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Default Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali


Bali - is a beautiful island in Indonesia. Very much alike India in respect to religion and culture. 84% of Balinese are Hindus and worship Indian Gods - the likes of Ram, Sita, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Bali has always been a hotspot tourist destination amongst global travelers and is renowned for arts, music, spas, roadside warungs (food joints), traditional dances, paintings, woodworks and stone sculptures.

Amongst the main tourist locations in Bali, the places where you'll find travelers the most are Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran Bay.

Ubud - is a nature lover's paradise. Vast open rice/paddy fields, steep ravines, massive coconut trees, local culture-infused food, religious dances, home stays, B&B's, arts and crafts.

Seminyak - is the place to be if you want to party! This town is full of luxury villas, expensive spa's, boutique hotels, high-end shopping, fine dining, bars, pubs and of course a very lively beach.

Choosing the Destination:

It had been two years since our last international trip to the USVI and Orlando. This time around we had two weeks to spare and we discussed quite a few places including Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. There was one small hurdle with all of these places - Visas. We approached a local travel agency and see if they could help us out with the visas but after receiving poor response from their end, we decided we would just take the easy way out - Find a destination that has On Arrival Visas!

Even though Ekta (the wife) and me are not the biggest fans of beaches and salt water, we somehow end up doing beach destinations the most. Mauritius was already done, so people suggested we do Bali. Prime season in Bali ends ~ September 15th after which the rains start, but we could only leave after the 20th of September. But Bali seemed doable. This holiday was for relaxation, and even if the rains played spoil sport, we could just laze around in our rooms, read some fiction, eat, drink and a have good time. We asked a friend who had visited Bali earlier and she recommended that within our given timeframe we do a maximum of two cities while in Bali. She recommended Seminyak (which is Bali's Goa) and we chose Ubud (which is Bali's Kerela) as our other destination. Dates were finalized and we worked up an 11 day trip including travel. We leave for Bali on the 17th of September from Ahmedabad and return back on the 28th.

Bali Map:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130920_1435541.jpg

Bali Attractions:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130920_1435031.jpg


We checked upon flight schedules and there were two options that could take us to Bali - 1. Singapore Airlines (with a 10 hour layover at Changi) and 2. Malaysian Airlines (with a 1.5 hour layover at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport). The choice was pretty obvious and Malaysian Airlines it was. We finalized our dates (17th Sept to 28th September) and then booked our return tickets online from the Malaysian Airlines website (INR 73,000 for two) which would take us from Mumbai - KL - Denpasar(Bali). Booked local return flights from Ahmedabad - Mumbai on JetKonnect (INR 9500).

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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

The Journey:

On the 17th of September, we boarded the Ahmedabad - Mumbai flight at 6:10 pm and landed at Mumbai Domestic Terminal at 7:25 pm. Took a coach that took us to the International Terminal 8:30 and got our Immigration clearances sorted out by 9:55. Our outbound flight on Malaysian Airlines to KL and further on to Denpasar was scheduled to depart at 11:55 pm.

Had a quick bite at the KFC and Pizza Hut outlets at the Mumbai International Airport before boarding our flight. The flight took off at 12:00 am and we were finally on our 10-day leisure trip to yet another beach destination!

At the KFC & Pizza Hut Outlet (Mumbai Intl Airport):
Attached Thumbnails
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5293.jpg  

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5294.jpg  

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5295.jpg  

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5297.jpg  

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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

The Holiday begins...

In-flight Entertainment (Mumbai-KL):
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_001312.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_000717.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_000736.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_000836.jpg

Bali Arriving - From the skies (KL-DPS):
Name:  IMG_20130918_085543.jpg
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Size:  118.8 KB
Name:  IMG_20130918_085546.jpg
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Size:  122.3 KB
Name:  IMG_20130918_085822.jpg
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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Day 1:

We landed at Denpasar Airport at around 12 pm (Bali is 2.5 hours ahead of Indian time) on the next day (18th September). We then had to get our Visas, pay the Bali Entrance fee (USD 25 per person) and get our passports stamped before heading out to the luggage area to collect our bags. It took us approximately 30 minutes to finish the Immigration formalities and move out to be greeted by our resort representative who had come to pick us up in his Toyota Avanza.

