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Wink Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D

Brief History (Yes you may skip this or read and yawn, choice is yours.lol)

Before getting on with the real thing, here is a brief history behind this purchase.
Thanks to the nature of our business, we need to move around a lot and hence all our cars always had heavy mileage on them and this indirectly meant that Petrol cars would be a strict no no. After we sold our Esteem (Non MPFI one) we were scouting for a new car.This was in the year 1999 and we checked out all the 'In' cars at that time like Opel Astra, Ford Escort,Fiat Sienna and so on. Dad had more or less finalised the Opel Astra and just before going and booking it, I begged dad to atleast check out the new Lancer once.
Hesitantly, he agreed and we went for a test drive and the moment he drove it, he fell in love with it and decided then and there itself, This it it!
She served us well for almost 6 years and 2,40,000 Kms. and still going strong but then it was time for a new car.

This was in 2005 and the hot favourite then was the Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDi!
There wasnt much to choose from so we went with it. Now a few of you would charge at me for saying this but I am merely stating a fact, she served us well without any hiccups and unpleasant incidences at the service centre. Ran 1,80,000 kms. without a hitch and nothing major failing and needing replacement.
All I ever paid for was routine service,fuel,tyres and thats about it.

Recently when the installments got over, we decided to sell it off unlike the Lancer and make way for a new car.
Car was sold and the hunt for a new car began.

Contenders -

1) New Skoda Laura TDi
2) New Skoda Superb 2.0 TDi ( Euro 4 CRDi unit)
3) Chevy Cruze
4) Fiat Linea
5) BMW 320D Corporate Edition
6) Audi A4 2.0 TDi

Amongst the above, the linea was never a REAL option to be considered after having test driven it and being disappointed with the performance of the diesel unit. Was impressed with the overall car though,looks,suspension,feel etc.

We were considering the Audi A4 only because of its drop dead gorgeous looks but then after hearing a bit about the service issues (could be rumours) we decided to stay away.We did consider the A6 for a while but scrapped the idea later because of the understated looks.

Skoda Laura was again not much of a contender because we had already owned an Octavia before and weren't very happy with the rear legroom and since the Laura too suffers from the same problem we decided to stay away.

The battle had narrowed down to the 320D CE and the Superb. Both costing approximately the same but different characteristics altogether.
The 3 series was considered for the driving pleasure whereas the Superb for its plethora of features and comfort.
It was evident that the Superb was a better value for money but the dilemma was, is it worth compromising on features and comfort for better driving pleasure and the brand ?
Theoretical survey was completed and dealer visits,test drives were to be completed to come to a conclusion.

Both me and dad get busy with work for a few days and the new car matter is sidelined.
During this time my Lancer project started and only 2 cars were left that were usable, the Swift and Getz, there was no spare car left!
This is when dad said, 'Lets go and do the TD and finish this off'

So both of us first proceeded to Europa Auto for the Superb TD. We were welcomed and all, brochure was given,price list given, basic features explained and all.Routine stuff, the sales guy didnt go out of the way to convince us or anything.We asked for a TD and he said, Sorry we dont have a test vehicle which I find pretty disappointing.
Anyway,I having driven the petrol version, had a fair idea as far as the comfort level,ride quality,suspension setup, features were concerned.
Luckily a petrol version was there so dad sat in it, checked the legroom and all and got an idea about the car and he seemed satisfied.

Then it was time to visit Bavaria Motors. We reached there in a swift but still, we were welcomed royally even by the gatekeeper/watchman, Valet driver etc.
We entered the showroom and were welcomed by the sales guy. We got straight to the point and told that we were interested in the 320D CE.
He gave us the brochure,price list, explained us about BMW Secure and BMW BIS package in detail.
He then took us to the 320D CE that parked outside to check out the car.
It was dad's turn first, he is tall (by indian standards), 6' to be precise, like me. While trying to get in, he banged his head. So the start wasnt good. Then it was my turn, same thing, head banged and I was mighty pissed because my head banged pretty hard.lol
I got in and felt that the car was too conjusted, too small from inside,even more conjusted than the Octavia.
I wasn't impressed and was thinking on the lines, no way are we gonna pay 26L+ for this car.

Now comes the interesting part

Dad is standing patiently outside waiting for me to get over with checking the 320. Once I was done, this is the conversation that followed,

Dad: What car is that ? (Pointing to car parked inside the showroom)
Me: That's the 7 series
Dad: Not that one, the other one
Me: Oh that! Thats the new 5 series
Dad: Let's go check it out
Me: Sure! My pleasure

After the checking out ceremony was over,

Dad: I like it, should we buy it ?
Me: It's a bloody good car but equally expensive,almost twice of the Superb
Dad: So what ? Big deal, we will figure it out.

I immediately knew, dad had fallen for her, he WANTED the 5. I know this because it was history repeating itself, this had happened even with the Lancer.

So after considering Superb and 3 series and all we had actually decided to buy the 5 series which was never even in the contention! Sometimes I love my dad for this

Few days passed and we arrived at Bavaria Motors with the booking amount. Paid the cheque and stepped out and this is when I realised, we had actually booked a BMW 5 series! A car we never thought we could ever buy but here we are,already booked the very same car!

Few days later I get a call from the dealer,
"Sir, your car will be made on 23rd Aug 2010 and will be dispatched shortly after that and we would be able to deliver the car 8-10 days after that."

We finish the other formalities of loan application and all and are now waiting for delivery.

