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Default VW Polo 1.6 - Ownership Report

I had opened the http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...ml#post2005398 (Polo 1.6 Hatchback) thread to capture my VX Polo 1.6 experience, but people suggested that I open an ownership thread. So here it goes.

FLASHBACK - June 2010

I had been one of the early owners of the Swift Vxi since Jul/Aug 2005. Having driven it for the last 5 years and 71500 kms all round Hyderabad, Kolkata and all cities inbetween, I decided it was time to say goodbye to my old friend and start a new relationship. A quick look around the hatchback market (a good hatch still attracts me more than a cheap sedan) revealed that Swift is possibly still the best choice for me. I have small family of 3 and travel around a lot both intra and inter city. I wanted a stable hatch which can potter around in the city comfortably and jump up with joy the moment you say "highway". The G13BB VXi with its minor mods (K&N stock, 185/65 Goodyear NCT 5, Kenwood mini sub) was quite capable of the need. So I decided to go for another Swift, this time around a Zxi. I was negotiating the price with the dealer when one of my colleagues suggested that I take a TD of the VW Polo 1.2 petrol before finalizing.

Everything changed at the TD. The TD car was fantastic within city. Amazing fit and finish. Solid german build etc etc... a lot of BHPians has already reviewed it in this forum. Go read them if you wish....

"But this car did not have the 'highway-bility' of my G13BB."

The VW salesman said,
"Sir, then you need the 1.6."
"4 cylinder, DOHC, 1.6L petrol; 105 PS @ 5250; 153 Nm @ 3750; 185/60 R15 7 spoke alloys"
"I think a TD would be good... can you being one?"
"Sir, we don't have a TD car yet..... it is undergoing pre production tests in Pune ..... 0-100 in 11.1 sec; 183.8 kph top.... if you would wait till may be September ... a TD might be possible..."
"When will you be able to get me one if I book today?"
"Sir, we are expecting to get the first lot delivered around Sept...."
"Give me exact dates."
"Sir, will check with my manager and let you know in the evening"

... later ....

"Sir this is ABC from VW Kolkata, we are expecting the first 1.6 to be delivered by Sept 1st week, would you like to book it?"
"Give it to me by end August."
"I will try Sir...... when can I come and collect your booking cheque... We can give you a Rs 10K corporate discount "....
So he sold his easiest deal ever... and his first VW Polo 1.6 P.
FADE-IN - 20st August 2010
I received the first Polo 1.6 Petrol delivered in Kolkata by OSL Exclusive the sole VW dealers in the City of Joy.
Initial impression -
1) Engine - could have been a bit more responsive at lower rpms. But never sluggish. Would be great on highways, city driving is comfortable but needs more effort than a smaller car like i10 due to the bulk.
2) Changing gears is fun with the slick box.
3) Delivery experience was much better than Mar***/ Hyu****. Good explanation of features by delivery guy. But then this was his first 1.6, so was not ready with all features. Promised to get back with more details.
4) Engine is silent at idle but becomes vocal as you gain revs. There is enough torque on tap beyond 2k rpm to pin you back even on 5th gear.
5) Amazing build quality.
6) Manual does not provide list of features this particular model, it rather is a generic UM for all polos.
7) AC has very little impact on performance. Can be driven with AC all day. The AC is an absolute chiller.

Not sure if anyone else have observed this - having driven at least 3 new BS 4 models in last few months, it seems all bs4 engines are a little bit less responsive at the lower end... This i felt even on a new diesel verna.
More to come as I get to drive more.

BLACK OUT and FADE-IN - 21st August 2010
NH 2 between Kolkata and Burdwan ....
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21st Aug 2010 evening
Just back from a 200km round trip on NH2.

Absolutely fanastic drive. Polo 1.6 may not have been marketted as a hot hatch, but its an extremely capable car. On the highway it was absolutely mature. Drove upto speeds of 145 kph, no one inside could feel the speed. It looks like the FE figure will come out good. Had filled to the brim yesterday, the gauge is now just 1 step down, that is 1/8th tank has been consumed. Having said that, the fuel gauge in most cars give approximations only. So will wait till the next refill before publishing the FE.

For the time being, the figure shown in the Multi Information Display was a decent 13.5 after the trip... which included a 30 minute 5 Km stretch near the Airport and the rest 2 hours 195 Kms on a highway, averaging a speed of 80 kmph while on the highway.
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Looks like i am one of the early birds to see this post. Actually i never thought the 1.6 was an option too. With the 1.6 engine and the Polo, there's a lot to play around with. I love the looks of the Polo.
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congrats on the car! A refreshing rocket hatch in the moribund hatch market driven by the mileage conscious.
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Congrats, she looks hot in red, but yeah sadly they come in only 2 colors.

Can you post the interior pics?? What other difference is there when compared with the 1.2?
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Congratulations on your Polo 1.6 - That is one hot looking hatch!!. Could you please post interior snaps? Also, how is the "drivability" compared to your Swift? What do you miss in the Polo compared to Swift?
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Congrats on owning the most powerful hatch in the Indian market today.
Unfortunately this is one car which is shrouded in mystery, never could get my hands on one for a TD.
Enjoy the power and drive and put up a more detailed report as you get time.

You seem to be like me in terms of running in your car - 145 kmph in the first few days itself ( I hit 165-170 kmph on my Jazz a few times already)

Some learned friend told me long back - the more you rev in the running-in period, the engine gets smoother and more powerful

By the way, the FE you mentioned in the MFD is with AC on/off?
Do not worry about the FE initially, after all you have 100+ horses to play with! From various sources, my educated guess is Polo 1.6 should give a respectable 10 - 11 kmpl in city with AC on 100%.

Are the keys foldable a la Vento?
Honda unfortunately does not give foldable keys. On top of that, the spare key does not have a remote.
Cheap cost cutting by Honda! Atleast VW is better in this aspect

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Fantastic! Congrats on the car!

Hopefully, this silent launch will start a trend in the Indian market, which others will soon follow.

Could you mention the OTR?
1.6 option is available across variants. or is it limited to the highline variant?

Once again congrats!
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Congrats on your new love. I feel Polo's 1.6 will do lot of justice to the car than the 1.2.

Happy MileCrunching for you.
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Congrats on your new purchase. Polo 1.6 in pics look super-cool. What is the OTR?
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Mubarik ho! You now sport one of the hottest hatches in the country, take care and drive safe. When is the first service due ? Any running in recommendations in the user manual ?
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congrats on the hot hatch ! hoot to drive im sure. by the way, even im quite curious, any extra features on the inside that this polo offers when compared to the 1.2 ?
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phew ! Thanks for this thread. That is one scorcher by the looks of it. Looks like Polo has decided to compensate for one of the most noticeable negative of the initial set of machines made for mileage conscious - a powerful engine. With the build and decent handling (second only to Punto and may be Figo) this will be an enthusiast's dream. That FE indeed looks on the higher side
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13.5kpl is a good mileage from the 1.6L mill!! So how's the performance when compared to the K12 engines? Is the 1.6 engine just 'fast' off the line or is it even as fun to drive as the Swift's K12 engine?

Originally Posted by PlatzdaTurbo View Post
congrats on the hot hatch ! hoot to drive im sure. by the way, even im quite curious, any extra features on the inside that this polo offers when compared to the 1.2 ?
Everything's the same except for the engine. I wish VW would have given it some different alloys and blacked out(euro-style) headlamps

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Congrats for probably the first VW 1.6 in TBhp. I too own a 2005 Swift Vxi and wish to move over and VW 1.6 is an option for Me. Byb what is the On road price.
Interior pictures please
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