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Default Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline

Hi Team-BPH friends,

Finally got my hands on my new Polo Diesel TL. Had been delivered last Monday, but I had to wait till today to drive it since I was out of town. Yet to get the license plates from the dealer. Also need some essential accessories for which I plan to go shopping tomrrow (seat covers, floor mats, mud gaurds etc.)

Looks-wise, I really liked the side-profile the best. Front-profile is next in my view and back-profile is really not very remarkable. The doors shut with a nice solid sound even if it is not the "full thump" of larger European cars.

Some other cool and not-so-cool things I observed:
  1. The hatch's trunk shuts with almost no pressure needed. It is aligned such that as soon as you reach within 4-5 inches of closing position and allow it to free-fall, gravity takes over and it shuts nicely with a nice solid locking sound. There is very little chance of those "door open" signs appearing every now and then, when you pull over, check all the doors and finally realize it is the boot that is open...
  2. The tilt and telecscope steering wheel is a great way to make sure drivers of many heights can be comfortable. I had to pull the telescoping wheel out mid-way and tilt it all the way up to make sure my knee did not hit the sidewall or the steering wheel. Once I did that and adjusted the seat backwards, I was totally comfortable. I am 6' 2". I was worried about initial reports of discomfort for tall drivers and I had booked the car without a test drive in late Feb, so it was a relief to experience this.
  3. The horn position is very easy to reach for the thumbs and the steering wheel felt really nice to grip. The steering is amazingly light and a pleasure to use in the city. I know some drivers do not prefer this especially at high speeds. I have not taken the car yet on the highway so more about that later once I do.
  4. The headlight controls feel like they belong to a high end luxury German sedan, and I would not be surprised if it is shared with Audi. It is really solid and respectable.
  5. The seatbelt heads are shared with Audi. You can see both the Audi and the VW logos there. (tried to catch this in a snap)
  6. The manuals are the classiest in terms of glossy paper, print and color, of all the 6 cars I have owned, including 4 in US. No suprise then to discover they are printed in Germany, and are global editions describing every feature and engine delivered with the Polo anywhere in the worlkd.... This particular part has certainly not been localized yet!
  7. There is no vibration felt on the brake lever or steering wheel while idling, unlike some of the reports I have read. This was a relief since this is one thing I hate on the extended family's Innova.
  8. The engine is not exacly quiet, but definitely not noisy compared to other Diesels. There is an engine cover and sound deadening material under the hood, which does not appear in Petrol Polos. This is probably the reason I could not hear much engine noise.
  9. The one grouse my family had of course, is that the space at the back is cramped, especially since I sit with my driver's seat pushed back quite a bit. Not a worry for me, sicne I am the only person in the car 95% of the time.
  10. Went for a first short drive in the city:
    • The car pulls very well in first gear. I have an incline in front of my house - approx. 20-25 degree grade. I do not even have to depress the accelerator while climbing this grade. the car will do this in idle speed.
    • The second gear is a bit disappointing. Have to rev the car past 2K rpm or downshift to first gear when get I slowed down in the typicl city maneuvers and go below about 10 kph.
    • There are fortunately not many gaps between the gears, where one feels too short and the next too long, at any particular speed. This is a problem I constantly had in my Diesel Verna betwen 2nd and 3rd gears.
    • The third and fourth gears were very punchy and encouraging. Once you get past the 25-30 kph and into the third gear, you are well into confident terrirotry. There is a good rev range available and the car moves really well.
    • Never had a chance to go beyond the 4th gear, will post high speed impressions once I get to take her on the highway tomorrow.
    • The car feels very confident in corners and over bumps. The only kind of road undulationwhich seems to upset the polo is the downward kind, ie, dips/crevaces that run end to end with a 4-5 inch depth that are typical in Chennai roads.
    • Brakes are solid and you mostly always feel confident about stopping the car quickly at any city speeds.
    • Clutch pedal has a long range movement, just as I read in other reviews. However, the action is very light on the feet.
    • No need to write more about the legendary gear shifts, much has already been written ablut how smooth and short the throws are. The transmission almost seems to have AI in terms of knowing what gear is right for you next.
    • The front seats are supremely supportive. The driving comfort and the front seat passenger comfort is exemplary.
    • Have filled up the fuel tank and set the trip meter, we will see how the famed fuel efficiency shapes up as the enxt weeks come.
    • In short a pleasure to drive in the city, very easy to throw aound and very m[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]aneuverable...Light to steer yet feels stable at all speeds. [/SIZE][/FONT]
Bye for now, and will post some more imrpessions after have had more of a chance to get to know this baby better!
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Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1837.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1839.jpg  

Meet my new Polo TDI Trendline-img_1829.jpg  

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Hey Congrats. Polo looks best in Red!!
I think this is the 1st diesel on T-BHP. Looking forward for ownership report. It would be great if you could share the spares/consumables price list (if you have any) so that we may compare it to other diesels.

One question, Why Polo diesel?
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Great, would be interested to know how she handles the highway blues?
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Wow. You should be the first one to post a Polo TDI ownership thread here at Team BHP. Congrats on your new car. It simply looks awesome. Please post some more pictures. I doubt that its your camera so clear in depicting the fit and finish of the Polo, but rather the vehicle itself. Awesome!

Can you also post the On Road price that you paid for this girl.
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Drive safe and have fun.
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Nice review and awesome car, buddy! She looks super hot in Red!

What was the OTR price? Looking forward to more pics!

Also, how was the dealership experience?
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Nice, clean, understated, classy. I love the Polo's looks :-)
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Congrats for the first Polo TDI on T'Bhp. Lot of eyes will be set on this ownership report to know about the mileage figures.
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Congrats dude. Lol what did it depicts in your last zoomed pic? VW shakes hand with Audi?
Hope its the seat belt, not quite clear though.
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The pic that you have taken from the front, the first one, is breathtaking. Seriously. Very nice looking hatch.
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Congrats on your trendy trendline! Go ahead, enjoy your polo and keep us updated on the car's performance!
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Hi ,congrats on your beautiful car.Please keep updating.Would like to know more about the cars performance and fuel efficiency.
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Congrats on the new car, it looks too good in red.....and yeah 1st diesel on T-bhp
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Congrats. Drive safe & Keep the updates coming.

The 1st pic is quite mesmerizing
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Congrats on the Polo!! Looks stunning in red! I think the Polo should only be made in this color
Nice to see that the seatbelt head is same as that in an Audi. Didn't notice this when I drove the car. The Polo reads quality everywhere! A benchmark for any hatchback in India.

How does the Polo TDi fair in comparison to the MJDs and Duratorqs?
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