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Default I like it berry berry much! (My Hyundai i20 Asta)

Hi BHPians!

As posted in my intro, I have decided to buy a Hyundai i20 Asta, berry red colour. We have even christened her 'Berry'. Here is a quick download on process of choosing, test drive and initial ownership report.

After speaking to friends and family, we had decided to buy a Swift Lxi. Requirement was a small car, easy maintenance, loaded safety features, price not a constraint. Took the cheque book and walked into Sai Service Andheri, only to realise there is a 4 month waiting period! Too long! Disappointed, sought refuge in team-bhp and zeroed in on Hyundai i10, walked into showroom, liked i20 'berry berry' much and decided to go for it! [Will post dealership experience in the relevant thread]

Took a test drive at Asset Hyundai, Kanjurmarg. By then, I had not yet started driving lessons. Slipped into driver's seat and gently announced to the salesman that I barely knew how to drive. Salesman in pax seat and wifey in back seat promptly plugged in their seat belts! After a couple of false starts, managed to put it on gear. And boy, the ride was smooth, the steering light and responsive. Of course, not having driven a car before, can't tell much. But then, the height adjustable driver seat and tilting - telescopic steering wheel made the posture very comfortable. After driving a kilometer or so, and getting cursed by umpteen vehicles for erratic driving, handed the controls to the salesman. Was surprised to note that inspite of having 50,000 on the odo, the car didn't give a single rattle and handled like a dream. That was something! Deal was done! Decided to book the i20!

Booked my Berry at Shreenath Hyundai in Andheri (I live in Goregaon). After an agonising 4 weeks wait (during which period I took exactly 5 sessions of driving lessons), dealer announced arrival of our Berry!

Armed with the PDI checklist, inspected the car before final registration. Unfortunately, couldn't go to the yard for a pre registration check. Dealer was very co-operative and even gave us copy of Form 22. With an attractive loan from SBI (love them), and checkboxes ticked on the PDI, finding all well, went to take delivery. Took along a relative who is an expert driver, so that car remains in 1 piece atleast on day 1. For emotional satisfaction, put the car in gear myself and drove it until we exited the dealers'.

Car looks gleaming new and awesome! Have to get practice on the car. So, next day, on a sunday, decided to try it out solo (am I adventurous!). Did about 7 - 8 kms in 2nd gear near my apartment, without any untoward incident. Got enough confidence to take wifey along, drive 8 kms to Malad to get seat covers done. Chose the almond - chocolate color combination fake leather, managed to squeeze in a 1k discount and zero fitting / labour charges (thanks to a relative who knew the guy well), got it at 6.6 k in all! Berry now looks even more awesome! Decided to drive back and do a few more practice laps near home. Drove through bumper to bumper traffic; wifey impressed,though I shifted to 3rd gear only twice and remained in 2nd throughout.

Then it happened! About 500 mts from home, as I was going up an incline, a biker came dangerously close. I needn't have braked as hard, but did, and a rickshaw driver with slower reflexes rammed Berry, leaving an ugly dent on the rear bumper, chipped paint and a smashed right tail lamp. Not much could be done, so fought with the driver, let him go - he was in tears, his own richshaw badly dented and the roof bent. Drove back (in the process, inadvertently, stopped midway an incline, and started as well! Not bad for a new driver eh? However, am not sure if I am doing it right - after shifting to 1st, I first release the clutch more than midway and then release the brake and press the throttle) After that, work pressures have kept me off my Berry, but hopefully, will do a small practice run tomorrow morning. And a longer one over the weekend.

But here's the driving experience, with the odo at 75:
Keyless entry is a boon! And if I don't enter the car within 20 seconds of opening, it gets locked again.
Doors shut snugly. Gives a safe feeling once inside.
In-door speakers are crisp and sharp - excellent audio quality.
Steering mounted controls are a boon - though end up pressing them inadvertently.
Still need to get used to the horn, placed in the middle of the steering.
Steering is light and the motor assisted power steering makes steering a breeze, a complete joy to drive. Makes me want to take endless U-turns!
The footrest next to the clutch pedal is extremely thoughtful and comfortable. For long drives, it will be very helpful.
Gear shifts so far are effortless and slot in easily, once I figured out how much travel is required. Had some initial trouble slotting in 3rd, but figured gear slots are more spaced out. Have so far tried 1, 2, 3 and R. All, a breeze.
Have so far driven only at slower speeds: mostly 30 or less and only a couple of times at 40. Car doesn't feel 'drag' at low speeds. Seems like a great city car. Don't know how it would feel at higher speeds. Will have to wait sometime to check that out.
Braking bite is great (as borne out by the smashed tail lamp!) - need to figure out the brake better.
The blue display and lighting give a nice cool feel.
AC is very effectivef and chills pretty fast too.
Wish they hadn't mounted side indicators on the outside RVM - in a city like Mumbai, very easy for that to get smashed in traffic. It looks cool though. Also, gives a 'high end' feel to the car.
Am still learning to drive in reverse - it took about 5 - 6 back and forths to slot it in the parking slot at home.
Am now really raring to get my hands back on the steering wheel, if I don't oversleep tomorrow, will do a early morning spin!
Ciao for now, more soon!
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Let me be the first to congratulate you on your first car!And welcome to the i20 "Uber cool" club.Post some pics too,to do some justice to this thread! Is your "berry" petrol or diesel?Wat is the OTR?