This was a rather convenient time to arrive since the resort check-in was only after 2 pm. The Bali weather would be in the mid 30's and it was nice and sunny with a few grey clouds. This was not too different from India after all! Our ride home was a little over an hour and we reached the resort at around 1:45 pm.

IO: The Toyota Avanza is the most popular small MUV in Bali much alike our Suzuki Ertiga minus the third row of seats and more like a smaller version of the Toyota Innova. It's spacious, has 5 seats, a big boot for luggage, rear tower A/C and is very comfortable for long journeys.

Bali also has the Toyota Innova which is called the "Kijang Innova".

Visa on Arrival Payment Receipt:
Name:  IMG20131005WA0005.jpg
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Indonesia Visa:
Name:  IMG20131005WA0004.jpg
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Size:  87.3 KB

The Ngurah Rai Airport:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_101620.jpg

Way to the Parking Lot:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_101630.jpg

The Airport Parking Lot:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_101625.jpg

Our Driver (Dewa) and his Avanza:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_111349.jpg

A nice stone monument outside the Ngurah Rai Airport:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_103418.jpg

Interesting Observation (IO): 8/10 cars in Bali have been modded to some extent. Be it ICE, fancy alloys, low profile rubber, Exhaust systems, CAI's, paint jobs - you name it, they've done it!

The Resort:

The Samara is a quaint little place set among huge rice paddy fields and houses only 6 rooms/villas. Each villa has all the basic facilities including a king-size bed, A/C, satellite TV, refrigerator, outdoor shower and free WIFI!

The Samara has been awarded the Traveller's Choice 2013 Winner (B&Bs and Inns) by TripAdvisor.

The place is not directly accessible by a car and we were dropped off some 400 meters at a private parking spot from where we were transferred to the resort on Honda Vario's (the maximum selling, most popular two-wheeler in Bali).

IO: The Vario is a modern version of our Honda Activa. It has a 3-4L fuel tank and runs approximately 50 km/L.

Our Room #6 at The Samara:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_171608.jpg

From the garden outside our room - looking towards the resort restaurant:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_171423.jpg

Front Garden:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5300.jpg

View on the right side:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5301.jpg

Pool View from our room:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5302.jpg

Room #5 to our left:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5303.jpg

Panorama shot from the door:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-pano_20130922_115329.jpg

Balinese stone statue on the porch:
Name:  IMG_5304.jpg
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Local canvas painting above the bed:
Name:  IMG_5305.jpg
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Size:  220.2 KB

The Kingsize Bed:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5299.jpg

The Bathroom:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5306.jpg

The Bathroom mirror and toiletries:
Name:  IMG_5351.jpg
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Size:  170.0 KB

The open to sky shower:
Name:  IMG_5307.jpg
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Size:  217.5 KB

Fresh fruit basket served daily to our room:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5308.jpg

After checking in to our room, we were too tired to go and explore. We chose to just laze around, read fiction and watch some TV before dozing off only to wake up again at 7:30 pm.

Still weary from our 19 hour journey we decided to eat some dinner in the room itself which was essentially home-made food, dry snacks and Indian sweets that we had carried with us for our trip. We munched along, watching Channel V and discussed the next day's plan before calling it off an early day and hitting the beds soon enough at 9:30 pm!

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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Day 2:

Day 2 was more exciting. We woke up at around 9:00 am, freshened up and walked over to the in-house restaurant which was to serve us hot breakfast. There were quite a few options on the menu including the usual Continental, American and of course Indonesian!

Ekta is an eggetarian, but I eat anything that's available including white and read meat and/or sea food. From the menu, we both chose to feast upon the American breakfast which came with one egg dish, sausage and bacon on the side (for me), fresh fruit dish, fresh watermelon juice, one local Balinese sweet dish, toast, butter and a couple of variety of jams.

