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Default My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze


Long post, sorry!

As Gemi put it correctly, we got 'squeezed'!

End Feb / Early March received an SMS from Kairali Ford, Ernakulam about the demo of the Figo. The when I read here there is generous space especially rear seat, thought of checking out, maybe to replace my Marina.

So one fine day, wife and myself were there to see it in person. Took a test drive in a Squeeze diesel (TN registered) and what to say, both of us were hooked - both the Squeeze colour and the coral dash.

The thought process drifted off in a tangent while we started checking out the competitors. Saw the Polo and got out fast, such a big car from outside and such little space inside and only petrol for now (I did not know that else I would not have gone to the VW showroom. But took a test drive of the Jetta and then went on to the Laura. My wife wanted me to change the City now and for me both the above, though good, did not feel as correct buys in an economic sense. So we were on to the small hatch segment again.

A couple of days later, the local representative of Ford phoned and offered another drive as the demo car was in my town. He was almost sure that we would be among the initial customers for the formal launch on the 18th. We thought so too!

In a couple of days we checked out the i20 and the Scorpio MT (thought of having a test drive of the AT later, if the Scorpio appealed to my wife, it did as she likes SUV type of sitting). Then TVS was not bothered with the trivial issue of informing me when the AT was available in Cochin and so Scorpio faded from our memory. Though I pointed out the Xylo, wife did not show enthusiasm at that point.

By now we had a test route in Alleppey which Figo passed with flying colours.
It took a while to get the test drive of a Vista, but though it offered more space in the rear seat, it (as well as the i20) was only average over the test route (testing for ride comfort).

The day prior to the Vista test drive, we chanced upon the Manza. The moment she sat inside, my wife wanted a test drive and once the car passed our test route, she had decided that Manza has to replace the City.

And we bought the Manza. While taking delivery of the Manza I tried for a second time to convince my wife about the Vista (did want to stick to Tata stable, the Linea and the Punto fell short on rear seat space which is important for us), but I had to agree with her that Vista ride was definitely inferior to Figo's.

So now the City had to go and when the sale got delayed due to pricing, we again put the Figo on the backburner. So could not accept Ford's offer of a delivery before March 31st.

Then the City got sold.

So we decided to go for the Figo. Booked it and took delivery of it on the 26th at about 12.30 PM.

This is the first glimpse of my Figo (a speck at the farther end):
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00783_medium.jpg
The red one was also for delivery with ribbons and lemons, waiting for the paperwork to be over.

Getting it ready (lemons were put, but no ribbon thankfully!):
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00784_medium.jpg
They had to hurry for the 12.30 timing and they managed it.

The key handing over ceremony (definitely low key than the Manza affair)
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00786_medium.jpg

The odometer at delivery (after filling 10 L diesel in the next door pump):
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00789_medium.jpg
I was advised to take a little from that pump as they are known to have problems with quantity, but had to as the DTE was showing 1 km and they did not want to take a risk of me being stranded on the road with no diesel.

So filled the tank up in another outlet and a total of 42.8 L was put in (to the brim). The accompanying Manza was also filled up. But since my wife needed to go into Cochin, sent the Manza off home. Though I usually check mileage as soon as I reach home, could not, as ordinary diesel was not availabe in a couple of pumps.

Manza waitng for his friend.
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00779_medium.jpg
The showroom window and door glass was shattered in the wind the previous evening and were just cleaning it up. So no AC in the showroom.

Lot of Figos:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00780_medium.jpg
There were more behind the showroom too!

The initial rain drops:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00790_medium.jpg
The Manza also came home in rain on delivery day.

The moment I drove off the dealership, I knew that the tyres were overfilled. It was proven and was reduced to the requisite levels at home in the evening.

I have to get used to the Manza's and Figo's gearing now. After checking the wipers twice while indicating, I think I have got it now.

The instrument console when lit:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00791_medium.jpg
Impressive, theatre style on and off for the lights in the instrument console. But a little overdone design in the meters.

Almost into town, and it was raining, the right side door mirror:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00792_medium.jpg

The left one:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00793_medium.jpg
Not very usable in rain, though. Centre mirror is fine as the rear wiper does the job of cleaning the rear windshield well.

