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Default G'Day From Down Under - The Australia Album

Hi Guys....or maybe i should say G'day Mates!

G'day is short for Good Day literally but its used for every kind of greeting, it can mean Hello, Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening, Good Night and so on depending on the time a lot like Ciao in Italy. There is a whole list of slangs indigenous to the country which one would have never heard before nor are used in any other place.

Australia was an inevitable destination for me, well actually New Zealand was but now, time being short i thought, id take a holiday, only to Australia, a place ever since my visit in 1999 i have been longing to return back to. Sometimes i even considered migrating there, way back (New Zealand was the first choice again) thats how much i liked the country as a destination back then and even now...... So when we were planning a holiday after my sons's 10th ICSE board exams, Australia and New Zealand came up. It was his idea, as he was fascinated with the country, learning about it in his school. Unfortunately,w e could not do both being pressed for time so New Zealand would have to wait its turn and Australia won hands down (under).

Our visas done, (takes 5 -7 working days to get a Visa as it has to be obtained from Delhi), tickets booked, we boarded one of the last Qantas Airways flights, before they stopped operations from Mumbai (5th May was the last date they flew out). Our route, Bombay-Singapore(In transit) Sydney-Melbourne-Cairns-Brisbane(Gold Coast)-Singapore-Bombay. We deliberately chose to get into the colder parts of the country (as winter was just setting in there) and then the warmer ones as it would be good for the kids and give them time to cope with the drastic weather changes in different regions, in car lingo, we needed to get tropicalized.

Inhabited by a population of roughly 22 million throughout the country, the east coast is the most populated.

Travel Tip: Australia, like Bangkok and a few other countries has a check in time of 2 pm and a check out time of 10 am. So if you decide to land there before 2 pm they will extract their pound of flesh by charging you extra (as in almost a days tariff) for early check in.

Australia is a beautiful land and with sincere apologies to Kerela, I think the slogan "God's Own Country" fits here like a glove. Not that it doesnt Kerala but somehow, thats what comes to your mind once you have experienced the scenic palate it has to offer.

The country is very diverse and the people extremely friendly. Its comforting to know that that the people were still as, if not more friendly, than my last visit here.

Im sure everyone knows the origins of the country so i will not bore you with all that history but its a different country all right. Need to brief those who do not know about the Flora and Fauna found in this country which are so different that none similar to it is found in any other country or part of the world. How different???..Well....has anyone seen a Duck Billed Platypus, Wallaby, Kangaroo, Koala Bear, Dingo, Wombat, Tasmanian Devil(now believed to be seriously dwindling if not already extinct), Ostrich, Emu (Who said Khandala and Nasik?)...to name a few animals, elsewhere in a natural habitat? So that should answer your question. So also there are a huge number of plants that do not grow out of this region, naturally, So we can call it the land of disparities, beautiful disparities. Where people of different cultures and ethnic background co exist happily


There are roughly over 25,000 plant species in Australia, including some living fossils.
The Eucalyptus, also locally known as Gum trees are most commonly found here. No wonder they have so many Koalas because the Koalas only feed on certain species of Eucalyptus leaves.
The World famous Blue Mountains has the largest and the most diverse range of eucalyptus species in the world. Thats where the name, "The Blue Mountains" comes from. The blue haze which surrounds the landscape of these mountains is the result of the oil vapours from these trees, which combine with the air to form a blue haze rising up from the trees.
Around 80 per cent of the plants are unique to this country and are not found anywhere else in the world. One can find a mind boggling species of Wild and cultivated orchids. Remember before plucking any wild flowers, they are a protected species in Australia.


The animal kingdom of Australia is made up of Mammals, Marsupial,s Monotremes (Egg laying mammals) Birds, Reptiles and Marine Animals. More than 80 per cent of the mammals, like the plants found here along with reptiles and frogs are unique to Australia and are found no-where else in the world. Some of the best known animals are the Kangaroo, Koala, Echidna, Dingo, Platypus, Wallaby and Wombat.
In fact the Monotremes, is a group only native to Australia and is not found anywhere else in the world. eg. The Platypus, a river dwelling animal with a bill like a duck, a furry waterproof body and webbed feet and the spiky, spider eating Echidna which looks like a Porcupine. Dont be tempted to pet one if you see it. No wonder Australia has amongst the best wild life parks, Rainforests and Zoos in the world and its wildlife is fiercely protected.

First stop; Sydney.

Sydney is amongst the most popular cities in Australia. Almost all of Australia in this side enjoy a relaxed outdoor and beach lifestyle. In Sydney, one finds a thrilling combination of arts, culture, food, wine, nature and of course shopping.
The harbour is the life line of Sydney and almost entirely the central focal point of the city. Catch a ferry at Circular Quay for views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge from the water. Darling Harbour is where almost everyone comes for leisure and is a favourite tourist, family leisure and entertainment place. Visit the various interesting Restaurants, Cafes Shops or just walk along the promenade. All kinds of food available from a Mcdonald's to a Michelin star restaurant. Most kinds cuisines available including Indian.
Take a short walk or the monorail to the Circular Quay area, Ferry, train station. Wander the weekend markets or climb the the Harbour Bridge. Sail past the Opera House on a chartered yacht or paddle the harbour in a kayak. Take a scenic cruise from Circular Quay or Darling Harbour, past waterfront mansions, national parks and a number of small lovely. Watch the beautiful harbour from the amazing Royal Botanic Gardens, adjacent to the Royal Opera House.

Catch a Ferry to Manly ( I dont know why anyone goes to Manly. Its just another suburb of Sydney) but still, try a round trip on a Sunday as there is a Family pass as low as AUD. $ 2.50. per person. Child below 12 goes free. Thats for, all you can travel on a Sunday upto 4:00 am in the morning on a Bus, Train or Ferry. Awesome bang for the buck. . The world-famous beaches of Bondi and Manly have running along their side, a promenade which is another perfect way to take in the glory of these beaches. Picnic at one of the various beaches or learn how to Scuba or wind surf of you are adventurous. Hire a scooter/bike/car/convertible classic and do a round trip of the beaches at your leisure. Explore the shops, bars and cafes along the bustling pine tree-lined promenades and dine at world-class restaurants with water views from almost anywhere in the city.

Sydney, as all of Australia, has a notorious and colorful convict history. Just around Circular Quay, you can hear stories of hanging and hauntings on a ghost tour, or visit the historic Fort Denison in the Harbour or take an Aboriginal cultural cruise to learn about Sydney's first inhabitants. It is said that on New Year's Eve, tickets to Fort Denison go as high as 1500 AUD for a meal, table and entertainment which includes a great view of the fire works.

