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Thumbs up Story of the RED DRAGON - Ford Figo 1.4 Titanium

Its was some time last year when I had decided to upgrade from my Pulsar 150 to a hatchback, and so started the hunt for one. After almost a year of searching and waiting, last Sunday I got myself a Ford FIGO 1.4 Titanium. I would use this thread to detail my car buying decision, dealership experience and also use it as a long term ownership review which I will be updating from time to time.

First of all thanks to all T-BHP members for the support and advice which helped me to decide on my first car.

Buying Decision :
I wanted a car which I will be using for about 5 -6 yrs, in that period of time I will be getting married and starting my family and thus wanted a "big" hatchback. Why hatchback ? This is going to be my first car and with the limited budget of (5- 5.5 lacs) it will be good to have a hatchback with all bells and whistles rather than a raw sedan. Also I am a newbie to driving a car and a hatch will be easier to drive around. With a monthly running of approx 1000 kms (700 kms in city and 300 kms on highways) I had decided to buy a petrol hatch but this changed soon. The most important thing that I wanted in my car was it should be a fun to drive car, as I love to drive (drove my pulsar for about 60k kms in 4 yrs and once on 600 kms non-stop drive ). with the requirements sorted I went shopping.

Cars I considered:
1. Punto : I wanted this car the day I saw it for the first time, the looks are wicked and the 1.4 litre petrol engine would be enough to satisfy my hunger for speed and would also be light on the pocket. Yes I had shell out a bit more cash but was ready to do so for this beauty. Took the first test drive when I was in Hyderabad and simply loved it. The drive and handling of this beauty is just the best of all hatchbacks I test drove, but it was my dealership experience that put it off my charts. The dealers both at Hyderabad and Pune are just not interested to sell their cars. The dealer at Hyderabad tried to force an Indica vista when I was interested in Punto. While Pundit auto in Pune was not interested at all, they made me sit at their showroom for 2 hrs in-order to arrange for a test-drive, finally I walked out of the showroom and they didn't even give me a call later. Also people in my family who own Tata's advised me not to go for a Tata-Fiat as A.S.S would be a big problem. No offence to punto owners, I loved every bit of the car but was not ready to face such dealers that too with my first car.

2. i20 : My fiancé loved the looks and was adamant on getting her home, test drove the 1.2 magna at Sanjay Automobiles pune. The car has great interiors, didn't find any problems with the engine power during my short ride in the city. BUT the way it handled put me off. The steering is too light and I was sceptical on how it would be on the highway. Sanjay Hyundai offered a good deal (free insurance and some other free goodies) but I was not gonna put my money on something that I wont enjoy. After some convincing my fiancé decided to let go of it.

3. Skoda fabia : At 5.3 lacs onroad I thought of giving it a try, loved the car it is a great handler but the 3 pot petrol is a bit noisy. Again the A.S.S and looks factor put off the deal. the dealership experience at Europa Auto pune was great they know how to treat their customers and tried their very best to convince me, but I had made up my mind.

4. Swift : Didn't even took the test drive as the dealer told there is a waiting time of 4 months for the new K series engine swift. I intend to keep the car for 5 - 6 yrs and with stories of 2 year old rattling swifts it was a no no for me, also I don't like the looks of the swift.

5. Polo : loved the looks of this VW, but it would be a tad expensive to maintain. I was afraid that my fiancé would again fall for the looks, so didn't even go for the test drive !!! Its a good car but not a good first car, that was my take on the VW Polo.

Finally the FIGO : I was slightly bent towards Ford after I first drove my uncle's Ikon Flair 2 years back. The car was a rocket and it handled like one also. last year I was thinking of getting myself an Ikon (the freshend look one), but when I heard of a new small car from Ford decided to wait. I took test drives at both Mody Ford and Talera ford but liked the hospitality of talera guys much more and finally got it from them. IMHO looks of the figo is not great but it is proportionate. The 1.2 Petrol was the first I drove it is a good city car, but the engine lacks power, it is sluggish in one word its un-exciting. It all changed when I drove the Diesel, man this is a Rocket. I was on cloud nine when the torque kicked in the 3rd gear and it pulled along the car, the fourth gear was even more beautiful. Except for the diesel clatter it never felt like a Diesel, those 68 horses under the hood were always ready to rip the road. The drivablity was as good as the punto (but punto is still the best), and was impressed with the brakes. The decision was made it was gonna be a Ford. I always wanted a car with ABS and so decided to go for a titanium (40k more than my budget but worth the spend). Yes with my monthly running diesel doesn't make sense, but I dont buy my first car every day !!!

