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Default Skoda Yeti@ India (An ownership review) EDIT: Now sold!

Here is the detailed specification with the internal codes for Skoda Yeti also how to decode the VIN for Skoda Yeti,

Sample VIN TMB LD9 5L 4A8 000123
TMB -1

1 - Manufacturer's world code
XW8 - Kaluga factory
TMB - other factories
2 - Model and version:
J - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x2
K - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x2
L - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x4
M - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x4
N - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x2, multi-purpose vehicle M1
P - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x2, multi-purpose vehicle M1
R - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x4, multi-purpose vehicle M1
S - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x4, multi-purpose vehicle M1
1 - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x2, vehicle category N1
2 - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x2, vehicle category N1
3 - YETI, left-hand drive, 4x4, vehicle category N1
4 - YETI, right-hand drive, 4x4, vehicle category N1
3 - Engine type:
B - 1.8 ltr./112/118 kW/petrol engine
C - 2.0 ltr. TDI/81 kW/diesel engine
D - 2.0 ltr. TDI/103 kW/diesel engine
E - 2.0 ltr. TDI/125 kW/diesel engine
F - 1.2 ltr./77 kW/petrol engine
J - 1.4 ltr./90 kW/petrol engine
T - 1.6 ltr./77 kW/diesel engine
4 - Airbag System:
2 - 2 Front airbags
4 - 2 Front + 2 side airbags
5 - 2 front + 2 side + 1 knee airbag
6 - 2 front + 2 side + 2 head airbags
7 - 2 front + 2 side + 1 head + 1 knee airbag
8 - 2 front + 4 side + 2 head airbags
9 - 2 front + 4 side + 1 head + 1 knee airbag
C - total weight 1814 kg to 2268 kg
5 - Model:
6 - Internal code
7 - Model year1)
9 - 2009
A - 2010
B - 2011
C - 2012
D - 2013
E - 2014
8 - Manufacturing plant:
6 - Kvasiny
9 - Vehicle body number