Take a few steps away from Circular Quay and visit the Rocks. The old part of Sydney and soak in the old world charm. . In amongst the maze of sandstone lanes and courtyards, you’ll find historic workman’s cottages and elegant terraces, art galleries, lined by quaintly placed shops, boutiques cafes restaurants, its a place one would never forget. Visit all the above at the Rocks in winding small alleys, some slanting and sloping all dimly lit to give one the presence of old world charm
Away from the Harbour in the city centre, history comes alive at the Queen Victoria Building and The Strand which are now fashionable arcades housing designer fashion stores.

Sydney is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Blue Mountains to the west, the Hawkesbury River to the north and the Royal National Park in the south. Did anyone say Location..Location...Location?
I have been told that a visit to the Hunter Valley wineries and swim with dolphins in Port Stephens is a great experience, though i did not have a chance to tour these two as was pressed for time and had children with me do a tour of a winery would not appeal to them but someday in maybe another place i will.

Its a land where the Old and new co-exist,

Name:  DSC02205 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02206 Small.JPG
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A land of diversities...diverse cultures, Flora and Fauna.

Name:  DSC02443 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02444 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02463 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02450 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02451  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02456 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02461  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02375  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02378 Small.JPG
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Will post more pictures as we move along the country

Where the sun is stronger than any other part of the world (highest rate of skin cancer in the world)

Name:  DSC02283  Copy Small.JPG
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a land of big wheels

Name:  DSC02247  Copy Small.JPG
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....and people aspiring to own some in the future

Name:  DSC02248 Small.JPG
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A land where almost everyone owns a boat, surf board or a snorkel (of some kind).

Name:  DSC02208 Small.JPG
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Coming back to our first stop Sydney.....

.....home to the famous Sydney Harbour bridge in its 80th glorious year now.

Name:  DSC02301  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02370 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02345 Small.JPG
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

and the Sydney Opera House, one of the youngest Unesco world heritage sites and a master stroke of architectural genius.

Name:  DSC02282  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02276  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02271  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02372 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02261 Small.JPG
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......Where the sunset is beautiful

Name:  DSC02298 Small.JPG
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and the moonrise is even better

Name:  DSC02303  Copy Small.JPG
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.....and gets better with the night,

Name:  DSC02315  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02335 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02337 Small.JPG
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.....where its oldest mascot is seen from almost every corner of the eye...

Name:  DSC02299  Copy Small.JPG
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inhabited with very friendly people....(Australian Munnabhai perhaps??!!!)

Name:  DSC02288  Copy Small.JPG
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where the Murruku or the Chakli becomes a Soy Crisp

Name:  DSC02441 Small.JPG
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and a bhujia mix becomes a versatile snack...Versatile?? Oh C'mon....!!

Name:  DSC02442 Small.JPG
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Size:  97.5 KB

Where one can Waltz all over the Darling Harbour promenade..and not necessarily with Matilda......

Name:  DSC02285  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02277 Small.JPG
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Here the Indian in me inevitably starts comparison with our country. I find India one of the least tourist friendly of all places in the world. Stupid, useless restrictions, completely non tourist friendly approach, non recognition of tourism as a paying proposition etc etc. Just compare it to any place in the world, you will know what i mean . We have everything that can make India a tourist's dream come true but the red tapism and babu culture is frustrating. Its time we asked the politicians, what they have done for our country...but then this is not about India, lets stick to Australia.

So as i was saying, this is an adrenalin junkie's dream come true. Bungy, theme parks with the craziest rides, food which you could never have thought to be edible....(Yes, Marmite/Vegmite is included in that group), its a crazy place with crazy things to do. Travelling through the cities i went to was a cinch. Trains, Trams, buses Cabs (really friendly and helpful ones) Have you noticed that in almost every other country, the people sitting behind the information counters are usually grumpy and irritated/ Well, not here!!

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So carrying on with my Australia Picturelogue, here something more about the Promenade of the Darling Harbour.

....Situated close by on the promenade is the beautiful Sydney Aquarium. Well, now its not so unique as most of us have seen the one at Singapore and other places but this one was the first one to have a walk through many many years ago. There is a unique Shark exhibit here which shows the different stages of the shark right from the embryo stage to a full grown menacing set of Jaws. Learn about the sharks, things that you never
knew. Australia has a love affair with the sharks and we learnt some fascinating stuff about how all sharks are not prone to attack humans. Its the other way round, a lot like snakes. See one and you want to kill it as one instantly goes into self protection and hate mode. Sadly thats not the truth.

Sadly i could not get pics of the shark exhibit as they are live exhibits and in pitch dark where and flash photography is not allowed, understandably.

Name:  DSC02420  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02431  Copy Small.JPG
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Also there were some really quaint fish, some ive never seen before but then i was in Australia.

Name:  DSC02438  Copy Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02439  Copy Small.JPG
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Do visit the Sydney Olympic Stadium. Remains a tourist attraction as yet. I met up with a dear old friend who migrated there five years ago and is leading a comfortable and good life. Its so good to meet friends after so much time and find out that actually time has stood still. You take off from the time you met last and as if all the years in between have not existed. Im glad hes doing well.

Here is Robbin posing with my family

Name:  DSC02493  Copy Small.JPG
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Having done with Sydney, Robbin drove us back to the hotel and after chatting with him till the wee hours we bid adieu. He went back to his house and i to bed for the next morning we had an early flight to our next destination, Melbourne.

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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

Stop two, Melbourne:
Melbourne is a cold city. Windy, wet and cold. It is said one can experience all the different kind of weather in Melbourne in one single day and i have just experienced it. Sun, rain, heat and shivering cold weather , all within 24 hours. Needless to say it got a whole lot colder after the drizzle

Known as the Garden City of Australia, all in all Melbourne is well planned and like most planned cities is laid out in a grid. It is known for for its shopping, in the tiny lanes hidden behind the main streets you’ll find off-the-beaten-track boutiques, galleries, and small cafés, bars and restaurants, Trattorias. Owing to its multicultural heritage, you’ll find everything from European-inspired cafés to authentic Asian food. Explore the by lanes for alfresco dining, jazz and wine bars, cafes and boutiques. Very well connected via trains, trams and taxis, the public transport system in Melbourne is as good as any ither developed Metro city in the world.

Enjoy the bayside beaches that stretch along the arc of Port Phillip Bay. Here again, less than an hour away you will find world class wineries in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. Melbourne and surrounding areas like Bendigo and Ballarat were the capital of the Gold Rush.Now there are tours to take one to these historic goldfields. To the north lies alpine country and to the South you’ll find the Great Ocean Road, a feast for the eyes and the mind.

