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Default I dreamt a Polo, Paid for Figo and got a Fiesta

This is going to be one long post. I am going to talk about our decision of buying a new car. The cars that we considered and the one we finally bought. And then, I shall move on to the ownership experience having owned this car for about 4 months and 3500 odd kilometers.

Hope to see you coming along in this journey.

So it all started sometime in November 2009 when we (me and wifey) decided that it is indeed time for us to buy a new car. Our cute little Maruti 800 still doing her duty as diligently as possible, it is time we get a new one though. Age has started showing up on her (car not the wife lol) and she needs less burdened duties than what she is currently going through.

Add peer pressure to that and you got a perfect recipe to “believe” you indeed need a new car. I mean, my wife had stopped going to "good" hotels as she did not feel too good stepping down from a Maruti 800 there .

I couldn’t help but give in to her as I remember our last year trip to Naldehra (Near Simla) where our’s was the only car in the theme resort we stayed which was not a SUV or a sedan. I still think that there is this particular thing about Maruti 800 which can give you such thoughts even an Alto is seen with more respect. Whenever I happened to go to any office workshop/seminar/training in some “stared” hotels, I would amuse myself by giving my car keys to those close-to-seven-feet valet parking guys and see them struggling getting in.

Anyways, since we both agreed I started looking what my new car would be. Despite all I said above, I was sure it’s a well placed Hatch that I need and nothing more than that. VolksWagen as a brand has fascinated me for a long time along with BMW. News of POLO getting launched in India was doing the rounds and I was nervously speculating what would be the price of this car. Every where that I read, including team-bhp, was willing to bet a more than reasonable price for a VW. In anticipation, I convinced my wife that we can wait a little more. Our elder son who is three and a half (now 4+ years) is doing schooling and the younger one is 1 month (now 9 months) so we don’t have to rush. We can still buy our new car and pay off the EMI’s before the younger one starts going to school.

Wait for Polo launch from there on was killing. I would almost daily dream of a Polo driving into my garage. To be on the cautious side (in case VW decides to price it beyond my reach) I started evaluating other cars as well. But the exercise was more cosmetic then real.

with a 5ish budget, the cars that I started considering were varying in size and nature. I looked at Dzire Vxi, Swit, i10 and i20, Aveo-Uva and Ritz as the possible buys for me. But, all this while my eyes were always looking for any news around Polo launch.

And then AutoExpo happened. I guess I was amongst the first ones from general public who broke into VW display area to look at Polo. Man, the wait was worth it. It did not look a replica of what I have been seeing on net (even had one as my wall paper) from the countries where it had already launched. I guess there is a marked difference in the European version of Polo vs. what we have in India. But what ever was on offer was a drool. Next came the news of pricing and my decision was taken. It is going to be a Polo, comfort line, for me.

To be contd..
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hey Novice, nice to see that you have started your fiesta ownership thread. It promises to be a good read. The start has been too good, and the background for buying a new car is interesting.
Dish up your story fast.
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Nice read. Fastened my seat belts, go ahead friend and tell us the rest of your rather interesting story. The word 'Polo' has got me tagged.
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Thanks fordmanchau for saving me from the embarrasement. I got scared from the muted response to this thread. As long as even one person is reading, I would continue to tell the story so close to my heart.

Okay, so taking this forward.

My colleagues who by this time had enough of me discussing my possible buy were more relieved than I was. What with every meeting culminating in we discussing “My New Car”.

Given we had a new born, my wife did not agree to go to Auto Expo and decided she will check out only when it is available in the show rooms. Then came a Saturday when I was going to “touch” one of the most awaited things in my life.

Reached VW Gurgaon sharp at 9:30 in the morning and the TD Polo, in white, was parked right outside the showroom as if saying why don’t you just come in and take me home. At that hour, they were still not fully functional but more than welcoming. I inched closer to a beaming Red Polo,trend line, in the show room. Sales person came close to me and asked if I would like to TD. I asked her to wait.

I circled the car twice narrating every curve and every twist of her body to my wife only to notice that both she and the sales lady were smiling looking at what I was doing. I guess this sales person was used to seeing those serious looking corporate honchos interested in Jetta’s and Passat’s only and this child like enthusiasm was new to her.

I got inside the car and my wife sat next to me. She was already impressed with the thud sound I made her listen to closing the door, the elegant way to open the boot, the VW badge. By this time the sales person realised she has nothing to tell me which I already don’t know and left us with the brochure and the car.

So far so good.

Wifey was liking the car I had “decided” to buy and there was nothing more I wanted at the moment.

And then she decided to check out the space at the back as our elder son does not really let her sit at the front ( I know I know its not recommended). She said let me check out the area which belong to me in this car. She stepped in, sat for a while, came out and said. “We are not going to spend 5 and a half lacs on a car which doesn’t give me an inch extra from what I have in Maruti 800 and add at least a 3 months wait to that”. I tried the back space and realized that it is indeed cramped for a car at that price. We came back home disappointed.