And ,Welcome to TBHP!

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Congrats on your new i20 - do post pictures of your beauty.
AFAIK i20 asta has power retractable ORVMS - so you can always save them from the rash drivers.
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Congrats on getting the i20. Yeah please do post some pictures of your beauty :-)
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Congrats on your latest "Berry Buy" Ram.

If my guess is right, its the shade similar to or same as a Grape Wine or Maroon right ? As many who have looked into your post are wondering, Pics should answer all our questions.
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Congratulations Ram on your new Berry

Originally Posted by ramraman
However, am not sure if I am doing it right - after shifting to 1st, I first release the clutch more than midway and then release the brake and press the throttle)
Releasing clutch is fine, but which brakes are you releasing? Are you releasing the regular brakes or the hand brakes? If its hand brakes, then you're on the right track & this is the way to go about it.

Pressing the gas pedal (throttle) is left to your choice because once you release the clutch gradually & release the hand brakes, the car starts rolling smoothly. You may or may not want to press the gas pedal depending on the speed you want in the 1st gear.
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Congrats on the i20. The berry red looks very good. Do post the pictures of the car.

Enjoy many more miles with the car.
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Congrats on the i20!!! dude you have some guts to test drive a car when you hardly knew how to drive. I was wondering if the Sales Guys are cool with the fact that you dont have a Driving license and you dont know how to drive a car. Did he show any kind of hesitation in giving you the car? Just curious.
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Congrats on the purchase of i20. Happy and safe driving.
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Congrats on the car, drive safe. And where is the pics ??

Sorry to hear about this. But, looks like the guy was genuinely sorry about the mistake.

Originally Posted by ramraman View Post
Not much could be done, so fought with the driver, let him go - he was in tears, his own richshaw badly dented and the roof bent.
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Hi Ram,

Congrats on your "Berry" acquisition!! Sorry to hear about the dent but life has to go on...

Do check with the service center and have it repaired immediately. Please do post some pics of your beauty. Happy and safe motoring!!


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Thanks folks for the wishes! Got caught up in work and could not reply sooner.

Have made progress with the driving bit, after the dentful experience. Got a driver, but he quit after a couple of days. So decided to push the bravado and took the car to office a couple of days (50 kms round trip) - as vishwask82 said, life has to go on! No problems there - expect for frustrating the drivers behind me with my slow driving! Have reached upto 55 kmph on the WE Highway. Drove through peak traffic (strangely, that seems easier than an open road!), rain, night driving etc., in one day! Have figured out reverse gear - it now takes one or two shots putting the car in my parking slot. Folks are worried that I am driving to work, without even having completed 50% of driving lessons, but then, no one learnt driving keeping the car parked home!

Car handles like a dream. Now that I am driving it, am extremely aware of even minor squiggles and noises. There is a low rattling - probably somewhere near the rear door - gotta get that fixed. When I brake, there is a faint squeak - salesperson had said that ABS causes that - is this so? Strangely, the wiper fluid seems to have run out - after 250 kms only?? Also, on one stretch, the rear tyre made a flapping noise - thought it had gone flat, but it was fine. Remains a mystery.

Mileage - currently am getting about 7 kmpl, city driving, peak traffic, AC partly on, mostly drive in 3rd and 4th. Maybe my poor driving skills result in lower mileage.

Still need to master 'stop-go' on an incline. Thought I had gotten it, but yesterday, was driving with the AC on and as I released the clutch midway and started pressing the throttle, the car stalled. Had a couple of false starts and finally got it moving. Do I need to push the throttle more - because the AC is on?

Aargee - I am releasing the regular brakes - I was told that this is the right way. Do I need to put the hand brakes on while stopping on an incline?
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