In the city, Visit Federation Square, the landmark cultural space. Its from here all the tourist buses depart and return to for and from their daily tours. Trams are a great and inexpensive way to travel in the city. Take the tram to St Kilda or a stroll on the promenade, along the Yarra River, or wander through the many parks and gardens that surround the city centre.
Take a day tour to cover the Gardens and other sites of Melbourne. Its the best way to see the city. Known as the Garden City, one cant miss the various pockets of greenery on the city, most importantly the Fitzroy Gardens, a heritage listed garden spread around 64 acres and is one of the Victorian era gardens in the city. It houses many attractions amongst which is Captain James Cook's cottage which was shipped from England to Australia in 1934. This is the very cottage in which Captain Cook spent his early years of childhood.

Take an Aboriginal Heritage Walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens a huge 38 hectre park housing in excess of 10,000 species of trees and flowers, or catch a game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Pick up fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood at the Queen Victoria Market operative since the mid 1800s. Amongst other things there is a huge food section along with organic sections to buy food, fruits, meats, as well as a deli to try some unusual local produce such as cheese, meat etc. There is also a food court catering to almost all palates. If you are the shopper cum bargain hunter types, the Queen Victoria Market is known for its bustling crowds and flea market type of arrangements. One can find a few bargains here also but most stuff is sold here at higher than ordinary shop prices but then, thats true with most touristy flea markets.

A day trip to Phillip Island nature park is a must, to watch fairy penguins waddle home in huge numbers. The Penguin Parade as it is called is a sight to see. Pygmy penguins seen in Australia amongst the other few places this species can be found, are seen returning to t heir burrows in the ground from the waves. It is a sight to see them waddle from the sea and make a dash to their burrows right past you. Flash or any other kind of photography is not allowed as it scares the penguins. When i visited 13 years ago, photography was allowed but use of flash was even then prohibited. Now any kind of photography is allowed, though some idiots...actually a lot of them will still pull the trigger inspite of warnings. I will see if i can pull some pics from my previous trip and post them. On the way one can see a lot of Kangaroos and Wallaby's bouncing around the landscape.

Drive the spectacular Great Ocean Road to the iconic Bells Beach, Otway National Park and the magnificent Twelve Apostles. These ate magnificent limestone stacks and structures just jutting out of the sea. Sadly, only 8 now remain of the original 12 as erosion has taken its toll. Its a great sight and must be visited.
One can combine a day tour to cover the Great Ocean Road, Philip Island and a Cattle farm experience. In the farm experience, one can visit an actual working farm where one sees and interacts animals like the duck, Kangaroo, Wallby, Emu, Ostrich roaming freely and can pet and feed them. One can see how cows are milked and how sheep are sheared. One is taken around a tour of the farm and can break in for a bite at their cafe serving veg and non veg food, amongst them some Kangaroo pie too.

In the city if if one is fond of Casinos the Crown Casino Complex is a huge entertainment complex where one can spend an entire day. Of course certain areas are off limits to children due to the Casino rules but this place houses the swankiest boutiques, great dining options and fun, including an entertainment centre for children and a multiplex. When i visited last it was a first for me to see the entire glass ceiling come down in co ordination with music and turning into numerous chandeliers. A work of precise computronics. All this co-ordinated with dancing fountains. 13 years past it is still there and attracting as much attention but sadly the fountains are wanting attention. More than half of them do not work and which do, the nozzles do not fire the water spurts as evenly. I did not expect such poor maintenance. Still worth going to see the place and the ceiling dance to the music and lights, several times in the day and night.

Lets see some pictures:

We start by "Reflecting" on the Melbourne weather

Name:  DSC02502 Small.JPG
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The Hotel on Collin's Street where we stayed, very central walking distance from anywhere you'd actually want to go in Melbourne city

Name:  DSC02499 Small.JPG
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Size:  115.8 KB

A Krispy Kreme outlet right below the Hotel..how convenient is that?

Name:  DSC02501 Small.JPG
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Size:  94.3 KB

Ikon of Australia the Holden Kingswood in a pick up Avatar

Name:  DSC02507 Small.JPG
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Size:  95.2 KB

At the Fitzroy Garden

Name:  DSC02549 Small.JPG
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Size:  127.7 KB

Captain Cook's Cottage

Name:  DSC02550 Small.JPG
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Size:  118.1 KB

Name:  DSC02554 Small.JPG
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Size:  146.0 KB

Clear skys and the Moon in daylight

Name:  DSC02551 Small.JPG
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Size:  78.8 KB

Very interesting public loo loo. Oz's Shulabh Shauchalaya.

An all wrought Iron and steel structure housing 4 toilet blocks. Full stainless steel and clean. Instead of making eyesore structures, these are built with the surroundings in mind, hence the green colour. Wish we could take a lesson or two from here.

Name:  DSC02555 Small.JPG
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Size:  145.0 KB

The Melbourne Cricket Ground

Name:  DSC02560 Small.JPG
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Size:  82.6 KB

Dennis Lillee the Icon

Name:  DSC02563 Small.JPG
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Size:  91.0 KB

Name:  DSC02561 Small.JPG
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Size:  111.4 KB

The beautiful and exclusive suburb of St. Kilda with its palm tree lined promenade

Name:  DSC02567 Small.JPG
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Size:  79.3 KB

Name:  DSC02570 Small.JPG
Views: 1372
Size:  109.2 KB

The awe inspiring Royal Botanical Gardens

Name:  DSC02571 Small.JPG
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Size:  134.5 KB

Name:  DSC02572 Small.JPG
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Size:  138.0 KB

Name:  DSC02574 Small.JPG
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Size:  141.4 KB

The Seperation tree

The citizens of Melbourne rejoiced under this tree when they received the news on 15 November 1850 that Victoria was to become a separate colony from New South Wales. The tree is several hundred years old. On 15 November1951, a replacement river red gum was planted nearby to mark the start of the second century of self-government.
If you notice, the centre of this tree lookes shaved, this was an unfortunate part of mindless Vandalism a few years ago. The park authorities have taken utmost care and efforts are being made full scale to nurse the tree back. The Plastic surround you see is to keep Possums and other pests pot of the trees. You will find this kind of barrier in most trees where certain birds and animals live, so that there is protection to them from the pesky Possum.