For next few days, we discussed endlessly on the topic and eventually we decided that at this price Polo is not a practical solution for us. We should rather look at other options in the same budget or stretch it marginally to get a bigger car. Dream shattered but I thought it is better to buy something which appeals to both of us though she said if you are so sold on VW you should buy Polo. But I found myself leaning towards Polo more because of “snob” value than anything else and hence decided I will explore more.

I am sure if VW had done a little more home work before launch of this car and had more inventory, many like me would have bought a Polo by now. Though the cramped back seat space was the biggest downer for us, trust me “waiting” on the car was like last nail in the coffin.

We then seriously started considering cars which I mentioned before and started rejecting them one by one. Dzire was never to my liking and add to that the wait for it as well as Swift. Somehow I was not keen on buying another Maruti, I was even prepared to take a Tata or a Fiat. Aveo-uva had nothing really to excite, though a practical car if you ask me at that price.

This was the time when our “well wishers” started pounding us for buying another hatch. Almost everyone we knew rejected our idea of buying another hatch and was keen on we buying a “Sedan” even if that means buying a Dzire. A lot of people associate Delhi to this phenomena, come what may you should not be seen driving around in a car which doesn’t have a tail or does not bully others meaning a a Sedan or a SUV.

A friend and a colleague of mine bought a Limited Edition Fiesta and said if you were prepared to shell out 5.5, add a 50 grand more and you have this Fiesta for you. Proposition looked promising but I did not yield to it as 5.5 itself was a stretch for us.

However, we did go to Tata show room to check out a Manza and since space was a key factor, Manza scored very well with both of us. We reached home and re-worked our math’s and thought that there is a possibility we can actually buy this ship of a car. It’s not only space, Manza has enough small tit bits to please your appetite.

Since it was getting tough as well as confusing, we thought of giving ourselves some time before we decide with a neutral and rebooted mind what is best for us. The Polo hangover was still not over me.

It was this time wehn Ford rolled out Figo and it seemed whole of India was going Figo way. The car looked good in print and electronic media. GTO was all praise for the car. We thought of giving it a try. A visit to Harpreet Ford ensued, and this was the first time when both of us converged on liking the car in the first look. It looks sexy, has a spacious boot, rear seat space is not as cramped as that of a Polo. Price is music to the ears. Give me a reason I reject this car?

We came back home satisfied. The problem is, if you once consider a bigger car and work out math for it, it becomes difficult to get back to a smaller car. But then Figo was too good a teaser to be dusted under the carpet. The problem was, though I did like Manza I was not sure if I want to buy a petrol from Tata. Diesel was beyond my budget and beyond my need (about 20 kilometers each day on week days and another say 50 on weekends). Even GTO’s review on Manza ushered praises on diesel. Confused still, we kept on discussing.

It was third week of March and my parents had come over to visit us. We thought let us show both the cars to them and hear their opinion. They come to us often (one of the reason space is a requirement) and it will be good to see which car they like.

I took them to Tata showroom first and we test drove a manza (me, wifey, mom, dad, sales person and two kiddos all on board). No need to say, while my mom does not understand technicalities of a car, she was sold for the space and comfort at back seat. Dad liked the whole car as such and though he did not say it I know he was more on Tata then on Ford. The car I short listed was Manza Aura + (the one with ABS but no airbags). I later came to know that he was even carrying 25K he knew it would take to book the car.

From there, we reached Harpreet Ford again (this was my fourth visit by the way, lol). I was always keen on Titanium Figo and that’s what I showed to my parents. To our surprise, my mom who till now was sure that she did not want to look beyond Manza all of a sudden gives us a verdict that buy Figo and not Manza. Later in the evening she told us the reason. While I was busy showing the car to dad, a sales person was talking to my mon and he explained the use of Airbag way too well to my mom. Even I would want to buy a car with Airbags given a choice, the unfortunate part is in India you get that at premium. This was the reason I chose Figo Titanium over Zxi.

A lot of deliberations took place between four of us in the evening and it was decided that we are buying a Ford Figo Titanium Petrol. I am not going into why we rejected i20.i10 I had earlier dropped from my “to be” list even. Though it was a silly reason but a reason none the less. Kind of personal

A surprise was still there in store for us. Since we had almost decided that we will buy a Figo, I communicated our decision to the sales person @ Tata as earlier in the day we told her that most likely I am going to book the car by evening. The reason for calling her up was also that my dad almost made the booking there with the money he was carrying that I came to know later. And I thoguht it is our duty to inform them while we left them almost certain to book by evening.

