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Default My Dezired Car..

Hello Team-BHPians,

I am a bit late in writing this, as i wanted to write the experience of my new car after i clocked 500+ kms on the odo.

I had a second hand esteem which i sold in March, 2010. It served me loyally for 3 years before deciding to switch for a new car as my finance manager had agreed to finance the new car (My dad). My esteem was giving a FE of 12.5 kmpl, which according to me was astonishing. I had bought the car when the odo read 44,642 kms and when i sold, it read 93,884 kms. So almost 50,000 kms in 3 years. Then the cost of petrol refuelling started to burn a huge hole in my pocket. It was then decided to buy a diesel car.

The choice was between manza and dzire. I had a terrible time with manza (have already mentioned in my old thread) and hence went ahead and booked Dzire at Automotive at Nerul (Navi Mumbai). Before booking the new car, the best thing to happen was i was admitted to Team BHP.. Hence, i took a very informed decision. Also non-cooperation and lack of enthusiasm was another reason of me going in favour of Dzire.

I finally booked Dzire on 3rd March, 2010. I was told that i will and could get my new car in one months time. I was in for a pleasant surprise..!! But, truth turned out something else..(more of it later).

Due to this, (since they already did a favour to me me by giving car in 1 month) did not bargain for freebies and also told them that any colour will do (though except black and red).

The waiting game then started. I did not call my sales rep for a month or so and then after 10th of April, called him and enquired. The response was not appreciable. I was told that i am on wait list (as if i didn't know) and as soon as i was alloted a car he will let me know.. (talk something new..!!). I requested him politely that i was promised the car in a month and wanted the car by 20th April..

Come 23rd of April and still no news from dealer or my sales rep.. I called my sales guy and asked him about a refund if he cant give me the car in next week.. I was shocked to hear "Sir, you have to give a letter seeking refund and i will personally deliver the cheque to you". I thought probably he is having bad hair day and after 2 hours again called him and asked him. Pat, came the same reply.. All this while my sales guy never called me and i had to do the honours..

I was then out on vacation (which i had originally planned to travel by my car) and there sitting in hotel room (on 26th April) i decided to take the matter to higher level. I somehow managed to talk to the team leader and told him of the response and also how they went against their own words. It was now almost 2 months from date of booking. I then also told him that i now wanted only white colour, since i have anyways waited for the car. White was my original choice as my family had approved only white.

Then, after my return, spoke to the team leader. He told me that he is now trying and will give me white colour only. I took a day off (9th May) and went to showroom armed with all necessary papers and a cheque for balance payment. I was hoping that my trick of carrying the papers and balance cheque will pay off. I started my talk rather authoritatively saying that i am here with all paperwork and balance amount and now wanted my car on 16th May, 2010. It is one of 3 most auspicious days in hindu calendar.. My mother insisted that car be delivered on that day.

After about one hour (i never interacted with my sales guy) i gave all paperwork and cheque and told them that now all formalities are completed and want my car on 16th May. The team leader then checked their internal records and told me that one car is despatched from Gurgaon and one of them is white which he can allocate to me. But, not sure if it will reach by 16th. I kept my fingers crossed.

Finally, on 13th May, i get a call from showroom saying that the car has arrived and they can have it delivered on 16th.. I jumped with joy.

Armed with a PDI from Team-BHP, i went to showroom and saw everyone running around.. When enquired, i was told that there are 70 deliveries happening on that day..!!

Anyways, i had a fixed my time and hence, my team leader came upto me and showed me the car. After, all the necessary paperwork i made my dad do the pooja and take keys..

So, i took the delivery of the car on 16th May, (after 2.5 months), white in colour. Also, since i waited for long and before me asking and the showroom guys feeling rather guilty of delaying the delivery, gave me full matting, brush pads, perfume, idol, mud flaps, steering cover.

Did not change the tyres, nor the ICE as i was told that if you get it done locally, the warranty will be void. I am not quite impressed with music system.

Cut to present:
Recently, i got seat covers and hard rubber matting costing me Rs. 4,000/- only.. Seat covers are from Orchis, with 1 year warranty..

After 612 kms on the odo with round trip to bhor (60 kms after pune), i found that the car holds well on patchy roads. Even on potholes there were no jerks.

One thing though which i noticed though was when cleaning the front window, the wipers do not cover the entire front screen. One patch to the left of driving seat (some 30 degrees) is not covered by wipers. Also, when there is a sharp left or righ turn (90 degrees) there is a blind spot for a couple of seconds).. Users of Dzire, please throw some light on this.. Headlights are also not upto the mark. They are a bit dim and do not illuminate the roads at night as i ideally would like it to.. I am not writing anything on space and seating etc. as there are millions of write ups on this.. Gear shifting is not very smooth. I hope that it will ease out after the 1st service..

Otherwise, the car is real value for money..

Did not notice any other shortcomings..

I got a FE of 17.86 Kms on highway with 100% AC. I assume that after 1st servicing the engine will open up and i might get more FE.

On my 1st servicing, i am planning to install reverse parking sensors. I feel a little uncomfortable while reversing. Also, i am planning to change headlights..

Fellow BHPians, any suggestions on sensors and headlights and whether i should get it done at showroom or locally and which supplier or brand is better..??
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Congrats for the DZire. The waiting period is certainly very hard for the buyer. But its all forgotten once you get the car.
Awesome fuel efficiency figures from the DDiS powertrain.
Happy mile crunching.
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Congrats on the car man. Dzires have long waiting periods. I am surprised how he committed a month's time. Ah, but alls well that ends well. Have a good time with your car. Drive safe.
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