Name:  DSC02573 Small.JPG
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Size:  156.8 KB

The Duck in the Pond. Very beautiful and very deceiving. The entire surface is covered with a water growing plant and not an inch of water is seen below. One can easily walk into the pond thinking it ti be grass.

Name:  DSC02577 Small.JPG
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Size:  191.4 KB

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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

.....Continuing from where we left...Melbourne.....!!

At The Cattle Farm... Tete a tete with the Wombat

Name:  DSC02589 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02593 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02607 Small.JPG
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Kangaroo and Ducks

Name:  DSC02597 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC02605 Small.JPG
Views: 1330
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The actual Farm Workhorse -Nice External Roll cage Eh??

Name:  DSC02609 Small.JPG
Views: 1390
Size:  114.2 KB

Phillip Island

Name:  DSC02626 Small.JPG
Views: 1298
Size:  59.5 KB

Amazing View of the water

Name:  DSC02625 Small.JPG
Views: 1300
Size:  98.3 KB
Name:  DSC02632 Small.JPG
Views: 1292
Size:  67.9 KB
Name:  DSC02629 Small.JPG
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Size:  47.7 KB

Back to the city...Varying Modes of Transport at Federation Square

The Pick Up

Name:  DSC02582 Small.JPG
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Size:  74.4 KB
Name:  DSC02586 Small.JPG
Views: 1295
Size:  100.7 KB

and the Horse Drawn Carriage

Name:  DSC02583 Small.JPG
Views: 1312
Size:  117.0 KB

Queen Victoria Market

Name:  DSC02649 Small.JPG
Views: 1302
Size:  95.7 KB

At the Crown Entertainment Complex

Name:  DSC02654 Small.JPG
Views: 1282
Size:  99.3 KB
Name:  DSC02655 Small.JPG
Views: 1274
Size:  104.5 KB
Name:  DSC02527 Small.JPG
Views: 1294
Size:  99.7 KB

Flinder's Street Station

Name:  DSC02721 Small.JPG
Views: 1332
Size:  86.1 KB

The Tram Restaurant

Name:  DSC02725 Small.JPG
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Size:  74.2 KB

Whatta way to eat!!

More coming.......
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

Cairns is the gateway to Australia's tropical Northern Paradise , with islands, rainforests and reefs on its doorstep. From Cairns you can swim, snorkel, dive and sail at the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. In Cairns, you are just minutes away from quaint islands, beautiful and colourful coral reefs and the world’s oldest surviving tropical rainforest so get enchanted in the World Heritage Rainforest, or take the scenic century old railway to the tranquil, butterfly fringed village of Kuranda, past gaudy Parrots and Crocodiles. Be spellbound by the beauty of the natural Baron and Stoney Creek falls and be amazed by the historic engineering feat of the Barron River falls bridge. Owing to the warm tropical lifestyle, which is typical of Cairns, shorts and T-shirts are normal attire. Structures here are not skyscrapers but a maximum of one or two levels tall.
When I last visited Cairns in 1999, it was a laid back quiet city, with not much population. This time i noticed, the city has recently experienced rapid growth, with the city spreading in all directions and i was told that the suburbs were taking over land originally used for sugar cane farming. In a nutshell, Cairns is a stylish city, with a relaxed pace, tropical climate and laid back ambience. It is in fact a nature lover's delight. What with so many rainforests there are ample opportunities and places to to go walking in the rainforest or offroading in the Great Dividing Range.
One can even stay in the magical Daintree Rainforest, the planet’s oldest surviving tropical rainforest, amongst the local Aboriginal people. The mangroves of the Daintree River reveal crocodiles and turtles in clear, sparkling streams.

Our first visit the next morning was to the Rainforestation wild life park. Its an animal park and a place to see the Aborigine culture including dances. One can see how to throw a spear and its uses, how to play the didgeridoo and how to throw the boomerang. Does it actually do all that dramatic stuff like fly back at you. Well it almost came back to me, save for a distance of a few feet. Then embark on the Army Duck Tour to learn about the fauna the different kinds of plants and Basket Ferns. these actually fascinated me to no end.
One cant but marvel at the thought of such a place just a short drive from the city.
We entered through a gift shop, as all touristy place go and found that we were a bit early so we decided to look around the place. It was like a large farm. An entrance on one side with steps leading into the place and the road on one side with a view of what looked like a river pond with Barramundi (local fish) swimming around freely.

Name:  DSC02796 Small.JPG
Views: 1343
Size:  115.1 KB
Name:  DSC02795 Small.JPG
Views: 1294
Size:  96.6 KB

Three Crocodile Dundees

Name:  DSC02801 Small.JPG
Views: 1280
Size:  123.8 KB

The access to the water was through a pebbly sandy beach. We came across this guy lazing around on the beach but did well to keep out of the water lest his much bigger cousin was also around and decided to take a swim at the same time

Name:  DSC02799 Small.JPG
Views: 1300
Size:  205.6 KB

We entered the wildlife park

Name:  DSC02807 Small.JPG
Views: 1290
Size:  96.3 KB

amazed to see the number of Kangaroos and Wallaby's just lazing around sunbathing.

Name:  DSC02819 Small.JPG
Views: 1316
Size:  145.9 KB
Name:  DSC02814 Small.JPG
Views: 1285
Size:  98.8 KB
Name:  DSC02815 Small.JPG
Views: 1286
Size:  103.8 KB
Name:  DSC02816 Small.JPG
Views: 1274
Size:  154.2 KB
Name:  DSC02817 Small.JPG
Views: 1269
Size:  137.4 KB

with a few others following suit

Name:  DSC02820 Small.JPG
Views: 1268
Size:  111.9 KB

One little guy was adept enough to keep following us around, hopping like a rabbit

Name:  DSC02809 Small.JPG
Views: 1244
Size:  86.4 KB

and did not leave us till it was fed.

Name:  DSC02827 Small.JPG
Views: 1249
Size:  119.3 KB

we also came across the beautiful cassowary

Name:  DSC02824 Small.JPG
Views: 1230
Size:  92.1 KB

and the Dingo

Name:  DSC02825 Small.JPG
Views: 1270
Size:  122.9 KB

and of course crocs. This guy in particular called Jack The Ripper. Story goes that he is not fond of the company of other crocs and is known to have caused extensive damage, even to his own species. Even the female kind so they decided to leave him alone...

Name:  DSC02821 Small.JPG
Views: 1254
Size:  135.9 KB

while the others live happily.

Name:  DSC02822 Small.JPG
Views: 1259
Size:  147.9 KB

After the brief wildlife park visit we were taken into covered amphi theatre where we enjoyed the aboriginal dance. The dance was explained to us and much like our own Adivasi culture, this dance was also about, harvest, hunting and happiness when rain falls.

