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Default Bought a 2010 Hyundai Accent Executive

It had been close to 4 months since I sold my 2006 Swift VXi that had served me well for over 60000KMs. 2 trips to Goa and several other trips to hill stations and Rajasthan got me recommending this car to everybody who wanted to or was thinking of purchasing a hatch back. Family trips are important to me and I wanted to be able to go to Goa again this year with my family except with a bit a comfort. My earlier trips were accompanied by the 4 us and luggage packed in a tuned Swift VXi. The average was great, it sounded awesome through the revs on the Mumbai – Pune expressway and I enjoyed every other bit of the car. It just felt right and Swift owners will know what I am talking about. Leg space was a bit cramped and I wanted to move into a bigger vehicle so most of the luggage could be thrown into the boot. Initially, I thought of upgrading to an Innova especially since we had one and my dad could not stop raving about it and I had personally taken it out on two separate trips to Mussoorrie and Ajmer. Unfortunately, this was way out of my budget. I was ready to spend upto 8.5L for a SUV or a MUV including a 2L down payment. Since the Innova was out of reach, I reviewed the Safari and after reading through several blogs decided that it would bee a good choice for about 8.2L on road. At the back of my mind I was always concerned about TATA reliability but some of the reviews that the Team BHP members posted were helpful in regaining my trust. We visited the showroom in Gurgaon, selected a color and then things just fell apart literally!!! The test drive was one of the worst, with plastics just popping out and mind you this car was about to get delivered or so the sales guy told me. He must have been regretting telling me that later. I was felling sorry about the person who was going to be the owner of a giant piece of LEGO blocks. In the following weeks I gave TATA another chance thinking that it was probably the Gurgaon dealer to blame. I think the DICOR is great engine, evident from the numerous Safari owners on Team BHP but at the same time feel that everything that compliments the running of that engine for example hoses, pipes fasteners etc are a bit low on quality. That’s an honest assessment of the vehicle. If I had cash to put down without having to worry about supporting a family I think I would have picked up the Safari overlooking the fact that it could possibly burn a hole in my pocket in the long run.

My search continued for a car that would fulfill my needs of space and low maintenance costs.

From the SUV and MUV section I decided to step down since there were a few financial commitments that I needed to make since I had decided that I was not going to spend too much on my next car and maybe someday revisit the idea of owning a SUV. I started to look at the hatchback market again and this time around was considering picking up the diesel swift. In the midst of all this 2 of my friends picked up a couple of SX4’s. Here goes my mind again – looking at an SX4 now. At first I decided not to pay too much attention towards its one of high ended rear and thought over time I will let it grow on me. Then cam an opportunity to drive it, not a few Km’s but all the way to Manali and back. The car felt heavy at first and I would probably blame it on the 16” wheel set. Overall the highway drive felt smooth through the gears. Hitting the hills was a nightmare which pretty much dashed my dreams of owning an SX4. I was disappointed with its pick up and the ability to keep the power up while climbing without changing to a lower gear. This is difficult to explain and something I had not experienced in my Swift. I could have blamed the “Manali climb” but I had taken my swift their as well happily revving through the gears. (makes the hair on the back of my neck stand every time I remember its sound). It was a pretty basic setup of a Universal BMG conical air filter coupled with a HRS universal end can. One fitted by Basin service station in Delhi and the other by Arush’s guys at Autopsyche, Gurgaon. Anyway out when the SX4.

The SX4 actually triggered me to have a look at other sedans and like I had mentioned, Ford and GM would never feature in my list. I did look at VW’s offering but seriously cant wait 4 months to own another car. I am 5’ 11” and find it challenging getting in and out of an Alto. Its quite bugging actually. The next on my list and after swallowing a bitter pill (the shape) I went to see the Dezire. Even the though the Dzire was a practical car to pick today, I just could not get over its looks. I did not want to walk out of my house ever morning cursing looking at my car. Over the next few days a cousin of mines picks up a VDi. I am happy for him.........................until now I had never contemplated or thought of the Hyundai Accent. I did visit Safdarjung Hyundai on several occasions mind you wanting to end my frustration of not owning an car and settle for a i20 but then kept telling myself that if its got to be a hatch back then it will be the Swift again. At first glance I saw the Hyundai Accent and just walked right past it. I had 2 reasons for doing that – we already had one in our family and 2nd, I thought Dad looked great driving it and not me.

