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Default Emotionally Packed Experience - My Fiat Linea!

"My first post on Team BHP, hmm what shall I begin with... maybe I should start off with my love for cars and how it began, maybe about the new Linea... hmm"

...and this folks was the story of me thinking for hours about the very first post I made here on Team BHP. You see I have actually been reading this forum for over a year but only recently got approved and am now a part of this community. I actually bought My Linea after reading the posts here but more on that soon.

Now to cut a very long story short my love for sexy automobiles took birth, well, almost as soon as I started walking. My mothers brother was obsessed with teaching me the name of all the cars that ever existed and their logos when I was as little as 2 years! So there you have it obsession was written thereof into my future, almost hardcoded in

Now, forwarding straight to 2009, past my ownership of the fantastic Opel Astra 1997 model (which my father gave me) and I still have, past the Swift VXI that I own and drove in 2008 - 2009 (which my wife now drives)... Straight to this beautiful Italian Stallion which just captured my heart the moment I saw it.

I was mesmerized from the moment I saw it in the ADS ( when my wife, then my girlfriend asked me to pay close attention to the song in the background of the advertisement and expressed what she felt for me through it) to when I saw it on the road to the time that no other car I took on test drives could even come remotely close. I was truly obsessed with the thought of owning the car. Then came in Team BHP on the internet where I got to read of people's ownership reviews on the car and my Admiration grew stronger.

And in true enthusiast spirit, in June 2009 I bought the car, brought home my minimal grey Fiat Linea Emotion Pack MJD (to all the petrol owners out there, I bought the diesel not out of fuel economy but the pure torque and power of this motor)...

Now forwarding to 2010... the relationship with the car has been an interesting mix of emotions that have culminated at this review / story / scoop. Everyone I know loves this baby. The car truly lives up to its tag-line. Till today, even a year later, I am still very much obsessed with its pure beauty. The ride and handling are excellent and FIAT truly do have a winner here.

Other things such as the Blue & Me, the steering controls, the sunglasses holder, the info display are now part of my daily usage and things I now can't live without. The features will spoil you to no extent.

Today when a friend asks me in curiosity whether my experience has been good and whether I would recon the car to them I usually answer with a "well the car is phenomenal and it is a passionate enthusiast's vehicle and with passion so sinful comes a twist of concern" ..hmm okay I wish my real answer was as poetic but it's close enough. So to answer the question in peoples minds on the "concern" part.

My Linea in the last year has had many workshop visits for minor rattles and things, has had some headlamp water issues due to which one headlamp was changed and the biggest one my dashboard was loosing colour in patches and after 3 months of email exchanges and whatnot was replaced with a new one. So while there have been some issues of concern the workshop, for the most part, has been good to me and FIAT has also been great, It took some pushing and shoving, but the senior guys are great people. Specially Mr. Rajiv Kapoor and Mr. Anand

All in all I am glad I purchased this beautiful baby and drive mostly a very happy camper always ready to drive my Linea, always looking forward to the next drive, always wanting a little more of it, always admiring it every time I see it... and this is My Linea story.

Time: 12.5 months
Kms: 13,000
Mileage: 13 kmpl

Issues faced:
there are a few small ones, one big one but I don't care, still Anal about getting each one closed when they occur and my workshop knows this and knows they have to fix it

Enjoyment and Admiration Factor:
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ incase in need to say it .... frickin awesome drive.
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A year old and admiration continues to grow. Congrats badaxe. How about some pics. Could you please elaborate what issues you faced and how were they resolved?, might help other owners.
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Hey NutsNBolts, will be posting pics soon (will pull pull out my SLR and click some).

To elaborate a bit on the other point, Issues Faced:
1. Rattling in front LHS
2. Rattling underbody
3. Water log in front RHS headlamp
4. Tight Fuel Lid
- all fixed by the workshop as they were brought up.