Buying Experience :
Booked a Colorado Red Titanium on 13th March from Talera Ford and was promised a delivery before 1st April. The dealer tried to give me my car a bit early and that created a bit of misunderstanding which I had already posted here. Apart from this dealership experience was really good, the SP at Talera ford was very helping, I told him that is the first time I am buying a car and he helped me with everything be it answering my silly queries or helping me with the loan process. I would recommend Talera Ford to anyone who is buying a Ford here in Pune.

About the car :
A lot has been said about the car in this forum and I don't want to repeat it, but here are a great and not so great things about the FIGO through my eyes.
Great things :
* I am newbie to 4 wheels, I have around 200 odd kms of car driving experience, but when driving her I don't feel like a newbie. The driving position is spot on and I can brag about the handling all day long.
* Straight line stability is great.
* Ride quality is very good eats up potholes
* Love the seats and the dash board
* The bluetooth connectivity works perfectly and is quite helpful. I don't answer to calls while driving but this feature atleast helps me in taking a call and responding that I am driving and will call back later rather than missing the call.
* The ICE is also very good and I love the sound quality.
* I wanted to upgrade to better rubber (Michelin XM1) but the stock goodyears are good enough though a bit noisy, will keep them for sometime.

Not so great things:
* IMO Colorado Red is the best looking color for a FIGO, but ford should introduce some other colours, loved the grey color of the punto.
* There should have been rear power windows and adjustable rear head-rests atleast on the Titanium
* I have driven around 150 kms so far and DTE shows a mileage of just 13, may be it will improve a bit later.
* Even with the door open completely, while getting out my leg tends to hit the door (I am just 5.8 ft)
* A/C doesnt seem to be very effective, it was a chiller in the test drive car, but in mine its a bit slow. May be it will be better after I put some sun-films.
* I am having trouble when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. If I slot 2nd a bit early the car acts like a snail, Ford could have done better with the gearing ratios.

Overall Experience : I am very happy with my buying decision and love the car. I am now taking my car to almost everywhere, this morning I took it to the grocery store which is 100 mts away from my house, just for the sake of driving it I hope ford keeps its promise and makes it inexpensive to maintain this beauty.

P.S : Will upload some pics tomorrow when I get my camera.

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Congrats prasanjit on getting the new car, the Colarado red is also my fav colour among all the ones that Ford is offering. As mentioend by many users before go by actual mileage than the DTE figures.
More so go by the figures post first service. I am sure it will be better.
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Congratulations, enjoy your ride.
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Congratulations on your Figo. Even I'm more or less like you as we never had owned a car so far and will be buying my first car soon and it will be a Ford Figo.
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Congrats Prasanjit on the new member in the family

waiting eagerly for the pics to be uploaded aslo can you please put on the price break up for the figo
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Congrats - that was a very good write-up.
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Hey Prasanjit, Congratulations! , Drive safe & have loads of fun!
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Congrats on your FiGO. Let the pictures pour in. Please remember to post som good shots of the seat covers. Many would love to see how different the covers on the ZXi-Titanium are.
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Congrats on your first 4-wheeler! The figo is an excellent car - with all that one needs, at a very good price.

Excellent write-up on the decision-making / buying experience too.
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Congrats. I like the details and buying decision you have pen-ed down.

Happy Figo-ing.
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Congrats on your new babe, it is a wise decision. Hope ford improve their A.S.S and maint. cost, pics please.
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Congrats ! Good write up. I think it looks best in Red (apart from white) ! Hope they give better colors in future. Do post some snaps please !
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Congrats. Happy motoring... and a fine comparative writeup..
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congrats - I liked the way you bought the diesel for the better driving experience without going into the roi on diesel debate.
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Congrats happy.tripathi for the Figo upgrade. It will certainly serve you well for the years to come.
About that 2nd gear problem, you need to stay in the appropriate power band, since the diesels are not free revving unlike the petrols.
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