All this was accompanied with music played with the quaint and ancient instruments like the didgeridoo and some sticks and rocks.

Me being the odd one out was also invited to the stage and i had to shake a few limbs in the way they did. Interesting.
Attached Images

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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

Name:  DSC02840 Small.JPG
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Size:  114.2 KB

Of course, after that show, we had to learn all about how to play one of these Didgeridoos are weird instruments, formed from wood hollowed out by termites. That was also a demonstration as its not easy to play the instrument.

Next up was a spear throwing demonstration, both, hand held and using a Woomera, a device that helps increase the distance they can throw. They didn’t let us try this one, maybe because of the danger involved handling a sharp object but it was quite impressive to see that they were quite accurate in their aim. Most of the times they hit the target, quite far off bang in the centre.

Name:  DSC02828 Small.JPG
Views: 1169
Size:  159.2 KB
Name:  DSC02829 Small.JPG
Views: 1172
Size:  116.9 KB

Boomerang throwing lesson was next.

Name:  DSC02833 Small.JPG
Views: 1159
Size:  160.6 KB

My own practice throw was reasonably good and i managed to throw it almost straight up, and it returned not very far from where we stood. The guy was impressed.. While my kids got a hang of it almost immediately, the wife tried unsuccessfully a few times and gave up

Up next was a tour of the Rainforest in an Army Duck (DUKW). An army duck is a very interesting amphibious, go anywhere vehicle made by GM powered by a inline 6 cyl 4.4 Ltr petrol engine which our guide said gave almost 2-3 km/ litre as was most of the time driven in the low range at speed of max 10 km/hr and they will allow you to get through some very rugged terrain and/or marshes quite well. Whats really interesting is that these vehicles which are more than 60 years and older are doing their duties as well, only now, they are moving tourists instead of troops.
A parked Duck

Name:  DSC02843 Small.JPG
Views: 1153
Size:  118.0 KB

I got all this information from their office notice board and they were really amused to know my inquisitiveness about the vehicle. One of them showed me literature which i took permission to photograph, which speaks a lot about the history of these vehicles.

Get to know the Duck

Name:  DSC02869 Small.JPG
Views: 1162
Size:  82.3 KB
Name:  DSC02870 Small.JPG
Views: 1154
Size:  121.5 KB
Name:  DSC02871 Small.JPG
Views: 1146
Size:  102.3 KB
Name:  DSC02872 Small.JPG
Views: 1147
Size:  87.1 KB

The straight six heart

Name:  DSC02868 Small.JPG
Views: 1145
Size:  117.3 KB

So we boarded the duck and sat in the numerous rows provided while the Guide took us on land through some really steep paths to explain about the rainforest.

Name:  DSC02844 Small.JPG
Views: 1154
Size:  106.9 KB
Name:  DSC02849 Small.JPG
Views: 1158
Size:  118.7 KB
Name:  DSC02852 Small.JPG
Views: 1162
Size:  128.8 KB
Name:  DSC02861 Small.JPG
Views: 1139
Size:  160.1 KB

The best part of this tour was when the duck entered the water.
The road just lead into the water...

Name:  DSC02853 Small.JPG
Views: 1142
Size:  109.0 KB

and from there on it was a water bound tour for a while, where the DUKW performed its amphibious duties very well. And while we didn’t see any crocodiles or turtles around but im told there are plenty.

Name:  DSC02854 Small.JPG
Views: 1145
Size:  93.4 KB
Name:  DSC02857 Small.JPG
Views: 1145
Size:  120.0 KB
Name:  DSC02862 Small.JPG
Views: 1151
Size:  92.3 KB

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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

...Continuing with Cairns....

What really fascinated me was the Basket fern. Will not get into the nitty gritty of the facts of a Basket Fern but i have several pictures of the awe inspiring plant. I think you should go through the link attached just to get to know this amazing species.


Basket Fern:

Name:  DSC02846 Small.JPG
Views: 1143
Size:  107.9 KB
Name:  DSC02847 Small.JPG
Views: 1141
Size:  131.2 KB

We also got a chance to see these dangerous berries which if handled and crushed were almost lethal in their own way. These berries emit a highly toxic dye, which stains skin for weeks together. Better not handled and best not consumed.

Name:  DSC02858 Small.JPG
Views: 1127
Size:  123.9 KB

The tour continued, made interesting with the wit and tongue in cheek humor of the guide and many more trees and fruits ....

Name:  DSC02860 Small.JPG
Views: 1134
Size:  136.7 KB

and some exotic fruits and flowering plants later ......

Name:  DSC02864 Small.JPG
Views: 1136
Size:  145.3 KB
Name:  DSC02865 Small.JPG
Views: 1130
Size:  132.8 KB
Name:  DSC02866 Small.JPG
Views: 1134
Size:  83.1 KB
Name:  DSC02867 Small.JPG
Views: 1135
Size:  97.1 KB

......we bid adieu to this wonderful little paradise, a must visit when in the city.

We were then dropped in the beautiful butterfly city of Kuranda

In the quaint rainforest village of Kuranda you can boardwalk through the rainforest to the Barron Falls lookout. Browse the street markets, buy Aboriginal artifacts and visit the local candy store where you might catch a candy making demonstration.

Name:  DSC02874 Small.JPG
Views: 1123
Size:  133.2 KB
Name:  DSC02882 Small.JPG
Views: 1128
Size:  131.2 KB

An assortment of Home-made fudge from the candy shop

Name:  DSC02881 Small.JPG
Views: 1122
Size:  78.2 KB

This day was still not done, as we still needed to get back to Cairns, for which purpose we took 7.5 kilometer Skyrail cable car ride over the rainforest. I recommend this way back to Cairns via the Sky rail with its three stop points. I also recommend strongly that you take a stop at all these stations and let the natural habitat soak in. After that at the bottom, you can continue your Aboriginal experience with the world-famous dance theater, Tjapukai and the cultural arts centre and Aboriginal museum if the culture is not coming out of your ears. At this place you take your designated transport back to the hotel.

The Skyrail

Name:  DSC02893 Small.JPG
Views: 1115
Size:  120.6 KB

Pictures from the boardwalk

Name:  DSC02902 Small.JPG
Views: 1126
Size:  150.4 KB
Name:  DSC02923 Small.JPG
Views: 1114
Size:  67.2 KB

The views from the car were awesome, at some places just barely skimming over the tops of the trees, and allowing a view down to the forest floor some 200 ft lower, at others giving us a panoramic view of the entire area.