Description: Yeti 4x4 CR Exper 103/2.06MG
Sales type: 5L734Y

Feature list with internal number

1 0A2 L TUE 4 doors
2 0AF L STV Front stabilizer
3 0BD L STH Rear stabilizer
4 0C0 L COZ Standard
5 0EN L EDF Installation differentiation for transmission MQ 350 vehicle components
6 0F5 L KRS Fuel system for diesel engine
7 0KA L KAE Without stickers and badges
8 0NB L SZU Nameplate set in base trim
9 0P1 L AER Rear side exhaust tailpipe
10 0SS L SAU Labels/plates in English and French
11 0TD L ZFM Front and rear floor mats
12 0V2 L FAD Manufacturing sequence Ustkamenogorsk
13 0VF L BTA Information kit in English
14 0Y2 L KLZ Tropical zones
15 0YJ L GKH Weight range 9 installation control only, no requirement forecast
16 1AT L BRS Electronic stabilization program (ESP)
17 1D0 L AHV Without trailer hitch
18 1E0 L AKB Without activated charcoal canister
19 1ED L TYP Special identification plate
20 1G1 L RER Space-saving spare wheel
21 1JG L DFH Rear shock absorption for rough-road design 2
22 1KS L BAH Disc brakes, rear (Geomet D)
23 1N3 L LEN Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
24 1NL L RAA Covers for alloy wheels
25 1PF L ABR Standard wheel bolts
26 1Q0 L TGL Without mass damper for steering wheel
27 1S1 L BOW Tool kit and jack
28 1SK L TWU Additional engine and transmission guardand underbody stone guard
29 1T0 L VBK Without first aid kit and warning triangle
30 1U1 L KLT Folding table
31 1W2 L KBX Glove compartment cooling system
32 1X1 L ATA Four wheel drive
33 1Z2 L KRM Increase in initial standard fuel filling
34 1ZE L BAV Disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
35 2A0 L UEA Without delivery equipment
36 2G5 L EBB Filler neck module 1 without insert
37 2H0 L CHA Without "drive select"
38 2JX L STF Comfort bumpers
39 2P0 L LKS Without trunk sill protection
40 2UB L SWP Rough-road design
41 2V5 L FRI Fresh air intake system with activated charcoal canister
42 2W3 L TDA Fuel filler cap remote unlocking
43 2WA L ZBR Without additional tires
44 2ZA L LRA Multi-function steering wheel
45 3B3 L ZKV Child seat anchor
46 3C7 L SHM 3-point seat belt for center rear seat
47 3CA L TRW Without partition
48 3D3 L MIK Center console
49 3FA L DEI Without roof insert (standard roof)
50 3G0 L KSI Without child seat anchor front (ISOFIX)
51 3GG L LBH Plane rear cargo area
52 3H0 L LER Without backrest release for front seats
53 3J1 L KOV Height-adjustable headrests for front seats
54 3K0 L SKS Without safety headrest system
55 3L3 L SIE Manual height adjustment for front seats
56 3N0 L KKR Without stowage box in luggage boot
57 3Q6 L KOH Three rear headrests
58 3QC L RSV 3-point seat belts, front
59 3S7 L DAR Roof rails
60 3SB L SFR Standard seat, front right
61 3TB L SFL Standard seat, front left
62 3U1 L GPR Foldable trunk cover
63 3W0 L GDM Without additional noise suppression measures for passenger compartment
64 3X0 L DLS Without load-through provision
65 3Y0 L SSR Without roll-up sun screen
66 3ZB L SHA 3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE label
67 4A0 L SIH Without seat heater
68 4AA L TSV Door and side trim panel in leather
69 4B1 L SSL Protective side molding
70 4GF L WSS Windshield in heat-insulating glass
71 4K3 L TKV Radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
72 4KC L SSH Side and rear windows in heat-insulatingglass
73 4L6 L IRS Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming
74 4LB L BED Radio control
75 4N4 L INT Padded dashboard
76 4P3 L PBH Rear floor panel module, type 4
77 4R4 L FEH Power windows with comfort operation andcircuit breaker
78 4SB L MSL Vanity mirror left
79 4TB L MSR Vanity mirror right
80 4UF L AIB Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
81 4X3 L SAB Side air bag front with curtain air bag
82 4Z5 L HAK Glove compartment door with light
83 5A8 L GRV Trunk lining (design 2)
84 5C0 L KSA Without special body measures
85 5D1 L TRF Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
86 5K0 E LAC Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
87 5KP L HIS 3 separate seats (first row of seats)
88 5ML L EIH Decorative inserts
89 5RH L ASR Right exterior mirror: convex
90 5SR L ASL Left exterior mirror: convex (AGCC)
91 6A0 L FEU Without fire extinguisher
92 6E3 L MAS Front center armrest
93 6EP L ZKS Additional stone guard body covers
94 6FF L BBO Body-colored exterior mirror housings and various add-on parts
95 6M3 L GPS Trunk net
96 6N1 L SZF Mud flaps rear
97 6PC L HBV Leather hand brake lever handle
98 6Q9 L SAG Leather gearshift knob/handle
99 6R1 L SHV Leatherette gearshift boot
100 6SE L KBB Flat needle-punched trunk floor covering
101 6T0 L INL Without interior light in footwell
102 6XJ L ASE Exterior mirrors: automatically dimming,electrically adjustable/heated
103 7A0 L CDW Without CD changer/CD player
104 7AA L EDW Electronic vehicle immobilization device
105 7B2 L STD 12-volt socket in luggage boot
106 7E0 L WSA W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
107 7K0 L RDK Without tire pressure warning light
108 7KN L AED Vehicle class differentiation -5L0-
109 7L3 L SNA Without start/stop system without regenerative braking
110 7M5 L EIL Without protective film for scuff plate
111 7ML L AGM Emission standard,EU4 IND Bharat Stage 4
112 7N2 L ALS Spectacle tray/bracket
113 7P4 L LOR Manually adjustable lumbar support in front seats
114 7PB L PGK Platform group class 2
115 7Q0 L NAV Without navigation device
116 7QA L CDR Without CD/DVD for navigation
117 7R7 L SLE Side marker lights plus additional turn signal lights in exterior mirrors
118 7V0 L BEL Standard dashboard illumination
119 7X2 L EPH Park distance control, front and rear
120 7Y0 L SPU Without lane change assistant
121 8AG L RAO Radio with CD/MP3
122 8BF L HSW Halogen headlight for driving on the left
123 8GU L GEN Alternator 140 A
124 8K1 L FLS Separate daytime running lights
125 8L5 L ANT Roof antenna and "diversity" window antenna
126 8LG L ZIN Additional switch for off-road
127 8M1 L HEW Rear window wiper and washer system with intermittent control
128 8N3 L SWS Windshield wiper intermittent control with rain sensor
129 8NB L STK Parking light indicator light
130 8Q1 L LWR Headlight-range adjustment
131 8QL L SLR Key for locking system with remote control
132 8RM L LSE 8 speakers (passive)
133 8T0 L GRA Without cruise control system (CCS)
134 8TD L NEL Rear fog light for driving on the left
135 8V0 L ZAZ Without cigarette lighter
136 8W0 L WWA Without washer fluid level indicator
137 8WD L NES Integrated front fog light
138 8X0 L SWR Without headlight washer system
139 8Y1 L SNH Two-tone horn
140 8Z6 L MKU Hot country
141 9AK L HKA Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc
142 9E1 L GRB Luggage compartment lighting
143 9HA L FFA Without additional malfunction display
144 9JA L RAU Non-smoking package
145 9M0 L ZUH Without auxiliary/parking heater
146 9P3 L SGK Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
147 9Q2 L MFA Multi-function display/on-board computerwith check control
148 9T0 L BWD Without heated washer nozzles
149 9TH L WAL Additional warning lights (door area) front, without rear
150 9U1 L BVK Brake pad wear indicator
151 9W0 L VTV W/o car phone preparation/installation
152 9WR L AUD Installation of audio connection
153 9Y1 L ATE Outdoor temperature gage
154 A8D I AUS Luxury equipment
155 B3E L BLB Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for India, various parts
156 B79 L TPL Type approval India
157 C00 L COC Operating permit, initial registration
158 CB6 L RAD Alloy wheels 7J x 16
159 D91 L MOT 4-cyl. turbo diesel 2 gineEZTD 03 kW (4V) TDI common rail; Base engine:
160 E0A L AAU No special edition
161 F0A L FZS No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
162 FB0 L LAK Standard paint coating
163 G06 L DFV Front shock absorption
164 G0L I GSP 6-speed manual transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
165 GR0 L PNS Without emergency tire inflator
166 H09 L REI Tires 215/60 R16 95H (polymer coating)
167 J0N L BAT Battery 330 A (61 Ah)
168 K8G I KAR Hatchback
169 L0R L LEA Right-hand drive vehicle
170 L66 L GKV Suspension range 66 installation control only, no requirement forecast
171 N0K L SIB Leather seat covering
172 ND0 L ADA Without adapter
173 NG0 L GDT Without top carrier
174 QA0 L KIS Without child seat
175 QE0 L ALG Without tray areas package/box
176 QG0 L WIV Without service interval prolongation
177 QJ1 L CHR Chrome work package
178 QN1 L SVS Drawer under left front seat
179 QV0 L TVE W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
180 TP4 I GMO 4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.P
181 U5A L INS Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
182 UF0 L ESS Without electric interface
183 UG1 L AFH Hill hold control
184 V0L E REL GOODYEAR tires
185 VF0 L FHW Standard pedal cluster
186 VL0 L FGS Standard pedestrian protection measures
187 X5Q G description not found