I get a call on 5th Sept 2010 from the same guy,
"Sir your car has landed in Pune, congrats, its the first new 525D to arrive in Pune, even before our test/demo car! "

I tell this to dad, Dad says, its a matter of few days, lets wait, we will get the delivery on Ganesh Chaturthi.

The day finally arrived, 11th Sept. 2010, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was ACTUALLY going to take delivery of a BMW 5 series !!!

The Delivery -

We reach the showroom at around 11.30 AM and the sales guy is waiting for us. He gives us the receipts and some documents and takes a few signatures and all and we are off to do what we had come for.
He gave us a girly looking basket with some chocolates,CDs,BMW car care products and what not. I hurriedly went to keep it in the rear seat. The lady accompanying the sales guy said, "Sir please wait"
I turned around to see why and she wanted to take a picture of the sales guy giving me that basket. Hesitantly I went and did the posing for the pic (Stupid I know)
Then another pic! Handing over the key, not as embarrassing as taking a girly basket!

Anyway, once this drama was over, I headed straight for the driver seat and the sales guy followed to explain me the basic features and all.
Dad was standing next to me and listening keenly.

Since the sales guy was used to doing this almost daily, he was explaining so fast, I had to interrupt him, "Dude wait! I am confused!"

After some time I stopped him and told him, "Alright that's enough for now, I get the hang of how to drive her and thats sufficient for now, I have the manual, I will study the other features patiently at home"

The car was parked inside the showroom and infront of it was the main entrance glass door and it was wide enough to let a car pass through it. So now it was time to take the car out of the showroom. Since I had not taken a test drive before ( Yes we loved the car so much, we decided to buy it even without test driving it) I was a bit nervous because I am not used to driving such big cars and neither is dad.
So I softly told the sales guy, "Ask your driver to remove it out of the showroom and then I can take it from there"
He promptly said, " No sir! what are you saying, its you who has to drive the car for the first time after the pooja is performed so you only take her out"

I was thinking 'Why did he have to become so religious now ???'
Nervously, I did take her out and once she was out,I said to dad,
" Drive! I know it has been your dream to own a machine like this for years"
He said, " Thats true but son, do the driving for now, I am not that driving that thing right now, I am bloody confused, didn't understand half of the things what he explained"

So we drove home and mom was waiting for us.
By now it had started sinking into me that we had actually bought a Beemer!

Although I drove her for like 10 Kms from the showroom to home, the drive was top notch as expected.
While coming home, by mistake my foot slipped once and accidently pushed the throttle a bit hard and the way she surged was not funny and I was like Woaaah ! this thing is mean, will take some time to get the hang of it.

Initial impressions -

1) Steering is light and precise, would have liked a bit more hardness like in a hydraulic unit
2) Brakes are mighty!
3) NVH levels inside are unreal! Cant make out that its a diesel.I guess its expected from a car belonging to this segment.
4) There is no spare wheel, why ? Because they have RFT which I find to be quite stupid. The Indian roads can tear apart the best of tyres so this logic is plain stupid according to me. Ordering anotehr Rim and installing a normal tubeless of the same size which I can carry on long drives.
5) Fit and finish is top notch

More to follow after I go for a long drive soon.

For now, here are a few pics,

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3838.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3854.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3855.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3856.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3858.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3862.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3863.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3864.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3868.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3870.jpg
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Pics Continued...

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3872.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3873.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3875.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3878.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3880.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3881.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3882.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3883.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3886.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3889.jpg
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Pics Continued...

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3890.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3891.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3895.jpg

Ze German has arrived ! BMW F10 525D-img_3896.jpg
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As usual car looks stunning.

Congratulations on getting dream ride (your dad's).

Drive safe and have fun.

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Nice one. Congratulations.
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Wow! Congratulations! It was thrilling to read about how you got it. Nice ride!!
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WOW! some upgrade. Smart dad

Did you get those AMC/warranty package too?
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Amey, Congrats on the buy. This review is straight from the heart. The beast looks absolutely stunning. Take good care of her.
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Congratulations to your dad and yourself for your first BWM 5 series

i look forward to read the continuous feedabck and your user experience
request you to keep updating the thread.

Drive Safer, Have fun with your BMW.
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'Wow' is the first word that comes to my mind.
As for fuel - does BMW recommend normal diesel? I am simply amazed with the boot. Cavernous us the ideal term.
I presume the tires are runflats - do I see open valve stems?
Is that a CD changer system in the glove compartment? Was that built in or optional?
Also - IMO the car deserves better footmats.

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Congratulations on getting an unexpected surprise. If I am not wrong, yours is the first F10 on T-BHP.
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Amey, congrats to you and to your family. A BMW 5 is one of my dream cars (other than the M3/M5). your car is a beauty.

Drive safe and have fun!

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Congrats Amey, Thats one heck of a drivers car you got there

Dad: I like it, should we buy it ?
Me: It's a bloody good car but equally expensive,almost twice of the Superb
Dad: So what ? Big deal, we will figure it out.
Phew so thankfully you didnt stop him like you did earlier (while buying the Getz).

Also good to know that you guys got a true blue RWD drivers car as both you & your father are avid driving enthusiasts.

I think Sahil & a few others might suggest you to replace the RFTs with other tubeless tyres as soon as possible.

I am waiting for GTO to reply to this thread as this is one of his favorite cars in recent times.
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Congrats on the buy ! Awaiting a detailed report soon
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Default Painting

The paint in your garage does not do justice to the brute. Get it painted as soon as possible.
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