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Dear Friends,
After almost a year of search, reading countless threads on this forum, comparing cars and swinging between buying and not buying a car, I am finally buying a Fiesta 1.6 ZXI petrol, sea grey in colour and will be getting delivery on 8th May. As far as i know, this is the second Sea grey colour on the forum after jaganm.

Here is my entire buying experience:

In april09, I was happily entrenched in my job, as Regional Sales Manager in MNC with a 8am-10pm job. My office was in Khar(W) and I live in thane. Daily travel was about 80km, if i only went to office and around 100 km if i went to market visits as well. On an average of 2000 km per month. I was driving Ford ikon 1.3 flair petrol, paparika red.
Before, all of you jump on me and say why not "DIESEL", I had no choice as it was a company car, chosen and bought by company and passed on to me from the previous incumbent with around 15k on the odo. I also was not allowed to fit a CNG/GAS kit as the asset belonged to the company.

Suddenly, I got an irressistible offer and I decided to change jobs around Mid may.
Now the question of the car came up.
New one or old one?
So I did a bit of TD and came across Team-BHP for the first time on my net searches.
But just before i was leaving, my previous company agreed to sell the car at my price and therefore i dropped my plan to buy a new car.
Status quo was maintained till this march'10 till Finance minister changed tax laws on perquisites and tax benefits on personal car were withdrawn and only available on company car with much lower taxation rate.
So, with all my working i realised that a new company car will cost me only 5k additional due to the tax savings and secondly, my company capitalises cars only at ex-showroom prices, thus giving almost a lakh rupees benefit.
So dejavu, and my car search started again.
By this time, I had joined a carpool, and with no market visits, my monthly driving fell to 600 kms per month. Secondly, I had to buy a car under 6 lakhs with fiesta allowed as an exception.

I had researched the following petrol cars:

1. Honda City
2. SX4
3. Fiat Linea
4. Indigo Manza
5. Fiesta

I didn't look at hatchs as i wanted a Sedan and i didn't consider Verna due to looks and Indigo due to its taxi image.

Now My TD experience
1. Honda City-ANHC: I TD this car in may09. This was the car i had always planned as my next car. The space was good, interiors excellent and car drove and handled well. However, with almost 10L OTR price tag, it seemed way too expensive I was not ready to give such a big premium only for honda brand name. This time around, with the new realty, I skipped this car alltogether from list of probables.

2. SX4: This was TD at the same time as ANHC. I liked the tall boy design of this car. Car drove well and was responsive on all speeds. Features were good and being a maruti, AS* was not a problem. However, I had visibility issues with the right A pillar and i had to bend to see the traffic lights, etc. Also, Maruti had stopped the production of this car so issue on spares was expected. Now, the new SX4 has been launched but is more than my budget and hence not considered.

3. Fiat Linea: I liked this car from the day it was launched and followed the various threads in this forum on Linea. It seemed the best car- great looks, decent space and unheard of features at an unbelievable price.
AS* concerns and stories of underpowered engine and issues in city traffic made me ponder. I did TD this car. Car drove well and handled very well. I also felt the power issue in lower gears as i drive my ikon aggressively and felt the difference. But the car I feel still suits people who seek good and smooth ride quality. Overall, I was impressed by the car and included it in my shortlist. However, I was in for a shock this april. The prices have shot through the roof since the launch last year and even the base petrol active version was around 6.6 Ex showroom and Emotion at around almost 9 lakhs OTR in mumbai. So emotion went out of my Budget and with active i didn't want to compromise on the features and engine both at the same time. So Linea dropped off my list

4. Indigo Manza Aura+ Safire: i was bowled over by the features of this car and the price at which it was coming. With a bit of negotiation and corporate discount, it was coming to 6.01 Ex showroom in mumbai. No other sedan in this price segment was offering airbags/ABS/Stero Mounted controls/Blue n Me/etc. I TD the car and i liked the space inside the car. The car is really comfortable and beats all other cars hands down. The car seemed to look better everytime i looked at the car and black color seemed a monstrous beauty. However, the back still looked awkard to me. The drive was ok as I felt the pedal to be very soft and i was not getting any feedback from the engine via the pedal. I also felt a lag between the pedal and the car's response. Could be due to TD vehicle was due for service. The interiors though not in the same league as Linea or Fiesta, are quite acceptable for the price of the car and not as bad as several posts have been indicating. Overall, for those who have a driver, this is the car for them.

