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Old 5th August 2010, 22:04   #16
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Congrats New.Novice, on your purchase. Lovely narration, waiting for more. Time to put up some pics. Happy motoring.
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Hi New.Novice,

Very well written story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. I went through a very complex thought process myself recently about choosing my new car, so I could totally relate to your thoughts!

And congratulations on Fiesta. Very good car! Looking forward to reading more of your ownership experiences.

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Old 5th August 2010, 22:37   #18
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I read the whole thing like watching a movie, its very well written and has an attention catching power. Congratulations and please continue with more pictures. Welcome to the FIDA club, you wont regret a bit about this beauty, which you already know by now !!

And the title, hmm, one of the best titles I have come across so far !
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Phew...did'nt know buying a car would be such an involved process. No wonder, in our country, why owning a car is such an emotional bonding process.

To be very honest, here is a story, which has touched me emotionally. I had lumps in my throat on the mention of your pop carrying the amount without your knowledge, kiddo asking if the car would be at home once he comes back from school & such others touching moments.

Your description of the evaluation process in terms of finance w.r.t. emi outflow, current/future education expenses was also quite touching.

Welcome aboard Fiesta Family of 100+ here in TBHP! Wishing you a very happy & long association with the Fiesta.
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Old 5th August 2010, 23:16   #20
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Exactly the same three cars featured in my buying process.

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Old 5th August 2010, 23:58   #21
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Appreciate the honest and dilligent effort in getting the detailed report out. I appreciated the decision making discussions - offers me something to munch on for my own.
Hoping you continue the same streak in your ownership review as well.
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Old 6th August 2010, 01:03   #22
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Default I now own a Fiesta

All, it is touching to see you all coming in here.

@sanjayc - aint these father son moments, which I know all of us have, an ever lasting memory. You can never have enough of parents. Your acknowledging it had me also have a lump in my throat.

Continuing with the story.

Off all the nights in the process, this proved to be the longest one. Add a working day to it and you get all the reasons to feel miserable. Argh, I need to get out of this job thing as soon as possible.

My boss was more eager to send me off that day so that I don't get late and take my car keys well within the day light.

Reached home at about 3 in the afternoon to a waiting wife and a turbo charged kid. Looked like he did nothing in the school that day but to brag about him taking his new car. Ananya, a neighbour and a classmate, who has been giving him tough time ever since her daddy bought a Hondy City was due for some fitting answers it seemed .

Reached Harpreet Ford at about 4, elated and nervous, happy and fragile. Wish parents had stayed a little longer.

And there she was. Standing proud with all her beauty. Composed but raring to go, you dare not challenge her. A monk like profile. Confident, firm, not agressive but you dont wanna mess.

Have a look at how she looked. Waiting for us to take her home
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_09601.jpg

Side profile
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_09611.jpg

Yes, I bought a ZXI
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0963.jpg

From the back.
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0967.jpg

The odo read 27. Is it only me or you also think it is too less?
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0969.jpg

Yes son, she belong to you.
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0966.jpg

Well, all four of us actually. Lets take her home.
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0972.jpg

Well, not so soon. Its pooja time first. One of the most detailed one I have seen so far.
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0973.jpg

He even had us open the hood and the trunk for pooja. I felt satisfied. This mandir and pujari, highly recommended.
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0977.jpg

And last one for today is of the dash.
I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta-100_0970.jpg

With this, I have run out of both the quote of the pics here as well patience of wife. I got to wind up now and I will continue from here tomorrow.

The ownership experience starts now. Let me give you the spoiler, Harpreet Ford is due for some bashing up.
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Old 6th August 2010, 02:27   #23
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Congrats. I can't tell you how much I can relate to increase your budget a bit, then a bit more and finally getting way more expensive. But you will not regret as if it makes you happy then thats it.
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Old 6th August 2010, 03:10   #24
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Congrats on your buy...and a very detailed review. Nice write up.
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Old 6th August 2010, 03:32   #25
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Phew what an exhaustive write up. Congrats on the new purchase. Drive safe.
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for your writeup. The reason it is a pleasure to read is because it is from the heart with no exaggeration or attitude.

Hoping you and your family have a happy time owning this car.

Hope you don't put on too much weight eating in all those fancy restaurants now .

The turbo charged kid made me laugh .
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Old 6th August 2010, 08:22   #27
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Welcome to the Fiesta family. I had started reading your first post yesterday before I left early from office and today morning I saw almost 20 odd posts already there. I guess I am getting into a habit of congratulating a little late.

Neverthless through out the review I was able to connect with your feeling and emotions coz I too had gone through the same when I was looking for a sedan. I can still remember by son's face beaming with a big smile when we brought the Fiesta home and the smile did not go away for a very long time. Even till today he brags about our Fiesta to his friends in school about the big car, even the relatives are not spared.

Even I have the same variant as yours, the colour Chill is it the same as the earlier platinum or it is shade lighter than that?

Happy mile crunching, drive safely. Get soaked in the Fiesta around you. One imp thing, pls put a "nimbu mirchi" on your car coz you are going to attract a lot of "nazaar"
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New Novice,

Congrats on your new purchase.

The writeup was detail and excellent.

ZXI looks beautiful in that color.

Wishing you a happy & safe drive
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Old 6th August 2010, 10:05   #29
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Thanks evryone who cared to leave a comment and those who read my rahter long review. Kind of first thread here for me and I am happy I am able to connect to you folks. Will try to respond to some of you here. The ownership experience is slated for later in the day till first service of my car.

@veerendra.kiran - If you are a "family" now, it would be difficult to buy another hatch. Your mind will always drift towards a bigger car. I still think I need a good hatch, but I can not have just a hatch.

@urban_nomad - Yes, it is a petrol. My last post now has details of final purchase price and what all was included.

@aeroamit - I somehow belive that you dont spend too much time in evaluating if you are buying something from spare money. When you have to work out the money, you tend to research more.

@abhipuru - this guy's name is Yash. I got alarmed also when I saw this car all decked up, I thought they are selling me one which they readied for someone else, but that fellow backed out for some reason. A remote doubt, but I still have it. I just hope it's not becuase of some problems in the car.

@shajufx - your comment about title. Well, I will just take a bow, coming from a senior-bhpian it is something.

@poloman - During my Figo/Polo days I read you extensively.

@Nut-case - thanks for the concern mate, but I am afraid I am a foodie. Can't stay away from good food for a long. :(

@ghodlur - My first ever commenter here. Thanks for coming here too. Chill is not only a shade lighter it's a differnt tone as well. While platinum was more "brownish" it has a green tint I should say. Me like this color so much. Hope you get to see one in flash, these phone pics do not do justice.

Kiddo no doubts love this car, in fact, he starts jumping with joy when ever we are going out and he sees the key of Fiesta in my hand and not of Maruti. But he still misses Figo for it's ability to run thru a remote

Once again, thanks everyone who I did not mention here, to come here and comment. I really really appreciate the gesture.
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Congrats on the Fiesta. At 6.65 lacs its great value for money.

Do enjoy many more miles with the car.
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