The major issue was the dashboard that lost colour (faded etc.) I had to struggle a bit with this one as I was the only one of my kind with this case and it took about 3 months of perseverance and emails exchanged with fiat but they finally changed the whole dashboard unit for me

Current issues:
1. funny screeching (faint) from front LHS
2. underbody rattle (very very faint)
3. slight squeaking from boot
4. Height adjustment lever broke (probably because I yanked on it a bit too hard)

I dont want to take the car to the workshop in this crazy Gurgaon weather+roads and would rather wait a bit, but the workshop has committed to resolve these minor niggles as well.
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great... i too have recently bought a linea. its just 2 weeks old. and the odo shows 1800kms..
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Hello Badaxe,

Linea is one super looker of a car! I am a fan of Linea too.
Congrats on your Linea, and I really like your enthusiasm about your 12.5 month possession!

Welcome to the team.

And, ahem, Pics?


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BadAxe Congratulations for owning the Fiat Linea MJD. I'm damn sure that men still drool over Fiat Twins (read, Fiat Punto & Fiat Linea) and being a Fiat Punto owner myself, I can relate your feelings with mine

Btw, 13 km/l ?? Is that combined figures? Or does it suggest that you're a spirited driver. And it's great to hear that Fiat India has replaced the whole dashboard unit due to fading.

Wishing you a happy and safe motoring. Have fun. Drive her safe.

Btw, Ownership reports with no pics is like a cake with no icing. Do upload loads of pictures BadAxe!
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Congrats on the Linea.

FIAT QC at work again. But at least they are good enough to replace the faulty parts without causing much fuss.

Do enjoy many more miles with the car. Pics awaited.
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Beautifully written posts and congratulations for being the owner of such a fantastic car. I also like the way you've been fair about reporting the issues, and balanced out the posts. The Fiat stable in India, is the handsomest (with VW with the Polo and Vento following right behind).

Please do keep us updated with the ownership experience, will look forward to it.
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13kmpl is the standard mileage that BHPians are getting from their Linea MJD's? I was under the impression of 15+!? My frnds' MJD swift dezire gives 18+..
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Thanks a ton for your comments guys, the pics are on their way... coming really really soon.

@ Klub Class & BuRnT RuBbEr: 13 kmpl is the average although I do kind of see myself as pretty spirited, specially on late night highway drives

@ Amartya: I agree they are pretty darn handsome.
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THis is one of the most beautiful and heartful review that I have read. Congrats on your Linea - though a year old I am sure you are enjoying it to the max. And you are very much right about the Blue and Me and the Driver information, it is really addictive. This was one of the reasons for me to go for the Punto Emotion Pack even though it was a big stretch for my pocket. Congrats once again.

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Hey guys sorry for the long wait, hope the pics are worth it, they were the best I could do given my hectic work schedule these days.
Attached Thumbnails
Emotionally Packed Experience - My Fiat Linea!-linea.jpg  

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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Warm welcome to you and your beloved Fiat Linea to Team-BHP, BadAxe.
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BadAxe, Congrats for owning the Italian beauty. Welcome to the club!

I am facing issue of water leak into the boot on/off. This is not a factory issue, but, the boot cover, rear bumber, rear windsheild was replaced by TASS as part of accident work. The issue is due to poor workmanship on behalf of TASS. I had one visit to TASS to fix this problem that time they identified leak from Rear Windshield into the boot and said it has been fixed by putting sealant. For about 2-3 weeks it was fine, but in the recent heavy rains I noticed water accumulated inside spare tyre chamber. Spoke with SA and he is asking to drop the vehicle for 3-4 days and this time he is commiting to close this permanently. Have reported the issue to TASS Service Manager two days back, have asked SM to arrange the alternate vehicle while the issue is being fixed. Haven't got a response yet.

Can you please share some of the names and e-mail addresses of Fiat top brasses for escalation?
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Hey BadAxe .. Fiat Linea is synonymous to admiration guaranteed ... I too am "Emotionally Linea-d" ... And the car grows on you .... 13kmpl definitely seems to be some spirited driving. I get a consistent 15.5+kmpl in city conditions 100% A/C calculated tank-to-tank.
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