Name:  DSC02899 Small.JPG
Views: 1111
Size:  62.0 KB

Basket ferns on trees

Name:  DSC02913 Small.JPG
Views: 1114
Size:  107.4 KB
Name:  DSC02914 Small.JPG
Views: 1110
Size:  103.9 KB
Name:  DSC02919 Small.JPG
Views: 1112
Size:  163.3 KB
Name:  DSC02924 Small.JPG
Views: 1109
Size:  175.4 KB

Baron Falls from the cable car.

Name:  DSC02911 Small.JPG
Views: 1119
Size:  71.2 KB

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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

We reached back, surprisingly not tired but refreshed. All that pure Oxygen and the wonderful sights did well. We had worked out an appetite and settled to go out for a nice meal as we had an early morning next day. We were going to be visiting the star attraction, the Great Barrier Reef the next day.

A lot of you may be wondering why and how ive kept the mention of food and pictures out of my thread. That because after im done with the holiday picturelogue, im going to bombard all of you with the food pictures from different cities. Didnt think i was changing my style did you?? Hang on for a bit, its two more cities and the food pics will follow.

Our last day was spent at the most famous attraction of Cairns, the UNESCO world heritage site, The Great barrier reef. The Great Barrier Reef, is the world's largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 2,600 kms over an area of approximately 344,400 square kms.

To know more about this great wonder, click on the link below.


We had booked our tours from India itself so it saved us the trouble of choosing and haggling. Let me tell you it buys peace of mind. We did our research from India and paid for most of the tours and attractions in India itself. Also, with the dwindling Re. it was a wise thought.
We chose the Quicksilver tours as that was slated to be the best and we had been with the same tour company way back in 1999, when we had visited Australia.

I was also disappointed with the GBF. The reefs had lost most of its colour and the species of fish were far lesser in numbers that what i remember. I guess its the over tourism of a place like that. The constant touching of the reefs and the constant influx of humans have also lead to a lot of the corals dying down and hence loosing their vibrant colours. Now it was mostly a dead dark green. I remember it from the time there were so many colours that it just was mind boggling. Still to the first time traveller the entire expanse of the reef is magical.

We got on to the catamaran for a 45 minute ride to the reef, actually a pontoon in the middle of the ocean , where the catmaran docks and from where we access the reef.

On the catamaran enroute to the GBR, through some picturesque surroundings

Name:  DSC02973 Small.JPG
Views: 1098
Size:  53.5 KB
Name:  DSC02976 Small.JPG
Views: 1092
Size:  48.8 KB

The propellers churning the waters to a pristine white

Name:  DSC02977 Small.JPG
Views: 1091
Size:  78.7 KB

As we set out deeper into the sea, the winds get stronger to a point that it gets almost impossible to keep your hats on your head.

Name:  DSC02978 Small.JPG
Views: 1121
Size:  71.5 KB

As we venture deeper into the sea, the slightly muggy waters turn into an Aquamarine blue almost instantly

Name:  DSC02985 Small.JPG
Views: 1092
Size:  99.0 KB
Name:  DSC02986 Small.JPG
Views: 1084
Size:  74.4 KB

At one point you can see the layers of blue, each different in its definition and beautiful as ever.

Name:  DSC02998 Small.JPG
Views: 1091
Size:  62.4 KB

The Catmaran docks onto a private Pontoon. The reef has many points where tourists are allowed, others being deeper into the sea and inaccessible to the common tourist. These are probably leased out to tourist companies where only their boats can dock. As soon as we docked, we were given instructions on the activities around and the safety instructions, the parameters where we could swim out and what we should and should not do. Adeptly monitored by life guards on the boat and in the sea, we felt very comfortable swimming in the vast expanse of water.

The Private Pontoon

Name:  DSC03003 Small.JPG
Views: 1089
Size:  75.0 KB

We decided to do the submarine tour first. It is a deep boat which has setting in its glass hull around which we sat and watch the underwater wonders. A short ride but worth the time. This is complimentary.

Scenes from the Submarine:

Name:  DSC03004 Small.JPG
Views: 1094
Size:  25.6 KB
Name:  DSC03011 Small.JPG
Views: 1081
Size:  76.6 KB
Name:  DSC03012 Small.JPG
Views: 1070
Size:  77.2 KB
Name:  DSC03013 Small.JPG
Views: 1070
Size:  55.1 KB
Name:  DSC03019 Small.JPG
Views: 1063
Size:  48.3 KB
Name:  DSC03024 Small.JPG
Views: 1064
Size:  32.4 KB

Once out, we headed to enjoy some snorkeling. While my older one wanted to try the underwater scooter (not included in the package), my younger one shied away from the experience, so we set out to try some snorkeling (included). One picked up wetsuits as per size, then flippers and finally the snorkeling masks which are kept immersed in a sterilizer liquid.

The under water scooter...How James Bond!!

Name:  DSC03026 Small.JPG
Views: 1053
Size:  111.3 KB
Name:  P5140016 Small.JPG
Views: 1057
Size:  47.5 KB
Name:  P5140014 Small.JPG
Views: 1066
Size:  51.5 KB

To get into the sea from the catamaran, you climb down a steel suspended platform into the sea and gather up courage to take a dunk in.

Name:  P5140001 Small.JPG
Views: 1063
Size:  143.9 KB
Name:  P5140002 Small.JPG
Views: 1058
Size:  111.1 KB

Once in the fresh sea water surrounds you, you feel so small enveloped in water everywhere with the waves bouncing you like a rubber toy. If you dont have your snorkeling mask the salt from the water stings and it takes quite a while before you can open your eyes and see clearly again......

....to be continued
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

I took along an underwater point and shoot which served the purpose. Thanks to that i could get some pictures, otherwise not possible to get with an ordinary camera.

Water pics:
Attached Images
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

Wherever you are in the water you can be sure that there is a photographer tagging along somewhere closeby, who gets trigger happy at the mere sight of you. I realized what a rip off it was when we were back on the boat and was invited to "Buy" your photos. Sold at an exorbitant price, we still bought a few as these were memories which just had to be captured.

Always by your side

Name:  P5140013 Small.JPG
Views: 1031
Size:  40.5 KB
Name:  P5140017 Small.JPG
Views: 1029
Size:  67.8 KB
Name:  P5140063 Small.JPG
Views: 1047
Size:  39.5 KB
Name:  P5140065 Small.JPG
Views: 1047
Size:  58.0 KB

Back to the Jetty tired and hungry.