We were hungry, the weather was cloudy and cool and the view from the restaurant was one that we could never get tired of!

View from our table at the in-house restaurant:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_065345.jpg

Our room key:
Name:  IMG_20130920_091807.jpg
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Size:  130.7 KB

After eating to our full, we went back to our rooms, took a quick shower, got ready and headed on out to explore Ubud! The location of The Samara is very convenient in that the guests can either request a free drop off to the main street which is a 5 minute Vario ride or a 12-15 minute walk. Free Pick up service is also available but one needs to call the reception or pre-book a time in advance.

Both of us chose the free drop-off since we didn't quite know the surroundings yet. Two very friendly boys dropped us off on their Orange-colored Varios to the main street (termed the Meeting point by The Samara) and we were then left to explore the city.

Jalan Raya Ubud (Jl. or Jalan = Street) or the Main street is a small street in comparison to our main streets in India, but is still flocking with lots of tourists. There are many shops, convenience stores, restaurants, money-changers (big and small), a few temples and a Palace. The adjoining important streets (for tourists) are Jl Monkey Forest and Jl Hanoman.

Walking on Jl. Raya Ubud:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_091613.jpg

Spottings - The SX4 hatchback:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_105910.jpg

Spottings - A neatly modified Nissan Patrol(?):
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130918_114511.jpg

Spottings - The Nissan Juke Camel-o-flauged:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_091823.jpg

We had no itinerary, no travel plan, no schedule, no time-limit. We just roamed around and took in the sights of Ubud. However, we needed to get a local sim card which was to be used in my phone for making calls to India. While we were just casually walking around, we were also looking out for a branded money-changer and a cellphone/sim card shop.

It didn't take long before we spotted BMC (Bali Money Changer) - one of the most reputed money changers in Bali. The good thing about BMC is that they don't charge any commission and usually have the most competing rates.

The BMC:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_092644.jpg

We changed 500 USD and the rate for that day was 1 USD = 11,200 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Yes, Bali is comparatively cheap for a tourist destination. The IDR comes in different denominations - starting from bills of IDR 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000. Coins are available in the denominations of IDR 500 and 1000.

Now that we were Instant Millionaires we decided to shop! Not crazy-shopping but at least the essentials (gifts mostly).

We crossed a small shop that was run by a lady and her little boy which and there was one small counter which looked as if it had packets of prepaid sim-cards. There was a few posters (albeit in in the Indonesian language) which depicted cellphones and sim cards and calling packages. We entered this shop and the lady willfully helped us out select a Telekomsel Simpati sim card (which apparently is one of the most popular prepaid sim cards in Bali). The lady spoke broken english but we managed to somehow negotiate a price for a new sim and a International calling + 3G package. We paid around 67000 IDR for the sim card and it came pre-charged with a 500 MB 3G pack and 45000 IDR worth Local + International calling.

Removed my !dea sim card and plugged in the new Simpati card. Within seconds the sim got registered. The sim card packet had instructions in English on how to check calling balance, 3G balance and your own phone number etc. The catch was after you punched in the numbers on your cellphone the resulting display was in the local Balinese language. But that was okay - we decided to use it freely without checking anything until we couldn't use it anymore before refilling more money into it. With that part now set, we moved on in the direction of the Ubud Market (thanks to the now available 3G service and Google Maps on my handset)!

We had read and also inquired at The Samara that the Ubud Market was the place to go to buy anything and everything for cheap. Here you can buy gift articles, wood carvings, bags, clothes, gift items, plastics, fruits, paintings, toys, local Balinese items and so much more.
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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Day 2 (contd):

Spotting - A neat Jeep!
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_093218.jpg

The Ubud market was full of small shops tightly packed one next to the other - mostly managed by local Balinese homemakers. There were a few foreigners bargaining with the shop owners and we too put our bargaining skills to use - bought a few small things for considerably less that the original price.

