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Old 18th October 2010, 11:27   #91
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Does the T-JET have the hill-holder feature? I had read it on their International site that the Hill-Holder feature is one of their main technical achivements, which hardly any other car company have.

I am not sure how this Hill-Holder works, but whatever I read, it seems to be very very useful while driving through ghat sections in Maharashtra atleast, which most of the time have stop-go traffic even in the ghats.

Also, has the wheelbase been extended on the T-JET? Someone mentioned that the leg room has improved considerably. Is the legroom as great as ANHC or even Vento?

Boy oh Boh...the competition in the C Segment is really hot now.

I was so damn sure that VW Vento is THE perfect choice in this war, but there came T-JET and confused me to the core.

Desperately waiting for a exhaustive review from GTO.
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Then t-jet neither has extended wheelbase nor the hill holder feature.

BTW GTO, your couple of days has turned into 2 X (couple of days).
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Default test drive scheduled today

I have scheduled a test drive of T-Jet at 3:00 PM with automobile sterling. let's see if the make it in time and don't end up postponing it.

My daily drive is a GTX which I drive spirited. So I am hope I would be able lend few useful line of review if GTO doesn't comes up with a detailed review by evening.

Palio 1.6 GTX 2002
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Hey Sid,

Yours is an excellent review. Definitely helps improving brand perception of FIAT India in my mind. I share your view on this car. This is a very good product, all it needs is a brilliant sales-man (but hasn't that always been the case with Fiat India?). What remains to be seen is whether this T-jet has been fitted with real good quality parts and mechanisms having undergone strict QC methods. That's what matters in the long run for a car at this price.
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Default back from a 30 minute test drive

I drive Palio 1.6 GTX daily, so will compare a few things with Palio GTX as well.

- Eagle NCT tyres on 16" alloys, NCT is probably not the best performance tyre but does feel like a better OEM option. I think very few cars come with such performance tyres from factory.
- Brakes have a lot of bite. I am not sure if it is due to rear disk brakes or some booster adjustment. In start of the test drive, I felt that there is no progressive feel and had to take extra care in stopping the car slowly. However after stopping at few red-lights, I was able to progressively apply brakes.

- Linea T-Jet vs multijet steering feel comparison more like GTX vs Palio 1.2, vast improvement in road feel. I guess that is due to lower profile tyres. I am not sure if suspension is also stiffer in TJet . Just have a feeling that probably suspension feels stiffer. Good thing if it is really so !

- turbo comes to full life at ~2000-2500 rpm but it is not dead either at ~1500. I was able to drive comfortably ~1500 rpm in 5th gear and still was able to accelerate without downshifting.

- Acceleration beyond 2500 RPM probably beats GTX by a margin. Another advantage over Palio 1.6 GTX is the presence of torque at low RPM. Palio 1.6 becomes addictive between 3000-5500 rpm which is a little harder to reach, however in comparison, T-jet has this addictive rush right from around 1700- 2000 RPM till 5500-6000 RPM which makes driving T-Jet much more fun.

Test drive experience:

I booked the test drive through web on the day of T-Jet launch and got a confirmation call from Fiat India within 1 hour .

I received the call from dealer on Friday right after they had the car available for test drive. After postponing the test drive on my request I made call to the salesperson today morning and test drive was scheduled.

Overall pleasant test drive experience. I liked the way test drive was arranged at my office. I was kept informed about test drive timing and sales person did follow up on my requests.

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GTO: Please put up your review and let us out of the misery. Eagerly waiting for it

BTW no one on TBHP has bought a T-Jet till now? Would have been good to read an initial ownership experience.

Also, I have a suggestion on this section for the Mods, can we make the actual reviews by mods a sticky so that it is not too difficult to find them. It gets lost after sometime otherwise with so many initial ownership reviews. Or separate it out as another section.
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Old 18th October 2010, 18:20   #97
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Pretty comprehensive review Sid..... Had one question though, the 5mm height difference in the Tjet+ vs. the Tjet; is it only due to the 16" alloys or are there any other mods in the suspension etc of the Tjet+??
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T-jet is great even the gear shift is improved, steering is lighter and less panel gaps. Italian leather seat covers are ok, nothing too great about them. I might not be booking T-jet due to low mileage figures, but for enthusiasts its the mill from Gear 1, and the turbo grunt is amazing. But i will stick with MJD i guess.
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Old 23rd October 2010, 23:53   #99
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These kind of statements are unheard from a salesman . We should appreciate his knowledge , many folks heading car companies are not aware of these details.

Originally Posted by ajai_dev View Post
Ohh i almost forgot i was questioning a Fiat engineer who is a new employ at the Fiat-Tata dealership in Chandigarh to see if he has the knowledge or not and if i buy a Fiat product will he be able to fix it up or not.

I pointed out to him that i may buy Cruze LT or the Linea 1.6L MJD and told him about what the Chevy engineer had told me "sir this car internal body is 65% high grade steel industrial strength steel" he smiled and said "our cars like the Punto and Linea also have 60-65% high strength steel".

I was a bit skeptical and asked him to prove it he opened up a shinny plastic covered manual that had a big LINEA SERVICE/REPAIR MANUAL written on it and showed me what was written on the 3rd page. It went something like "weight decrease is achieved by the use of high strength steel in the 67 percentile across the Grande Punto" The company that supplies the steel is SAB said the engineer but i searched online there is no SAB FIAT website so i guess the company name he gave me is wrong.

Also since i did not see Linea's name in the guide i asked him how he was sure that Linea also has 60-65% high grade steel he said "Linea is made on Punto the basic frame underlay is same"
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Originally Posted by swathyd View Post
These kind of statements are unheard from a salesman . We should appreciate his knowledge , many folks heading car companies are not aware of these details.
These statements are from a FIAT engineer and not a salesman
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