The current model other than that is launched in India are EU5 while India model is EU4/BS4 only!.


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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

The question is why did I put so much information about Yeti now? simple answer I have a Skoda Yeti@Home color is Matto Brown and model is Elegance. Some pictures of my Yeti.

At service center, ready for delivery,[first yeti, yet to be registered by RTO, they need a trade certificate for yeti and its need to be registered at RTO by dealer for a new launch then only they can sale a vehicle!]

Skoda Yeti@ India (An ownership review) EDIT: Now sold!-20101209_001.jpg
Skoda Yeti@ India (An ownership review) EDIT: Now sold!-20101209_002.jpg

Skoda Yeti@ India (An ownership review) EDIT: Now sold!-20101211_001.jpg
Skoda Yeti@ India (An ownership review) EDIT: Now sold!-20101211_002.jpg
Skoda Yeti@ India (An ownership review) EDIT: Now sold!-20101211_003.jpg

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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Congrats on the great buy, Pramod !

I can see another Leh trip coming up

Wishing you many happy miles !
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Congratulations Pramod. I too got the delivery of my Yeti on 7th December. It got registered on the same day at RTO Pune.

I have since driven more than a 1,000 km. You can find my experience with the car thus far on the following thread


It's a great car. Wishing you safe driving - that's full of fun.
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Congrats on the purchase Pramod. One question that I have been asking all the Yeti owners here.

Can 5 people (full size in weight and height) sit comfortably in the Yeti? To draw an analogy, is the Yeti's interior space as spacious as your Scorpio's?

Finally, why did you sell your Scorpio and for how much? You could PM me if you don't want to answer it here.
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India


Congratulations. I guess the Scorpio is gone or parked outside ;-)..
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Originally Posted by n.devdath View Post
One question that I have been asking all the Yeti owners here.

Can 5 people (full size in weight and height) sit comfortably in the Yeti? To draw an analogy, is the Yeti's interior space as spacious as your Scorpio's?
Five full grown adults can sit comfortably in the Yeti. Compared to Scorpio, which was owned by our office (and in which I travelled extensively), the Yeti has much more leg room, and the width is quite similar.

In fact my family (including a very fussy 6 foot teenager) and my colleagues too find Yeti to be more spacious than Scorpio - and definitely way more comfortable.
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Congrats pramods. Have a rockin time with the car. It is certainly raining Yetis on Team-BHP . Looks like Skoda has a winner here in-spite of all the gripes people had about its size. I am glad that the Indian market is maturing !!
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Thanks all, Scorpio is gone, even though no major trouble recently but it was having one or more minor troubles that used to keep me more at service center every weekend. After Leh incident Scorpio was never the same, I would always find some or other fault and finally decided to part away. I must admit Mahindra support was good throughout.