5. Fiesta 1.6: I liked the car from day1. It has a powerful engine and a responsive pedal. The car handles well and zips beautifully in city traffic. Being an owner of Ikon, I know how to manage the AS* from ford and the maintenance cost is much lower than most non-ford owners think.
The car interiors are great and stock music system is great. However, there is no remote for the music system, no steering mounted controls, no bluetooth interface(its there in Figo) and no USB port. So i'll have to find alternate solutions for all these.
I liked the new face lifted Fiesta, especially the new grill and the headlights. Finally, with a hefty corporate discounts, number of freebies, 1.6 ZXI was fitting into my budget. With 2 red cars in the family, We decided to go for sea grey which is a beautiful colour.

We will finally get our new car today at around 4 pm. I have already done the PDI yesterday with 26km on the odo.

However, buying the fiesta was not so easy. Initially, I had a very bad experience with the dealer and then later with Ford company people when i escalated the matter to them. Later on however, the dealer made up for its mistake while they and ford kept blaming each other. In a nutshell, Ford refused to intervene, told me not to waste their time and deal with dealer directly and that they have nothing to do with the matter. Only reason i went ahead and decided to buy the car was that i didn't want to compromise on the car and dealer was rolling out the red carpet for everthing. Yesterday, it seems that Ford office in chennai has taken cognisance and action has been initiated against the rude officials.

So Alls well that ends well.

Plan now is to take delivery and decide on the accessories ( i have a 18k budget) and give the car back next week for fitting them.

Will post the pics soon.

Thanks to Team-BHP for coming to my rescue several times during this car search.

Finally I got my Car delivered to me at 6.00 pm after waiting for 3 hours. The keys were received by my 6 yr old Daughter.
There were some minor scratches in the rear bumper which dealer has given in writing that it will be fixed in next visit to the service station.
We drove the car from Malad to Sai Baba temple on Western Express highway in bumper to bumper traffic.
We got the puja done at the Sai baba temple and drove from Kandivali to Thane via ghodbunder road.
No matter how much you TD, the actual drive is 100 times better than on TD vehicle. We went to the showroom in a meru cab which unfortunately was an esteem. It appeared we were on a horse back. Return journey was contrastingly smooth with the Fiesta gliding on the same road and all the potholes, uneven stretches seemed have been ironed by the Fiesta.
However, There were two things i noticed. DTE was showing ridiculous figures. It was showing 68 when we left. In the next 10 kms it dropped down to 30 and by the time I hit a pump after another 8km, the DTE droppped to 9. I guess that when we move slow in bumper to bumper traffic, it adjusts the FE and calculates the DTE on dynamic basis.
Secondly, I have got the mirror type 4 Sensor reverse parking gear from Auto cop. I was struggling to figure out how to make sense of what was displaying.
Can anybody help me in making sense of the sounds/display?
Finally, we reached home by 9 pm and parked the car inside our compound. Which meant my Ikon had to give way to the Fiesta.
Only a Fiesta and displace an Ikon.

On pictures, my Digicam konked off and i have taken a few mobile pics and from showroom camera. will post them a little later.
Thanks to all BHPians on sharing my happiness.