After careful review of the market with what’s being offered I came back to the Hyundai Accent; the interiors felt and looked better, it had most of the features one actually used and was well within my budget. I wanted to fit my own entertainment system and every car in the market came with some contraption that they call a music system. I did have the option of choosing versions available by different manufacturers that came without the extra system but then they would compromise on other things such as power windows etc. I did not want to go back to a Swift since I owned one for 3 years and tried its engine with stock as well as tuner. If I was going to buy a hatch back again then I probably would have bought a Swift VDI.

Tuesday, 10th August, 2010 I picked up a white Hyundai Accent.

I do agree that the Hyundai is now considered to be an outdated car but I think it has served well all these years and has proved its reliability and toughness. The car picked up from Orion Hyundai in Gurgaon and cost me 5.26 on-road. I am hitting the accessories market in Saturday to get an armrest that is most needed on long drives. Apparently, someone in Noida has one and quoted 1200 for it. I would appreciate some guidance from you all.

Standby by for photographs of the car – I will upload them as soon as I am able to clean the car. The monsoons have being driving me nuts.

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Let me be the first to Congratulate on your new purchase. I loved Accent but couldn't afford, hence settled on i-10 Sportz !
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Congrats, the Accent although a little outdated, is a great car, do post some pics soon and also your early experience with it !
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Great pick shelleve and congrats on your Acquisition.

You know if only Hyundai had provided a digital Speedometer or a bit modern Gauge, I would be driving an Accent now !!
As you have mentioned, it has enough features to keep a Satisfied Owner busy and is an awesome VFM 3-box Car.

Pics with Performance Stats please.

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Thank you and I certainly will post some photographs up soon. For now, the car has run in a total of 249Kms so far and the fuel gauge has dropped below the half line. I am assuming the car should be able to give a better average after its 1st servicing. I was to accessorize it with over the weekend but the rains in NCR have been driving me nuts. I am probably going to have to go during the week and skip office for a day! I am planning to getting teh following done - light tints, fog lamps, decent music system, Leather seats and if budget permits 13"inch crome alloys. Although I am not very impressed with the ride quality on the current set of tyres that Hyundai provides. I may change these later.
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This is one of the cars that has the least reviews on TBHP. It'd be nice of you to post pics and add as much details as you can about the ride. I am trying to figure out whether a highway ride in Accent Executive is more comfortable than an i20 Sportz. This is assuming that luggage can be accommodated in the large boot of the i20.
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Congrats on your purchase.
I own a 2008 model of Hyundai Accent. I found it to be a VFM car. I get around 11Kms/Litre in the city and 13+ on highways.

I have also been looking for an armrest but have not been able to find a decent one so far. Please let me know if you are able to locate one.
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Any reason for not considering the Indigo Manza. That car has oodles of space coupled with a Fiat engine. The petrol base comes decently loaded and would have been in the almost same bracket. Its also got much more space & a more modern engine than the Accent.
Anyway the Accent is a very good buy for the cost at which it comes.
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Congratulations Shelleve....

I am driving Accent since Oct 2008 and am more than satisfied.

My characterization of Accent Executive is:
- Decent ride
- Excellent handling ( low stance helps in handling)
- Very good steering feedback
- Peppy pickup - excellent 3rd gear
- Very good fuel economy ( I am getting 16 to 17 km/l, driving with light foot, mixed city and highway type of driving)
- Plush interior
- Good ground clearence - I have never touched any bump so far

Only negatives are outdated look and low seating position

With regards,
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Though,old,it still is a Very good buy for the price.
In case you are planning to go in for alloys,i would recommend going in for 14" with 185\65\R14 tyres.
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Congrats, the old horse is still VFM these days. Its a stable and proven machine. Which color did you choose ? The 'earth' or the moroon ? I did not find it in the text.
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Congratulations on the car! Please note that Team-BHP does not permit booking / buying experience threads in the Test-Drives section anymore. For the benefit of members & guests alike, it is now imperative to include a complete report on the car (the driving experience / comfort / features, what you like, what you don't like etc.).

This thread is temporarily closed. Please PM me or report this post once you are ready to update with a complete driving report; that's when it shall be re-opened. Thanks for your support.
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