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Congrats on your new Polo. It looks awesome in red. Waiting for its FE figures. Please post some more pics of the 'complete' car.
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Ya, very keen to know the fuel efficiency. Do update us with it mate.
Between the car looks stunning from the front and VW logo makes it look premium as always!
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congratz buddy!
This looks to be a first report on polo diesel on Tbhp.
Do give a running report.
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@84.monsoon - congrats mate on the acquisition . Getting hands on a polo itself is a big thing at this time ,considering the long waiting periods associated with Polo . Hope you are planning some tyre alloy upgrade :-)

enjoy the miles ahead
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My favorite hatch back and it looks smashing in red. So how long did you have to wait to get this handsome looking car? BTW congrats!! Please provide more details like handling characteristics, fuel efficiency etc.
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Congrats on your car. Polos look very elegant and can be made to look hot and sporty. Finally a car to match Swift's looks with a mod.
Have been seeing a few white ones lately, they also look really classy. Maybe its the paint and finishing.
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Default further Driving Reports and Photos

Today I took the new Polo on a longer drive through the East Coast Road south of the city and also across town to collect my license plates. I hit 120+ kph before I had to slow down due to a herd of cows on the road. Here are my driving impressions:
  • High speed stability is very good. I never felt out of control at any speed. The brakes have a quite a bit of bite to slow the car down quickly at any speed and the vehicle stays dead straight.
  • There have been comments about the steering being very light at high speeds. Although this is indeed true in general, I did not feel any concerns while driving in the 100-120 kph range.
  • Pick up is strong between 1.8K and 3 K rpm, you just have to ensure you are close to this range at any time - and there should not be any problems getting a speed surge as and when needed fast. But if you are going less than 1.5K rpm, you have a barrier to cross in terms of quickly getting to over 1.8K rpm, this does take a good second whether you are revvign or downshifting.
  • Driving comfort is exemplary - the seat really hugs you and there is no problem with back support or thigh support. However, there is one irritating thing I did notice in long drives. I tend to lean my right knee against the door and in the Polo, there is a sharp edge of the inner door handle exactly where my knee rests. This gets painful driving for a long time. I do not so much mind the left knee bit that many people complained about, this can be cured with the steering telescope feature. But the right knee thing is an issue for me and I have to look at some way to soften this edge, maybe some sort of velcro strip affixed around the handle. I wonder if any of the other Polo owners on the forum noticed this and found any better solutions.
  • Received a lot of attention including a group of three middle aged gents literally following me for 3 km. Finally we stopped and one of the guys wanted to check out the car thoroughly. He said he was blown over the looks and could not resist following me . Apparently, he had bought a Grande Punto earlier this year and said he wished he had waited. When I said the Punto is also very good, he replied that although that is true a "Folks is a Folks" and it is the ultimate in looks & design.
  • The third gear is my "niravana" gear for city driving. The gear pulls away from as low as 25-30 kph and stays relaxed till 60+ kph. Sicen this is the range of speed you are generally in (unless you hit a lot of stops) the car is almost like an automatic in this speed range. I managed to cover much of my in-city drive in this gear.
  • The Trendline Diesel also has the gear shift "recommender" that the Polo Blue Motion comes with in the European markets. I will probably not pay attention to it in the long run, but it is really engaging during the period you are getting to know the car. This is right next to the time display at the top of the instrument cluster. Whenever the clutch is disengaged, it displays which gear you are on. As the revs climb near 2K, it flashed the next gear setting you should be in and an upward arrow. If you slow down too much, it does the same with a downward arrow suggesting you to go to the lower gear. I do not think this is just a simple "less than/greater than" formula with the rpm meter. The reason I think so is that the up-shift suggestion seems to come at different rpm setting across the different gears and also it seems to vary slightly in terms of the exact rpm when it comes up even between the same set of gears. I think it is a more complex calculation assessing upward/downward grace, level of acceleration/deceleration at that point in time etc. In any case, I found it to be a real cool feature if you are in the mood for wringing out the most mpg.
  • I am posting a few more "holistic" pictures based on all your comments and will post separately about my accessory shopping attempts.
Attached Thumbnails
Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1848.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1849.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1850.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1851.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1852.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1855.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1857.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1856.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1862.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1854.jpg  

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@84.monsoon - Great car and beautiful pictures. What was the on road price in chennai ? Any idea on the waiting period for polo diesel's ?
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Nice looking car but can you share your buying experience? What are the service intervals, OTR price etc?
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Congrats on your new Polo! I too want this one but cant spent 6.6 ! My budget is only under 6 and I want diesel :(
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Congrats on your POLO, It really looks cool

Just a suggestion , Blackening the Headlights as in the International edition.

BTW whats the On road price in chennai?
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Man the car looks red HOT.
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Hey! THats one hot hatch. Ho much do fog lamps cost? I think a pair of those would take the looks a few notches higher

Also please post some pics of the doors open. I noticed that the blackened part of the B Pillar does not open with the door. So what actually holds those window glasses when the doors are open

Please post some pics of interiors too.

PS: Why do many manufacturers go for these acceleres. I think they take away a lot of the cars capabilitites.

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Could not help noticing the positioning of the reverse gear on the Gear knob. Hmmm. Interesting.
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Fantastic snaps! She looks really hot in red!

One question, when idling in gear with the clutch depressed completely, does it vibrate a lot?
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