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Default Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls

Wanted to hit the roads again! But not so quickly… So at office, the crazy group started planning a trip. What not came up in the discussion… Coorg, Goa, etc. So we started about the logistics to Coorg. When we came down to the financials, we found out that we would not be able to do it in the next two months. Now that’s a setback! You start planning and get stuck at the financials… everybody wanted to hit the roads within the next couple of weeks! So we zeroed in onto Kuntala and Pochera Waterfalls. This would be a day trip and financially manageable. Now for the attendance! When we asked for confirmations from the people, we could find out that very few of them would be available a week later. So, no options but to set off that weekend only to ensure maximum attendance. This led to finalize the date to 26th November, a Saturday, so that people can rest on Sunday and be fresh at office next Monday.

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The TEAM – Govadhan, Debadrito, Shivarama (Driver 1), Chaitanya, Nishu (Driver 2), Karthik and I (Driver 3)[behind the camera]

The distance to cover was around 500 kms with pit stops at Kamareddy, Nirmal (for breakfast) while going and at Nirmal and Haritha, Kamareddy again for dinner.

Google Map for route

And who doesn’t know plans fail! But, we’ll come to that later!

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We started pretty early, around 3:45 AM, planning to reach the destination by 6 AM. Everything was fine the first 100 kms till Kamareddy. We planned that we would have morning Tea/Coffee at the Haritha there! But alas! Everything closed. So we stood by the highway, enjoyed the early morning cool breeze for a few minutes, exchanged thoughts on how good the highway was, that we did 100 kms in 1 hr, and how early we would reach there. Then we got back to our cars. Engines on, right indicators to get to the rightmost lane from between the trucks and SURPRISE! Construction on NH7. Diversions and potholes greeted us as we were excited to hit 120 kmph again L ! Next 38 kms took us 1 hr. To top it off, all the trucks had their high beams on, hitting directly our eyes. When we reached Dichipalli, we were already craving for a break. We parked our cars by the road, took a breather and enjoyed the lovely sunrise.
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In 15 mins, at around 6:15 AM, we started towards Nirmal again. People wanted to refresh themselves with breakfast badly. The road to Nirmal was the old NH7 and took us almost another hour. This was a standard 2-lane highway with no dividers, but did not bother us much. Mostly apart from the towns, we could do 70 kmph on this road. At Nirmal, we had a long stop, about 45 mins, and by 8 AM we were again on the roads with just 40 km to cover. We were pretty sure that we would be there very very early by 9 AM latest. And now the biggest surprise! The old NH7 went through the hills from Danghapur for around 10 kms. This 10 kms took us more than 1 hr… the road is full of potholes and it’s hilly. To be truthful, there’s very little of roads left between the potholes. The highest I could do here is 15 kmph. Finally, we were relieved to see the new NH7 lying in front of us and realized how big a mistake we did to detour to Nirmal. From Neredikonda onwards, the highway has clear direction for Pochera Waterfalls. It’s just 4km off the highway. So, we finally parked there at around 9:45 AM. A journey which should have been done in 4 hrs max had taken us 6 hrs.

Pochera Waterfalls is very small compared to Kuntala. We knew that beforehand and wanted to save the better for the later. So, we were not disappointed. But were surprised to see nobody else there! Karthik, Chaitanya and Govardhan already started climbing the rocks there without wasting any time. I could climb down to the plunge pool of the waterfall and take a few shots from there.
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4369.jpg

From there, it was so serene! The forest was so dense in front of me. For a few moments, I was awestruck. It was a treat to the eye that had me overcome all the trouble of the roads in those few moments. I could not hear anything but the sound of the water plunging into the platform, and the big lake it formed was so calm. I felt that I was just surrounded by water and
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4372.jpg
forest. Nothing else mattered! I have not ever felt two such conflicting emotions, the excitement of the water plunging into the lake and the calmness with which water flows out of the lake, gushing down my veins so strongly, ever. I climbed up, totally amazed. I could see the rest of the team enjoying the shallow water. We spent about an hour there taking photos.

Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4380.jpg

Kuntala Waterfalls is about 17 km from the Pochera waterfalls. It is 10 km off the highway. This road was again not at all good, but we did not bother much. The last stretch of the road is through the forest and I had a lovely shot there. Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4410.jpg
Right from the parking, we could see that this place is starting to get commercialized. We could see people around us, cars parked and guides as well. However, we did not want any guides. So we took our own way, exactly opposite to where the guide wanted us to go through. And guess what we saw – a valley of rocks!
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4411.jpg

We later understood that we have reached the top of the waterfalls. So, we could actually see the streak of water that becomes the waterfall. And we could see it become the waterfall…It was a lovely experience going down the rocks, just beside the falls to the base. The plunge pool here is almost like a swimming pool and we all enjoyed taking a few dips there.
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4413.jpg
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4415.jpg
There was tremendous water current there and Karthik and I made valiant efforts trying to go the bottom of the falls.
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-_mg_5291.jpg
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-_mg_5277.jpg

The others were happy watching us.

Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-_mg_5282.jpg

When we came out of the pool, we could see the falls entirely, now from the bottom. And it looked great.
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4436.jpg
We suddenly realized that the swimming had got us very tired and we were craving for food. So we climbed up the 408 steps to the top.
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This time we did not make the mistake of going back to Nirmal. We decided that we would have our lunch in some highway side dhaba and continue on the new NH7 to Sriramsagar Project. We could see dhaba just beside the highway at Neredikonda. The name of the dhaba is “SINGH IS KING DHABA HOTEL”.

Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4447.jpg

The food was very spicy, exactly what we wanted (not Karthik thoughJ). Now we were recharged and headed towards Sriramsagar Project. This is a dam on the Godavari River.

Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-_mg_5458.jpg

We drove to the other side of the dam and I had a few good shots of the setting Sun there.

Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4448.jpg
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4458.jpg
Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_4459.jpg

We also had a team photo here.

Name:  IMG_4476.JPG
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Chaitanya could not be a part of this due to unavoidable circumstances .

Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls-img_5477.jpg

Now it was time for us to head home. We hit the new NH7 again and new this time that there would be a bad stretch before Kamareddy. We finally came to Kamareddy Haritha and had our dinner at 9 PM. By then, everybody were dead tired.

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After dinner, we still had a 100 km to cover and finally reached Kompally at 11:15 PM. A day of complete driving, I could see my trip meter reading 523 km. I could not believe my eyes. This was my maximum in day ever, I was so overjoyed. And this 523 km was done without a refill. So, I was very happy with my car and my driving skills as well.
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Default Re: Pochera and Kuntala Waterfalls

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Travelogues Section. Thanks for sharing!
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