IO: Bargaining is the key at the Ubud Market. You will find lots and lots of interesting things here - just remember everything is priced double or more than its actual selling price. We bought quite a few small items for at least 50-60% discount (post bargain). For example: 3 sets of ladies earrings + a couple BALI fridge magnets for 70000 IDR (actual price 170,000).

A few shots of the insides of the Ubud Market:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_131750.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_131756.jpg
Name:  IMG_20130919_131801.jpg
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Size:  264.1 KB

It was almost 2 pm and after we were done shopping for the day, we walked back on to the main street. The sun was now out and we were feeling tired of walking in the heat. We decided to take a pit stop at one of the local ice-cream shops and buy us a refreshing break. Can't quite remember the name of the ice-cream shop, but it was nice. Bought two different scoops. I chose the Double Dark Chocolate and Ekta got the Mint Swirl (or something). I thought mine was better!

Cost? A cool 40000 IDR for 2 scoops.

We decided to walk back to The Samara and just laze around for the rest of the afternoon. On the way, we stopped at one of the many Circle-K Grocery stores to pick up some groceries - Coke, chips, some malt beverages, chocolates and water. For the first time ever I bought and later on tried Fried Seaweed Tao Kai Noi (as from the movie The Billionaire) and it was superb! This was to be consumed while were in Ubud, mostly while we're in our room.

Cost? 207,000 IDR.

Spotting - Cop cars in Ubud (The Elantra and the Mazda 6):
Name:  IMG_20130919_133432.jpg
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Size:  233.6 KB
Name:  IMG_20130919_133416.jpg
Views: 4691
Size:  256.7 KB

After taking it easy for the latter part of the afternoon in our room, we decided to walk to the main street instead of availing the free Vario ride. We started walking at around 6:30 pm and were on the main street by 6:45. Since we didn't have any definite plans, we were casually looking for some good places to eat dinner. We then came across the Puri Dalem Ubud Place which had a big banner outside mentioning tonight's show : The Legong, Barong and Keris Dance. We always wanted to see local dances as that was one of the few attractions in Bali that was not to be missed. This Dance features dressed up actors as spirit guards, demon kings and queens, a dragon like creature, monkeys, dancers and the theme represents the battle between good and evil.

We quickly decided to buy the tickets while they were available for the show which was to start at 7:30 pm. The performance was to happen inside an open hall theater and while we seated ourselves the performers starting putting their act together. There were four rows of seats, ~15-20 chairs in each row, facing the stage and almost all of them got filled up by the time the show started.

Ticket cost : 150,000 IDR (for two)

The entry tickets:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_210431.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_210505.jpg

The Legong, Barong and Keris Dance (Random Clips):

The Legong, Barong and Keris Dance (Photos):
(Sorry for the poor quality pics taken from a phone cam with very low light)
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_193123.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_193220.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_193914.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_193917.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_194735.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_194738.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_194751.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_195016.jpg
Name:  IMG_20130919_195335.jpg
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Size:  218.3 KB
Name:  IMG_20130919_200943.jpg
Views: 4594
Size:  209.7 KB
Name:  IMG_20130919_195841.jpg
Views: 4587
Size:  180.7 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_200238.jpg
Name:  IMG_20130919_200557.jpg
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Size:  223.1 KB
Name:  IMG_20130919_200741.jpg
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Size:  207.6 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_200806.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_201306.jpg
Name:  IMG_20130919_201959.jpg
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Size:  214.2 KB
Name:  IMG_20130919_202322.jpg
Views: 4519
Size:  213.1 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_202400.jpg
Name:  IMG_20130919_203235.jpg
Views: 4519
Size:  195.6 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_203805.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130919_203810.jpg

Verdict: The music was good, the play was well performed, but unfortunately, the verbal communication/story between the actors during the entirety of the performance was done in the local Balinese language. We couldn't understand what was going on, rather only as much as we could make out visually. We would have preferred if this dance was done keeping international tourists in mind. Nonetheless, it was a different experience and time well spent. My personal rating 3.5/5!

