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Default 20K service update

Finally the D day had arrived, I was almost running 5% off scheduled service kms and was forced to give car for service rather risk any warranty issues:

Some details on billing (pre-tax):

1) OIL -- 843
2) air cleaner -- 241
3) oil filter --- 335
4) paid service --- 1368
5) WB +WA ----- 670 (excludes cost of balance weight)
6) gasket - 17

Got the 3m Interior enrichment/cleaning done. I must admit, Abul the local 3M chap at Lathangi is pretty dedicated and motivated soul. The finishing has come out excellent. Cost Rs. 1542. Now compare it to 3M interior cleaning for 800 at Maruti A.S.S Rs. 400/- . How much of square inch area is more in Figo ? For all the good work 3M does, there is no consistent pricing across dealers (compare Swift vs Figo)

Service feedback:
First service at 2500 kms: Did not feel any change in engine running (coarse).

Second service: 10k KMS - The engine had opened up for revs and was free revving by then however service itself did not bring in noticeable change.

But 20K service: There is huge marked difference in the engine power delivery, and car feels way smooth to drive at lower speeds and this feedback is based on instant observation done driving back from service centre.

Warranty works carried out: wiring service kit.

I guess from 20K onwards, its anybody's guess on how this car performs. The real long term ownerships begins now and rightly calls for part-by-part comparison with competing cars.

Does anybody have the Figo-vs-Swift service cost chart that was prominently displayed few months back at Ford showrooms ? Time to bring out fact based comparison, I request folks who have similar kms on ODO (Vento, Polo, Swift, Ritz, Vista) to post service cost details, With fuel price hike, interest rate hikes, we need to give more data to T-BHP users to help them decide on their car purchase.

I also would like to see a single thread where WA+WB+ cost of weights billed at various service centers is discussed ... there is so much ripping off in cost of weights, makes me seriously think on this after I counted the cost of weights in service bill was ~290 bucks

I guess this would begin the long term ownership of my Figo, the real fun begins now.

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Default Re: Small Car - The Paradox of Choice! My Ford Figo

I received a detailed online service feedback request from Ford. It was online survey accessed by PIN and contains detailed sections on car, Ford, buying , service experience. Also it asked questions like if I still own the car, and if I am the person the email was intended etc. It accepted descriptive text inputs in most of the options.

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Default Re: Small Car - The Paradox of Choice! My Ford Figo

Discovered a new storage after driving the car for ~18 months, Last month while driving though some extremely broken roads, a coin box/ with capacity of about 300ml popped open below the steering, its almost vertically below the head lamp switch. It seems to have push to lock/open mechanism.

Haven't seen in pics in other review threads and was not aware of such storage

Its quite hidden in nature to store documents.
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Default Re: Small Car - The Paradox of Choice! My Ford Figo

I found it @ Day 1....Went through every inch of the car immediately after buying....Did you know about the Fog Lamp switch? Pretty interesting way of switching on the Fog lamp!!
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Default 30K Services done - 10K Bill

@theodore_ftw: Lucky you. I had the Fog lamps installed so the switch was replaced (mine is first batch '2010 model). Hence they showed me how to operate it.

With lot of long drives comes minor accidents and my car was not immune to it.

Had a Stupid left mirror blown away while reversing with a tree on left then came a dog hit on FL side. With it went my wheel arch cover, the wiper washer tank that hides on behind the left fender had a connector broken. one of these days had front tyre side wall cut on highway near arsikere, it was pretty late night/early morning, and with the road widening works that is going on, The jack slipped quite a few times due to uneven road and my running board was slightly damaged. It was really dark in middle of nowhere and I couldn't help myself much to do a better job without hurting the running board.

So finally drove to Lathangi for 30K service, without any appointments at around noon time. My regular SA was available and job card was open, Got my car the next day with a loyalty Gift from Ford service, The yet again broken bonnet pull lever Now I need to visit the dealer again to get it fixed, I cannot open the bonnet so no idea whats the status inside. But I guess things will be fine as these guys have build some good amount of trust by now.

So here are the details:
1) Regular 30K service - means fuel filter change
2) The bake bleeding was not done at 20K , but was done at 30K along with front disk pad replacement, the pads cost only 1100/-+Tax which shows why they last only about 30-35K kms. I am told the rear drums have 1,00,000 kms life.
3) Front mud flaps were replaced - ~120/- each for part.
4) There is one sensor assy change done on warranty It costs 1700/- pre tax, I don't more details on it.
5) LH rear view mirror costs only ~1200/- for part. The flap on cover is grayish in color and since my Original cover was fine we just reused it and hence saved on painting job.
6) Got the free under-chassis anti rust coating done (6 months check/5yrs)

The brake pads (2) and motor pump change was identified during service and my go ahead was taken for replacement.

Some specific parts costs for reference (pre tax)
Motor & pump assy (wiper washer) -- 999/-
Wheelhouse cover - 326/-
Fuel Filter assy - 1042/-
Mirror rear view - 1192/-
Brake pad frt kit - 1075/-

Other costs of gasket, oil filter, oil, paid service, etc has remained the same.

Total parts: 6800 & Labour 2000/- plus taxes.

Car washing, papers, polish etc was all perfect. The changed parts have been returned to me just like the Maruti guys.