We returned back by the evening and headed directly to the hotel for a wash. Swimming exhausts you and makes you hungry. Not having the guts to venture out anymore, we decided to order Pizza, Pies and some room service and settled for a really well deserved meal. We also tucked in early as out flight to Brisbane was in the morning and we would have to leave for the airport quite early.

Name:  DSC03028 Small.JPG
Views: 1028
Size:  81.3 KB
Name:  DSC03030 Small.JPG
Views: 1050
Size:  56.9 KB

So we slept tight with wonderful memories of Cairns which we would carry along with us and cherish for a long long time.

Next Stop...Brisbane/Gold Coast!!
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

The Gold Coast:

Warm tropical days and nights, unending pristine golden beaches best describe Brisbane. Of its many attractions in the south are the surf beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. With super clean golden beaches, the Gold Coast is a mix of cosmopolitan lifestyles, theme parks, high-end boutiques, and some of Australia’s best sporting events, not to forget an adventure sport lover's paradise.

Home to the world renowned ‘Surfers Paradise’, the skyline is dominated by high-rise buildings, including the Q1, one of the world’s highest residential towers. The Gold Coast is glitzy, glamorous and fun and boats of one of the best food and fashion boutiques. The restaurants and nightclubs of Cavill Avenue are the main hub of activity. There are also many theme parks close to town.

Gold Coast is home to some of Queensland’s best natural attractions. Go whale-watching and island-hopping, or venture into the lush hinterland of World Heritage-listed national parks, rainforests.

Welcome to Gold Coast. The view from the aircraft is very inviting and exciting. We cant wait to get onto the ground.

Name:  20120515031 Small.jpg
Views: 1062
Size:  53.4 KB

After collecting our bags we were escorted by the person who received us, to a dedicated place, where we waited for him to get our van and pick us up from the spot.

Name:  DSC03039 Small.JPG
Views: 1034
Size:  125.7 KB

Even on my earlier visit i had noticed that the person who receives you at the airport also doubles as your driver, porter, in many a resort, even your receptionist and also your concierge.

Our pick up, a huge bus where only the four of us rode to the Gold Coast, a very pleasant drive of approximately 40- 45 minutes.

Name:  20120517039 Small.jpg
Views: 1040
Size:  70.1 KB
Name:  DSC03041 Small.JPG
Views: 1032
Size:  74.1 KB
Name:  DSC03042 Small.JPG
Views: 1041
Size:  83.2 KB

We saw this lovely Mustang which looked a bit saddled in the rear dont you think? Its pertinent to note that its a LHD.

Name:  20120518052 Small.jpg
Views: 1043
Size:  112.6 KB

We checked into the Grand Chancellor hotel (previously the Courtyard Marriot) right in the nose of Surfer's paradise. Amazing location.
We looked around, got our bearings right and then set out to plan the next four days of our stay there. We had to see the city, check out Movie World, Dream World, well Sea World was rejected by the kids outright....they had seen too many Aquariums and sea life. They wanted to do the Aquaduck ride and just hang around the place and basically just chill!!
So, in the evening we decided to take the Aquaduck tour.
Riding the Aquaduck has to be the most bizarre way of seeing the sights of Surfer's Paradise and also the most unique.. A former military amphibious assault vehicle, remodeled to look like a cartoon duck. It’s the size of a BEST bus, travels on both land and water, and it also quacks.

The Aquaduck

Name:  20120518059 Small.jpg
Views: 1036
Size:  94.2 KB

Tour begins with boarding the Aquaduck which takes you around the streets of Surfers Paradise, followed by a dunk in the waters along the glorious Gold Coast beaches and up to the magnificent Versace and Marina Mirage Resorts, past the spectacular and famous Millionaire's houses along the water. One can move around, along the tour on the vehicle with great views.

In the water

Name:  20120518061 Small.jpg
Views: 1026
Size:  84.1 KB
Name:  20120518065 Small.jpg
Views: 1015
Size:  98.4 KB
Name:  20120518076 Small.jpg
Views: 1015
Size:  104.3 KB
Name:  20120518071 Small.jpg
Views: 1017
Size:  82.1 KB
Name:  20120518088 Small.jpg
Views: 1019
Size:  69.1 KB
Name:  20120518072 Small.jpg
Views: 1001
Size:  87.0 KB
Name:  20120518073 Small.jpg
Views: 1014
Size:  97.2 KB
Name:  20120518081 Small.jpg
Views: 1009
Size:  69.5 KB

The Floating Chapel

Name:  20120518075 Small.jpg
Views: 1015
Size:  105.7 KB

For kids this is a unique and a must do. They have an opportunity to steer the vehicle along the Broad-waters....

Name:  20120518066 Small.jpg
Views: 1012
Size:  69.5 KB
Name:  20120518067 Small.jpg
Views: 1020
Size:  71.7 KB

....and they also get a certificate/licence for the same, a cherished souvenir. They were thrilled.

Name:  20120518068 Small.jpg
Views: 1012
Size:  54.9 KB

To be continued.....
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

Past the super rich houses, Jackie Chan own one here too.

Name:  20120518097 Small.jpg
Views: 1011
Size:  97.2 KB
Name:  20120518098 Small.jpg
Views: 1007
Size:  95.2 KB

I think this is Jackie's House

Name:  20120518102 Small.jpg
Views: 1005
Size:  87.8 KB

High Rises along the sea

Name:  20120518086 Small.jpg
Views: 1021
Size:  81.4 KB

As the evening sun glistens you realize that this place is called Gold Coast for a reason.

Name:  20120518062 Small.jpg
Views: 1019
Size:  87.2 KB

The tour lasted approximately 1:30 hours and we were bought back to the very spot we were picked up from, just steps away from the hotel we were staying at. The kids were hungry so we decided to snack a bit.
Those of you reading this must be wondering as to why there is no mention or even a picture of food that i so passionately post and report about. Well i guess there are so many that i wanted to make a huge huge post of only the food, city wise but down the posts i think i cant keep away from posting about food. So i decided to start with the last city in Australia i visited, after which i will post abput the food in the previous cities and then carry on with Singapore.....Capiche?? So here goes....
When kids (and me) have the deciding right, the venue most often turns out to be related to sweet offerings, this time Max Brenner at Broadbeach, just near the Versace Hotel.

@ Max

Name:  maxbrennerchocolatebar.jpg
Views: 1046
Size:  13.3 KB
Name:  20120518104 Small.jpg
Views: 1011
Size:  84.9 KB
Name:  20120518106 Small.jpg
Views: 1012
Size:  92.4 KB

We strolled and saw the cafes and restaurants lined along this Mall housing fine dine restaurants and premium shopping and eating outlets.
Returning back to the hotel we were pretty late and well yes, hungry again.