It was almost 9'ish by the time the performance was over and we were getting hungry. We started walking in the direction of our hotel and reached Jl. Kajeng. Ekta had previously researched upon local restaurants (warungs) close to The Samara and one of them was The Savannah Moon. This warung was right on Jl. Kajeng, a very short walk from the Samara.

IO: Warung menus are placed outside the restaurants so that passerby's can have a quick look at the cuisines on offer and then decide if they want to dine at that place. This is pretty convenient as it saves the hassle of being seated down and then looking at the menu only to find out there's nothing you like. We found this practice of keeping the menus outside extremely helpful as Ekta almost always looked up these menus to find out if there was any Vegetarian food available and only if there was, we would go in and get seated.

The Savannah Moon is owned by an Ubud local family and is run by one of the elder daughter's of the house. The smaller sister is a foot painter and this warung has many beautiful paintings on the walls done by her.

I ordered a Chicken Satay & Coca Cola and Ekta managed to find a vegetarian pizza and pasta from the menu. Portions are small by Western standards, but the quality and price are pretty decent.

Cost of a dinner for two : 84000 IDR

After finishing our dinner, we walked back to our hotel room, watched a couple episodes of Once upon a time on the laptop, discussed next day's plan and then called it a night.

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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Day 3:

The previous day before we headed out for our evening stroll, we got a chance to discuss our Day 3's itinerary with Rusma (the Relationship Manager at The Samara), a very nice and helpful lady. Today's plan was supposed to be packed with visiting a lot of local tourist-y places. We had specifically requested to be picked up by Dewa - the same guy who had picked us up from the airport in his Avanza and drop us off at The Samara.
We were to visit at least 6 different native places in and around Ubud and it was decided that this was to be a full-day tour. Full day tours usually start at around 10 am and end at 6 or 7 pm.

We woke up at 9 am, quickly finished our breakfast by 9:30 am and were ready to be picked up by Dewa at 10.

Our breakfast for the day (not pictured are daily cut-fresh fruits and fresh juices):
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130921_095720.jpg
Name:  IMG_20130921_095324_2.jpg
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Size:  93.3 KB

We went back to our room and waited for a call from the reception informing us about our driver. We never received a call until 10:30 after which we decided to go wait in the reception lounge area. We met Rusma there and she informed us that Dewa had arrived and was waiting for us since 10 am. Okay, there was some mis-communication here and we had lost about 30 minutes of our time. Nevertheless, two Varios helpfully dropped us off at the private parking area where we were greeted by Dewa who was all smiling and set to take us out for a Full-Day tour of Ubud!

Dewa had been previously briefed by The Samara about the places that had to be covered but in either case, we had personally made a note of the places as discussed with Rusma and handed over the sheet to him which he quickly made a mental note of. We left him to decide on what route was the best and how much time was needed to be spent at a particular place. Since it was just Ekta and myself in the car and this was meant to be a private tour Dewa eagerly mentioned we could take all the time we need for the tour and he would even replace a couple of places from the list that he thought would interest us more.

The first place we visited was Celuk Agung or Celuk Village. This place is famous for its artisan jewelry making - gold and silver craft.

Celuk Village Google Map:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-screen-shot-20131014-3.40.27-pm.png

Dewa directly took us to one of the best factory shop in Celuk which had the most reasonable prices for gold and silver jewelry. The name of the place was "Yanya Gold Silver". We entered the place and were greeted by local artisans. All of them were busy making silver jewelry. There was decent sized shop and a warehouse at the back which housed more artisans and gold/silver ornaments, sculptures, showpieces and jewelry. We browsed the shop for a while but couldn't find anything reasonable. We had had a taste of the Ubud Market and the prices at Yanya were much higher than we had anticipated them to be. We didn't really shop for anything here but instead just had our free "chilled water" which was served to us while we arrived at the shop and left the shop empty-handed.