I brought the Apollo accellere for torn MRF as spare tyre, paid 4100/- including fitment & wheel balancing.

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Default 40K service -- 4002/-

Got my 40K service done recently and the total bill was 4002/-.

Breakup:(paisa ignored)

Gasket - 55/-
Wash fluid pouch - 53/-
OIL-Filter DV4 - 332/-
Filter AIR Cleaner - 245/-
Rust Spray - 88/-
Engine OIL - 979/-

Labour & Services
Paid service - 1505/-
Consumbels - 275/-

Plus Taxes - Total 4002/-

Cleaning, service & delivery experience , was topnotch. SA: Mathew
@ Lathangi Ford
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Default Re: Small Car - The Paradox of Choice! My Ford Figo

50K service:

Gasket 55/-
Wash fuild - 54/-
OIL Filter - DV4 - 333/-
Filter A/c fresh air - 421/-
5W30 Engine OIL - 275.98/L x 3.8
50K service cost - 1050/-
Brake bleed - 210/-
Brake F & R - inspect - 315/-

Interior enricment - 1950/-

I have completed 50,500 kms at the time of this review and just thought of writing a fresh review.

Point wise likes & dislikes of the car (summary)
Likes: Things which continue to satisfy me after 50K
1. Awesome drivability for both City & highway
2. Incredible space beats Indica Vista in several areas (we own vista too)
3. Very good front road and rear visibility given all modern cars have high dash, this was one of key requirement for me that weighed for Figo.
4. In car entertainment - Audio & bluetooth

In consistent milage: Fuel economy varies between 14-16 in City for my drives - DTE 575-670.
- The good and bad about its equipment levels
I do not miss anything in this car, I do have my wish list which I had when I brought this car. Figo Audio system along with Bluetooth integration is excellent and something highly appreciated & enjoyed every day.
- Your usage pattern (e.g. 12 kms daily in dense traffic)
~43 kms round drip, the dense traffic is minimized since Jan 2013 with ORR becoming signal free. Its always fun driving this car.
- Interior design & quality
What really matter in how the interiors hold on together, how the rattles set in. Figo is well-built car and touch wood, things have been rock solid and stayed the way they are since I brought this car.
- Interior space and comfort
This is the best in class and competes with Indica Vista. I think Figo boot is better than Vista in accommodating extra luggage due to the hatchback doot design.
- Air conditioner, seat support, ergonomics and other noteworthy interior points
A/C continues to be chiller. The pollen filter needs cleaning/change and if you feel a/c blower is not performing its almost always the clogged a/c filter.
The front row seats lacks width and length (high support) and can be uncomfortable on long drives ... to feel the difference drive any Indica,
the bucket seat edges could have been better accommodate for Xl size and above.
- Engine performance & drive-ability in the city
Dives like an automatic, excellent gear ratios for city & highway.
- Engine performance & drive-ability on the highway
Drive the torque and you are game for highway up to 150kmph, 100-130 range performance is decent and helps in freeway cruising. Even ghat sections like Agumbe which I recently did climb & descend drives, twice was without any fuss (with A/c on)
- Overall opinion on the engine
Relatively a bit Noisy, with great performance. Not a top speed car w.r.t Swift-D (lower weight I guess)
- Gearshift / transmission quality, smoothness, response time etc.
Drives like an automatic, butter smooth gear shifts
- Fuel efficiency : City and Highway
City ~15+-1, Highway 20-24
- Suspension & ride quality
Very smooth, be it single ride or with load. However - Lower air pressure results in bottom hitting speed breakers.
- Handling, on-road behavior and grip levels
True to Ford DNA
- Comments on the steering, braking, high speed stability etc.
True to Ford DNA. Titanium version breaking never had anything to complain/ I did have couple of scary situations at 140kmph

Value added Services:
1. 3M Exterior enrichment
2. 3M under chassis coating (5 years Wrty)
3. 3M interior enrichment - the new anti-bacterial one which costs 2k.
I think Ford provides excellent choice when it comes to value added services, the service delivery at dealer ships is excellent and never had to complain about quality of service. The dealerships also accommodate if we forget to carry warranty card during under-chassis re-coats which are to be done every 6 months

a) 3M Platinum series 35% sun film (4.5k)
b) Figo fog lamps (4.5k)
c) Philips x-treme bulbs (1.1k) - These bulbs lasted about a year before going kaput. Car is back on regular 150/- halogens.

New car came with MRF and did Tyre change at 43,000kms - MRF again.

1. Lathangi Ford opp IIM - Service quality & overall experience has been best just like the Maruti (Mandovi)

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Default Re: Small Car - The Paradox of Choice! My Ford Figo

Recently completed 5 yrs of ownership and also did 80,000kms service.
Service cost was 9600/- includes
- 80,000kms Std service
- 80,000 kms few items that require draining of fluids
- VAS - 3M interior cleaning
- Wheel Alignment and Balancing
The Figo continues to rock!!! All service & maintenance by Lathangi Ford
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Default Re: Small Car - The Paradox of Choice! My Ford Figo

My car has done 90K+ ... I have switched back to company cab.... All of June was begging for mercy from traffic gods on ORR. The milage on car is minimal these days. Hope to do 100k before end of this year.
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