While waiting for a cab we caught a glimpse of this quaint and odd, yet attractive (to me at least) Nissan Cube.

Name:  20120518111 Small.jpg
Views: 1014
Size:  54.9 KB

We reached the hotel and we had made our choice. It was the first day and we had travelled a lot. Tired and wanting to start the next day afresh we chose to eat a t a place close to the hotel or in the hotel itself. As we disembarked from the cab, we caught this group of Krishna consciousness chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna on the streets.

Name:  20120518114 Small.jpg
Views: 1005
Size:  79.8 KB

We decided to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.
So we huddled into the next to our hotel Hard Rock Cafe. Safe and sound we were in no mood to be surprised with some place which we were not sure of.

The quintessential HRC Harley

Name:  DSC03059 Small.JPG
Views: 1016
Size:  89.5 KB

Yummy BBQ Chicken Wings

Name:  DSC03055 Small.JPG
Views: 1006
Size:  71.9 KB


Name:  DSC03056 Small.JPG
Views: 1005
Size:  96.6 KB

Caesar's Salad

Name:  DSC03057 Small.JPG
Views: 1007
Size:  86.5 KB

After a good meal like that, we all retired to our rooms for a good nights sleep. The first day at Gold Coast had been all that it promises to be; super fun, exciting, exhilarating, and if one would describe it as the kids did....Awesome...

......More follows soon.......
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

Day two at the Gold coast was all about theme parks. Getting tickets fo theme parks is a very confusing trend. I visited almost all sites offering tickets for the theme parks and finally came across a store just steps away from the hotel lobby which offered all tours in and around the Gold Coast at the best prices i had seen. I got tickets to the two theme parks and the tickets to the shuttle to and fro from them at almost a 15% off any other deal that was going on. This place specialized in Japanese Tourists as it had most signs in English and Japanese. The persons across the counters were also Japanese who spoke fluent English. After paying for my tickets.

My sons and me hopped on the shuttle which picked us up at the hotel foyer and we left for Movie World

Name:  DSC03073 Small.JPG
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Fab and crazy roller coasters and rides

Name:  DSC03080 Small.JPG
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Name:  DSC03084 Small.JPG
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They never wanted to get away from the Ben & Jerry's Store. Cant blame them, I love Ben & Jerry's myself.

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Tired couple......Jet Lag perhaps???

Name:  DSC03089 Small.JPG
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Stopping for a bite of some Mexican food...here Quesadillas.

Name:  DSC03103 Small.JPG
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The boys won this bear for their mom. She proudly displays it in our room now.

Name:  DSC03111 Small.JPG
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I could see no resemblance to the three super heroes above in any way.

Name:  DSC03120 Small.JPG
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after the visit to Movie World. we reached back to the Hotel. The shuttle was there at clockwork time to pick us from the designated spot and drop us to the hotel. After we dumped what we had bought from the theme park we set out for a refreshing walk along the beach front

Name:  DSC03123 Small.JPG
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and found some Exotic cars for rent

Name:  DSC03125 Small.JPG
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The walk worked up an appetite but it was rather too early for dinner so we headed towards the streets which are lined with restaurants and snack bars. All of us had a different idea. The boys wanted Italian (they can eat Italian 24x7) or something new. The wife and me were ok with anything as long as it wan not Indian so we decided to take a walk along the adjacent streets which boasted of many a popular restaurant and cafe. We would then take our pick.

Decisions, Decisions....

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We came across a Thai restaurant which looked good and was buzzing with people. Surely the locals knew where they wanted to go so we decided to try this place as a prelude to dinner.

We entered this Thai restaurant for a bite and ordered the chicken Satay, a portion of Garlic Chicken and the Kum Kha Gai. This is a soup made with coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass and chicken and some fried chillies. It tastes wonderful and is hearty enough to keep you going for a hour ofr so till you get to your food.

Kum Kha Gai

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Chicken Satay

Name:  DSC03062 Small.JPG
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Garlic Chicken

Name:  DSC03063 Small.JPG
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After that we strolled along some of the numerous gift shops which throng every nook and corner of the streets, just gazing around and finding for something interesting to see or buy. We realize that with the economy opening up in India, its almost impossible to find something overseas, which we have not seen or is not available in India and cheaper too. Still the ardent and inquisitive shopper in us hunts for a bargain almost everywhere. At almost 57/- Rs. to an Australian Dollar, a bargain is the last thing one can expect in this country.

All this activity across so many shops and showrooms has bought our dinner appetite to a peak. It is almost 9:45 pm, dinner time according to IST so we set to find us some food and come across this lovely restaurant.

Spanish it is at La Paella

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When at a Spanish place do as the Spanish do.....Tapas!!

Name:  DSC03131 Small.JPG
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The Garlic Prawns in Olive oil are so good we order another portion which comes boiling and bubbling at our table.

Name:  DSC03132 Small.JPG
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Next day was Dreamworld day. The wife refused to see another park so the Boys and me trotted off to Dreamworld, while we left her to attend to her shopping and her Spas. It was an all boys day out. The kids were thrilled as there would be no one stopping them from indulging in ice creams, lollies and junk food. They were behaving as if they were criminals holed up for a long period, suddenly left free.

Enroute we spot a pristine Beetle

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Notice the Hanuman Tee the man is wearing?

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.....Theres more...a lot more......
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Default Re: G'Day From Down Under-Australia Album.

At Dreamworld!!
The Claw at Dreamworld

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The Green Lantern, on of the Steepest Roller coaster rides in this part of the hemisphere

Name:  DSC03214 Small.JPG
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An Ibis

Name:  DSC03202 Small.JPG
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We overdid the icecream bit, with their mom not being there to stop them...or me from sheer indulgence.

Name:  DSC03209 Small.JPG
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Most there parks you visit give you the been there, done that feeling but then almost everyone of t hem has a unique experience which is so different from the others. Dreamworld has its Tiger Display where they have tiger cubs, the cutest fluffiest looking things which soon turn into vicious but so royal looking beast that one cant help but admire their majestic aura.

Name:  DSC03153 Small.JPG
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Sitting calmly on a see through fiber see through sheet is a full grown Tiger. The only partition between him and us is the sheet. One cant get closer than this to admire the majestic animal.

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They have a Tiger Show to make us aware of the animal. Find out the timings and ensure to reach the show before it starts.

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Attachment 1004790
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While a Great White Tiger catches up with his sleep disinterested in the happenings around him.

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