Celuk Agung (Artisans and shop):
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5352.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5353.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5354.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5355.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5356.jpg

Clean blue skies while leaving Celuk:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5362.jpg

Entry fee: Zero
Time spent: 30 minutes

Next stop was Batubulan, Gianyar. This tourist village is famous for Batik work and Balinese performing arts.

Batubulan Google Map:
Name:  Screen Shot 20131014 at 1.46.07 PM.png
Views: 4583
Size:  372.3 KB

Here we visited the most popular Batik Bali Art shop - Sari Amerta.
Sari Amerta Batik Bali sells various kinds of clothes and accessories from batik, such as batik clothes, batik fabric, batik T-Shirt, batik bags, batik sandals, batik tableclothes, batik shoes, batik paintings, batik ties as well as exclusive batik fabric. We sell two kinds of batik, conventional batik tulis and batik cetak (copper block batik).
Ekta had seen a lot of Batik work here in India as well and she wasn't particularly excited to be at this place. However, I was curious to see the procedure that goes behind the making of batik design and printing. Stationed outside the rather huge shop (almost like a mini Big Bazaar) there were artisans spinning, weaving and printing batik designs. Guides were available for whoever wanted to learn more on this industry. We took some 10 minutes and watched the making of batik after which we entered the shop. The shop was huge and had two floors. Everything batik was available on the ground floor and the top floor housed a variety of handmade and artist paintings. Prices were inflated keeping international tourists in mind and both of us thought that India had more options, variety and cheaper prices available. We decided to browse through the clothes and accessories, skipped the paintings floor altogether and walked out back to the parking area.

Local Balinese people working on Batik design and paintings (Photography inside the store was not allowed):
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5363.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5364.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5365.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5366.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5367.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5368.jpg

Entry Fee: Zero
Time spent: 25 minutes

We couldn't find our car in the parking lot which was almost full and housed about a 50-70 cars. Foreigners must be finding this place pretty intriguing or so we believed. Anyway, Dewa came running to us rather surprised that we couldn't spend at least half an hour here let alone buy anything. He then brought the car and after we seated ourselves we explained the reason of not spending enough time at Sari Amerta and how Batik is popular in India as well and that we've seen much better deals back in our country.

Balinese are a curious lot and Dewa was a chatty fellow. He even cracked a joke or two in his broken English. During our drive that day, we talked about everything from religion, culture, tourism, family, food and business.

We were now heading over to one of the most famous temples in Bali. The Pura Puseh Batuan Temple. This beautiful Hindu temple located in the Batuan village is over 1000 years old. The Batuan Temple houses intrinsic Balinese architecture and is decorated with antique Balinese ornaments all throughout the temple. Every temple in Bali is divided into three main areas:
1. Nista Mandala (Outside area)
2. Madya Mandala (Middle area)
3. Utama Mandala (Main temple area)

However, you visit the temple as a whole and can't really distinguish between the three areas. This temple was very unlike the temples we've seen in the past. It had a feeling of surrealism to it.

IO: Wearing a Sarong was mandatory for men and women and you could pick one up from the open-hall across the street from the temple, wear it around below your waist as if you were wrapping around a towel, and only then enter the temple. For the use of the Sarong, after you've returned it, you could pay however much as "grace" if you felt like donating a little something toward the maintenance of the temple.

The Batuan Temple (Random shots):
Name:  IMG_5379.jpg
Views: 4502
Size:  191.5 KB

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5380.jpg

Name:  IMG_5382.jpg
Views: 4344
Size:  225.7 KB

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5387.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5389.jpg

Name:  IMG_5391.jpg
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Size:  291.3 KB

Representing with the Sarong on:
Name:  IMG_5394.jpg
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Size:  226.5 KB

We spent a good 45 minutes here checking out the rather vast open temple, rested for a while under the shade of one such mini-temple within the grounds of the main temple, took pictures and then returned back to the open-hall across the street to return back the sarong and pay our "grace'.