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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Congrats Pramod on your new buy, after reading Sushil initial ownership report i am starting to love Yeti. Let me hope soon I will be on board a Yeti

Pictures are looking excellent and especially the one in parking, it stands majestic and roaring

Happy motoring
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

congratulations pramod
excellent colour, wishing you many many happy miles with smile.
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Pramod, good to see that you have Yeti at home.

However, sad to see scorpio gone. I was one, following all your updates on Scorpio, being one of the first 2010 model.

Can you share with me the issues you were facing with Scorpio and how much did you sold it for (PM would do) ? I am in the queue to buy Scorpio 4WD AT sometime soon.
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Hi Pramod, congrats on the new buy. Looks awesome in the Matto Brown shade.

A word of caution though... Please post a detailed report on the vehicle (which we all are waiting for), or else there is a possibility of mods intervention and prematurely close the thread

Happy driving!
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

Buying and owing experience of the Skoda Yeti, I liked Yeti since 2008 but there was no sign of it getting launched in India anytime soon went ahead with mHawk AT 4x4, but sometime the things are not meant for you and same happened with 4x4 AT and me, out of 11 month I had this mHawk, 4 months where spent at service center first for the small accident and then with AT failure at Leh. Family including me lost faith in the vehicle, even though Mahindra service support was good and they made every effort to make it happen, but the feel of the new vehicle getting so much problem and at places where you expect it to perform it failed on me. The failure was one thing but the paint and repaint was other reason that meant it was never meant for me. After repaint each and every part seems like a old car!!
Repainting a old car has a good feeling, but repainting a new car is not the same, and that too I saw each and every part stripped and redone.

Then come Yeti and the old love of 2008 was back, went to service center for a demo but there was not demo and booked it with a promise of getting delivery in first week of March 2011. After 2 weeks I get a call if I wish I can get the first Yeti delivered, I was like what? I told the Sales Manager that I want to see the vehicle first, he agreed, I went to stock yard to see the vehicle [Will upload the images later of the stock yard] noted the VIN and other information and returned back to complete the other required formality.
On 7th and 8th Dec waited for the RTO formalities, but later realized that Skoda Nagpur sales need to get a new trade certificate fro RTO and then only they will register the vehicle, went ahead and got the delivery on 9th and still waiting for the registration number[ though the RTO formality is done, last minute change of mind about registration number, I want 2 digit number "80" for Yeti now]

The dealer delivery experience before booking was not good but after booking till delivery they were helpful, I still doubt the serviceability of Skoda, but will see it when it will happen.

Coming back to driving experience, coming from an AT vehicle I needed lot of adjustments in driving and on this Yeti has a tendency to stall as you leave the accelerator in higher gears, first couple of days I used to stall a lot but now I have got a better feel of when I need to use the clutch and lower the gears, I believe this is problem, but if the gears indicator are used judiciously then this can be avoided.

The gear indicator is a good feature, and if followed properly gives a better FE. Music system is good but Columbus with GPS and Video would have been great and same goes with the Bluetooth phone system, I am not sure why Skoda removed these feature from Indian version.

Good :
Its a car!
Love the sitting position and adjustment allowed, the rear system too have lot of knee space
Engine, its pulls like anything
Fit and Finish
Bad :
Lack of Instrumentation, GPS, Bluetooth
Auto light, follow home and Xenon lights
No front Mud flap, even not available as accessory

Problems till date, at second refill the fuel gauge as showing 3/4 full and the tank attendant said tank is full, I was about the fight with him but good sense prevailed and I myself checked the diesel at tank and calculated the expected quantity and the attended was right, the tank was FULL, but the indicator was showing 3/4 full only. After driving for almost 20 kms the tank started to show FULL, I am not sure if there is some problem or should I wait for another tank full or complain it to Service center, I hope this is not a major problem and it might be just one off incident of self calibration!

Have done almost 900kms, the FE as per tank to tank is 15.5kmpl this includes 50:50 of bumper to bumper city driving and high way driving,I will wait till I get the registration number and smart card before I drive out. I am paying the RTO for the choice of number and is expected to get the allotment of number with in a week.

I have purchased all the Skoda Service manual from Skoda, if anyone want to buy Service Manual [workshop] of Skoda and see all the detailed feature of your own Skoda registered and pay at this official Skoda site and get the PDF document downloaded


PS: Will update the other details as an when it happens
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Default Re: Skoda Yeti@ India

About your fuel needle taking time to move up. Next time filling up turn off your car completely, and then when you turn it on it should show full.
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