At about 8 in the evening I got a call back from this Tata sales person and she said she had an offer for me. She said that our preferred color is in the transit. The car should reach them in about 3 days. The person who booked this car had upgraded his version. Since the next lot that will come will be a BS4, they were willing to sell this to us on a discount which so far was only about 5K (both dealers in Gurgaon quoted the same discount). The offer was reasonable. We will get the variant and the color of our choice. Car will be with us in less than 4 days and there was some discount available. Hmm.. worth deliberating but we did not give in to the temptation and held on to the thought that if it is going to be a Manza, it has to be a diesel. And diesel was beyond my budget.

Next day, on my 5th visit to Harpreet Ford, I booked a Figo Titanium Petrol in Chill color and was given a 2 to 3 weeks as the waiting time. It was 27th of March I guess. From that day, I started spending most of my time reading Figo pages on team-bhp which were always swelling. Running into hundred of pages. I started knowing my car better and better even before it came to me. I would discuss every detail with my wife in the evening and we were sure we are buying a winner.

Happiest person amidst all this was my 4 year old son. Who was somehow convinced, and still is, that Figo can be driven using a remote. He would ask me every morning on his way to school bus if the car would be with us when he comes back from school that day.

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Nice start to the thread. Be prepared for strong requests from people to finish the story fast! A good read is hard to put down.
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Yep - please continue - we are eagerly awaiting for the next post!
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Well, I haven't got all day---so keep it coming, dude!

And welcome to the Fida family.
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It is not good to post such interesting threads in parts mate!

Tell you what, write the whole story, post bits, wait for some responses, post the next bit in 30 minutes and so on. (would be perfect from an end user's perspective)
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Very good reading. Thanks! So far, it sounds similar to my story. Currently a M800, was dreaming of Polo and Micra for a long time. But, when they arrived, they din't look like the car for me and my family, reason similar to yours. And now, I ended up booking a car which was not even on my short-list when I started the hunt for a new car back in Nov 2009.
I got to stop now, lest I hijack this thread!
Hearty Congratulations and wishes for many happy miles.
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A detailed description on the buying decision. Me likes.

Would request you to share the on road price for your Fiesta (eventually) if you do not mind including dicounts / freebies offered. Congratulations and wish you many happy miles with your Fiesta.

PS - I am guessing you went for a petrol, haina?
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Default The one in which I buy a car finally

@Mods – I am giving rest of the buying experience without any break in this post as suggested by you. Therefore, it is a really really long post.

We kept waiting and news started spreading that we have finally booked a car which has almost become the talk of the town by now.

What came after that was a call every day from some friend of mine or hers or common ones that we are making a big mistake buying another hatch.

The guy who I mentioned earlier and who had bought this limited edition Fiesta was amongst most vocal ones. He would even drive down to our place (his office being near to my place) in the evening and make us sit /drive/ splurge in his Fiesta to tell us what mistake we are making.

Lo and behold, it started playing in our minds too. Are we really making a mistake? Should we actually buy a sedan? Do we need one?

We will discuss this every night when our kids are asleep and we have some time where we can actually talk. I am sure all of you who have less than 5 year old kids know what I mean.

Slowly but surely it started occurring to us that buying a sedan at this point in time will be a better decision. I will tell you the reasons why we thought so.

As I said earlier, we have a kid who is doing schooling and schooling in India has become a very expensive proposition.The other one is good 2 years away before he starts his play school (which is equally expensive now).The loan that we had taken for Figo was for 2 years as we wanted to come out of it before younger ones start going to play school.
We realized that one fine day we will have to upgrade to a bigger car. And if that has to happen this is the most appropriate time for us to do that, if we had not already crossed that stage.

The logic was, if we are struggling to get to a 6 lacs+ car today, it would become even more difficult with growing kids. What is easier to do is to add another couple of lacs now than going for a fresh 6 lacs+ liability later.

We would talk about it everyday, sensing that both of us have practically agreed to upgrade, but none willing to voice it first.

When I had enough of it, I called up my wife from work at about 11 in the morning on 5th or 6th April and told her that I am going to upgrade the car. We are buying a Fiesta Zxi. She did not even sound surprised, as if waiting for this call. She had only one question, if more than 6.5 for a car, why not Manza. A valid question, but I had the answer ready. In fact two reasons to put it simply.
1. In 6.5 we were not getting Manza Aura+ diesel. We had to go another 50K for that.
2. If I were to spend so much money, I would rather do it on something which makes me happy. Me the one who would drive it the most. I told her to wait till I come in the evening and show her the respect this car has from “drivers” on team-bhp pages.

Reached Harpreet Ford and asked them what will it take them to upgrade my booking to a Fiesta Zxi Petrol. And do they have a Chill available. Sales person said nothing from our side while the HDFC guy, bank from which I have taken the loan, said he would need 3 days to get the amount increased on already approved loan.

I said fine, lets do it.