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Congrats Sharad.
So tomorrow you are getting your baby, grt stuff.
Post some pics of your baby along with other details.
Will be waiting for your next post .
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Old 8th May 2010, 06:14   #3
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Thanks Choudhury.
Will surely pos pics ASAP.
My daughter and wife are leaving for summer vacations on sunday morning hence
I'm taking delivery with stock fittings and free stuff = teflon+flaps/mats+sun film+reverse sensors mirror type+body cover
I"m planning to add acessories later.
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Cogratulations - Hope by now you might have got your car.
Good selection - Enjoy driving Fiesta, the drivers car!
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Originally Posted by sharadmumbai
;Only a Fiesta and displace an Ikon.
Well said, one driver's car replaces the other!

Welcome to the club, Sharad. Good comparo you have up there.
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Tks Vnabhi and Nairji.
Nairji- I was closely following your and Shaju's discussion on his thread.
thanks for all the info there.
And yes Vnabhi, Ikon and now Fiesta are indeed pure drivingsutra.
I have been driving the car myself. My wife insisted that i have a driver about 2 years back as she felt that its safer as i worked long hours and drove almost 100km a day.
I tried. the first ran away the second day as I had asked my office security to keep an eye on him in case he takes the Ikon anywhere out.
Second ran away within 2 days citing long hours.
Third came and at that time my Ikon had gone for service and hence i asked him to drive my M-800. He banged the car twice in 4 days-broke its front bumper while lane cutting and got hit by a truck from behind as he braked on a red light. Then he disappeared for few days. Actually, he had fallen from his bike and hurt his legs and my wife refused to let him come anywhere near our car.
All this in matter of 15 days. I told my wife its much safer if i drive the car myself.
I guess i was able to do it as Ikon is a pleasure to drive and I really zip.
So couldn't ask for a better upgrade then Fiesta.
Also, since I was driving an Ikon, I guess it became a sub conscious force to move to fiesta.
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Few Mobile pics. Pardon me for the quality.
Will post good quality pics in a few days.
Attached Images
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This is a very nice color, it almost suits all the cars.
Yup, pics from digicam will be nice.
Any plans for some accessories, or its gonna take some time :-)

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Congrats sharad for another Ford. You were obviously smitten by your Ikon's handling prowess. Nice color, a bit staid if truth be told. Any plans of buying her some new shoes?
Enjoy the drive.
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Congrats on your purchase!!the Fiesta is the best car for the enthusiast in the below 10lakh category!!

Anyway could you tell me if you got any offers for it?any discounts, freebies etc?
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Its a great choice from the current market. I love fiesta from the day it launched. Its a great car with good suspension. Congrats.
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Congratulations, Sharad. Excellent choice of car and colour!

The Fiesta still looks very contemporary, even after so many years in the market. IMHO, it is one of the rare examples of a facelift having worked very well.

Do post better quality pics when you can.
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Thumbs up Congratulations


I may be a bit little but nevertheless. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS.
Welcome to the Fiestians family. Happy driving days, you wont regret your decision. The car looks damn good, I have seen a couple of sea grey Fiesta in Thane and one of them might be yours.
I see that you have not mentioned the dealer details, the OTR cost etc, pls do fill in those details at the earliest. One thing puzzles me is that you took delivery in Kandivali, why not in Thane since your location mentions Thane.
Your also mentioned you had a bad experience with the dealer and Ford - on what matter was it pricing?? Pls elaborate
All in all enjoy the driving. You family is going to ask for more time in the car.
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Sharad, congratulations for being part of the fiesta gang !! Please post your total cost when you have time. Two of my neighbours went to the showroom here and came back confused about the decision, because they were informed that the prices have gone up. I can call up and check the details here, but your post will be good for new members who are looking for a clear figure.

Enjoy your ride, I am sure you will ! I will be completing 10 months within 2 weeks, but it still feels fresh to be driving around in the fiesta.
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Brilliant car. You will enjoy it to the hilt. Just today at a red light, I saw a 320D smoked by a Fiesta 1.6 !!

Four times the fun at 1/4th the price !!

Enjoy & Congratulations

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