align the headlamp focus which I thought was a pretty neat feature to have.
I am still to determine the fuel efficiency. I will update shortly on the mileage. Fitted in 3M films (RE Series). While they were putting the film they kept the engine running and AC on so that the films stick better. I guess it was running for a good 1 hr which means there would be a skew to the fuel efficiency results.

Observations on SX4 Features
Exteriors: Love the Oyster Blue color and the high aggressive stance of the SX4. Huge Boot. Liked the 10 spoke alloy wheels and even the spare wheel is an alloy.
Interiors: Music system is pretty decent. Didnít find any issue with it. Steering controls, ACC, Illuminated Keys, Tilt steering, Driver seat adjustment makes the drive quite pleasurable. The SX4 gives a lot of headroom even for tall people like me (I am 6ft 3in). I felt that the driver seats gives on a very high seating position and kind of tricks one in to believing that I am driving a car that is a lot higher than it actually is. There is ample of space in the front and back and despite me pulling the driverís seat back due to my height, folks at the back didnít complain of any lack in space. I found the legroom at the driver seats much comfortable than the Fiesta that I test drove sometime back. I was however disappointed with the seat covers and the wooden rest on the side doors seems out of place. IMO either they should have given the same woodish texture to the music system panel or totally have a gray or black kind of texture.
Engine & Performance: 1.6 VVT is smooth and powerful engine. I never once felt underpowered despite the sheer weight and size of this monster. The vehicle plants itself so well on the road and turning radius is perfect and tight especially when you make a U turn or negotiate tight corners. Sometimes I forget itís size since its so easy to turn than even my previous Indica. Never once did I need to reverse because I couldnít complete the U turn in first go. With 5 people sitting in the car and with ACC on, I never felt any shortage of power. It can overtake, pull up to speed very easily and moreover give a very luxurious feel to the ride.

I personally feel itís a true VFM product which gels well with our Indian road conditions. Perfect price and package.

Future updates on mileage and art leather seats.

Posted some more pics. Will post pics on the interiors once I get the seat covers done. Btw this one has the 3M film on it.
Attached Thumbnails
Oyster Blue SX4- ZXI-MT-VVT-sx43.jpg  

Oyster Blue SX4- ZXI-MT-VVT-sx44.jpg  

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Hi Askicode,

Congrats on your ride. The colour is new and is very pleasing.

Thank you for posting a detailed initial ownership report. Would be best for you not to strain the engine too much during the run-in period. I am sure you could take the car over 100 kmph once in a while, but yes, there is a speed limit (80kms - should be there in the owner's manual). Ofcourse, there are a number of conflicting reports on how to run-in an engine, but my experience is not to strain the engine for prolonged period of time for atleast the first 1000 kms.

Please do post the interior pics when you have them.
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Welcome to the club!

This beauty could so easily have been mine, as OB was my first choice too when I did my PDI - however it was very difficult to explain the color to the "Final-Word-In-Our-House" aka My Wife.

I'd first seen it on NDTV's SX4-VVT review, but to see a sparkling new car brings out its' character even more. Wont' be surprised to see this color more often here onwards, besides Silver ofcourse.

The Indica-2-SX4 migration seems quite common too, whatever is said about the old Indica, she sure had oodles of space, after THAT it'd be difficult to not like SX4 I guess.

Do post some pics after you get the seats done. Drive safe.
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The SX4 is a very practical car for India. Good choice.
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Congrats on your purchase. Even I purchsed as SX4 Zxi Vvt last week and even I had the same reasons as yours to choose it over Honda City. The the legroom and seating comfort offered is certainly the best on it's class. After City ZX I geuss no car comes close to the seating comfort of an SX4. The ground clearence is a boon and one gets an Suv'ish feeling driving the car. Adding the smooth and somewhat frugal engine (I got 9.5kmpl on my first tank full, which is pretty decent compared to my previous petrol cars), maruti's service network and easy maintainence this car is Big winner. Best of luck and congrats once again on your purchase keep this thread up with regular updates.
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congrats, and that's a beautiful color.
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MAS- Thanks for the advice. Till date i havent crossed above 80kmph. The previous series of cars that we owned my father always bombarded me that one should not strain the engine at run in period and keep it always between 60 to 80kmph. Have been religiously following it.

thedreamcatcher - Oyster Blue is a new color on the SX4. Oyster Blue and French Eclair were newly introduced colors when the SX4 was relaunched with VVT engine.

I finally filled up the tank again and I got an average of 9.5kmph. I guess this result could be skewed as we had left the engine running in idle with ACC on for almost 2 hrs continously when the film was being done. Will update again on FE. As of now clocked in 250 kms in 4 days. I knew the showroom always over inflated the tyres and for some reason I just didnt get the time to check the air pressure. Today when I did, I was shocked to see most of the tyres filled upto 50psi. I am not sure as to why the showroom folks over inflate the tyres. Anyways overall its been a pleasure driving this car.

Thanks all for your wishes.
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