Cost: 5000 IDR (optional) for using the Sarong
Time spent: 45 minutes

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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Day 3 (contd):

After art and temples, we wanted to see some natural beauty. Dewa had a few places in mind that would suit our needs. From some 15 different big and small waterfalls in Bali, the closest one to Denpasar and Ubud was Tegenungan Waterfall.

Tegenungan Waterfall Google Map:
Name:  Screen Shot 20131015 at 10.22.36 AM.png
Views: 4350
Size:  312.1 KB

This waterfall is the only one that is not actually located amongst mountains and highlands. The place is easily accessible and once you reach the vieweing spot (which is at quite a height) you have an option of climbing down a steep slope of stairs and bathe in the waterfall if you wish. The natural surroundings around the waterfall is very beautiful. It's full of lush green fields, tall coconut trees and thick foliage. The waterfall by itself is not very high, however the flow of the water is pretty heavy and you can hear the water from the viewing area on the top.

The ambiance is very serene and calm and if you decide on trekking down to the actual waterfall you can easily spend over an hour and half at this place. We we were not ready for any physical activity and decided to just take in the view from the top. There's a small restaurant at the viewing spot where you can buy your regular coke/water/chips. The restaurant has setup their own fixed stone chairs and wooden tables directly facing the waterfall and you can lounge here, relax and peace out for however long you wish. We didn't really buy anything from the restaurant, but rather munched upon a Snickers bar (that we had carried with us) and some water while making ourselves comfortable on those molded stone chairs and enjoyed the time go by.

Panorama shot from the viewing area:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_20130920_122657.jpg

The Waterfall and the foliage surrounding it:
Name:  IMG_5402.jpg
Views: 4315
Size:  317.4 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5403.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5409.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5410.jpg

Cost: 10000 IDR (Entry fees including parking)
Time spent: ~45 minutes

From Tegenungan, we then headed out to a small village called Mas. East of Denpasar, this little village is very well known amongst tourists for the exceptional art of wood carving. Bali Wood and Stone carving is considered to be one amongst the best in the world and a major part of exports of wood carving is done from Mas. Various trees, all native to Bali, are used for wood carving - a few popular ones being Mahogany, Hibuscus, Ebony and Crocodile wood. As soon as you enter the village, you will find wood carvers in their small shops displaying their works by the street. These wood carvings come in all shapes and sizes but are mostly of female figures, Hindu deities and traditional Balinese masks.

Once again, Dewa knew exactly where to go and what place was the best to buy wood carvings. I fail to remember the exact name of the place where he took us to, but it was huge. There was a neatly laid out parking space for cars and a short walk to the main shop. Outside the shop were seated 4-6 wood carvers who were busy doing they do best. As soon as we walked towards the entrance, a young boy very enthusiastically approached us and inquired in broken English if we would like to know more about the work they do. We agreed and with whatever he had memorized, he took us through a quick 5-7 minute introduction on the types of wood used, tools and the various forms of carvings that were being produced at their facility. He later took us inside his shop and showed us around the many different artifacts that were up for sale. It was a big shop and their was quite some fantastic work being done here. But as usual, the prices were very high(even for Bali standards) and were clearly meant for international tourists. After much discussion within ourselves on whether to buy anything from here at these prices, we finally picked up 1 medium sized Buddha statue carved out of crocodile wood which we thought was somewhat worth the price. Here too the price was a bit negotiable and we managed to get some discount. Happy with our purchase the young boy who was guiding us around the place fine-wrapped our purchase with lots of cut paper strips as cushion, wrapping paper and lots of tape to make sure it could be transported safely in our bags.

Mas Village Google Map:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-screen-shot-20131024-10.49.18-am.png

Wood carvers:
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5411.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5412.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5413.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5414.jpg

Photography was not allowed in the shop.