The AC is fantastic. The controls are light and driving was easy. Rare car where you can see the bonnet edge and the small dimensions contributed to the pleasure of driving in the congested Cochin roads.

The tyres are MRF ZV2Ks and were fine. With the NH47 and me sticking to the speed limit, the drive was good. But the Manza has spoilt us with its ride.

Now the tap the indicator and it works thrice automatically can be used for most of the turns and is a convenient feature.

My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00794_medium.jpg
In most of the images here, I see the temperature control completely to the maximum in blue, I always reduce the temperature first and then the blower.

My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00795_medium.jpg

The rear glass only goes down that much:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00797_medium.jpg

Random shots:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00798_medium.jpg
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00799_medium.jpg
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00800_medium.jpg
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00801_medium.jpg

My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00802_medium.jpg

Engine compartment:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00803_medium.jpg
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00804_medium.jpg

The oil level:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00811_medium.jpg

The heat shield:
My Figo Titanium TDCi Squeeze-dsc00812_medium.jpg
Is it only in my car? The finish at the corner is crude!

Off to a Cochin visit tomorrow, possibly in the Figo.

More later and thanks in advance for all the good wishes and for the patient reading.
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Mashe, congrats on the new addition to the family, and on getting squeezed !
Firstly, i am surprised how the Manza was able to replace your AT City. That left me shocked for a moment, there!

All the best with the Figo, and do update your experiences with it on a regular basis.
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Congrats trrk, welcome to the Figo owners club. Enjoy your ride.

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Congrats dude. So many Figo ownership and booking threads! I am eagerly waiting to see this months sales figures of Figo. Other ownership therads are trying to squeeze between Figo threads

whats the top speed of Figo, i see 220 on dial
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Thumbs up

Congrats on your Figo trrk It's a wonderful Car and you'll certainly enjoy driving her
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ahh another diesel beauty, it is a wonderful car, and very prudent buy. congrats on your new drive. also on a side note, that's a very unique combo of colours you got at garage - red manza and green figo.
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Thumbs up

Hey! Congratulations on your second new car!

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
Mashe, congrats on the new addition to the family, and on getting squeezed !
Firstly, i am surprised how the Manza was able to replace your AT City. That left me shocked for a moment, there!

All the best with the Figo, and do update your experiences with it on a regular basis.
Quite possible! From his post it's quite evident that rear seat space and comfort had priority. And in that respect the Manza is better.
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Hi trrk,
congrats for the new car.Wish you a great ownership experience.Any reason to sell NHC CVTS?.Waiting for the updates on the car, service experience and the cost of ownership.

How do you feel about the different positions of control stalks in Manza and Figo?
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Congrats trrk.
Nice choice.
Now a days I have become a fan of squeeze & cocktail green.
Wish you a wonderful and safe driving experience with Figo.
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Congrats trrk for the squeeze, Figo. It seems that the green and reds are being lapped up in great numbers. First the Manza and then the Figo.
Nice snaps. Happy driving with the baby Ford.
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Clearly, you put a lot of thought behind your purchases. Both the Manza and the Figo are exceptionally good value for money offerings with great interior room.

I could see that the Vista would have fit in, but then you would have had two cars which looked practically the same till the boot and had the same engine (perhaps). The Figo is a good compromise (perhaps best) between the boot space - better than Vista - and the rear seat room.

What I would like you to share with us, is the service experience,as and when that happens. I want to see if the cost of ownership of the Manza is at par with the Figo.
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Congrats on the Car. Hey do you have the pic of the ABS ? Is it visible in the bonnet like in Maruti (Swift etc) ?

BTW, in Airbags version, is the on bash board container in front of passenger missing ?
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Congrats on your new car. It looks awesome.

Awesome pictures as well.
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So Finally

Fabulous pictures. I'd say one of the best Figo Detailed Pics till date on t-bhp.


PS: Loved those alloys on your manza. How much?

Last edited by gemithomas : 28th April 2010 at 08:14.
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Thumbs up Congrats

Congratulations on a great car trrk!

I am expecting an excellent full blown upkeep review of your Figo, if the past threads on your City is anything to go by.

Also, the heat shield is the same as seen in the following pic attached from GTO' review.
Attached Images
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