I got a call from Harpreet Ford Gurgaon in the evening that Chill is available and can be delivered the next day if Bank clears it. I called up the finance guy and he said that he had checked and the bank has no issues in extending my loan amount.

I was given a quote of 6.75 by Harpreet Ford Gurgaon for this Fiesta petrol Zxi and this included 3rd year extended warranty, Teflon and anti-rust coating and gear lock. This was after the corporate discount. I did not find much to negotiate further and we decided that I will take the delivery on 9th of April.

It’s been months since I was in the process of "buying" a car and I realized how tired I was with all this when I reached home that day. Alas, buying a car is not easy. I was still due for more.

Upon knowing that I have finally decided to buy a Fiesta, the limited edition friend of mine (hope you know what I mean if you are reading this thread ) got in touch with the sales person he bought his Fiesta from. This was Harpreet Ford, Moti Nagar and made this guy call me.

He called me up, heard my story and said will call me back in 15 minutes. He did call back and what he said, swept me off my feet. He said, he can deliver a Ford Fiesta Petrol Chill to me the next day and the price quoted was 6.5. I double checked. The whole deal as it is (coating, EW etc.) and a price differential of 25K. Holy cow, this is not even different dealership we are talking about here.

I called up my sales person at Harpreet Ford, Gurgaon and told him what was happening. He refused to believe and asked me what was the name and the number of sales person I was talking to at HF, Moti Nagar. I gave him the name and the number and he asked me to stand by for his call back.

A lot of phone exchanges happened between me , HF Motinagar and me HF Gurgaon sales person where Gurgaon folk was not ready to believe me neither was willing to talk to the other guy directly (which he eventually did later). Amidst all this, Motinagar SP asked me to just walk away from Gurgaon showroom and reach them. He said he would be able to get everything transferred. I did not want to do that as this Gurgaon sales person had been good to me so far. Had been attentive and polite every time I visited their show room and I just did not want to dump him like that. I was sure if Harpreet ford Motinagar is able to offer a discount so should be Harpreet Ford Gurgaon, why should I penalize this sales guy who I had been dealing with so far.

Frustrated, I eventually left it to both of them to decide and call me when they are sure who wants to sell me this car.

I guess I made first mistake giving the name and number of the Motinagar sales guy to Gurgaon chap and the second mistake to turn down his offer of just walking out of Gurgaon showroom.

This Gurgaon guy made someone senior at Harpreet Ford involve in the process and I got a call from Moti nagar guy giving some story of miscalculating something and wrongly quoting 6.5. He said, he would still be able to give me the car in 6.65 as against 6.75 that was quoted to me by HF Gurgaon.

I called up this Gurgaon Sales Person to either match the price or let me buy it from Moti Nagar. Need not say he happily agreed to match the price of 6.65. When I asked the reason he did not offer me this discount earlier his reply was interesting "Sir, these are tricks of the trade, you need not know, just give me the RC of your earlier car and we will get this done". I guess this has something to do with the exchange scheme of Ford.
We stuck on to our 9th April delivery date which was a couple of days away.

And how could I forget, I told him I want the car in their local yard (which as per them were in their central yard so far) by 8th so that I can come prepared with team-bhp PDI check list and carry out the inspection myself.

Got a call from him on 8th morning that car is with him and I can come anytime to carry out the PDI. I reached there at about 5 in the evening with the check list and he said there is something that needs to be done with team-bhp, a lot of customer are now coming with this 5 pager check list to them.

To my dislike the car was already Teflon and under coated, gear lock fixed. I wanted to do the PDI before they do anything to the car. But having done a fair assessment of the car, I was satisfied with it. I must mention that I got ticked off with bird droppings on the dash of the car. Do these guys keep cars parked windows rolled down? Not good Harpreet Ford not good.

I gave an okay and told them I shall be here tomorrow to take the delivery.

This is where I want to break Mods. Please allow me to do that. From here the actual ownership starts and I want to post that as one experience with pics coming in. Hope that is okay with you’ll.
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I must say this is a very good explanation on doing home work before buying wheels for yourself. This also shows that we Indians do think from many perspective rather than single one before investing. Nice to know that every member of your family is involved in the decision making. Nice to hear on your Father's decision of carrying cash for booking ,without you knowing it. Go ahead,open up your secrets and reveal with snaps.
Happy motoring.
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Extremely detailed writeup. I am liking it very much.
Waiting for the detailed ownership experience along with the pics to follow.
Wish you and your family many happy miles with her.

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Congrats for your car, and do post some really extensive pics!

Who was the Sales Consultant for your car in HF, Gurgaon?
I took the PDI at Harpreet Ford, Gurgaon as well but they did not fix any accessories until I did the PDI, this was without even telling them.
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Great writeup with detailed explanation on the whole decision making process. And the best part - it's all in a very lucid language.
You made a good choice to upgrade to the Fiesta!!

Waiting eagerly for the next installment of your tale.
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