Cost: 449200 IDR (1 crocodile wood carving)
Time spent: ~1 Hour

Next stop was the Goa Gajah caves. Goa Gajah literally means Elephant caves. Unlike our Elephanta caves, the actual caves of the Goa Gajah are quite small. But the surroundings of the caves are very picturesque. You need to have your Sarong on to enter this place, and once you walk down the footsteps and approach the caves, you're greeted with huge trees and thick foliage. The setting is within a thick forest and the overall ambience is very peaceful. The actual entrance to the cave has various figures carved out of stone and the most prominent being that of an elephant. Hence the name Goa Gajah!

There's also a bathing pond right across the entrance to the caves with some stone carved fountains and lots of huge black fishes in the water.

To the east of the cave entrance is a walkway which takes you down to a wonderful garden and a live mini-waterfall. There are places here where you can sit and buy yourself a coconut. These are usually ripe, full of water and rich in creamy fruit.

We checked out the mini-cave and then headed down to see the waterfall and the naturally set garden. Fresh flowers and massive trees stuck next to each other adorned us and the temperature here felt like it was at least a few notches lower than what was in actual. There was a small waterfall and lots of tourists were taking pictures and chilling out in the shade of the trees.

We had our dose of the juicy coconuts and then headed back to explore the rest of the place.

Panorama shot of the entrance area - (Mid-left is the stone entrance to the Caves, Bathing pond at the center and the Open Hall at the right):
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-pano_20130920_133604.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5415.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5416.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5421.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5422.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5424.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5425.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5426.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5427.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5432.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5436.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5442.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5443.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5444.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5447.jpg

Cost: 30000 IDR (Entry fees for two)
Time spent: ~1 hour

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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Next stop:

Pura Tirtha Temple

The Pura Tirtha Temple or the Tirta Empul Temple is a Hindu Temple famous for its large water spring (purifying pool) with the water said to have "healing properties". This is must stop for Hindus looking to cleanse off their evil deeds, rejuvenate and reboot their lives with a fresh start.

It's rather all about how much and what you believe in!

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5449.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5450.jpg
Name:  IMG_5452.jpg
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Size:  320.7 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5453.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5457.jpg

There's a long step of stairs on the left side of the temple which lead to a modern guesthouse for important guests. This place was closed for the general public.

A small part of the temple and the approach area was cordoned off for a private puja/ceremony by a local Balinese family.

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5455.jpg

Beautiful flowers adorned the temple all around.

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5459.jpg

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5460.jpg

Cost: 30000 IDR (Entry fees for two)
Time spent: ~30 minutes

We then drove West to visit Kintamani. There's lots of fantastic stopping places to access and view the popular Mt. Batur.

Mt. Batur or the Kintamani Volcano (as we were told) is an active volcano. The surrounding lava fields to Mt. Batur is all black and dead due to volcanic ash and lava from the volcano. However, there is a beautiful lake, apparently also the largest crater lake in Bali, known as Danau Batur that surrounds 3/4th part of the lower base of the mountain. The area surrounding the lake (Kaldera) is populated by two small villages, Kedisan and Toya Bungkah.

We stopped at the most popular viewing area, admired the beauty, took some pictures and drove off.

Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5461.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5468.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5469.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5470.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5471.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5473.jpg
Name:  IMG_5474.jpg
Views: 4067
Size:  201.5 KB
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5475.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5476.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5481.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5482.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5483.jpg

UNESCO has named Mt. Batur as a part of their Global Geopark Network.
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5484.jpg
Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali-img_5485.jpg

Cost: 25000 IDR (One vehicle entry fees to Mt. Batur)
Time spent: ~45 minutes
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Default re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Between, the pic you posted of a Jeep is actually a Land Cruiser FJ series.

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Default Re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to Travelogues. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

Thanks. Awesome travelogue. I feel like packing my bags and heading to Bali
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Default Re: Ubud & Seminyak - 10 days in Bali

An awesome travelogue! I guess I should be visiting Bali after seeing this!
Just one question - Weren't there any pictures of the Volcano? Please do post if you have :-)
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